Atlanta Gay Escorts and M4M Massage Therapists

Male Massage Therapists in Greater Atlanta Area

Each of these reviews are of my own and I visited these men without their knowledge that I would be writing a review. I did indicate that I wanted a legitimate massage and that I hoped for sexual play following the massage. This was not solicitation but sexual activity between two consenting adults as I paid only for the massage.

I didn’t tell them I was writing a review and most didn’t know I was going to write this review or even who I happened to be.

Most never knew I wanted or hoped for bareback sex, although it was never my intention. My reviews evaluate…

  • The therapist’s ability to provide a good therapeutic massage;
  • Connect on an emotional and/or spiritual level with the client (me);
  • And provide a basic happy ending (preferably without requiring me to jerk myself off or even snort poppers Opens a new window from this blog).

Therapists earn more for their techniques, abilities, value and sensuality. And if a therapist happens to bareback, that’s a huge bonus, of course. But that won’t save you from a bad review (just check out Daved below, who’s so tweaked out isn’t worth it).

Atlanta’s Male Massage Therapists, Masseurs & bodywork specialists

Listed in Alphabetical order based on their known names (many are not their “real” names).

three-and-a-half-stars out of five ratingAndrew-Massage-Atlanta


PRO: Polite, talented
CON: Too chatty, harsh on the cock

one-and-a-half stars out of five rating


PRO: Hot Latino, great body, available nude
CON: Rush, can’t massage, extra cost to get you off

two-and-a-half-stars out of five stars ratingEcstasy-Spa-Bryan-Massage

Bryan Kelly

aka Ecstasy Spa or Mixed Massage Arts

PRO: Nice body, friendly
CON: Costly, older than advertised, intense smoker

four-out-of-five-stars ratingchad-massage-therapist-150


aka Blond Chad

PRO: Incredibly in tune spiritually with his clients; very cute
CON: Visiting temporarily (winter/spring 2013); needs to upgrade supplies

three-and-a-half-stars out of five ratingCoach-Bill-Massage

Coach Bill

PRO: Beefy, quiet man; solid, quality massage
CON: Needs more sensuality

two-out-of-five-stars rating


aka David

PRO: Barebacks, bottoms, once had a great body
CON: Tweaked out, rough skin

three-out-of-five-star rating


aka Lucky Good Hands

PRO: Actually massages well, sexually teases, inexpensive
CON: No happy ending, no privacy, no nudity

four-out-of-five-stars ratingChest of Ramses or TheBestHandsGA Massage Therapist


aka TheBestHands or TheBestHandsGA

PRO: Great massages, beautiful body
CON: Doesn’t like mutual touch, afraid of cum

three-and-a-half-stars out of five ratingRobDean-Massage


PRO: Strong, good-looking; pocket muscle man
CON: Rough hands; massage can be a little rough

two-and-a-half-stars out of five stars ratingAveda-Robert-Massage


aka Aveda Robert

PRO: Inconsistent massage quality, very chatty
CON: Relies on Aveda products, afraid of cum

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What About the Other Massage Websites?

Part of the reason I’m writing these is the websites Open-New-Window-External and Open-New-Window-External do include reviews. However, I’ve submitted reviews on some of the below (and others from other cities) and they’ve never appeared.

Why? Because the massage therapist decides whether or not the review appears. This censorship allows the massage therapist to publish only the most flattering reviews.

I don’t like this because it’s deceptive. I’ve been fooled by a terrific body and flattering reviews only to find out the massage therapist sucks at massage, won’t get me off and has a terrible attitude.

Want to be included in my review list?

If you would like to be reviewed, feel free to contact Mark Bentson at his contact page Opens a new window from this blog or via e-mail . These entries are at the discretion of Mark Bentson and in no way would any services provided to Mark guarantee or indicate any review (positive or negative) may or may not appear on these pages.

Reviews of male escorts, companions and massage therapists in the Atlanta area are included here. Mark also provides training to those escorts, companions and massage therapists as well as marketing services such as web, e-mail, blog and social media advice for compensation and barter. Mark can maximize the financial intake you receive by teaching you basics Opens a new window from this blog  as well as advanced techniques.

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  1. Why would you want to?

  2. Haixing

    aka Lucky Good Hands

    how do i contact this guy?

  3. Im curious- did you have a happy ending with each of them unless specified otherwise? Chad, Coach Bill and Robdean don’t indicate either way. Thanks

  4. First of all, thanks for the great blog Mark – great idea and long overdue in Atlanta! As a few other posters mentioned, the reviews that Mark has given are spot on for the guys that I’ve been to, however, there are so many more massage therapists in Atlanta so I’m hopeful that we will get some updates in the near future!!

  5. Mark,
    I’ve been to several of the masseurs you mentioned and think your reporting is spot on! Please update- looking for the best in ATL and haven’t quite found any with the complete package. Suggestions?

  6. I haven’t used all of the M4M masseurs reviewed, but of those I have, I’d say Mark’s comments are spot on…especially for the good sensual massage but teasing Haixing, as well as great body but can’t massage Antonio. I’ve had better experiences with Andrew than Mark.

  7. I had a massage with Antonio. It was rushed, he Cannot massage, he is really afraid of cum, he charges extra for release, and he Cannot massage

  8. I have a feeling that you shall be coming to my part of the country before I have the opportunity to come to yours. Nonetheless, I like the reviews and I also find them to be credible.

    Thanks for them, Mark.

  9. I doubt very much you’re really from MassageM4M or the other websites. And submitting other comments daring me to post them isn’t going to change how I publish.

    As for using “real names” when you’re doing business, I guess all the doctors, chiropractors, accountants, lawyers, plumbers, etc. shouldn’t use their real names… especially when they’re licensed.

    Several people who’ve read my reviews indicated the reviews here are more accurate than the gushing crap that’s posted online.

    As for fucking, it sure helps, but the highest rating didn’t go to fuckers. It takes connection.

  10. Masseurs on MassageM4M and Masseurfinder are allowed to archive a very limited number of bad reviews each year. If the masseur is getting several bad reviews FROM DIFFERENT PEOPLE then he cant archive them all. You can still see archived bad reviews you just have to be a member. Both sites are run by good admistrators who believe in being fair both to the customers and the men who advertise their businesses on the website.

    And of course we don’t use our real names. We don’t want to be stalked on facebook and everywhere else. Does the common sense of not giving out too much personal info elude you?

    DISCLAIMER: You don’t score a high rating unless you let this guy fuck you raw and cum in your ass. Do you have the balls to post this comment?