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Tina, That Evil Bitch

Tina, That Evil Bitch

I don’t like meth bottoms.

Sure, they’re insatiable bottoms. Sure, they want my cum. Sure, they beg for it. Sure, they can take a fucking.

They chew. They move too much. They’re just plain a fucking mess.

No matter how much I tell the fuckers I’m not into the Tina queens, they’ll show up.

I’m traveling again and I had a beefy fiftysomething man with some nice nips on BarebackRT. My profile on BBRT clearly states “hell no” on drug use. And for some reason, I think on a Tuesday night with a mature man, I’m safe.

The smacking begins as soon as he’s naked (and he’s stopped sucking).

Maybe he took his teeth out.

I can’t stand the shit.

I pretend to cum quickly and send him home.

Yes, I fake orgasms.

I go to bed unsatisfied.

If I wanted drugs to fuck me over, I’d use them.

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Travel Diary, Day #1: Where Are All the Cum-Loving Bottoms?

Travel Diary, Day #1: Where Are All the Cum-Loving Bottoms?

I’ve been saving up my cum. My4½-hour flight from the East Coast on a cramped plane sitting on heavy balls leaves me a little anxious. Before getting on the flight, I’d posted a couple of Craigslist ads for good measure.

I arrive in San Francisco to be greeted by few responses. Very few, in fact. One ad netted me no responses whatsoever.

Grindr and Scruff are pumping on my phone while I wait for my luggage and car then make my way to the hotel in the East Bay. Once settled in, I’m up on BarebackRT and Craigslist with fresh ads.

Hope rises with fresh ass popping up.

Then the fucking games begin. I get the same shit at home.

  • Where are you? (Silicon Valley) Oh wait, that’s 20 minutes away. Too far.
  • My car’s in the shop. Can you come pick me up at my sister’s house? And park around the corner.
  • Do you have a cock pic? (Sent) How big is that? (7 inches cut) How about another face pic? (Sent) Nice. (Let’s fuck) Can I see a body pic first?
  • I’d love to have you fuck me, but could you help me out with gas? Say about $100. (Damn, that’s a big tank.)
  • I know you found me on BBRT, but could we use a condom just this first time? (No.)
  • How long are you here? (A few days.) How about Tuesday night? It’s better for me. (It’s not better for my balls.)

In other words, no one actually wanted to fuck. So I wake up this morning with blue balls and no release. Fucking hell! I didn’t expect paradise but where are all my Bareback Brotherhood men? Were we all watching the “Survivor: South Pacific” finale last night?

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