Manifest in Atlanta


two-out-of-five-stars rating2103 Faulkner Road
Atlanta, GA 30324

I normally pay $15 to get in now that I have a membership card. A lot of details about Manifest on its website. Its open only certain times and it has a membership fee that can be pretty steep — I think I paid $25 the first time in. Then again, the other night, it was only $5. If you’re on the mailing list and know the password, you get $5 off to get in. Manifest does take your ID and record your information but claims the membership list is private. Additionally, the access is behind two locked doors that have to be buzzed in, therefore it’s more secure.
My Last Visit: Early April 2011

Overall Description of the Space

It is a lot cleaner than Inserection and has more advantages. Up front is a well lit lounge room with comfortable chairs, a cyber space with computers and a high-definition television playing porn (not bareback mind you, but still porn). It has kind of a Asian feel, very Zen.

There’s also a nice bathroom (only one room with a door that locks, but it does include a seat) and a urinal. There’s also a soda fountain, free, with diet soda, PowerAde and Mountain Dew (among others), condoms, etc.

The back half is called the “matrix” and is darker with music, lasers and lights. It’s more warehouse with larger booths that have small stools in many. Most of the gloryhole booths open to two sides (and therefore two options). Nicely enough, there are “hand-holds” (which are basically blocks of wood) and the wood is the thickness of plywood (about a quarter of an inch) and wider than Insurrection.

There are a few larger rooms, even one with a mattress for fucking. Most include paper towels and a trash bag in them. These larger rooms lock and people cannot watch or get into them for more private time together. There’s also a space in the middle with a sling. I’ve seen the sling occupied twice. Once with a sloppy, ugly old man. Once with an incredibly hot guy.

There’s this “alley” and a jail bar space where I’ve been sucked through in the open as well. One incredibly useless space is set up like an adult theater, but of all the times I’ve been there, no one seems to hang out there. Then there’s a stinky smoking area in back (they claim it’s well ventilated, but it’s not).

Manifest is right down from a twink club called “Jungle” and when that closes, chances are you might catch some of those cream-filled boys looking to hook up since they didn’t get any there. But Manifest is also on the opposite side of the complex of a bathhouse called Eros, which I hear is fucking heaven but I have yet to try out.


I love the potential of Manifest but I’ve got to tell you the last three times I’ve been, the results rank as worse than disappointing. It’s been downright sad. I don’t know how much longer this place can stay in business. The assholes wandering the space are picky as hell and getting laid or even a decent blowjob is close to impossible. I expect Manifest to vanish soon enough unless they take a different marketing approach soon.

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  1. I’ve been several times and it’s always hit or miss. The last time was Nov. 2015. The crowd was as picky as usual. Me being bigger and older than the ideal gym twink I don’t get much attention. But I go there mostly for the Glory Holes away as I don’t get fucked by guys I don’t know….usually.

    The crowd does vary from sparse to about what I’d term half full. I’ve never seen it as crowded as some other spots I’ve visited. But there is usually more action even if the attendance isn’t large. Like the other guy said, condom use there is almost non-existent. I troll the private rooms for used condoms to jerk off with and I rarely find one that has cum in it. Although there do seem to be splatters on the floor, which indicates to me bareback fucking and loads being pushed out.

    I would think it was intimidating to a new cummer to the place, but for those who go out looking for ass or a cock and are comfortable being proactive with the patrons it’s not likely you’ll be disappointed. Will he be your Prince Charming? No, but he will satisfy whatever desire you have at the moment and give you memories when you get home..or regrets. Your mileage may vary.

    I’ve been both filled with erotic memories and potential regrets after leaving. Good memories like the guy I sucked off in one of the rooms that gave me such a large load I actually had to swallow before he finished or risk loosing some from being overfilled. Regrets in letting my little head do the thinking for me once when I was at the Glory Hole booths sucking a particularly delicious uncut cock and agreeing to let him come into the booth to get sucked rather than poking his cock through the hole. Before I knew it I had gotten off my knees to unbutton my pants to better jerk my dick while sucking and he spun me around and had his cock knocking at the entrance to my ass. Since he was slick with my spit it didn’t take to much effort to pop inside. Once that happened it wasn’t long before he was in balls deep and slow fucking my hole. The little head took over and all I could think about was being his whore. I half hoped he’d at least pull out when he came, but he just gave me a huge deep thrust instead. When all was done I was left panting in the booth with his cum dribbling out of my hole and a “thanks man” as he left. No names, no nothing. Just animal needs of lust and insanity met for both of us.

  2. I visited this place 6/6/15. There was lots of sex going on and I didn’t see a condom in sight. Some of the sex is right out in the open, some in the more private rooms. There was one guy hogging the sling in the dark room and he was looking for any and all cummers. I got the feeling he was a regular though I could not see his face…or anything else for that matter. He was already well lubed with loads by the time I got there and left him with some of my seed.