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Gloryhole Etiquette: Be a Good Cocksucker or Cocksitter or Cockserver

Gloryhole Etiquette: Be a Good Cocksucker or Cocksitter or Cockserver

Last night, I went to two spots where gloryholes can be a terrific experience. But in the end, that experience turned into a bit of a nightmare.

An oral release can be good. It’s rare for me. It takes a skilled provider who knows what he’s doing. My experience last night proved to be less than ideal.

Two spots in Atlanta provide for great gloryholes — Manifest and Inserection (Cheshire Bridge). I hit Manifest first and, early in the evening, three suckers in a row did a progressively better job, which speaks to the skills of good suckers at gloryholes.

The first one took my semi-hardon and began working it with his warm mouth, bringing me to full-hardon. No teeth and good, deep strokes. He varied his pace and used his tongue. But after a couple of minutes would need to pause for a breather. Endurance turned out to be disappointing. His pause choice usually meant to purse the lips at the tip, lick a little before a pause. As I would begin to withdraw, thinking my time was over, he’d start back.

Second guy had more endurance and a looser mouth. He’d go deeper to where I could feel his nose hit my pelvis. But his solution when his mouth got tired. Hand jerk. And a hard hand jerk.

The third guy did a much better job with endurance, keeping it up for more than five minutes. His technique, which is among the best and I approve the most. Go deep, use your tongue to stimulate and shaft and add your fingers to the balls for more stimulation. Still, he resorted to a jerkoff.

After fucking a nice, very thin Asian, I hung out a while longer and found no new action (actually, I did… I went into a booth and found myself face first to three cocks, so I stepped off).

Off to Inserection, which I found was busy as hell. My first booth visit found a man with good oral technique supplemented by hand jerk. He used both together. Amateur, which made me think another self-identified bisexual who is just getting his cock fix for the month.

My next experience ended up in the same booth was a skull fuck buddy who could take it hard, but asked me to hold off cumming.

Don’t ever ask that.

Anyway, so we end up here and I’ve got suggestions to go all the way around.

Suggestions for Oral Servicing

1. Pace yourself.

If you’re oral only, don’t exhaust yourself in the first two minutes. I expect it will take me at least five solid minutes of oral before popping off.

2. Minimal hands.

If you must use your hands, do not use them in exclusion of your mouth. Combine the two. If I wanted a handjob, I would have done it myself.

3. No teeth.

I think it should go without saying but, fuck, I still get a good scraping. Last month, someone actually scratched me near the head on the left side of my cock.

4. Take a hint.

If we’re pulling away, you need to start doing your best or we’re leaving. Even if you do your best, it may not be good enough for what each cock needs (more on that in a minute). So don’t go grabbing after it. Just cause you didn’t get a load doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy ourselves.

5. Sometimes we will be back.

Occasionally we will sample the room of cocksuckers and then return to the best. It’s rare for me to know I’ve found the best, especially if I’m hoping for a little ass. And I can count on one hand the number of times I know a blowjob is going to do the job of an assfucking.

6. I don’t want to hear you spit.

Even if you are going to spit, I want to believe you swallowed. So please, the whole places doesn’t need to hear you attempt to scrape your lungs and throat with mucus to remove every little element of my sperm. My swimmers deserve a death in your stomach or ass, so please, make their euthanasia silent for me.

Now for some of the motions I make (or I think a lot of tops make) to help you understand what we mean…

Gestures and Their Meaning

1. Hand at the gloryhole.

(Gesture by the oral servicer or the bottom.) Please put your cock through this gloryhole so I might give your cock pleasure.

2. Cock through the gloryhole.

(Gesture by the top or the servicee.) Please suck my cock.

3. Elbow or palm of hand blocking a gloryhole.

(Gesture by either party.) I am not interested in servicing you or being serviced by you.

4. Face at a gloryhole (usually with mouth open and tongue out).

(Gesture by the oral servicer.) Please fuck my face.

5. Two tops shaking their cocks at one another on either side.

If one is versatile, the polite thing to do is to kneel and start sucking. Usually the older, less good looking or the less hung should be doing the sucking.

6. You’ve been sucked for a while and it pauses with a push away or a tap on the cock (kind of like a tap on the shoulder).

This usually occurs when the other party wants to get sucked too or wants to discuss meeting together in the same booth. By the way, it’s okay to decline meeting in the same booth. For the gloryhole experience, part of the fun is the whole gloryhole anonymous thing, even though you can see them through the hole.

7. You’ve been sucked for a while, a pause comes and there’s a slap on your cock.

This usually means the asshole cocksucker is leaving. It’s also an indicator of a couple of more things that I regret to inform you. (1.) You have disappointed the cocksucker with your size. Cocksuckers like to be challenged and, if yours just doesn’t snake far enough down their throat, then fuck off. Or, (2.) the cocksucker thinks he’s so damn good that you should have shot your load by now and he’s done sucking you.

8. You’ve been sucked for a while, up to hardness and a little beyond, then the cocksucker stops and there’s a firm grip on your cock and a pause…

We’ll address fucking through a gloryhole in a moment in another section, but that is indeed is what’s about to happen. That firm grip means two things: (1.) Positioning your cock to line it up for the ass or (2.) Positioning your cock for a rubber.

9. You’re sucking a cock and the cock begins to move in a fucking motion.

The top either wants to… (1.) fuck your mouth or (2.) fuck your ass. The latter is more likely, at least when I make the motion.  If fucking your ass is an option, get to it. The most important part now to to vary want you’re doing. Go down deeper on his cock, work the whole shaft and see if you can take a whole mouth fucking.

10. He begins to pull out slowly.

You’re not earning your keep. The top is getting bored with the sucking and is considering moving on but has given you another opportunity to redouble your effort and prove you’re the one he should let suck you off.

11. A sudden and quick pull out or jerk away.

One of two things. (1.) You used your teeth. Don’t do that. (2.) The top is too close to coming and he’s not quite ready for it. Either way, take it slow if you get the cock back in hand, be gentle and kind.

12. The top’s balls are shaved.

I believe if a top shaves his balls or he makes the point of getting them through the gloryhole, there’s a task for the bottom and that’s to lick, lick and lick some more. Access might be tough, but still, it’s an invitation to lick away.

Now, there are many other possibilities. I will often step away and look into the hole. If, on the other side, I see a naked guy, I might give him a little more time to get up the courage to do what I hope he will do. Otherwise, I’ll move on.

Fucking Through a Gloryhole

The ultimate experience has got to be fucking though a gloyhole and, of course, I would approve of that bareback. If you are at all concerned about fucking barebacking, be aware that this is a potential experience when you put your cock through a hole. I have found that about 20 percent of the time (or one out of five fucks) you will luck up with a gloryhole fuck. Hints that this will happen can usually be told if you see the servicer is completely naked, but that is not always the case.

If the bottom chooses to use a condom, the sensation I’m most familiar with is what I’ll call the pinch. It’s how some inexperienced people will usually put a condom on someone else, by pinching the tip to remove air but leave an empty reservoir for cum later. Generally, the applier will catch the tip of the cock as well and it can, well, pinch a little. It doesn’t hurt as much as it’s uncomfortable.

Following that process is the roll, where the condom is rolled down the shaft. Again, this sensation doesn’t feel ideal but usually the sense is the sudden dulling of sensation.

At this point, you’ll usually hear the pop, as the bottom opens a bottle of lube and begins applying it liberally on your plastic sheathed cock and on his ass.

Finally, there’s the base death grip,  which guides the cock into the hole.

Generally, whether bareback or covered, allowing the bottom to back up on your cock is a good idea. Then, once he leans back onto the gloryhole, it’s the top’s queue to fuck away. The top usually moves for this while the bottom stays stationary.

As for bareback fucking, I find the bottoms are more prepared, usually well lubed and ready to just back up. They usually go from sucking to the base death grip.

It goes without saying that, if you’re going to be fucked, please clean out well before arriving and, well, monitor your cleanliness. If I catch the scent of shit, I will leave quick without the polite “thank you” tap on the ass.

As I have written, I have removed a condom while fucking and he knew it. If you’re a bottom and you want the condom on the top, pay attention.

As for how long it should last, well, there’s the polite way. If the ass is good, I will fuck it until I cum. Once I cum, I tap a nice “thank you” and zip up and leave. If I’m not ready to cum, I still tap a “thank you.” If there’s a problem with the ass, I simply leave. Nothing polite about it. I hope the rudeness sends a message to the ass he needs to check on things.

Final Thoughts

I love gloryholes. Although I do peek through to see who’s sucking me, at times, I sometimes don’t just for fun. As for Atlanta and other destinations, I welcome feedback for places of suggestion. I will give you my thoughts on the two gloryhole destinations…

1739 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30324

$10 cover to get in 24/7 except for a period on Monday mornings when they’re closed.

The space is in the basement of adult store upstairs.  Several paired up gloryhole booths with short benches and videos (which are normally ignored). Gloryholes are generally shaped like super-sized twinkies so different heights can be accommodated. But the MDF wood is about an an inch thick so good fucking can be tough. Five or so booths aren’t paired up for more “private” action without being watched but the booths are no larger.

You will not be harassed but occasionally a cleaning guy will go through and might seem a little irritated.

Dark with throbbing XM music played with dance lights in space. A larger room with nice sofa that generally no one sits in. Just off of there is a small “dark room” that used to be darker but now has lights in there. Sometimes guys feel each other up and occasionally sucking occurs here. Rarely fucking (it did when it was completely dark).

Bathroom with two locking doors but no seats on the toilets. Locker room and showers that no one ever uses. Drink and snack machines that costs cash; no diet sodas in the drink machine. Ms. Pac Man and other video games (strangely enough).

Pay cash to get in and receive a bar code that will allow you through the turn style; you will be asked for your initials. Used to have to show ID but no information was ever recorded. You can purchase poppers, lube and condoms. Warning that despite the labels, I do not believe that the poppers are legitimately from the place they claim to be. As someone who enjoys his poppers and knows which ones he likes and does not like, the ones I have purchased here have always been overpriced, never fresh and never the quality of those bought from other sources.

2103 Faulkner Road
Atlanta, GA 30324

A lot of details about Manifest on its website. Its open only certain times and it has a membership fee that can be pretty steep — I think I paid $25 the first time in. Then again, the other night, it was only $5. If you’re on the mailing list and know the password, you get $5 off to get in. Manifest does take your ID and record your information but claims the membership list is private. Additionally, the access is behind two locked doors that have to be buzzed in, therefore it’s more secure.

It is a lot cleaner than Inserection and has more advantages. Up front is a well lit lounge room with comfortable chairs, a cyber space with computers and a high-definition television playing porn (not bareback mind you, but still porn). It has kind of a Asian feel, very Zen.

There’s also a nice bathroom (only one room with a door that locks, but it does include a seat) and a urinal. There’s also a soda fountain, free, with diet soda, PowerAde and Mountain Dew (among others), condoms, etc.

The back half is called the “matrix” and is darker with music, lasers and lights. It’s more warehouse with larger booths that have small stools in many. Most of the gloryhole booths open to two sides (and therefore two options). Nicely enough, there are “hand-holds” (which are basically blocks of wood) and the wood is the thickness of plywood (about a quarter of an inch) and wider than Inserection.

There are a few larger rooms, even one with a mattress for fucking. Most include paper towels and a trash bag in them. These larger rooms lock and people cannot watch or get into them for more private time together. There’s also a space in the middle with a sling. I’ve seen the sling occupied twice. Once with a sloppy, ugly old man. Once with an incredibly hot guy.

There’s this “alley” and a jail bar space where I’ve been sucked through in the open as well. One incredibly useless space is set up like an adult theater, but of all the times I’ve been there, no one seems to hang out there. Then there’s a stinky smoking area in back (they claim it’s well ventilated, but it’s not).

Manifest is right down from a twink club called “Jungle” and when that closes, chances are you might catch some of those cream-filled boys looking to hook up since they didn’t get any there. But Manifest is also on the opposite side of the complex of a bathhouse called Eros, which I hear is fucking heaven but I have yet to try out.

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Travel Diary: A Repeat Customer

Travel Diary: A Repeat Customer

My job takes me to Birmingham, Alabama, several times a year. On my travels here, I’ve found this town can be a little unreliable with a larger selection of flakes responding to ads. But along with that, I’ve found a segment of more reliable bottoms.

This guy definitely falls into that category.

I found — and fucked — him last visit. He apparently had a good time so when my ad appeared this time, he dropped me a note correctly identifying my hotel. I invited him over.

As usual, the room was dark. I was naked when he arrived. He stripped down quickly and found my cock. In general, I enjoy cocksucking but it doesn’t do much for me other than getting me hard. Well, this 25-year-old turned out to be incredibly talented. He used his oral talents both to work my shaft and then dropped to my balls, lightly sucking them into his warm mouth and extending his tongue toward my taint. That little tickle set off plenty of precum, which I’m sure he sampled more than once based on his “mmmmm” sounds.

After a respectable amount of time, he came up for air and worked his way until we were deeply kissing. His long tongue probing my mouth, I could feel his hard, little cock against my stomach. But it wasn’t long until he was straddling me. My cock poised at his lubed hole.

He climbed off and assumed the position, ass up and ready. He inhaled poppers and I felt his ass muscles open up immediately. I was inside in a swift movement and he started groaning immediately. He needed no time to adjust.

So I fucked. Eventually he was flat on his stomach, I was on top of him, sliding my cock in and out of his raw ass. He twisted his face around so we could kiss. I liked kissing this guy, so I pulled out and flipped him onto his back. I slid back in as he took another popper hit.

I really pummeled his ass for a while, slowing down and leaning in to kiss him. But I was ready — already late for dinner plans — and I took my snort of poppers to begin the warming sensation and boiling in my balls.

“You want my load?” was the first words uttered.

“Fucking breed me man!” he reached down and opened his ass.

Pretty soon I was letting my cum go deep into his guts. He didn’t cum but the noises he made was like he’d had an orgasm as well — a satisfaction for this bottom to have cum in his ass.

When he got ready to leave, we embraced with another deep kiss. He was as tall as me at 6-foot-3. Maybe next time, I need to fuck him standing up.

Deceptively Fun #17: Ass Juices

Deceptively Fun #17: Ass Juices

It was one of those days at work when it seemed like half the office was out with some kind of bug. But I had an itch. I wanted to fuck.

So I got online and within a few minutes, a guy and I chatted. I liked his rapid-fire response. He was horny like me and obviously wanted to get it on. He was 41 with a solid bod, or so the pics appeared. He was about 170 and 5 feet, 6 inches tall with light brown hair and a nice goatee. He had some hair pretty much all over, but he was not a bear or even what I’d consider moderately hairy. He worked outdoors, so it was still tan, even here in the dead of a gloomy winter.

In the last few moments of directions, he asked me how I wanted to be met at the door.

“Naked,” I responded.

“No prob.”

Now, I’ve asked this of others and found, for the most part, people put something on, even if it’s just a towel. But when the door swag open wide at his handsome home, I was pleased to see a naked and tattooed man.

I pulled him close, kissing him deeply, and automatically cupping one of his ass cheeks. We were upstairs quickly and he was on his knees sucking my cock immediately. I removed much of my clothing leaving my cock sliding into his warm mouth. Letting him fully taste my now leaking cock. I grabbed his chin and bent over, my cock leaving his lips with a pop, until we were kissing deeply again.

I finished removing what was left of my clothes in that kiss. I broke away and he looked up at me.

Despite this butch man’s appearance, it was obvious he craved to be dominated. And I was not going to disappoint.

So I pushed him onto his hands and knees to get a closer look at his ass. I spread his cheeks and, with only a moment’s pause, dived in tongue-first, jabbing at his pucker. Of course, I slobbered plenty. I love fucking with only spit as lube. Some call it prison lube. Whatever you want to call it, there’s something natural about fucking with only spit and ass juice. Adding cum for good measure doesn’t hurt either.

“Oh fuck yea!” he grunted. “Taste my fuck hole.”

I dug in deeper, plunging my tongue in for a taste of that sweet, sweet hole.

“You gotta taste it too,” I came up for air and pulled him up and around, kissing him so he could lick the flavor of his ass off my tongue. And he moaned as he voraciously kissed.

I leaned back and guided his head toward my cock. He went down like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet. He came up for air just a moment.

“GODDAMN! I love precum!” He screamed. Then he went back to eating my cock, which I am sure was leaking plenty for him.

I pushed him off after a while and hiked him up onto a low chair, pushing his legs high. I went down to that hole for just a moment before coming up on my knees. For the first time, I reached around to the pocket of my jeans and pulled out a brown bottle of poppers. I took a deep snort after opening it and handed it to him. He snorted deeply too and handed me the bottle back. I put the top on.

Then I shoved my cock into his hole.

I didn’t ask if he wanted it raw or not. Didn’t really give a shit. I was going to fuck him.

There wasn’t a protest. Just a loud grunt followed by a deep growl.

Someone liked a cock in their ass.

So I went to town, fucking the shit out of him, letting him know who was in control. I grabbed the arms of the chair and as I thrusted into him, I pulled on those arms so his ass was coming toward me as my cock was going it.

He loved it.

After about 10 minutes of non-stop fucking, I pulled out and backed away. His eyes popped open and gazed down at my red, rockhard cock.

“Is that precum?” he finally asked, pointing at the bead of pearl on the tip of my cock.

“Looks like it.”

There was a pause, but I knew what he wanted to ask. I didn’t give him the chance. I stood up and pulled his face toward my cock. His mouth opened with anticipation, but I held it just an inch or two away.

“You want that precum?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” he said.

“You want to taste your own ass juice?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” he said, with no hesitation.

“Ask me then,” I said.

He looked up at me, swallowed hard and then said, “Please, Sir, might I suck your cock? I would like to taste my ass juice and your precum on it.”

I looked as if I was contemplating, but then pulled his face to my cock and let him slurp it up. He was digging it.

“Do your ass juice taste good, boy?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” he said, coming off my cock only long enough to answer.

I pulled him off and then turned him around to fuck him doggie style. I had opened up his ass, seeing a lot of juice already leaking out of it. I scooped a little up. “Open your mouth,” I said. He looked around and did so. As I pushed my wet left hand in front of his face and he started licking, I pushed my cock past the barrier again.

I continued an assault on his ass, pulling out only to feed my cock to him. Letting him get a good taste of his ass and my precum. The combination of constant fucking, occasionally sucking and plenty of poppers had us ripe with sweat. I finally too him to his bedroom, pushing him flat and face down so I could really fuck him at will.

I plunged my cock into his hole. Bare. Raw. By now, sweat was all we needed for lube. He was grunting with each thrust, pushing his ass up to meet my seven-and-a-half-inch cock.

“Please, Sir,” he said.

“What?” I asked, still pushing my cock into his hole.

“Would you please shoot your load?” he asked.

“It’s going deep inside your ass,” I said with no emotion.

He just moaned.

A few minutes later, I was breathing hard. Almost there. Almost.

And then I did it, pushing my cock as deep and as far inside as I could go. I let loose. My cock throbbed.

“OH FUCK!” he screamed. “I CAN FEEL IT!”

And my cum started shooting into his ass.

“GAWD-FUCKING-DAMN! Feel that cum!” he screamed and grunted.

After a few minutes of recovery, his ass massaging my still-hard cock, I pulled out and rolled over.

“Thank you,” he said, looking at me.

“You’re not done yet,” I said.

“Oh?” he looked.

“Clean my cock off, boy,” I said.

He was only happy to oblige.