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Travel Diary: Velvet Vice

Travel Diary: Velvet Vice

I lived in Washington, D.C., for more than a decade. Then again, it was a decade ago when I lived here and bred asses here.

When I return on my visits, it’s always nice to check out the new crop to breed. And there are. What I forget about the D.C. area is the attitude.

When I first moved here as a graduate student in my early twenties, this city held hope for my social life. As began to frequent my first gay bars, I soon felt that hope dwindle into the embers of burning hatred for anything remotely close to social gathering places of gay men that lack any nudity.

On this visit, I am inaccessible by Metro, which means most people avoid such hook-ups like they’re somewhere 200 miles in orbit above the planet, where there’s a total lack of oxygen and inaccessible except via special dispensation from NASA.

deephole4loadsThe Velvet Vice Hole

This is impossibly good ass came to me, though.

This bottom has a hole that deserves a whole book. The perfect hole is a rare find. I do not find it. I find many asses to fuck. Many enjoyable.

Few cause me to lose it.

This one did.

His name on BarebackRT.com is DeepHole4Loads. You can see the perfection of the photo.

His ass. His muscular toned body. But great photos are a dime a dozen. I’ve seen hundreds of great photos only to fuck a mediocre ass.

His suck job on arrive was above average. He proved to be good. I tickled his ass with my finger. He’d told me two previous loads had been deposited earlier and he’d offered to have them cleaned out. But I told him to leave them in.

His hole lacked any hard ridge. With the pucker had a nice ring of hair, it could have been smooth… almost perfectly so.  My fingertip slipped inside and could feel the familiar warmth I’d associated with a nice ass.

No cum had leaked near the hole, which told me this little cunt soaked up all the cum he could.

As I prepared to fuck his as, I couldn’t help but lick it a little. He’d already spit on his hand to supply the lube for the ass for my cock. But I wanted to add mine to the mix.

His asshole opened as soon as my tongue touched it and I could hear him groan. He snorted some poppers. The way his ass grabbed at the tip of my tongue, I couldn’t hold off long before I mounted him.

My cock slipped inside. Easily. This man was a natural bottom. His ass immediately contoured to the shape of my cock. He didn’t need a moment to adjust. And he didn’t thrust one way or another. He let me set the pace.

I like a bottom who knows who is in control. I fucked him, but his ass just kept up the perfection in massaging my cock.

I couldn’t distinguish where his sphincter wrapped around me. His hole tightly grabbed my cock and held on. He wanted me.

“Use my dirty cunt,” he whispered.

“You like men to fuck you raw, don’t you?” I said.

“I like my cunt used,” he said.

“I love cum.”

I wrapped my arm around him and my hand around his throat. As I pumped his ass slowly and deliberately, I tried to hold off.

But his ass just held on to my cock like a velvet vice. Before I knew it, my cum began to boil and I began my orgasm.

I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t control it. I just… happened.

I felt his pulse quicken under my hand. He knew I was cumming, at least on a subconscious level.

He groaned. “You want my cum?” I asked.

“Pump it in my dirty cunt,” he said.

Through the blinding strain of my orgasm, I kept it up. “You’re getting my load man,” I said.

This man experienced jizzjoy. He wanted it. He got it.

I stayed inside him and pumped it deeper. He left later, off to find another load.

I would hope to pump him again.

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We Started at a Glory Hole

We Started at a Glory Hole

For some reason, Inserection proved to be a little busy that day. I’d been sucked by a few men. None stood out. He’d been running a little late. But eventually showed up and we secured a glory hole across from one another.

He sucked me some then slid his ass onto my hard cock through the hole.

The initial entry can always be different. Has he been fucked prior and opened up? That can be a very smooth, easy entry. If the cock was huge, then we’re talking about hot dog down a hallway smooth. Sometimes I don’t get enough friction to get off.

Then there’s the ones who are tighter than an unfucked preteen before the priest molestation. That can be painful, especially because my cock stands rock-hard and I can allow someone that tight to slide onto it.

With his, he’d messaged I’d be churning up a load already deposited a couple of hours earlier. That said, he’d be tightened up.

But his ass started with that resistance to entrance then began to open enough to allow my head to pop inside. His ass hugged my cock. Tight. And like a velvet wrap of warmth with the cum-soaked interior, I felt him back onto my cock.

After he had enough time to adjust, I began my assault on his ass. But it felt just too good to let myself cum too quickly. And I just wanted to get a little deeper. When he came off me and I felt a tap on my cock.

I pulled out and bent over, thinking he’d invite me to his booth.

“Want to go to the darkroom?”

The darkroom was just that… a darkened room with some sofas around the edge of the room. One couldn’t see very well in the space, just shadows, really. Since Inserection had decided to lock the rooms upstairs and charge for their use, the darkroom gained in popularity.

Unfortunately, some asshole will occasionally come in and turn on their cell phones to get a glimpse of what’s going on. Once, a man even punched someone for it. But I was fucking someone and didn’t bother to pay attention much.

I went in behind him, my pants barely cinched up around my hardon. Interestingly enough, he didn’t go far into the room. Right in the doorway, with the best of all possible views (with the light that filtered in), he dropped his pants and climbed onto the semi-sofa and presented his ass.

I opened my pants and aimed for his hole.

The entry this time was perfect. Just enough resistance for perfection in pleasure.

And I began fucking in earnest. Slowing down some. Speeding up. Pacing myself.

A crowd formed around us. I felt hands on my ass, even around my asshole. But no one dared step behind me, lest it dampen what little light came in.

Occasionally a hand would venture down to check and see whether I was wearing a condom. Of course I wasn’t.

I bent over, he arched up.

“You want my load?” I asked.

“Breed my negative ass,” he responded.

An odd response. This bottom hadn’t bothered to discuss status.

“You want my jizz, no matter what?”

“Give it to me!”

“You got it.”

I stood and began really fucking him, pounding him into that sofa. He started breathing harder.

“Here’s my fucking load,” I growled as I felt my balls tighten up.

As I normally do unless I’m stealthing, I plunged in and completely stopped moving for the initial pulse of my cock.

My cockhead swelled in his tight hole. As it did, he inhaled and gasped. My taint muscles then let loose the first giant pulse and my cum jetted into his guts. He started to practically scream.

I resumed my fucking, feeling my cum mix in the creamy Santorum already mucked up in this bottom’s ass. The crowd surged closer and one old troll lost his load on the floor.

Obviously, the bottom shot all over the sofa thing. He would tell me later he’d never felt anything like it.

“That’s why I’m called, ‘iBLASTinside.'”

Other men pulled at me to fuck them but, for the moment, I was satisfied. I left, headed home before the traffic got too bad.

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Q&A: Is Jizzjoy Real? YES! Would I Be Less Uptight If I Went Raw? YES!

Q&A: Is Jizzjoy Real? YES! Would I Be Less Uptight If I Went Raw? YES!

A “conversation” of comments recently broke out on a post Opens new window of a page on this blog that needed a little more oomph, so I’m bringing it over to its own post when Mikey asked the following:

QuestionOn a less serious (or maybe I am serious…) note I wonder what you or Robert (or anyone else for that matter) think about whether I’d feel better and less uptight generally if I went raw. Is jizzjoy real ? And does it maybe have lasting benefits?

AnswerAllow me to address the jizzjoy Open-New-Window-External issue. The answer is a definitive, “Yes.” I think even you answered the question, but I’ll start with other folks and we’ll come back to you in a moment.

A poor straight surgeon lost his job over a scientific study where he found that sperm contained “mood enhancers” when injected into a woman’s vagina. His colleagues — especially the women — got their douched twats in a twist over the whole thing and he went down Opens new window of a page on this blog like a cocksucker in a gay rugby team’s locker room.

I’ve also witnessed jizzjoy more than once, the most compelling being a young hairy beast Opens new window of a page on this blog who quivered and shook at my cum entering his ass.

What I’ve never written about is fucking him a second time, when I didn’t cum as much as the first time. I’d bred someone the night before and, well, if you want extra juice from me, you’ve got a little work to do. We didn’t have time for him to do it. When I shot, his reaction proved to be significantly muted.

I didn’t tell him I shot less. I didn’t indicate I’d fucked another raw ass the night before. I’d showered in between so he couldn’t have guessed.

His body just didn’t shudder like it did the first time when he got several days of built up cum flooding his cunt.

Not even a week ago, I fucked and bred a slut who’s had so many men, he’d rival my totals —although he’d never heard of me. He’s enjoyed the explosive warmth filling his guts numerous times.

As I let my cum go, he described the sensation like a “tree suddenly branching out and exploding into blossoms throughout his body.” He said he could feel it everywhere, from the curls in his toes to the tingling in his fingertips to the tip of his tongue.

a_me_cumI’m illustrating this, in a way, not to brag but to say some people may have more of the therapeutic sperm with the natural mood enhancers than others because when I breed, people seem to walk away feeling better.

Are there a lasting benefits?

When it comes to mood enhancers like Prozac or Zoloft, one must take them daily. Heck, for the full effect on some people, one must take the pharmaceuticals twice a day or extra large doses.

No mood enhancer stays in a patient’s system for an extended period of time.

If you choose to go with sperm therapy, I recommend regular breedings — once or twice a day. Of course, if you receive a massive overdose on the weekends, sometimes you can make it as far as Wednesday, but by Thursday, your mood will dictate a need for more.

Once you go bare, you’ll always be aware when a cock is wrapped in plastic. You’ll get little to no satisfaction with something between you and the man fucking you.

Uptight Condom Nazi Who Wants a Breeding

You wrote this response in our correspondence: “And we both know if he did stealth me I’d scream with pleasure.” Opens new window of a page on this blog

I don’t think I suggested you’re uptight. You did.

And you’ve divulged your true desire.

I don’t know why you haven’t gone ahead and took a load. You should. I don’t know why. Maybe the hesitation could be explained to me.

Further, I think you’ve discovered your true nature as a bareback bottom, but you just deny it. You can’t face it. Why not?

Travel Diary: Anonymous Bottom in the Dark

Travel Diary: Anonymous Bottom in the Dark

We “met” on BarebactRT and got down to business quickly, just the kind of fuck sometimes I really like.

anonymous bareback bottomHis request was simple. He wanted to arrive at my hotel, find my room unlocked, step in and room would be completely dark. He would strip naked then walk to find me naked on the bed. He’d lick and suck me hard. Then he’d climb on board.

That’s practically exactly what happened.

The one thing about totally dark rooms is how difficult it is to create totally dark. Light creeps in through odd spaces and, after a moment in the dark, your eyes adjust and you can see just fine.  This is especially true on the 24th floor in Las Vegas with giant windows that with curtains that allow the lights of the Strip to bleed around all the edges and give the room an eerie glow.

As his small frame approached, I had the advantage, as my eyes had already adjusted to the lowered light. Although hunched a bit, he probably stood five-foot-six-inches and no more than 130 pounds. His alabaster skin included a fine coating of dark hairs over it — chest, arms, legs and, as I’d find out, ass. He reached out in front trying to find the bed and then me. Touching my left leg first, he followed it up to my cock and began sucking it.

His mouth music ranked somewhere in there between a decent pop-anthem and an alternative rock song with everyday sucking ability that included some decent variety but nothing off the charts. I’d popped pretty hard anyway knowing I’d be fucking a guy who was a foot shorter and almost 100 pounds lighter.

He came off my cock, crawled up and we kissed. His oral skills improved in this department, pushing him toward a multi-platinum rock star. And as he positioned his ass, he lowered himself onto my cock.

The initial push in is always the best. That warmth. The sensation of breaking a virtual hymen of hourly virginity. How tight does that sphincter come back to? How hard is it to get it to open up? And once inside, what do those colon muscles do? How do they hug and love the cock invading its space.

This fucker opened up a little at a time and eased, his ass muscles greeting the prick invader.

He rode my bucking bronco for quite a while. In fact, it proved to be his favorite position. And indeed, I enjoyed it as well. He seemed almost weightless, as if I had my own personal Fleshlight to pleasure myself.

So I did. And the more I moved him, the more he helped. He was sort of like a self-propelled vacuum cleaner.

Pretty soon, he was begging for my cum so I snorted some poppers to get ready to give it. We worked into a bit of a frenzy. I then pushed him over onto his stomach and pounded him like tomorrow would never come. I pounded him like I might not cum. Truth was, after a week of shooting load into load into man after man, I felt like I was running a little low.

So to inspire me, I fucked harder, I grunted more, I urged myself on and I insisted he keep begging.

I completely covered the frame beneath me. I used him more,  almost like an inflatable sex doll. But soon, I released my load into his hole. Deep. I plunged in and found that place where my balls gave up holding back and let go the cum boiling up inside.

With force, it jetted from my balls and through my prostate, taint and out my pee hole into his warm, gushy ass walls. I’d been tearing him up my hard seven inches. Although I’d paused as my cock throbbed, I pumped some more to make sure my cum really went inside him deep and worked into him on a cellular level.

Shortly after I rolled off, my cock was still hard. He climbed up and rode it, making sure the cum really coated and dried on his walls, worked into the nooks and crannies of his ass skin, into any breaks  or tears that might have occurred during my hard pounding. And with a few jerks, sent a nice load flying across my belly.

I stuck my finger into it and got a nice, thick dollop, jamming it into my mouth for a sample. Then we kissed.

He climbed off and put on his clothes. Soon he was out the door and into the Vegas night.

Travel Diary, Day 4: Unexpected Threesome

Travel Diary, Day 4: Unexpected Threesome

Bathhouses can be hot. They can also be disastrous.

Upon leaving my hotel with a friend, we hopped into the cab of a very cute Latino driver who chatted us up immediately. As we headed toward the gay strip in town, my bud asked about what places we could anticipate for fun tonight. The cabbie asked for what we were looking and my friend just mentioned fun.

“EXACTLY what kind of fun?” the cute Latino driver pressed.

I sat silently in the back seat as my friend rattled off ideas and finally settled on “where the hot men are tonight.”

The cabbie then listed the bars on the strip and a few other places in town before continuing: “If you’re looking for a bathhouse, I know where one is too.”

“Oh?” my friend asked. “REALLLLLLLLYYYY.”

We were dropped off in front of the “hot” bar in town where Latino men frequented. After a drink (and finding nothing much to look at) we wandered over to a couple of more places before finally hoofing it to the strip bar.

As someone lucky enough to be from the Atlanta area where fully nude dancers swing dick at Swinging Richards, I found it a little lame (and a little too well lit). Still, the drag queen behind the bar poured well and we spent the bulk of the evening enjoying ourselves before heading to the cab.

My friend surprisingly hopped into the warmth of the cab and ordered us to the one bathhouse the previous cabbie had mentioned.

Executive Health Club

402 Austin Street
San Antonio, TX 78215
(210) 299-1400

The look of the parking lot proved to be the first giveaway and I almost — unfortunately, almost — suggested we move on. But we went in and paid the fee.

Prices may have been executive but the place turned out to be less than impressive. First, the owners seemed very interested in the activities of the guest, seeming to wander the halls with flashlights. One always seemed to be mopping floors near the guests (what few there were) and ignoring the filthy state of other places (including my own room).

Provided lighting, when available, turned out to be fluorescent. Yes, bright and unforgiving. No space turned out of be dark and with the hosts wandering the halls with bright LED beams of light, we were soon deciding to leave.

Very soon. Three guests other than us — none appealing to either. We were soon out of our towels and back into street clothes.


827 East Elmira Street
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 223-2177 ‎

A quick Google check soon put us headed to a place called ACI and, just inside the door, we were decidedly happier with the opportunities available here. The lighting a much better option already, we were buzzed in and off to find our rooms in the maze.

And a maze it turned out to be. I don’t think I could retrace to even suggest a layout for how the ACI was organized. As we ventured into the shadowed places and hallways that twisted around the place, we noticed the men. Lots of men. Fat and skinny, smokers and non, young and old, normal and buff, hot and not.

A much, much better choice indeed.

We stripped down and head wandered off in separate directions after a brief float in a spa.

The first few rounds, I attempted to figure out my placement (and where potential hotties might lurk). My assessment of the hottie situation soon degraded into my understanding that this particular bathhouse turned out to be among the more complex mazes I’ve tried to solve.

But as I finally got my bearings a little, I soon discovered the shadows where men of all sizes lurked, many of them hot. In one room, wearing his boots and briefs, sat a man who obviously was military. He avoided my gaze, but I took in his six-foot-six frame, wide but smooth chest the rest of his exposed body. But I never ventured close enough to threaten him or even creep him out.

Among others, a lanky Latino with smooth body and a mohawk haircut, a shorter, thin athlete with a tiny cock jerked in the open for hopes of attracting something for his mouth. But I was on an ass-hunt.

I stopped in one playroom, built literally with four levels that would allow for three of the four users to have their cocks sucked comfortably. He approached me directly. At five-foot-six or so, his small frame certainly enticed me. There’s something about fucking a smaller man, watching my cock disappear into his tiny body.

He dropped his towel and reached for my cock. This gave me opportunity to brush my fingers down the small of his back and over his ample, plush ass. As I reached his hole, I tapped it with my middle finger. It was moist and twitched open as I touched it.

“You want to fuck me?” his first words to me, as he bent down to suck me.

“Yes,” I muttered back.

His head bobbed on my already hard cock. He paused, my cock in his grip: “You have a room?” And back to work, slicking my cock up.

“Yes,” again a one-word response, but I was enjoying this game.

When he paused next, he stood and we walked to my room. As we plodded down the darkened hallways, I got lost yet again but after he got the room number, he guided us ably. We approached the room and I passed in the hallway another vision of beauty. Perfectly muscled and about five-nine, an Asian man. A tattoo armband surrounded his bicep.

I stared into his eyes as we passed and reached the room. He turned around. While Latino stood on my right, Asian stood on my left. Both waiting for me to open the door. Soon it was open and we all three stepped into the room and closed it. Towels dropped. Asian muscle many laid down and I made the first move, diving to his cock.

I’d already sensed who Asian was. His type. A passive. One who arrived to be worshiped. One you laid back and would let anything happen. ANYTHING.

My Latin friend joined me in the cock worship and found the most unusual manscaping. From the top of his cock up to his bellybutton, he had a perfectly smooth but distinctly linear treasure trail. He’d shaved the rest. His chest was so smooth although the tanned roughness allowed me to see this man worshiped the sun.

I found his perk nipples, about a quarter radius and standing up like pointy cones. I nibbled and licked, crossing the muscular divide to find the other nipple. Then we kissed. Was aggressive, the one non-passive thing he did.

With my Latino working Asian’s cock I stood and walked around to behind him, looking at his smooth ass with just a touch of hair down the crack. I positioned my cock at his hole and he reached back, opening it wide to make it receptive.

Tonight, I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to eat his ass and the condom tucked under Latino’s taut armband didn’t make be pause. I found it and pushed inside him.

I slid inside with resistance… not from him but from a lubed ass that had opportunity to dry out some. But soon my cock slid in and out without any resistance. So I fucked and fucked hard. I could have popped at any moment but I waited.

Latino had done as I had hoped. After sucking Asian’s cock, he’d moved to his balls and ass. Asian’s legs were up and his ass exposed. I’d reached up and touched his moist hole, which opened up immediately.

So I pulled out and pushed Latin out of my way. I approached Asian who left his legs up and hole exposed. I simply put my cock head at his hole and pushed all the way in. one movement.

Asian grunted but never pulled away. He asked for the poppers, but his passive position stayed intact and I continued to use all my force to fuck his ass. It was tighter and without a doubt the hole I wanted more. The dear Latino tolerated the intensity between us, rubbing against me.

I took the poppers, snorted and did what I intended.

I bred him.

I just let my spunk fly on the sly into his hole. I never grunted or changed pace. I just bred him silently and quickly. Relishing it. Enjoying the feel of my cock covered with own on cum and ass juices mingling together in this muscle boy’s raw ass.

I would pull out and fuck the Latino some more, using my cum covered cock. When I finally pretended to cum, in his ass, Asian man stood up immediately and left. Latino boy lingered a while longer before he left.

One thought he got my load but didn’t. One thought he missed my load, but he got it.

Both were thoroughly fucked.

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