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Grindin’ Ass Raw: How Quickly ‘Safer’ Bottoms Go Raw

Grindin’ Ass Raw: How Quickly ‘Safer’ Bottoms Go Raw

Raw-or-wrapped-2How much I love asking the question, “Raw or wrapped?’

If I’m on Grindr or Scruff or Manhunt (I’ve got a free trial) or Craigslist, it’s a question that’s bound to come up. And ever-so-quickly, as soon as it does, the response about half the time is “wrapped” or “safe.”

Fuck, just look at the young man to the right — he wrote “Always safe.”

And I wrote, “Oh. Too bad. I’m not.”

Immediately — not even a minute passed — before he said he’d fuck raw.

Recently, a survey found about half of all gay men said they fucked bareback while the other half said they fucked safe. This is a flawed study because, I believe, when confronted with someone a bottom want to fuck him, he’ll go raw almost every time.

Believe me, I get more ass this way.

A lot of you may think I’m out there stealthing ass Opens new window of a page on this blog left and right. No. I’m not. I only do that at sex clubs, adult bookstores or bathhouses where anonymous hook-ups are rampant and, even then, it’s rare.

Most everywhere else, the horny man will go raw without hesitation.

The Tanned, Tattooed Lasian

I’m downtown running errands and, whenever that happens, I see that as an opportunity to get some. Honestly, Grindr and Scruff are hit and miss. Plus it’s a Wednesday in Atlanta Opens new window of a page on this blog and I know that’s a craptastic day.

But the common chime goes off on the ole iPhone and I begin chatting it up with what looks to be a light-skinned Latino.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I have a thing about exotics — any Asian or Latin flavor. Well, we all also know I’m an equal opportunity fucker Opens new window of a page on this blog, glad to breed most any ass.

The 27-year-old had shitty photos, but it didn’t much matter to me. He’d turned off his distance meter but seemed pretty damn close. And we were getting along. He liked my cock shots. He asked me to come over to fuck him.

Raw-or-wrapped“Raw or wrapped?” I asked.


I turned him down, letting him know I just fucked raw.

Now I expect bottoms to come back with an invitation anyway, but his response shocked even me.

“Okay, well, you can fuck me raw as long as you cum in me,” he typed.

“I have no problem breeding your ass,” I wrote back.

Soon I had an address and was on my way.

Turned out I was only 3 minutes away from his apartment complex. He answered the door with just a towel.

A 6-feet tall, this beefy man’s wide, smooth chest looked just meaty and delicious. He was deeply tanned. And those horrible photos just couldn’t make up for the vision before me. Tattoos scattered his body. In fact, throughout our session, every move would cause me to discover a new tattoo — he had at least a dozen. Some as small as a dime while others were much larger.

His nipples pointed down toward his belly.

He escorted me to the bedroom and dropped his towel while I began taking off my clothes. His large flat nose gave him a Hawaiian look but the Asian truly stood out. That is, as he jacked his uncut cock and it stood up a rigid 8 inches and very wide.

Now that wasn’t Asian cock. It was truly Latin.

We went down to business, him snorting my poppers Opens new window of a page on this blog, sucking my cock, kissing me with his luscious thick lips and begging very soon for me to eat his ass and fuck him.

His legs and ass were covered with dark, wiry hair (again, symptoms of Latin descent). I worked his hole just a little before he wanted my rock hard cock inside him. His padded tanned skin next to my mighty white seemed like an odd dichotomy, but it worked as my cock slipped inside and he snorted more on those poppers.

With him on his back, my cock thrusting inside him, he soon began begging for my nut.

“You want it already?” I said, knowing we’d only been fucking a few minutes. But I was on errands and didn’t have long. But I didn’t mind making this a quick one. As fast as he was jerking his cock, I knew I wouldn’t have long anyway.

“Breed me man,” he said.

I snorted the poppers now and went plunging over the edge.

I bred his ass, pushing my cum inside him and letting him know he’d gotten my load. Then I pulled out and dressed.

“Damn,” he said. “Thanks. I’ve been looking all day for someone to come over and fuck me. You were the first one serious enough to do it.”

“Glad to help out,” I said.

And I left.

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A Full-Moon Headache… No CumUnion for Me

A Full-Moon Headache… No CumUnion for Me

As I considered heading the 35 miles downtown last night for CumUnion, the headache medicine just didn’t kick in and couldn’t see myself hanging around for more than the time to find an ass or two.

You see, I work 10-hour days Monday through Wednesday with a 50-mile commute each way. Wednesday is essentially my Friday. I should end the week relieved, but I’m all tense after my asshole boss screams like a fucking banshee at me about bullshit. In his world, the sky isn’t up and water isn’t wet. For some reason, it’s my fault.

My week doesn’t end in relief. It ends in stress with the thought, “I’ve got to find a way to get the fuck out of here.”

Any optimism is sucked from my world as I sit in a windowless office and slog through mindless tasks. What friends I do have in the office would be scolded if they visit me to relieve the monotony. And then there’s the two “straights” who are scared I’ll out them.

It’s a glimpse into the strange world of my life.

My trapezius muscles on either side of my neck and upper back seem to tighten over the week and just create a stress headache I cannot relieve.

After the commute home through terrible traffic, picking up a PowerBall ticket (I lost, of course) and having a quick dinner, I settled in for a little news and just didn’t get to the point that I wanted to get up, shower, groom and head back downtown.

It’s nothing personal guys. Absolutely. I have ambitions on going but I just lost momentum at some point. Even two or three hot guys with whom I chatted bowed out saying the expense of getting into the venue made it less likely for their attendance.

In my mood, I would have made a beeline for the best and first ass, bred and it bolted for home. With a 70-mile round trip and the entry fee, it wouldn’t have been worth my time. I need to fuck a LOT more ass, spend a lot more time and breed at least a few times. Don’t you agree?

Today, I’ve got my cute, bisexual massage therapist lined up to work those traps and see if I can feel a little better for the weekend.

Full Moon on a Wednesday So Don’t Miss Tomorrow Night’s CumUnion Bareback Orgy

Full Moon on a Wednesday So Don’t Miss Tomorrow Night’s CumUnion Bareback Orgy

Tomorrow, Nov. 28, is a full moon. While, full moons make men horny Opens a new window from this blog, Atlanta’s Gay men do not find Wednesday a good day to get laid. That said, it is after Thanksgiving and maybe, just maybe, some men will dare head out to find some fucks.

If I were in Atlanta (and a barebacker), I’d head to CumUnion Link Opens in a New Window at Manifest Opens a new window from this blog. The full moon should make it off the hook!

If you’re in Atlanta, be sure to check out my Sleazy Guide Opens a new window from this blog.

Where to Find Cum When in Atlanta

Finding cum in Atlanta can sometimes seem like a daunting task. This is a bit of a fickle city and there’s a kind of flow to it. Figuring that out can be where people get a little frustrated. Believe me, sometimes it defies logic. Sometimes getting laid requires persistence and a fuckload of luck.

But I can give you some basic guidance.

Best Days to Get Laid

Monday and Thursday

Weekends are great, of course. But Atlanta is a town of closet cases and a lot of men who are cheating on their wives. In order to get some, they’ve got to work around those bitches’ schedules. Moreover, the out Gay men who didn’t get any or get enough over the weekend are looking on Monday and want to kick off their weekends early do so on Thursday.

Best Times to Hit Adult Bookstores

Lunch and Right After Work

Again, the closet cases are going to get some around these times.

Worst Day to Get Laid


It’s mid-week church, choir practice or I don’t know. But Wednesday sucks when it comes to trying to find anything. Believe me. Give it up.

How a Bottom Can Get the Most Loads During a Weekend in Atlanta

Choose a weekend with a full moon and good weather. I’ve watched how the weather and moon phases impacts the horniness of men in this town (or anywhere). You’ll want to stay at one of the fuck hotels and post to BBRT Link Opens in a New Window as well as Craigslist, keeping folks updated to your location.

Begin Friday at 11:30 at Inserection Cheshire Bridge Opens a new window from this blog. You’ll get a pass until the evening for $11. The lunch crowd will get you some. Then based on the pace, it might or might not slow down around 2 or 2:30.

You can leave and use online hook-ups at your hotel room.

Return to Inserection for the after work crowd. Often you can feed on these men until 7 or 8 p.m.

Your hotel for any quickies. If you are feeling social, I recommend going to the Heretic or the Eagle for the sluttiest potential. Both have been known to have fucks. But you don’t want to stay too late.

Head to Eros Opens a new window from this blog by midnight. It’s going to be a $20 to get in. If it ever seems too slow, on the other side of this complex (walking distance) is Manifest Opens a new window from this blog. Another $20. But I imagine you’ll stay busy at Eros (if you’re decent looking).

Eros closes at 6 a.m. Hit your hotel for shut eye. Of course, you can stay online to invite anyone over. Inserection offers options if you don’t want to go back or there’s always Flex baths. Inserection is now $16 and Flex will be anywhere from $15 to $60, depending on your choice. Flex will give you a place to shower, of course.

During Saturday afternoon, it’s going to be hit or miss between Inserection, Flex and online hook-ups.

Again, Heretic or the Eagle for a more fun evening. Or if you feel a little adventurous, hit BJ Roosters Opens a new window from this blog for the go-go boys.

Then Saturday night at Eros is a definite. You will be very busy there.

When it comes to Sunday, in the afternoon, I prefer Flex and the relaxing atmosphere.

Sunday night has Eros and Manifest as well as Inserection, all easy distance. But I’d probably post well in advance a 9 p.m. party on BBRT and invite more via Craigslist. You’d have a great chance of getting a dozen to show up as an open door over a few hours.

In my estimation, you should exceed 20 loads depending on your looks. If you’re in your twenties and in good shape, probably 50-plus loads is possible.


Where the Cum Is in Atlanta

This chart really gives you a good guide to what’s going on in Atlanta.

Where all the cum is in Atlanta

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Behind Dead Eyes (Part Three)

Behind Dead Eyes (Part Three)

Be sure to read Part One and Part Two

We left the room, his ass richly seeded with two of my loads planted deep. He was hot in pursuit of more cum.

Over the course of the next hour, we would bump into one another. A semi-straight man pulled him into a room and bred him, degrading his “faggot ass” and filling his pussy full of cum. It only got him hotter. And when we encountered each other and he recounted the story, I wanted to see him get bred again.

The Wednesday night crowd at the adult bookstore just didn’t seem to be living up to the promise, I was about to give up. But something magical started happening.

Within about 10 minutes of one another, two bottoms got naked and just sat in open rooms waiting for cock.

I’m standing upstairs watching one and then the other. Both are respectable, although one is a muscular black man and quite attractive.

My friend comes upstairs and shortly following him is a tall black man. They make a bee-line for an open room and I’m invited in.

The black top isn’t real happy I’m there, so I’m relegated to watching and jacking my cock some. As the latte-skinned top peals off his clothes, he reveals massive pecs and a perfection of a body. When his shorts come off, the cock that springs forth is one of those massive ones you see in porn.

My friend’s eyes widen.

He  kneels naked and goes to sucking on this huge arm that, for all the trite “baby arm” references, I’m guessing it’s larger than that.

As my friend, now with three loads in his ass, sucks, the black top pushes his head deeper onto that humongous appendage. He’s choking. The width alone cannot fit down any throat, no matter how much anyone relaxes.

The top bends over to feel my friend’s ass. It’s a hint.

Eventually, after sucking a while, my friend glances at me and I mouth, “Offer your ass.”

After choking for too long on the monster, now covered with a thick spit, and the top playing with a slightly out of reach ass, the bottom lays on his back and his ankles float naturally toward the ceiling.

The top jerks his slicked cock and slaps it against the hole. The bottom is so thin and his hole was tight for me. I’m wondering how it will accommodate this elephantine cock.

The top stops slapping the ass, pauses and turns around. He grabs his pants.


I’m hoping he’s searching for lube. Maybe poppers.

The top is trying to find the right pocket and then pulls it out. A Magnum condom.

He hurls it at the bottom.

If only I’d had time to train my friend. Bottoms can sabotage condoms easily. But I’d never had the chance to teach him any techniques. Dumbfounded, he holds the condom and then hands it back to the top, who rips it open and, like a porn star, puts the shiny plastic over his cock.

Some spit follows and, luckily, the previous loads aren’t all dried out. The top positions it at the opening of this tiny bottom’s hole and, with his massive muscles, pushes in.

The bottom’s eyes open wider than ever, his mouth gapes and… well… he’s screaming, “OH FUCK!”

It slides into him. Some how. It seems physically impossible. But it is.

The bottom tries to control his massive black man’s pace. He attempts to stop the onslaught. But he can’t. And the black man begins to own the little bitch bottom the way he wants.

As he fucks him, rolling his hips, I can watch the muscles in his well-defined back, ass and legs move with precision and rhythm. There’s a musicality to it. It’s not a simple in and out. There’s a pumping and side to side, up and down, circular. It’s a dimensional fuck.

He’s got a technique that’s exquisite to watch.

“I want you to cum inside me,” the bottom says. “I don’t think I can take this cock much longer.”

I’m imagining the top has heard this before. So he grunts an approval and then speeds up and, quite frankly, proceeds to fucking with some force.

I’m surprised my friend survives this onslaught as I watch the strain of how the top’s muscular arms pull the bottom’s legs toward him at the same time the top’s hips force forward. It’s a collision of the black’s thighs to the white’s ass.

“I’m cumming,” the gutteral grunts.

And he fucks even harder, if that’s possible. Slamming with force. I can see my friend’s cock swinging flaccid. Yet, he seems content in a weird way.

Then he pulls out and pulls off the condom, tossing it in the small trash can in the room. My friend is on his knees, sucking the remaining cum off the cock.

“I usually pull out to cum,” the top says. “I don’t usually do that.”

Neither of us say anything.

I’ve only got my pants open, so I zip up. As the top begins to put his clothes on, he explains how he prefers one-on-one and not three-ways. This is the first time anyone has ever watched him fuck. We all make small take.

I think my bottom friend and I are thinking the same thing.

Finally he leaves and we close the door behind him. I neglect to lock it, although it does no good because the other two bottoms are out there giving free fucks. We aren’t disturbed.

My friend’s pants are down soon and I’m fishing around the trash for the condom. I find it. Pull it out.

It’s so huge. I could never really get it on me inside out. I try though. But the tip where all that white juiciness is located would never be exposed. And the condom is so stretched out now. So I take my fingers on the inside-out condom and push it inside his raw hole.

I know he’s really raw inside his ass. As I’m adding the fourth load to his mix, I push in deep and along the edges. I want to make sure that the DNA contributors from these three men bond with this bottom boy. That we all become a part of him and he know it. That he feels this.

As I push the condom in and out, the slimy goodness disappears more and more and now there’s just a film of ass juices on the condom.

My cock is hard. I want to fuck him some but I know he’s sore.

“I need to cum,” he says.

He flips over and I play with his ass while he jerks his cock. Soon he’s shooting his load.

As we clean up and get ready to go, I admit there’s something about him that attracts me. Something deeper than his looks. Something more than his twisted sexual nature. And as I look into those brown eyes and again get lost in the limbo, there’s a recognition there.

Behind Dead Eyes… A Return to Breed a Third Load

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