Atlanta’s BJ Roosters: Go-Go Dancer Boys on the Bar

three-and-a-half-stars out of five ratingBJ Roosters

2345 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE # 1
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404)  634-5895


BJ Roosters in Atlanta: The Cock Crows Through the Fog of the Night

Technically, BJ Roosters should qualify as a go-go boy bar. Nestled in the back of a strip mall between a cinema that plays more esoteric artistic films and a Publix grocery store, BJ Roosters won’t be here much longer. Rumor has it the club will move up Cheshire Bridge Road to a larger building next to the Heretic nightclub. Supposedly it will address some of the issues of the current space.

Shaped like an “L,” the entrance strikes you with the stench of smoke and there’s an immediate haze. It’s overwhelming.

(Later in the evening, I was standing outside and a threesome stepped outside. “Oh my fucking God,” one said. “It’s like I can breathe again.” Then the other responded, “Yea, you don’t realize just how bad it is in there.”)

There’s no cover but your photo ID is checked. One bar down the center of the room. The bartenders mix expensive but highly intoxicating drinks. Starting with my standard of a vodka and cranberry juice, the drink barely even registered pink with much more liquor than mixer.

Standing on the bar, practically shoulder to shoulder, were the boys…. err… I guess I should say men. In a variety of kicks and brightly colored underwear, no stripping here. Walking across the bar in a seemingly random pattern, some would stand and dance.

I’d often heard the men here were rejects from Swinging Richards Opens new window of a page on this blog. First, let me assure you, they are not rejects. I recognized several dancers who worked there at one time or another over the years and remain as hot as ever. These men have the bodies.

Second, BJ Roosters offers a variety that Swinging Richards neglects. I’ve made no secret on my blog for my affinity for Latino, Asians or even the more exotic. BJ Roosters offers those men up in aces (with the exception of a lovely Asian, dammit!). I even met a Nigerian. Among the dancers were the thinnest of twinks you’d ever see and the darkest of African Americans. Not all were muscled out clones. And no one needed a hook or to dress up in some sort of strange costume to get your attention.

Back in my days of Washington, D.C., a bar that’s long since gone to make way for the Nationals baseball stadium also had men walking across. At this one, you put the dollar bills in their socks to get attention and they’d crouch down so you could play with their cock and balls, usually fully hard.

At BJ Roosters, the underwear stays on and some dancers wear more revealing undies while others just stay fashionable. The dancers will often pull the band open for you to tuck the dollar bill next to their often soft cock. Some play a little with it to keep it a little chubbed up but nothing too extraordinary.

If you’d like a lap dance, it’s $20 a song — just like Swinging Richards. The songs are not shortened. Generally, each lasts at least 3½ minutes but more like 5 minutes is normal. So 15 minutes here is $60 unlike $140 plus tip at Swinging Richards. It’s not technically fully nude.

However, it’s “fully VIP” here, which means taking the client to the “dog pen.” Behind the chain-link fence area are two sheer (very sheer) curtains with two rooms. Inside each is two love seats in each. In general, you’ve got the potential of four VIPs going at once and you’ll be sharing the space with one other.

Inside a VIP, the cock will come out and you can touch. In fact, I’d say I probably touched more cock at BJ Roosters than Swinging Richards at significantly less cost. While I chose not to indulge, you can blow a dancer or eat his ass. It’s not private.

Kissing a dancer isn’t unusual. In fact, it’s pretty much the norm here. As someone who prefers the tease and the fantasy more than anything else, kissing seems essential. And boy, that fantasy got indulged.

And herein lies a difference. BJ Roosters is much more about hanging out with the guys. The dancers seem more or less bisexual or gay. If they’re “straight,” they lean so close to bisexual it’s hard to tell the difference. The defenses aren’t up as much here. The attitude is down. It’s a more relaxed atmosphere.

By being more relaxed, I’m also suggesting this gay male stripper bar also comes across as more sketchy, sleazy and lower scale. The bathrooms are just plain nasty. Someone needs to really take to a good cleaning of the whole establishment (but if they’re moving, maybe the management is just getting really lazy). Ventilation is a real issue and let’s hope that will be fixed when BJ Roosters relocates.

The bar includes three pool tables and a couple of dart boards. It’s generally well lit, so you can see everything pretty well. The crowd is mixed, from ancient (one man appeared close to 80) while the rest varied into their early 20s.

BJ Roosters is not a knock-off of Swinging Richards, although it certainly provides an option. More a little about reality and less fantasy, it’s also a lot of soft cock in the fog of clogging smoke. I look forward to seeing what it will be like with the new place opens.

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