Tokyo Valentino (formerly Inserection) of Atlanta

Atlanta’s Preeminent Adult Bookstore with Gay Gloryhole Action Galore… Blowjobs, Raw Fucking, Darkroom Hook-Ups

Tokyo Valentino (formerly Inserection) on Cheshire Bridge

1739 Cheshire Bridge Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30324

four stars out of five stars rating

Pricing varies. It’s $12 to $20 depending on the day and time you visit and the amount of time you want to stay.

Wondering when to go? Here’s a guide to getting cum in Atlanta Opens a new window from this blog.

August 2015: Updates to this entry are highlighted in red.

The Basics

Do not take your wallet in: If you’re lucky, your pants will be around your ankles or completely off. Certainly, you can leave your wallet in a locker if you bring a lock with you and trust that sort of thing. I don’t. I bring cash with me and stash all my important documents where they belong. I prefer parking somewhere else where there’s a lot of traffic. Parking in the lot of Inserection frightens some people because someone might know you’re inside getting or giving a blowjob.

Do not purchase poppers here unless you’re desperate: Despite the labels, I do not believe that the poppers are legitimately from the place they claim to be. As someone who enjoys his poppers and knows which ones he likes and does not like, the ones I have purchased here have always been overpriced, never fresh and never the quality of those bought from other sources

Don’t wear a belt if you’re planning on getting a blowjob or fucking at a gloryhole: If you move your hips at all while against the walls here, the “clang” of your belt buckle will be loud and distracting.

You may be solicited for money: If someone just too hot to be true comes up, then it’s probably too hot to be true. I’ve been asked for a $20. The young African-American was good-looking enough and had a big cock, but fucking him was out of the question and, well, his ass wasn’t that good. He was selling his 10-inch cock, nothing else.

This is a destination in Atlanta for Gay sex. While I have seen women here, it is extraordinarily rare. If you are not interested in having sex with men, consider going to one of the other Inserection locations in Atlanta.

If you are not familiar with gloryhole etiquette  Opens a new window from this blog, or even know what a gloryhole Link Opens in a New Window is, you will want to read up on the linked resources available from this blog.

While this is an adult bookstore, it does include some aspects of a bathhouse Opens a new window from this blog on the middle and upper levels (when opened) as explained (accessible only through the ground-level area).

Toyko Valentino has long been known as Inserection (this is spelled correctly; it is not spelled “insurrection”) in Atlanta. The Atlanta area was dotted with a few locations but the best one for anonymous gay sex (and the only one I’ll write about) is now known as Tokyo Valentino. It’s gotten a much deserved face-lift.

The upper most level has an adult bookstore upstairs. The playspace entrance is in the basement or ground floor of adult store upstairs. You drive down the hill to behind the building and enter in the back.

Parking is a challenge if the lot is full since the taco restaurant next door has been torn down and is being turned into condos or apartments (convenient for someone who loves getting fucked… hint, hint).

Pay cash to get in. You cannot use a credit card. There’s an ATM in the actual retail store upstairs (and there’s a fire escape stairs to the backdoor by the entrance to the playspace).

When you pay the single fee, you will receive a card with a barcode on it that will allow you through a turnstile (which hasn’t worked for a while now)  you will be asked for your initials. Don’t freak out. A while back, a patron would have to show ID but no information was ever recorded. Now they don’t ask unless you exit and try to return. Then the initials have to match your ID.

Tip the guy up front a little.

Once inside, you do not need to feed money into videos in the booths. Additionally you can linger and loiter all you want.

At the front retail area, you can purchase poppers, lube, condoms, towels and water.

Ground Floor

You can see a map of the space. This is not to scale.

About 14 paired up gloryhole booths (in purple) with short benches and videos (which are normally ignored) are available. Gloryholes are generally shaped like super-sized twinkies so different heights can be accommodated.

But the MDF wood is about an an inch thick so good fucking can be tough unless the bottom really backs his ass up. The two holes closest to the entrance/exit are the smallest.

Six or so booths (in tan) aren’t paired up for more “private” action without being watched but the booths are no larger.

All of the booths are numbered but the numbers may not make sense. Check above the center of the doors. But you can let someone you’re meeting there to choose a particular booth. Again, you want to learn proper gloryhole etiquette  Opens a new window from this blog to attract or reject someone.

You will not be harassed but occasionally a cleaning guy will go through and might seem a little irritated.Ground Floor Layout of Inserection Cheshire Bridge Atlanta

Generally the space is dark and painted black with throbbing XM music played with dance lights. The lounge (in pink) larger room with a few nice sofas that generally no one sits in but sometimes you’ll notice someone asleep inside.

Just off of the lounge is a small “darkroom” (in dark blue) with large sofas.

Darkroom action has really lucked out for me over my last several visits. Sure, you can’t see really well. You can let your eyes adjust a bit and get a “feel” of things. But the bottoms hang out here (or on the middle level, as explained below) and I’ve found some men of all ages and body types (a muscle boy got fucked raw here during a recent visit and I was fingering the cock entering his hole when he blew a huge load all over my arm).

There can be a problem with trolls in this room. Push them off. There’s also a bit of an issue with assholes turning on their phones to see what’s going on. 

I’m going to write a piece on Darkroom Etiquette to help with these fuckers.

Otherwise, I’ve found good ass… even great here.

Bathroom with two locking doors on this floor. Locker room and showers that no one ever seems to use. Drink and snack machines that costs cash; the drink machine finally includes Diet Coke. To get water, it’s $1 from the man up front. Ms. Pac Man and other video games (strangely enough).


Middle Floor

Upper Floor of Inserection Adult Bookstore in Atlanta

Upstairs area accessed via stairs down a hallway. There you will find four unreserved room.

Coming up the stairs to the right will be a very large room (#4) with a series of smaller, twin beds in a U-shape. This room is always open with no door. It is darkroom #2.

When there’s a lot of men, I actually find this is the better of the two darkrooms.

Don’t ask me why, but for some reason, couples seem to come into this room with one as the bottom and the other as the encouraging buddy. I’ve bred more nice bottoms here while their boyfriend or companion or whatever encouraged the breeding.

From room #4, going around the room counter-clockwise, you’ll find two medium-sized rooms with queen-sized beds each and then a small room with a full-size bed. All rooms have doors that lock. Continuing on, there’s a bathroom (a nice private one) and a dark hallway. Sofas line the room. All of the other hook-up rooms are locked and one must obtain a key from the guy at the counter… that’s another reason why you might want to have tipped him.

I have found the doors open on occasion and been invited in to breed someone, but it’s rare.

The reason for the locks? Well, there’s been too many drug addicts using the space to sleep one off.

The Upper Level

On Friday and Saturday nights, you might stumble upon a “secret” dance floor — you can’t miss it. The entrance is in between Hook-Up Rooms #4 and #3. With florescent paint on the walls highlighted by black lights, you might wander into it and then notice a set of stairs on the wall opposite your entrance. Go up.

This absolutely gorgeous space includes a few more hook-up rooms, a massage room (with massage table included), a bondage room (with iron cross) a locker room (real lockers but fantasy play encouraged) and a mirrored giant room that looks like a night club. There’s also the absolute best bathrooms and showers up here.

Unfortunately, I’ve not seen or experienced any play here. But the owners of Tokyo Valentino have the idea right. This could be a remarkable play space with a lot of options. If you’ve played here, let me know.

Hooking Up

Tokyo Valentino’s best times are the lunch hour and just after work with Monday and Thursday being the best possible days Opens a new window from this blog. Generally, Wednesday is the worst day to go. Saturday night can be overwhelming and, it seems, a lot of folks are too picky for their own good, expecting the absolute best of the best.

It also seems that during the late-night primetime, the best bets are hitting up Eros Opens a new window from this blog or Manifest Opens a new window from this blog, which are both only open during certain evenings but busiest on weekends. It’s only $5 more to hit them, so you’re getting the cheapest of the sex-hunters at Inserection.

However, go on a full moon, whichever night that is.

That being said, I recommend a few things to check on what’s happening:

If there are not any ads there, I recommend posting one. This has worked for me more than once, even on Wednesdays. I also use Grindr and Scruff, but those do not tend to work as well.

If you post an ad, a lot of people will suggest you stop by their place instead. If you’re from out of town, when people say they live “close by,” that can be bullshit. Believe me, what seems like a couple of miles, winding through downtown Atlanta and trying to find parking can be not worth it. And I’ve left for some abortions Opens a new window from this blog when I should have stayed.

The crowd is a good mix of African-American, Latino, Caucasians and occasionally some Asians. Generally, bears, twinks, normals, married men and business men can be found. Age range is mid-20s to 70s (yes, I said 70s).

I have had a couple of trolls who don’t get the point I’m not interested. However, I’ve had worse problems at other sex clubs. I recommend if you’ve got a problem person, go into one of the booths without a gloryhole and take a break for a while. I’ve even gone “shopping” upstairs for a while.

Bareback is common but not assumed. Plenty of condoms come out (and I’ve taken then off, as I’ve written; sometimes, there’s no protest).

Every part of Inserection — gloryholes, darkrooms, hook-up rooms and booths without gloryholes — require a different technique to get laid.

The upper hand is truly with the bottom who gets to choose. As I note below, the top-heavy nature of the crowd has had an impact. As does the fact some bottoms are bossy and fucking  picky.

If you’re a bottom, pick a booth with a gloryhole and wait. You’ll stay busy if you’re not picky.

If you’re a bottom and really slutty, go upstairs to a hook-up room, strip down and show your ass.

Ultimately, with patience, you can get lucky. I’ve left only a couple of times without getting laid and those times I went to get it nearby thanks to ads.


Autumn 2012

A lot of improvements have been made since the summer. The lighting overall has been lowered and the beds upstairs have been repaired or replaced. The meth addicts are not coming as much, or so it seems when I visit.

That being said, the increase in cost does mean less folks are coming. Some days it’s not very active.

However, the improvements warrant boosting the rating back to four out of five stars.

June 2012

You can count on men to be destructive and that’s what’s been happening here. It’s unfortunate since Inserection provided one of the lesser expensive place to fuck. However, it’s not what the clientele has done but what been happening with the upstairs that’s forcing me to change my rating. I’m dropping it from 3½ to 2½ stars and it might go lower. Additionally, I’m already going to start hunting somewhere else to fuck.

Over the last month, the upstairs has gotten unbearably warm. Standing upstairs to cruise is tough. When I finally get the hook-up, spending most of my time sweating even before we get our clothes off. And then, we’re both soaked just making out before my cock slides inside them. I haven’t (and probably) won’t write about these, but I’ve fucked three men here of late and couldn’t cum simply because my body had released so much sweat, it protested at releasing any more liquid from my body. And quite frankly, the bottoms didn’t bitch.

As the summer heat pours it on here in the humid South, Inserection will become a place to avoid.

Additionally, the leatherette covering on the cushions on the platforms have been ripped, torn and just destroyed. Who knows why but some homeless people as well as meth addicts use the $11 or $15 admission as a great place to crash and come down.

I’ve got a solution. There’s a posted 30-minute limit (which really should be 20 minutes). Timed locks. If they go to sleep, the locks will expire and someone can kick the single folks out (especially the old man who sleeps with his ass exposed thinking that’s just an open invitation). If people are truly fucking inside, one can renew the timer.

And please fix the doors.


Vibe in 2011

Since adding the upstairs area, the vibe has changed significantly. As of Spring 2011, the crowd has turned distinctly top-heavy. Good news for bottoms, bad news for me. I hear of bottoms now leaving there with multiple loads in their ass. Well, I hear of slutty bottoms leaving there like that. What’s happening is bottoms are getting choosy. So what happens is even the ugly one are thinking they can get the hot, hot, hot tops and, in some cases, they can.

One day in March 2011 (I kid you not) a very, very bad man dressed in woman’s clothes (with a wig and makeup)  through the place. I guess I’ll call her a crossdresser, but she didn’t give it much effort. It looked like she was the only bottom in the entire place. I saw that thing get more cock than I could imagine. She’d pull her pantyhose and panties down for anyone and take a seat. She got a lot. Not me.

With the Inserection turning so top-heavy and the bottoms getting picky, it’s difficult to get any good action here. However, it remains one of the better places to visit. I still use it, but attempt to make sure others are visiting at the same time via Craigslist ads or Quick Connect Ads on BBRT.

Wednesdays are never good. Mondays, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are best.

Other Inserection Locations

2628 Piedmont Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 262-9113

1023 West Peachtree Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 815-9622

7875 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, GA 30350
(770) 677-9650

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  1. You can pretend like it’s a woman.

  2. Is this strictly gays only or can I get a blowjob from a women?

  3. I’d say no. You can come. Not the bitch.

  4. My wife and I are thinking about going to Tokyo for the first time this week. We’ve been to Southern Nights before a couple of times but heard Tokyo was bigger. Are couples welcome or looked down upon? Should we go to Tokyo or is there another place that you know of that is couple friendly. We haven’t had good luck with swinger clubs. We’re really just looking for a place to watch and be watched.
    Thanks for your help!

  5. Yes and yes.

  6. Is it possible to strip down and roam around in a jockstrap only? Are there any lockers to store my clothes?

  7. Would you recommend this place to someone who is bicurious and never been with a guy?

  8. You are not being patient. Further, I’d suggest you learn to take it up the ass like a big boy.

  9. Any pointers for us guys that want to go there and just receive cum loads orally?

    I went to a booth, couple guys came and went, sucked a little, but, no cum. Am I just not being patient? Is there a better way of going about it? I’m not looking to fuck at all, just want loads.

  10. Has anyone gone since the renovation? Have the booths been remodeled too?

  11. 11/28/14

    Sandy Springs location is a total waste of time and money. All.holes are boarded up, no doors on booths, and signs everywhere saying to walk straight to a booth and that cops are patrolling and will arrest you for not sitting upright and touching nothing but buttons for the screens. I really needed to get spermed, so it was a huge disappointment.

  12. This is a cock hounds paradise. Yeah some guys can be a little…off…but for the most part if you love cock as much as I do you will find that their are always guys willing to fulfill your cum hungry needs.
    Looking around And not knowing the layout I eventually wandered into the dark room after seeing guys walking in there. I clung to a wall waiting for my eyes to adjust and immediately had hands searching for my belt, zipper and cock. Now being fairly well endowed I encounter this anywhere and knew to just push their advances away, mind you living my cock out.
    After my eye`s adjusted I found my way around to some really nice cock to suck and felt several sets of hands playing with my ass that I pushed back to till I finally felt a nice hard lubed up cock work its way in to me. I gave as good as I got on both ends and was rewarded with 2 nice big loads, just love getting a nice big creampie.
    Squatted down for a while and was presented with several other nice cocks and another good fucking.
    I`m not picky about the perfect body to me its all about the size,
    Being a real slut for BBC, another time I hooked up with a cool Black guy, a regular who took me upstairs to a room and fed me his 10″ cock and fucked me like the slut I am.
    For me…this place rocks….if your not getting what you need, your too picky.
    See ya there from time to time for some…….

  13. hey there!
    i’m thrilled that i found this great blog! thanks!!!

    Will visit atlanta in late Sept. and can’t wait to check this place!
    I’m totally into glory holes… sucking ang getting sucked!
    Love BIG dicks… guess i’m not the only one 😉
    Would also have 3-4 cocks infront my face! maybe thats the right place!?

    Visiting from Europe, 37yrs here

  14. Dogboy,

    I continue to visit Inserection. In fact, I visited just yesterday (Aug. 20, 2014). Coincidentally, it happened to be a Wednesday at lunch and the place was jam packed. I fucked four asses before blowing my load in one and ducking out.

    There is construction going on there (and next door). Sometimes finding a place to park is difficult (don’t park at the design place near by).

    Inserection has always had a drug element — as every sex club, thanks to crystal meth. I personally don’t indulge but it’s obviously around. The rooms are locked now and the upstairs is largely ignored now. I focus on the downstairs with the gloryholes and the darkroom.

    Cruising is always hit or miss in Atlanta. I consider it a good indicator to look on to see how may hook-up now ads are running. If there’s more than five or six, chances are people in town are horny.

    I truly appreciate the perspective.


  15. I’ve been a regular at this place for years and, personally, I think your review needs updating.

    Inserection has become a primary hangout for homeless young crackheads. They are often camped out in the parking lot, asking for money, selling drugs, looking for drugs, and selling their asses. If they’ve got the money, they use the interior as a hotel, basically — sleeping in the rooms upstairs or on the sofas in the “lounge” area. (I wish to hell they’d use the public showers more often than they do.) Not surprising, there’s a lot of drug trafficking going on inside too. Auto break-ins have been occurring more often. Do not park on the side of the building.

    Cruising remains hit or miss, but I’m not alone in feeling that business has declined significantly in the last few months. The best time in my experience remains lunch time Monday. Contrary to what I think you are suggesting, weekend nights have never seemed good at all to me here. Maybe I don’t stick around late enough.

    Now for the big news: The owner is about to raise the daily rate to $16, the current weekend price. He’s installing a third-floor area for BDSM play, according to one of the front desk guys. (I imagine that will do pretty well, since venues for that scene have all but disappeared in town.) Of course, hard-core customers, no matter what they say to the contrary, will pay the higher price, but I imagine others (like me) will cut back their visits.

  16. Only 30? Disappointing number.

  17. I am one of Atlanta’s best cocksuckers. I am even thinking of changing my legal name to Cocksucker. LOL Really I love milking cocks for hot sweet cum and Inserections is the place. I have spent hours upstairs in the orgy room on my knees milking cock and laying on my back with my head hanging off the edge of the bed being throat fucked for hours. Probably drained at least 30 cocks but not sure, lost count. Anyway a great place for cum thirsty cocksuckers like me

  18. I went several times recently and the place was fairly busy with a mixed crowd young and older. This is the place to go. The only other place that has a decent crowd is Manifest but that’s only open weekends and doesn’t get busy until late. Eros used to be good but the place is too dark and poorly managed. So I will stick with insurection. Plenty of sex and busy 24×7.

  19. So what is the latest update.

    Question. Can you go nude inside. Well other than shoes. I think nude with knee pads would be great

  20. Can anyone give a current update on what is going on their. Was thinking about running up their sometime during the Thanksgiving break around 11am. Iam a 50 year old MWM total bottom. Where is now the best place to get used and abused??? Always enjoyed going in the dark hall upstairs and finding a cock to suck or watch a couple of guys get it on.

  21. What’s the update on this place? Went there back in January and had a blast, but haven’t been back since. I’ve heard a range of things like local politicians trying to shut the place down, the upstairs rooms being locked, and the hours/days closed have changed. What’s the word on any of this for anyone who has been recently this fall? Is the crowd still good? GL 34 bi-versatile bottom here. Thanks!

  22. Update on Inserection – went there 2 weekends ago and the upstairs rooms are now locked!! You have to hook up, then go back downstairs to the front desk and obtain a key (and perhaps leave a deposit — I didn’t ask), then go back upstairs, hope your hook up is still there and interested, then return the key when you’re done. I don’t know what the hell went on there to make them lock the doors, but the upstairs is now dead, because there’s no point in cruising. Better off just getting fucked in the gloryhole booths, or in the downstars darkroom.

  23. Went to insurection yesterday. Didn’t suck any, mostly cus was first time and nervous as hell. Maybe next time.

  24. Recently went to Inserection for the first time.

    In fact, it was my first time ever to an adult bookstore/video gallery.

    I did not find your article with the floorplan the first time, but I found it for the second time I went. The map is dead-on accurate!

    After standing around and feeling more comfortable, I went into a booth with a gloryhole, sat down and started jacking. Did not take long for guy to stick his cock through. Sucked several while there and also got sucked.

    The upstairs though is intoxicating, I’ve got to say… that area above the stairs at the dead-end hallway. Went back in there on my first visit.

    But on my second visit, went up there and sucked cock, pulled my pants down and was bent over sucking cock… next thing I know a guy is behind me about to fuck me. I turn around and look and he is putting on a condom… which is good for where i was at then. But gotta say have many fantasies about giving up my ass raw up there… have not done that yet…

  25. I sure wish I had read this review before I went.

    I went on a Saturday afternoon (in February 2013), and you are right — lots of wandering guys looking like they were waiting for something better to come along.

    I did swallow a load of cum though.

    I was tempted to just strip down and bend over of the beds to interest some bare cocks; now I know that is exactly what I should have done!

    I will be back, but not on a Saturday afternoon.

  26. Went there for the first time today. Pretty much what I expected after having read this blog. I’m 33 have been into men since I was 13 or so and this was actually my first trip into a “sex club” type place. It was VERY exciting. It pisses me that some guys seem to be there only to loiter but no complaints as I scored giving about 4-5 blowjobs in the gloryhole booths, got fucked twice in them, then met a guy upstairs and blew him and let me fuck me in one of the private rooms. Had NO problems getting cock and was glad to see a nice variety of men in there on a Sunday afternoon. Oh and I took all the fuckings bareback. 🙂

  27. gonig tommorrow around 11am wanna meet up

  28. Just got back from insurection, Saturday night, Had A Blast. I sucked off 7 guys, 5 were black with BIG cocks and BIG loads of cum. Also got fucked In the ass by a white guy that cum fast, about 10 pumps in my ass and he dumped his load in me, But I had a BLAST, My 1st time going there

  29. Wondering how the crowd is there now and best night to pump some loads in a tights ass. I enjoy bb ass or shooting my load down someone throat.

  30. Been to Insurrection 6 times to act out my voyeuristic fantasies. I love the ambiance of the place and the fact that management keeps on top of the cleaning (very clean for a cheap fuck shop). A lot of old, dried up white men, a few of whom are in their mid to late 60s (and can barely walk) … in the daytime it appears to be all about black men who are into white men and vice versa, but dam, those white guys look pretty old (smh). I have never seen a very attractive white guy there (you know the Brad Pitt types). The black guys in general look more attractive and cleaner. Overall, I like the place, if only they could tell those old men to stay home 🙂

  31. I have seen couples there and some men can be a bit aggressive. So if your wife wants to be slutty (or you want to watch your wife being slutty) then go for it.

  32. Is this place couple friendly. Man & Wife?

  33. I went to Inserection yesterday and was VERY dissapointed. At least 5 guys tried to solicit me for money and one guy (acting as a pimp for several of the guys) was harrassing everyone trying to get you to pay. Only 9 guys in the whole place and 5 male prostitutes and 1 loud pimp…..very distressing and a waste of money. Also wondered why at least 6 people in cars in parking lot (all alone and on smartphones) felt that this place is becoming a cheap ass brothel. no fun at all.

  34. Im looking to suck this afternoon at 6. I’m an FTM that wants some raw play as well.

  35. I’m looking for females to suck me off at inserection. who’s game? no gays.

  36. Just got back from Inserections (cheshire bridge) on a wed nite… although there weren’t very many guys there i still got about 5 in…. took 2 loads, gave 2, and got my dick sucked on the last…. fun place all in all… I cnt even imagine how it is on busier nites.

  37. I’m thinking of going tomorrow around 1. Never been before is this a good time?

  38. You should go. At the very least, get a good BJ.

  39. I am straight and I am thinking about going. Never been yet : (

  40. If you want to be a slut, you could get it good. Of course, there are some men you wouldn’t want it from. Some might claim to be straight but truth is, they’ve been getting it on the downlow.

  41. is there any straight men that go in there?

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