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GayEthicalSlut: Before and After

GayEthicalSlut: Before and After

As I was updating iBLASTinside’s Broken Virginity Seal of Approval page, I knew I needed to update an item. I thought I’d make note of it in an entry.

The original man who earned the first ever official endorsement happens to be GayEthicalSlut. His ass remains among the top five I’ve ever fucked (along with DeepHole4Loads).

But in the past two years, this Asian hottie has gone through a body transformation that deserves a big thumbs up.

Before (2012)



After (2014)


Now let me tell you, he was one hot fuck back when I got him in 2012. In 2014, I’m betting he’s off the charts!

He earned the status of having the Ultimate Asian Ass. He just might also now have the Ultimate Asian EVERYTHING!

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Latino Ass at a Glory Hole… Stealthing His Ass

Inserection on Cheshire Bridge in Atlanta can be a fun destination, but it all depends on the crowd. Below the adult bookstore and supplies upstairs, the glory hole booths downstairs recently went through a transformation and update as more men’s destinations have popped up in the area. Now disco lights pulse through the space as XM radio seems to urge the patrons to rage.

Funny enough, I’ve caught more than one groove to the beat and even noticed that I’ll fuck to the rhythm.

Most booths now have elongated glory holes between them for convenience of different height patrons, although I find the MDF a little too thick for truly good ass-pounding action.

A large lounge room with sofas and a dimly lit darkroom to the back rounds out the space along with a bathroom, locker room and showers (no one uses the locker room and showers).

A $10 cover gets you in and no one bugs you as you wander around, checking for action. As I visited yesterday afternoon just before 5 p.m., the joint was hopping.

stealthing an assTwo young bucks had the trolls all a tizzy as the hope of getting some young jizz, but I didn’t want the selfish bastards as I was on my own selfish quest. The usual cocksuckers staked out a few of the booths and I tried out their oral skills.

I gotta admit, I hate some fuckers. They expect me to walk in the booth hard and ready to go. Why not fluff me up? It only takes about 20 seconds for me to go from flaccid to stiffy.

One muscle man stalked me until he got on the other side of a booth, sucked me hard and then obviously was disappointed at my measly seven inches. He slapped my rock-hard cock and left it vibrating in the breeze.

Ah, the picky bastards.

Finally worked my way to a nice little five-foot-five but beefy Latino who sucked me nicely. His soft lips and tongue hungrily took me to a pulsing hardness. I pressed harder against the wall and crossed my fingers as he paused and gripped my cock firmly.

Would I feel his ass back up on me? Would I feel that warmth?

I felt something familiar. Cold. He was sliding a fucking condom on me. Down to the base of my cock and he held on as he backed his ass onto my cock.

The muted warmness felt okay. I was reminded immediately why I hated condoms. As his smooth Latin ass leaned in, I went to fucking it in earnest, knowing I couldn’t cum, but still, I fucked for a little fun. Luckily, this hole was a little wider so a little of his bubble ass poked inside my booth, allowing me to grind my pubes into his.

But already, I felt that familiar sensation. My cock began its deflation without enough stimulation behind the plastic.

Fuck it.

I reached down and ripped the condom off.

The pause in pulling out gave the guy enough pause to look around to see my raw cock poke back through the hole.

He paused for a moment too.

And then I felt that familiar warmth I was missing.

His raw ass, surrounding my cock at last.

I didn’t trick him. No need. He knew I was a good fuck and he knew he wanted it. So I fucked him and fucked him good.

Now with renewed vigor, I fucked and fucked harder. I’m sure outside the booth, you could hear me slam against the booth walls in timing. The wood, my flesh, the jeans, his ass. I reached down and found my poppers to snort a good hit — the first of the afternoon.

I was going to breed this little Latin fucker and leave him with a cummy cunt. The scent hit my nose and my vessels opened but my focus narrowed to the pleasure in my cock as my prick’s tingling skin passed through every millimeter of clenching cunt.

Already I knew cum was spewing forth inside him but I kept the pace, fucking more as I felt my balls tighten and more spunk spurt into his ass. By the time he noticed I was shooting and he yanked off my cock, I’d already released all my cum.

Clean hole. No shit. No stink. Just a little pearl of cum at my hole. And I knew it was an extra large load too. All in his ass.

That was just load one.

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