Club Eros Atlanta

two-and-a-half-stars out of five stars rating

Club Eros

2219 Faulkner Road
Atlanta Georgia 30324
(404)  287-4482 Link Opens in a New Window Link Opens in a New Window
Careful what you enter. will forward you to a CDC website thanks to an Atlanta-area busybody.  


Welcome to the Dark Side of Sex and Sex Clubs

Eros happens to be the last of the sex clubs in town I can visit but hadn’t until this past weekend (there’s one other, The Den Opens new window of a page on this blog, reserved for men of color and I distinctly lack color). Rumors had preceded it as the hottest, most likely space to encounter barebacking. The website for Eros lacks details and I do like knowing a thing or two about where I’m going and what to expect.

The outer room allows you to pay entry ($20 membership fee and entrance combined, then varying rates over the week from free to $15). You’re given a code to go in.

Everything is painted a flat black. Everything, that is, except the doors, which are the original white. The front few rooms are scattered with someone’s hand-me-down furniture, some with throw-covers over them. A small bank of lockers wait then around the corner is the smokers’ room, where clouds billow out and a stench coats the outer room. The next room features a self-serve soda machine.

Unlabeled, four or so bathrooms are accessible off of this space in variable degrees of disrepair. Some have toilet seats and hot water, some do not.

As you pass further back, the lighting grows dimmer and your primary illumination switches to black light with some rope lights to supplement.

Two black-out spaces are available. With the entrance behind you, one is accessible from the soda room through the curtain to your left and lets out into the “maze” in the back. This is a large room. One sling suspended by chains is at the end near the soda room. The rest is a rather large room to negotiate — I’d say a good 25 feet or so. On my Saturday night visit, it never got too full, but the sling did have an occupant for much of the night. I heard him fucked at least twice.

The “maze” in the back is not really a maze since it boils down to two basic hallways. With the entrance behind you, the hallways to your left seem to offer gloryholes and private spaces, including another space with a sling. The rooms to your right just seem to be private rooms, including a larger one with a sling. This room had a smaller light in it and, well, I just didn’t want to fuck the gentleman in it.

Gloryholes opened up to either side but no one seemed to take advantage of these. Most looked for action toward the other dark room, which really was this strange space between the two hallways near the back. If you stand straight up, you’re at the perfect height to suck cock since the other dark room about a foot-and-a-half higher on a platform.

Stepping up four stairs, sometimes this space would be practically empty while other times you couldn’t get through there without a lot of inappropriate groping. And I love inappropriate groping.

At its peak, starting around 1:30 a.m. and going to around 2:30 a.m., the dark rooms were jammed. If you were outside the dark rooms, you were looking for something specific. I’m not quite sure what the choices were during this time. So I ventured into the smaller of the dark rooms in the back.

The sea of men and sweat swept me off. I’d opened my fly and my dick was being sucked almost immediately. I moved through the crowd flow but now of my own power. Then, almost like a process, my hard cock popped out of the man’s mouth and into another man’s hand who had this death grip around the base. Then it slid into an ass, obviously wet from previous loads.

It was too dark for me to get an age, a race or any details. He seemed in relatively good shape based on my own probings and his rather loud grunting, I’d guess I was hitting the spot. The crowd carried us along as I slammed into his ass. Someone pinched my nipple, tickled my balls, reached down to see where my cock happened to be. The bottom groaned more. I couldn’t see anything. I just enjoyed the sensation and felt the crowd move me. The sound of men. The bodies pressed against me. And the movement like a kind of wave.

I shot my load in his ass. He knew it and groaned even more loudly. By this point, I was toward the middle of the room but my back was against the wall. He pulled off my cock and disappeared, off to find yet another hard cock. And I slowly began to maneuver my way to try and get my shorts up and get out of the crowd.

It took about five minutes to emerge from the dark room back into black light.

Eros, overall, is pretty trashy. Of course, that didn’t stop me from breeding some anonymous ass.

Manifest Opens new window of a page on this blog, by far, is a much nicer club and it’s just on the other side of this very complex. However, it doesn’t draw the people that Eros does. Inserection Opens new window of a page on this blog and Flex Opens new window of a page on this blog are both open (mostly) 24 hours with Eros open from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. on Monday through Sunday. The choices are scarce. With a little more work, Eros could go up a couple of points. But not so at this point.

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  1. Where can I find bear guys? I’ve tried all the ATL sex clubs. Plenty of BBC. I want straight up hairy, beefy, raw guys who fuck buffet style.

  2. Mark, thank you for posting this blog—it helped me, a recent transplant from Memphis to the Atlanta area, in more ways that you would ever imagine to find the spots where you could find cum. Hope I run into you one of these days so I can personally thank you. Below, I offer my experiences which should back up what Mark said above.

    During my first week in the Atlanta area (around 4th of July), I visited Flex—lots of men checking out others. Lots of Asian and Hispanic men that week. More action on weekends—that’s when I went upstairs to that bed-like platform and laid there with my ass up in the air. A masseuse visiting there decided to take advantage of it and fucked my tight ass hard and shot his first load. Back to my hotel room and he fucked and shot in my ass a second time and a third time. In many ways, Eros is “hit or miss”—very little action some nights, others hot as hell (usually select weekends in the late summer based upon what I’ve seen—wasn’t here during the first six months so I don’t know much about those times). But it is a bit more run down than Manifest. For a classier (relatively speaking) atmosphere, try Eros on Sunday as Mark says. I went there and met a real southern gentleslut (gentleman and slut combined) in his early 70s—in that case age was nothing more than a number as he didn’t miss a beat–he and I got into some good 69 and came in each others mouth . I did see some fucking in a private room whose door was left open and that gave me a raging hard on.

  3. I don’t go through these places checking ID. It’s dark. There’s dick and ass. Generally the crowd varies. Some nights more 30s, other nights more 40s, others the retirement home bus is parked out front.

  4. What is the age range in the clubs as older men seem to be better

  5. The dark rooms at Eros are great. I will walk back there in just a jock and I swear in 30 seconds someone will be feeling my ass and bending me over to shove in their raw cock. I’ve taken 10 loads bent over in that room. Love the trashy feel of the place.

  6. Well, a club named after the Greek God of Erotic Love certainly has no problem attracting me for hot, wet and tasty sex. It sounds like a wild ride and although it seems a bit unseemly, if I were to ever go to Atlanta, I would have to go to this place.

    I AM, after all, a Poly-Theist, so not going would be a bad thing.

    Thanks for this review and for putting yourself in the trenches, as it were (your job is clearly tough!) SMILE!