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Fuck Fuck Fuck

The Brotherhood of the Traveling Fucks

I’ve been traveling a lot. And it doesn’t look like it will let up anytime soon. And I’ve been fucking lucky.


The ass in each city ends up being hot, hot, hot.

If I tried to write about every ass and each encounter, you’d all love it — I know. But I don’t have time. I’m just that busy.

Allow me to summarize some of the highlights.

Mid-Atlantic Tropical Hot Ass

I usually advertise my arrival in advance of my arrival. My ads usually announce that a top blogger is coming to town, looking for some bottom inspiration. I require some basic information from those who want to learn about the blog, since a vast majority of people just want the jerk off material.

I don’t mind. But I want to get a glimpse of who’s going to see it.

Occasionally, some people know who it is. Or they figure it out quickly. These are my fan fuck plans. Some people can be dedicated fans, who read up on me in great details. Others are just the guys who read me when it’s time to jerk off.

This young, very tan man hits me up and begins begging.

Now you have to understand. The younger the bottom, the less reliable. Young men in their twenties are notorious unreliable. I’ve made plans with hem in cities only to end up with a dry dick in hand.

This one really seemed genuine.

And not to bore you with details, he worked out well considering that this time, I ended up running late. He arrived after I finally got into my hotel room. Without hesitation, he worked into an embrace and kiss.

A good kiss.

His sucking worked at getting me hard. But when I finally got into his hairy ass, the fucking tight ass proved to be phenomenal.

Too phenomenal.

It’s been a while since I’ve bred someone three times in a row. But this little fucker kept me hard through all three. I never really slowed down. Of course, I’d been saving up a little. His exotic mixture of Latin and native tropics. A little hair on his chest and these juicy nipples.

His ass never truly loosened up.

If I ever slipped out, this bottom would let out an exasperated plea to put it back in.

I never went soft. His talent seemed unending to keep me hard. He’d read about where to touch me, how to keep me interested and what to do to arouse me.

He is someone who will be fucked again.

University City Slut

It’s summertime, so most of the college kids are at home, screwing around there and not at school. Just my luck I get to go to the midwest and a town that’s pretty much nothing but a university-supported town.

There’s a small contingency of college kids around — too many of them catfish (fakes who claim to want fucking). I’d just about given up.

I’d messaged a guy on BarebackRT.com before my arrival and, well, he pops back online. I invite him over and, 30 minutes later, this thirtysomething is sucking my cock on my hotel room bed.

We went into fuck mode and his neg hole is just begging me to squirt my load inside him a coat his insides fulls of my DNA.

I do.

All you have to do is beg. And this bottom does.

It’s after all the fucking, with us winded on such an intense session, that he admits to having known who I was, loving my blog and basically wanting to find out if he could really feel it “blast inside.”

(Yes, he could feel it.)

He’d gone to dinner with friends and ditched them between the restaurant and the club to swing by and get fucked by me. But we’d promised for a more extensive session next time.

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Know I’m a Slutty Bottom

Occasionally, one of those 20-year-old guys with an impossibly smooth body e-mails me. I figure the photo has been Photoshopped until there’s not a freckle, not a blemish and no stray hairs.

I’m in Texas and on BarebackRT.com when this little fucker e-mails me, volunteering to come take my load. I tell him the hotel. He asks the room. I give it. He says 15 minutes.

And in 17 minutes, there’s a knock at my door. A gorgeous boy walks in, lithe, tall, Latin and beautiful. His shirt is coming off as he steps into the room. He isn’t hesitating.

His chest is perfect. Just barely definition but no imperfections. Anywhere.

The lights are down low because I fucking hate the harsh lighting of hotels. He flips an end-table light on, its florescent yellow blinking into cold existence. But this boy’s skin is still perfect, reflecting the seamless skin with just a peach fuzz of hair that tingles as I run my fingers over it.

He’s naked now and grabbing for my pants.

He sucks me. I was already hard. He slobbers all over my cock. He thumbs his huge uncut cock a little as he comes up and kisses me with the perfect thick lips and then turns around and lines up my cock with his perfect little pucker.

And he pushes.

I’m inside him.

This insatiable boy just begins to ride. But I can’t be a passive top. I move him into a few positions and I pummel him.

He begs for my cum. He says he wants it bad. Please give it to him. I do. I load him up deep.

I lay in the glow afterward, letting my fingertips run over this perfect boy’s skin.

As we talk, it turns out I’m the fourth load in him tonight, although he’d cleaned out for me — I jokingly scold him for doing that. He assures me I’m the first of many loads as he leaves me for a few more.

His boyfriend is working tonight. He’s out for as many loads as possible. And he takes all loads. Doesn’t matter. Oh, he’s a little picky. Hard cocks only.

Never heard of my blog. Couldn’t care less. He just wanted my cum. He just wanted me to blast inside.

Straight Boy and Gay Bottom

In a southern city, I’ve chosen a ginger to fuck. He finally arrives. When he walks in, I recognize him immediately.

He’s straight. He’s a straight bottom. (Yes, they exist.)

He walks in and basically gets to sucking me. Nothing nice about it. He’s not very good, but it’s enough to harden me up. I step behind him and slick my cock up when he mentioned he has a condom.

I don’t protest. I put it on. At least, that’s what he sees. He lines it up with his hole, feeling the condom on it but after it goes in his hole, I pull it out and pull off the condom in a single motion and slide back inside. As soon as I’m in him bare I feel it.

His asshole is throbbing.

Damn inexperienced bottoms.

He’s shooting his load all over my bed.

Pisses me off a little, but I’ve been inside him raw and he didn’t notice. Or maybe he did and that’s why he shot off so quick.

He liked it raw.

He’s out the door and I’m on the prowl again. I don’t find another taker until the next day… this a gay guy who just had this terrific body. I didn’t see a face. I get a little concerned when I don’t see a face at all.

He walks in an angel, with these stunning eyes.

We get to the act quickly, although I wanted to take my time. And we fuck for longer than I intended because I want to give him the best I can.

He enjoys it.

We finally kiss as he leaves a load lighter and a load heavier.

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Enthusiasm of Youth

Enthusiasm of Youth

He claims to be 22, not that it really matters since he’s definitely in his twenties. He’s on the beefy side of things, too cute in the face considering his occasional cravings.

When these cravings overtake him, my phone begins to light up with text messages and my e-mail goes off. He wants cock and cum in his ass. No isn’t an option.

Now why in the world would I ever turn down ass? Why would I turn down a very tight ass on a cute boy body?

Normally I don’t. I enjoy him. His biggest turn on is kissing and chewing hard on his nipples. He’s a nice guy and sex with him is fun and intense.

But as with this last time, the experience ends much too soon for me. Well, this time, I was a little more prepared.

After our time kissing and chewing on his nipples, he sat on my cock . Slowly, he eased himself down, taking a huge hit on my poppers. His ass was tight, wrapped around me intensely. He never touched himself, but his cock jutted forth from his body and he leaned forward for a kiss as he began to grind. His cock was caught there between us, I could feel the leak of precum intensely lubricating our bellies.

But I let him continue. I let him kiss. I pinched his nipples on his smooth, hairless chest as those oval mounds ached. I arched my back so my cock entered him deeper, my raw cock inside his ass, rubbing against his joy-button. Letting him feel the intensity as I made sure every nerve in his body felt pleasure as he rocked back and forth.

I felt it in his ass first, as it constricted around my cock first and the throb started on the inside. The globs of cum came out coating our bellies as he broke off the kisses to say he was cumming. But I let him experience it all.

I spoke to him softly, letting him just relax, but I never withdrew my cock. Letting him collapse. His instinct had been to leap and leave, but this time I kept him in place, my cock deep inside.

I found the poppers and took a strong snort, then began moving ever so subtly. He didn’t want to be there, but I held him where he was, moving a little more with each stroke, finding my pleasure. Getting to a pace where I found his ass accommodating and quite nice, where he pleasured me.

And then, with slow deliberate pressure, I pushed into him and I released my load.

The sound that came from him started as pain but soon turned into a quizzical sound. He could feel my cum inside him. Even though he would always beg for my cum, if he ever got a hint I was close, he would hop off. Now he was feeling it. He was feeling cum pump into his gut.

He whispered, “Are you cumming?”

My load mostly released, I answered, “Yes.”

He didn’t move. Silence expanded. I think he realized he liked it. And maybe, maybe, waiting for me might be worth it.

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Stealthing, Stealth, Stealth Fucking

A Breeding of a Different Kind

Lately with some time off at home, my boredom ended up to get the best of me and overwhelmed all that was meant to keep my mind off sex. Against better judgment, I posted an ad on Craigslist. I got several responses including the usual collection of flakes. But one man promised arrival within five minutes. Considering my location in the far suburbs, I found the timing mostly improbable. After a couple of e-mails, he assured that indeed his arrival would be rather quick.

I gave him my address. He arrived quickly, as promised.

As he entered, he carried with him two things — a tube of lube and a condom.


But to be honest, I just leaned back and let him do the work. His dick sucking failed to be inspiring. Sure, I got hard. But it failed to do more than cause a little rigidness. With his sucking skills, I’d never cum.

Pretty soon, though, he abandoned his oral efforts and went to tear the condom wrapper open. He added the ample supply of lube from the tube (I guess he’d made a quick stop at a grocery store earlier or something). He eased his tight ass onto my cock.

I just relaxed and let him ride my cock. The condom muted the sensations, making the fuck as uninteresting as the blowjob — with the exception of the cheap lube, which kept the friction high enough that I figured I might muster a load. A hit or two of poppers helped.

I popped. Yes. Into a condom. But I just didn’t feel like making the effort to do anything.

He climbed off and I reached down to strip off the condom, tucking my fingers inside the base and stripping it off. My huge load coated my fingers as he laid back, his legs spread. He started jerking.

“Finger me,” he insisted.

By now, the jizz had coated my fingers. So he asked for it. And I did. I reached inside his hole, now lubed with my cum. And I finger fucked him, working my cum into his hole deeper. I only followed his directions.

He popped off. He put his clothes on and left. He got most of my load.