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Time for Some Fresh Fucks in 2014

Time for Some Fresh Fucks in 2014

Around this time of year, I review my top fucks for 2013 and head toward 2014. But not this year.

While 2013 did contain some good ass worth recalling (like Chris the escort who seems to be all over the place these days, a hot Indy bottom, a Baltimore hottie, along with one or two others), it was not a banner year for me and breeding.

In fact, I’d consider myself a bit off my game.

All totaled up for 2013, I made 213 deposits, 31 stealths and actually took 11 in my own ass.

Yes, I’ve been bottoming.

A top must never be complacent in his skill set. Being open to the possibilities is a must. Normally these topping sessions occur in conjunction with a massage session, where a therapist takes the time to relax me and allow me to open up, so to speak.

But a couple of times, it’s just been a beautiful cock and I really didn’t feel like sucking it until it came. And it seemed like such a waste to let it go someplace else when I had a perfectly good ass I could back up to the gloryhole.

Into 2014

Like 2013, I will be traveling extensively and hoping for new asses to breed. Don’t worry, I’m not going bottom on anyone. But I’ll probably supplement my load counts with loads in my ass with the truly versatiles out there — not that there are many available.

I’d like to see my numbers grow this year, although let’s face it — I’m no spring chicken. At 46, a lot of the younger bucks run away and the old farts (like me) are chasing young bucks.

What’s your #LoadCount? Tweet me st @iblastinside or comment here.

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Be Afraid… And Say Goodbye to the Softer Side of iBLASTinside

Be Afraid… And Say Goodbye to the Softer Side of iBLASTinside

If you go all the way back to my first entry in this blog, it begins with this line:

Don’t know when I stopped caring, but I don’t.
It’s all about the fuck.
It’s all about feeling good.
And I don’t fucking care any other way.

Over the last couple of years — call it my mid-life crisis or call it a mourning period after the passing of my parents — I’ve gotten a little soft. Okay, more than soft. I dabbled in relationships and considered the alternatives. I also got fat, lazy and complacent. Sure, I did some good shit, like starting the Bareback Brotherhood, kicked off the Sleazy Atlanta Guide and maintaining a good, mostly pornographic photo blog.

Inside, though, I know I’ve been wishy washy.

I attributed it to depression. I blamed it on job loss and loss in general. Well, here it is 10 months after the fuckers fired me for being a faggot and I still ain’t got work.

I’ve been a kitten too long. I’ve cuddled with the pussy cunt boys. I’ve been nice.

No more.

I avoided writing entries to tell everyone just how often I’ve stealthed men to prevent the hate mail.  Truth is at least once a month, I slip off a condom or use one with a hole in it.


Stealthing is what I do. It’s how I fuck. Funny, the little Latin fucker at the gloryholes downtown no longer bothers with a condom with me because he knows I’ll take it off. He tries to predict when I will cum to avoid my load, but he can never tell.

It’s a game we now play.

He knows I throw a good fuck. And if there’s nothing else there that I can find with ease, I’ll fuck his ass. He’ll slide off on occasion, suck me some and try to lick my load out. But he lacks the oral skills to suction out my spunk. So he’ll go back to the ride and end up with another load in his ass.

Just the other day, I had a guy come over. He insisted on a condom. I had one ready, its tip sliced open just in case. But after eating his ass for a good 20 minutes, I teased his hole with the tip and he arched his back and pushed it in on his own.

“I shouldn’t do this,” he said. The 26-year-old ass opening up to my throbbing cock, I pushed deeper in but he matched my pressure. “But it feels so goooooood.”

I fucked him. I came quickly inside him but said nothing, continuing to fuck him to his complete enjoyment. “Just don’t cum inside me,” he said. “Okay?”

I smiled. “You have nothing to worry about,” I said, keeping my rhythm up, knowing that I was pushing my already deposited DNA into him deeper and deeper.

Eating ass seems to be the trick. That compromised condom has been at the ready for a while, but if I go at an ass with my tongue, they let me in raw. Married, straight men or Gay men. Doesn’t matter. Please fuck me raw.

Problem is, eating ass takes time. And I actually have to pretend like I give a shit. And speaking of shit, sometimes I have to taste that shit. The young bucks, I don’t mind as much but sometimes I purposely get a good glob of that bitterness on my tongue and kiss them deep so they can taste their own uncleanliness.

Look dude, clean the backdoor thoroughly. And I’d rather not kiss your ass.

I’m returning to my roots. Returning to not giving a fuck. Returning to getting my cock off.

I’m not saying I’m back to my old self. But I am saying I’m almost back to my old ways.

Watch out.

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Male Population

Breaking Down the Male Population

A night a while back, one of my acquaintances online lamented that in his corner of the world, he’d fucked every asshole there was available. Knowing where his corner of the planet happened to be in proximity to a couple of universities and other places of “higher learning” (read “extreme intoxication” and frat boy experimentation) and knowing my chat friend happened to be in his rather youthful 20s (hey, black don’t crack), I challenged him on his theory that he lacked any options.

Inevitably, this proceeded to my own hypothesis, tested out time and time again over the past two-and-a-half decades, that about two-thirds of men can be had. So I decided to put together my own chart to help explain where I stand on the male population.

Chart of what the breakdown should be...

Men, to begin with, exist on a different level than women. Men experience the world through our senses — sights, sounds, smells even. Women allow their emotions to maneuver through this existence. Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter.

This is my totally unscientific study and, by that, I mean I’m probably off by 2 to 3 percentage points.

Gay Men (24 percent)

Let’s begin with Gay men, which roughly break down into two categories: Out and Closeted. Depending where you are on the planet, the ratio between Out and Closeted vary and allow me to suggest why this is the case.

First, of course, the geographic location. In the South, where I happen to live, assault by Biblical texts will chase a man into the closet faster than a Baptist at a liquor store’s front door and he sees his preacher. In some countries, especially the Middle East and Africa, we’re talking torture and death if you’re discovered, so get comfy.

Second, and this is a biggie, is your position. If you’re a top, it’s so very easy to be closeted. Remember, a hole is a hole since men experience the world through sensory input. Natural tops can spend their lives closing their eyes, visualizing a man and fucking. So you wonder why there are so few tops, there you go.

Finally, the world is a place where, for the time being, we’re all about averages. What’s the average salary, the average distance, the average penis length, the average color, the average everything. The politically correct thing isn’t to say Asians have small cocks and African Americans have huge schlongs. Society — and I’m not talking about the Bible or morals — has decided that it’s “normal” to be married with a wife and kids. Believe me, my job would be so much more fucking easy if I played golf and talked about the little woman. I’d be ahead in my career if I were “straight.” Being closeted is a way to get ahead in my career.

In other words, religion, sex and money will put you in the closet.

So no matter what Kinsey report or survey says, I believe that when you get right down to it, a solid 24 percent of the male population is gay. You read me right. I believe almost a quarter. I am not kidding.

Bi Men (3 to 4 percent)

Funny thing, I figure the Bi men might get a little pissed at this one. I think the true Bi men — the ones hovering in the true center — might be the minority. Give me a moment to explain.

Kinsey created a scale of 0 to 6 where zero was exclusively heterosexual and six was exclusively homosexual, as illustrated by this chart I’ve included from Wikipedia.org:

Theoretically, that’s cool, but if you truly believe that Kinsey was onto something, then wouldn’t you need to be a perfect three? Actually, wouldn’t you need to be exactly 3½ or a 3.5 to be a true bisexual? Otherwise, you’d teeter off to either a homosexual or heterosexual side of the equation?

See? (Chart altered by me to show the perfect center.)

Again, men experience life through their senses, so you can fuck any hole. But seriously, the emotional attachment comes into the equation, you fall down on one side or the other and men may try out both sides but eventually settle on one or the other. True bisexuals are rare. That’s another reason why the Gay population is larger in my sampling.

Six-Pack Queers (23 percent)

Six-Pack Queers deserve a class of their own, although they’d probably end up split between Closeted and Bisexuals, if we could. If you were or are in the military, you automatically qualify for Six-Pack Queers. This classification is based on a joke I heard years ago.

Q. What’s the difference between a straight Marine and a Gay Marine?

A. A six pack.

In other words, get a Marine drunk and he’ll have sex with you. By the way, I’ve fucked more Marines that way. I’ve had every branch of the military (during active duty) except Coast Guard (if they count).

When you impair a man’s senses, he can justify his actions better. He can say he didn’t realize that he was sucking cock, getting fucked or whatever. He hides his true emotional and physical desires behind the booze. He’s easy to pick up at the bar. He’s the stupid blond sorority girl with the mating call of “I’m so drunk.”

Now not all Six-Pack Queers are necessarily in a bar, but finding one lurking there makes it easier to get him inebriated and into your orbit. If they’re not drinking, you can’t get them. Six-Pack Queers will not have sex while they’re sober.

To get a Six-Pack Queer takes a certain type of approach. As I explained, think of yourself as a predator on a nature program. You must approach your prey and seek his weak spots, exploit them and then attack mercilessly. As he whines about some ex-girlfriend, stuff his mouth with your cock and work it. Getting emotionally attached to any Six-Pack Queer will be the worst thing possible.

Straight Bottoms (19 percent)

For any man who has had the pleasure of something shoved up his ass knows the intensity of an item tickling his prostate, thankyouverymuch. Even though I’m a top, I know that prostate stimulation can provide some incredible pleasure. For natural bottoms, that experience is intensified.

Who said bottoms couldn’t be straight?

So let’s take a walk on the wild side for a moment. Let’s just suppose for a moment that a percentage of all straight men are, indeed, natural bottoms. They like — in fact, love and prefer — having things shoved up their asses.

Certainly, your girlfriend or wife or female whatever would strap one on and shove a fake cock up the ass. The plastic would feel good. It would. A certain need would be fulfilled.

However, let’s just be honest. Fake is fake. We can all pretend like tofu is meat but after a while, we want the real thing. It’s not Gay to want a real cock up your ass.

I believe the Chicks with Dicks phenomenon comes from this place, because I’m certainly not interested in any titty-heavy bitches with pricks. Who would be? What would Chicks with Dicks target? Where’s the market? Could it be straight men who want to get fucked maybe?

True Straights (31 percent)

Gotta love the Straight Boys. Believe me, there are plenty out there. And you might want to believe you’re one of them, but if you’re reading this, chances are you aren’t one. Not much to say about the ones walking the Straight and Narrow except they know that a mouth does have gender.

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iBLASTinside Bareback Blog

Mark Bentson, the Raw Top who Breeds Ass Via Gloryholes, Stealthing, Anonymous Gay Sex, Hotel Hook-Ups, Etc.

Warning, This Blog Is Not Safe for Work (NSFW) Or the Humorless Or for Condom Nazis. And check out the Terms of Use.

Bareback Blog iBLASTinside

By Raw Top and Skin-to-Skin Sex Advocate Mark Bentson, Co-founder of the Bareback Brotherhood (#BBBH)

Mark is always looking for Cum Dumps, Porn Stars, Male Escorts, Sex Clubs, Male Strippers, Sleazy Atlanta Information and More

This is an Adult Website. In fact, this is an Adult Gay Website and Bareback Blog.

It’s also a Humorous Website, occasionally employing Sarcasm, Dry Wit and Satire. If your Humor Emulator and/or Tolerance Capabilities have been turned off, it is recommended you go

Oh, okay, it’s not only Adult and Gay, it’s not only Funny and Offensive, it also advocates sexual practices that freak some people out, so thoroughly read the warning below.

If you’re at all worried about anything stated, then you need to go somewhere else like here or here or possibly even here.

Otherwise, check things out.

I am a raw top. This means I stick my bare dick into an ass without a condom.

Bareback. BB. BBBH. #BBBH.

For lube, I prefer spit or someone else’s cum. I do not use condoms and if I do, I sabotage them.

A Quick Guide to iBLASTinside aka Mark Bentson

What you need to know, want to know or just in general I want you to know.

I am a top. I fuck ass any way I can. This isn’t a popular idea, as I get a variety of feedback from praise to detailed death threats.

My cock is a solid 7 inches. It is not huge. It’s not thick. It’s perfectly average (as seen here). The most extraordinary thing about my cock is that it’s rock hard and it tends to stay hard if I’m turned on by the bottom.me and my hard cock

I shoot huge loads. I do not pull out for you to see them. But many bottoms report you can feel me shoot.

I am 49 years old. Yes, that’s ancient, I realize that. But I’m honest. I’m 6 foot 2 inches tall and 255 pounds. I could stand to lose a few pounds but fuck, except for those perfect twentysomethings (and most of us seem perfect then), who shouldn’t?

I’ve got more gray than brown hair (to me, salt & pepper indicates black and gray hair). I’m usually clean-shaven in the spring and summer but usually grow a beard around November for the winter.

I look like a geek. I do not fuck like I look.

I’ve fucked and bred more than 5,000 asses since my first fuck at 15.

I will not simply take a blow job. I don’t jerk off. I don’t use condoms and, if forced to do so, I will take the condom off or worse.

I only breed ass. That’s all that I do. My cum belongs in a man’s ass.

What’s your status? 

I do not answer that question unless we are about to fuck. Sometimes I don’t even answer it then.

I will not fuck you if you smoke or are tweaked out.

Even if you’re a “considerate” or “social” smoker. It won’t happen. So don’t beg.

Want to contact me?

Here’s My BarebackRT profile and E-Mail contact.

Fuck Without Fear

Do you want my cock and cum in your ass? It can happen.

Controversial reading material. Not safe for work. #NSFW. But if you like to jerk off, there’s plenty of material here for you to enjoy. Chances are, you will.

Additionally, this site does have a serious side to it. Not only do I address my mid-life crisis and being sexually molested as a youth, I also cover being bullied and ultimately fired at work.

This is one of many bareback blogs, by an active barebacker who fucks raw on purpose. I’ve fucked thousands of men and this blog discusses how I mark my territory with DNA and the Jizzjoy experience that some bottoms feel.

Additionally, I’ve endorsed bottoms I’ve fucked as well men I want to fuck with my Broken Virginity Seal of Approval. So if you’ve got a problem with that, please go search for something else.

I believe plastic is terrific for storing food or protection on the pitch, but not when it comes to intimate acts between men. I write a blog with somewhat regular updates and I’ve also got some terrific tips on visiting a gay bathhouse, gloryhole etiquette, a guide to poppers and my own theories of how the male population breaks down.

I’m also quite controversial for stealthing. What is stealthing? Of course all the information is available here plus tips on how to stealth.

As a resident of the Atlanta area, I also review what the A-T-L offers when it comes to the sleazy side of things. I make sure to highlight sex clubs, adult bookstores and male stripper bars like Swinging Richards or go-go boy dancer bars like BJ Roosters. If I’m missing something, please let me know.

I’m even willing to endorse individuals with my Broken Virginity Seal of Approval, for those folks I know who are really willing to meet and fuck.

If you’re curious about me, you can always get in touch with me easily or follow me on Twitter. I’m also on BarebackRT under the same name. And I like getting to know my readers as well as meeting them and fucking them.

February 2014 Update: New Open Letter to Bottoms Interested in Getting Fucked by iBLASTinside

Why Do You Bareback?

Because condoms are for pussies and not for assholes.

What is Stealthing?We’ve created boner pills and made all sorts of medical advances, the one thing I can’t comprehend is why we’ve not found ways to allow intimacy between two men.

Instead, we continue to insist that a plastic barrier between two humans is the best protection.

Moreover, with everything else in the world that’s labeled dangerous, we make it optional — cigarettes, alcohol, fatty foods, seat belts, driving too fast, recreational drug use, etc. Instead, society — even gay men — demonize this one act.

An alcoholic, meth sniffing, smoker with syphilis who happens to use a condom is more accepted in the gay community that a healthy, negative, STD-free, HIV-negative barebacker.

That is fucked up.

I spent my youth paralyzed in fear with every sexual encounter, avoiding contact with any bodily fluids.

Then suffering for weeks (when it took longer) to get my tests back.

At some point, I decided to stop worrying and to start living.

If I got hit by a bus or some other tragic act, I would regret not having real sex with men.

Do You Believe in Monogamy?

In simple terms, no. Monogamy does not and cannot exist between two men. I will never dedicate myself to only one hole to fuck. And I prefer that any hole I fuck have had other men and their sperm inside it.

With any sexual encounter, you should always carefully consider your options and make conscious choices, knowing the possible results of your decisions. You should be fully aware of your surroundings and the activities of all participants, especially knowing that everyone is not trustworthy, no matter how many muscles he has or how big his cock is. If you choose to use condoms and you are the bottom, consider bringing your own condoms and compatible lube. Remember, the only truly “safe sex” is sex alone or no sex at all.

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gloryhole fuck

Latino Ass at a Glory Hole… Stealthing His Ass

Inserection on Cheshire Bridge in Atlanta can be a fun destination, but it all depends on the crowd. Below the adult bookstore and supplies upstairs, the glory hole booths downstairs recently went through a transformation and update as more men’s destinations have popped up in the area. Now disco lights pulse through the space as XM radio seems to urge the patrons to rage.

Funny enough, I’ve caught more than one groove to the beat and even noticed that I’ll fuck to the rhythm.

Most booths now have elongated glory holes between them for convenience of different height patrons, although I find the MDF a little too thick for truly good ass-pounding action.

A large lounge room with sofas and a dimly lit darkroom to the back rounds out the space along with a bathroom, locker room and showers (no one uses the locker room and showers).

A $10 cover gets you in and no one bugs you as you wander around, checking for action. As I visited yesterday afternoon just before 5 p.m., the joint was hopping.

stealthing an assTwo young bucks had the trolls all a tizzy as the hope of getting some young jizz, but I didn’t want the selfish bastards as I was on my own selfish quest. The usual cocksuckers staked out a few of the booths and I tried out their oral skills.

I gotta admit, I hate some fuckers. They expect me to walk in the booth hard and ready to go. Why not fluff me up? It only takes about 20 seconds for me to go from flaccid to stiffy.

One muscle man stalked me until he got on the other side of a booth, sucked me hard and then obviously was disappointed at my measly seven inches. He slapped my rock-hard cock and left it vibrating in the breeze.

Ah, the picky bastards.

Finally worked my way to a nice little five-foot-five but beefy Latino who sucked me nicely. His soft lips and tongue hungrily took me to a pulsing hardness. I pressed harder against the wall and crossed my fingers as he paused and gripped my cock firmly.

Would I feel his ass back up on me? Would I feel that warmth?

I felt something familiar. Cold. He was sliding a fucking condom on me. Down to the base of my cock and he held on as he backed his ass onto my cock.

The muted warmness felt okay. I was reminded immediately why I hated condoms. As his smooth Latin ass leaned in, I went to fucking it in earnest, knowing I couldn’t cum, but still, I fucked for a little fun. Luckily, this hole was a little wider so a little of his bubble ass poked inside my booth, allowing me to grind my pubes into his.

But already, I felt that familiar sensation. My cock began its deflation without enough stimulation behind the plastic.

Fuck it.

I reached down and ripped the condom off.

The pause in pulling out gave the guy enough pause to look around to see my raw cock poke back through the hole.

He paused for a moment too.

And then I felt that familiar warmth I was missing.

His raw ass, surrounding my cock at last.

I didn’t trick him. No need. He knew I was a good fuck and he knew he wanted it. So I fucked him and fucked him good.

Now with renewed vigor, I fucked and fucked harder. I’m sure outside the booth, you could hear me slam against the booth walls in timing. The wood, my flesh, the jeans, his ass. I reached down and found my poppers to snort a good hit — the first of the afternoon.

I was going to breed this little Latin fucker and leave him with a cummy cunt. The scent hit my nose and my vessels opened but my focus narrowed to the pleasure in my cock as my prick’s tingling skin passed through every millimeter of clenching cunt.

Already I knew cum was spewing forth inside him but I kept the pace, fucking more as I felt my balls tighten and more spunk spurt into his ass. By the time he noticed I was shooting and he yanked off my cock, I’d already released all my cum.

Clean hole. No shit. No stink. Just a little pearl of cum at my hole. And I knew it was an extra large load too. All in his ass.

That was just load one.

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