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The Confessional Is Open

The Confessional Is Open

What have you done?

What have you done that you’re secretly proud? Or that haunts you?

What have you done?

What have you done that gives you a hard-on? Or makes you want to cut off your cock?

What have you done?

What have you done that puts fear in your soul? Or gives you wings?

We all have these secrets. These things that lurk in the corners of our lives.

I’ve actually told many of these on this website. My molestation and how I struggles with dichotomy of the desires of sex and the hatred of the man who did it. Then there’s stealthing and breeding the men who give opportunity in sex clubs.

Here’s your opportunity to tell your story.

The confessional is open. There is no need for your e-mail or anything else. Just post your secret, from the mundane to the mischievous to the malevolent.

Tell the world your sins. You will feel better.



Long-time readers of my blog might recall this is not the first confessional. Here’s links to previous confessionals:

Curiosity: Santa’s Lap, Now Seating

A while back, a little experiment asked readers to provide confessions of those acts that they had done. The Weekend Confessional allowed readers to anonymously post things from their past — some sexy, some not. With 140 responses and growing, it continues to draw more confessions.

In a similar vein, you’re invited to sit on Santa’s lap and tell good ole Saint Nick what you’d like for Christmas, be it naughty or nice. It doesn’t matter! Ask for the latest Blu Ray player with Treasure Island Media’s complete collection of barebacking videos or ask to star in a production.

Similarly, please post these Christmas wishes anonymously, as Santa will know which belongs to whom.

Please make sure your comment is anonymous. To do so, when you click on the Comment link, use the drop-down after “Comment As:” and select the last option, “Anonymous” (as shown below).

Weekend Confessional Success…

Oh, the stories we enjoyed — or suffered through. With more than 120 entries from readers, these confessions helped bare our collective souls. The majority of the “confessions” focused on sex as a theme, although the haters got their bashes in. Other topic areas varied so they get grouped into “other,” resulting in the following breakdown:

Sex: 83%
Hate: 10%
Other: 7%

In this experiment, people volunteered their confessions at invitation. No one was censored and everyone remained anonymous. A few of my own are peppered within the list. As someone wrote to me, telling your secrets can be cathartic. Some people told their fantasies (desires yet to occur) rather than confessions (things they’d actually done). All in all, I count it a success.

I remain a little baffled at why certain people would bother to read my blog if, indeed, it inspires them into certain violence. These are the haters, including a baseball basher and someone impersonating a law enforcement official.

Generally, I wouldn’t address these folks but one in particular has inspired a rant. Expect it shortly.

With so many sex entries, you can break down into topics and generic areas. I chose the predominate theme. So if you were being fucked bareback and it included piss, it ended up in the “bareback” topic. So when you see “Piss” as a topic, the confessor proved to be very dedicated to urine (i.e. going to university toilets and drinking the piss out of them).

So here’s the breakdown with the top five topics, in order of most popular to least. There were a few “ties,” as you can see. Finally, I listed out all the topics highlighted in the sexual arena.

1. Bareback fucking
2. Cheating
3. Incest
4. Being Pozzed/Pozzing, Rape
5. Boy/Master, Pedo/Molestation, K9

OTHER TOPICS: Being in Porn/TIM, Escort, Sexual Harrassment, Gloryhole, Shit/Scat, Piss Only, Choking, Straight, Intersex, STI/Herpes, Bloodsports, Smegma/Dick Cheese

I’m not certain what this says about the readers of my blog other than they being as fucked up as I am (and, for your holier-than-thou haters out there, my “fucked up” includes you especially).

I imagine, over time, a few more people will show up and provide more confessions. Still, I think we all benefit from these moments when we confront the events that brought us to this point.

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Curiosity: Weekend Confessional

So what’s your secret?

This blog is my confessional. In fact, I probably reveal way too much. But I wondered whether you might use this opportunity to get your deepest, darkest (or just incredibly sexy, phenomenally illegal or ominously proud) secret out on this forum.

They say confession is good for the soul. Let’s find out. This weekend, I want to gather as many “secrets” we can get. Take a moment. Whatever pops in your head first, post it. Whatever pops in your pants, either jerk it or wipe it up.

Please make sure your comment is anonymous. To do so, when you click on the Comment link, use the drop-down after “Comment As:” and select the last option, “Anonymous” (as shown below).

A few notes of note (2:38 p.m. Eastern, 11/21/2009):

1. A federal law enforcement official would never disclose an active investigation online in any way, shape or form. That type of disclosure (especially if this blog were remotely interesting enough to anyone) would put his/her job (and the “investigation”) in jeopardy. (Never mind that, as someone who knows a thing or two about cyber security, the “officer” did not use proper terms associated with such investigations.)

2. This is an anonymous forum. Only one post mistakenly used any identifying information. I took the liberty of posting it anonymously. A few people have e-mailed or messaged me with their confessions. Again, I posted them anonymously without censorship.

3. Some of these disclosures are more fantasies than confessions. I’m not censoring anyone and posting everything. There’s no way for me to confirm whether what you post is honest.

Thank you all for participating.