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Best fucks of the year 2012

The Hottest Fucks of 2012

When it comes to 2012 and thinking back, I had luck and loss when it came to fucking. I lot of indistinguishable ass from assholes. People I wouldn’t want to repeat (and many of those folks do not appear on these virtual pages, although I did indulge a few of the worst abortions here Opens a new window from this blog and here Opens a new window from this blog

Overall, I did fuck some hotties and got a few mediocre in between. A few of you might notice a missing entry or two — perhaps about you. Those are my own personal fuck tales. I’m looking for something more interesting to happen before I’d write about them.

A fuck worthy of an entry on this blog needs a hook — something interesting worthy to write about. If your ass is just another good ass from among the masses, then what’s to make it interesting? If you call me “Daddy” or you beg for my cum, it’s just like everyone else or it’s about like a few dozen others. It’s got to be interesting to me before it’s interesting for the readers.

Below are my top fucks from 2012, in no particular order ending with my top three places, in a particular order. When you consider I’ve fucked almost 250 holes this year, this list contains less than the top 5 percent… the cream of the creamy crop, so to speak.


Key West Postcard

Latin Spice to Make My Tropical Vacation Nice Opens a new window from this blog

Fucking a 20-year-old makes everything great, but this smooth Latino proved to be especially delightful on my vacation. A Craigslist hookup, he turned out to have an interesting hole.

Know how most assholes have a discoloration leading up to the pucker?

He didn’t. His had consistently colored skin.

And it opened like a flower. He begged for my DNA and I gave it to him in his tight little perfect hole. He obviously wasn’t a virgin, but something could make me pretend like he happened to be. He had a huge cock and just beautiful body.



The Tao of Taye Opens a new window from this blog

Part of my Northern California Triple Play Opens a new window from this blog, Taye was a fan of my blog and drove from San Francisco to my hotel in Silicon Valley one day after work. Turned out to be worth the trip — and I think he agrees.

His prominent pecs include two rather sensitive nipples that I manipulated with ease to get Taye to do as I wanted, not that he’d do otherwise. And when his rather impressive booty opened up for my cock, I slid it home and fucked him for a good, long while before depositing my load deep.

And I kept fucking it deep to make sure my DNA took.

Taye ruined the sheets of my hotel room, but I didn’t mind. I didn’t mind at all.


ass2Behind Dead Eyes (1 Opens a new window from this blog, 2 Opens a new window from this blog, 3 Opens a new window from this blog and the Return Opens a new window from this blog)

If I’ve written about breeding him thrice, I obviously love his ass. And I do.

Words fail me to adequately describe what it’s like. Sure, there’s a photo here to show it to you. But when you see it in person, it seemingly glows all its own with a beauty and personality unlike any other.

And on his own, he does have a charm. It’s practically irresistible to me. I find him  alluring in so many ways. But I’ve learned my lesson with some bottoms. This is one of them.

I love no strings fun, but fucking more than a few times are bound to create threads at the very least. If you don’t choose to acknowledge that, you’re fucking stupid.

Moreover, as a top, I am not just available to service the bottom. I generally don’t like for a bottom to summon and for me to clean up and go running.

But this man’s ass proved to be absolutely delightful and, for a time, I got ensnared in a trap. It can happen to the best of us. Even a top like me.


RustyNailing Rusty Opens a new window from this blog

At 23, he was a shy Northern California hook up with a body of death and a chest of perfection. The photo doesn’t do him justice, as I wrote in January. He kissed and loved getting fucked and loaded.

And boy did I.

What he did’t have in talent, he made up for in sheer enthusiasm.

He asked to meet up again but we never quite made it happen. I still see him online on occasion, so if I make it back out there again, you can bet I’ll look him up.


Rice Surfer, Dude Opens a new window from this blog

I violated one of my policies when it came to stealthing Opens a new window from this blog with this dude. However, he was an escort Opens a new window from this blog, so in fact he happened to be a slut and would do practically anything. That is except take my cock raw.

I was in Southern California on business and looking for an Asian, one of my favorite types. But when this body popped up, I couldn’t resist. Could you? Look at him! I mean, DAMN!


Found an cash machine and withdrew the required amount. We hadn’t spoken about being safe. I’d said I was looking for an Asian to load up in my Craigslist ad. It seemed pretty clear to me.

If anything happened to be deceptive, it was him when he pulled out the condom and put it on. In the final moments of fucking him, I slipped it off and loaded his ass.

Mission accomplished.


Honorable Mentions

Worthy of mentioning but not quite making the top spots, these guys could make my 2013 list if they apply themselves and take a load from me….


Top Three Fucks of 2012

While the five fucks above representing eight loads were in no particular order, plus two more honorable mentions for 10 total loads worth of the Top 10 fucks. But below, you will find the absolute best of the best for 2012. No one was better during the year. Here’s the four loads that stand out among the 200 to 250 I deposited in asses this past year.


furry chest of a bottom#3 Furry Fuck Jizzjoy Opens a new window from this blog

I’ve felt bottoms moan and groan and sigh and just generally feel relieved when I breed them.

But this hot piece of ass. He went into pure convulsions at my injection of spunk.

Jizzjoy Link Opens in a New Window truly works for this man and fucking him is as much a joy for a top as it is anything else, easy enough to put him as number three on my top three of 2012.

I’ve actually returned and fucked him a second time to confirm this and I plan to return a few more times in 2013 to try his furry ass again and again. When a man begs for your load and has a series of involuntary reactions when you load it, you know you’ve hit gold.


Asian Ass#2 Las Vegas Man of Mystery Opens a new window from this blog

I attempted to host a fuck fest while in Las Vegas that worked out all right if for one man and his gorgeous ass, who I loaded. I couldn’t help it. He begged for it and he ass deserved my load.

If not for the moments of less than enthusiastic participants, perhaps he could have been a contender for first place. But he wasn’t. Yet his ass turned out to be A-MAZ-ING.

You know, one of those asses with plenty of cushion but not too much to keep your cock out?

I loved fucked him and listening to him beg for my load just pushed me over the edge.


Paduwan#1. The Man Who Would Be Paduwan Opens a new window from this blog

This young man still haunts my fantasies with his talent and obsession with me. Obsession could be a good thing. It could be a bad. He skirts a fine line but so far, he stays to this side of it and I cannot wait until I breed his ass again.

This time, I want to double penetrate him.

Hairy, weirdly attractive in a geekish way, I’m as drawn to him as he is to me. And when we get together, the sex is indeed explosive. He seemingly studies my entries for the activities I like (deep-throat blowjobs that include licking my balls), perfects them and then does them for me.

Few men in this world earn my interest more than a slut like him — one who I could somewhat “date” and send him out on missions to collect loads. He would joyously collect every cumload and return to me full of DNA from strangers for me to churn up and them pull my cock out to let him taste.

Our fuck session lasted so long, I can neither tell you every moment nor convey the sensations of it adequately. But his ass remains in the top three I’ve fucked in the world.


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Fucking a beefy bottom!


If you’ve ever been through corporate testing for your personality, the results will show the kind of person one might be. Back in 1998, I went through some extensive testing and it determined I happened to be an extreme introvert Link Opens in a New Window.

That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m shy as much as it indicates my focus tends toward internal factors — I’m more reflective, inward looking. Add to that my own hate of smoky bars (and smokers Opens a new window from this blog) and social anxieties toward large crowds and, well, you’re talking about someone who’d much rather stay home than go to the latest concert or wander around a gay bar trying to pick up bottom.

Through the past decade and a half, I’ve taken up a project on myself to open myself up. This blog among the therapies, but I’d do things as subtle as wear brightly colored shirts to work rather than the bland, fade-into-the-background hues that allowed me to skulk through the office unnoticed.

Am I an extrovert Link Opens in a New Window yet? Actually, I’ve tipped to the other side in testing, more ambivert (in the middle) than anything else.

Imagine my surprise of late as more and more people on Scruff recognize me both by my geek glasses or by my cock shots.

During my current job, I leave Scruff, Grindr and Kik Opens a new window from this blog open (and I often check BarebackRT.com Link Opens in a New Window) since I have a horrible boss (he had me come in on my day off just so he could yell at me for a couple of hours last week).

A local beefy bottom on BBRT and I can never seem to synchronize. We’ve attempted to hit the local adult bookstore Opens a new window from this blog or swing by his place for an anonymous fuck. I’d never seen his face, just his beefy body with a little hair and some miscellaneous, non-distinct tattoos.

He seemed a little like one of those tomcats near a dumpster at midnight underneath the streetlight. He looked cute from a distance and might be tame but a sudden move and he’d dart away. In fact, he would disappear from my radar for a period of time but reappear, asking when were we ever going to fuck.

Usually this tomcat-and-dog game wouldn’t seem alluring to me. I’m a no-nonsense kind of guy. I want to fuck your ass and breed it. If you’re good at it, I might fuck you again. Otherwise, I’m done. Yet toying around with him had his allure.

We’d finally exchanged cell numbers because I had a tendency to pop downtown and he didn’t hit BBRT with enough frequency to notice my visits. I’d mentioned one such visit Monday night and he’d given me at deadline to be at his place by 8 p.m.

I couldn’t make his deadline.

On my day off, Thursday, I’d been in the office for a while and let my boss yell at me for a couple of hours straight. I’ve learned not to argue back because the idiot wouldn’t let a fact get in the way of his being pissed off. After he calmed down, he dismissed me, not wanting to pay for any more extra time with me this week, so I left, heading downtown to check on a friend in a hospital.

Scruff had been open at work and stayed open.

Imagine my surprise as I received a message that simply said, “I’m sorry that Monday didn’t work out.”

I finally see his face — round and handsome with a Van Dyke Link Opens in a New Window. I’d seen him mostly naked — in a jock — and found his beefy wide pecs with the fur down the middle to tree-trunk legs quite attractive. His ass provided a wide target and muscular mounds but no one would accuse him of being a “bubble butt.”

Bubble butts seem so inflated that sharp objects might cause them to “pop.” His ass provided a more substantial challenge.

We toyed with one another, as we always did online. But in the end, he relented and agreed to let me come over. It would be an anonymous encounter. Him naked on his knees to blow me hard then I’d breed him.

I arrived, parked and walked in the designed backdoor (how coincidental) into a hall just off his bedroom. In the darkness, he’d lit one candle that provided enough light to allow me to see the figure in the room.

Perfection is not accurate, but to me, perfection is not desired. I like a man with beefy pecs without distinct definition of a six pack. He’s got hair in all the right places without removing it, shaving it or waxing it. He’s a real man. He likes beer, dogs, football and chicken wings. He doesn’t spend his life at the gym but has his priorities balanced.

This is the kind of man I recognize.

He’s blindfolded. I unbuckle my belt, unbutton and unzip my jeans and flop out my cock, anxious to get it into his mouth. I step up and my cockhead brushes against his moustache as I place my hand on the back of his head where he’s got a full scalp of short-cropped hair.

“Suck that cock,” I said. “Get it hard.”

His mouth flew open with exuberance of a hungry man who hasn’t eaten for weeks and caressed my cock as it  swelled to hardness. He bobbed his head up and down,  interspersed the work with occasional licks of my balls, which thanks to the cool weather were tight up against my body but swollen. I’d shaved them a while back, so the light layer of stubble on my contracted testicles tickled a little.

I didn’t plan on this being a long session. And while he’d followed my instructions to a T, I don’t imagine he’d really wanted it to be more than a quick dump and go either.

But we all recognize chemistry when it happens and it began to blossom in the room. His oral skills were above par and he kept reaching up under my shirt. My tit tweaks were getting responses so I decided maybe I’d make this a little more fun.

I stood him up to discover he stood quite a bit shorter than me — probably about five-foot-seven. But his beefy wide stance still struck me as I pushed him back onto the bed and climbed up, kicking off my shoes and pants.

Positioning myself so my cock went right underneath his balls, his own prick stood out at attention

I growled. He responded in kind and soon my mouth covered his and we were kissing deeply. He slurped at my mouth and tongue.

He was thirsty.

“Spit in my mouth, please Sir,” he requested.

I obliged.

It had been a while since I’d had a fuck who wanted my spit and, let’s be honest, I didn’t exactly tank up for this little adventure. I’d just expected a fuck and go. But here I am kissing. My pants are off. I’ve got this naked body beneath me and, God’s honest truth, I wanted to completely feel it.

Off came my shirt too.

Now I nibbled on his perky nips, for which he jerked every time. Then I dropped to his cock and balls.

To be honest, I found his cock impressive for a bottom. Not huge but perfect for a man his size. Thick with a purple angry color to it. Yet I ignored it and went to his balls, tickled them a little with my tongue and then put my hands under the bend of his knees. I pushed him up and exposed his pucker on this wide, fuzzy hole.

It winked.

I dove into it without hesitation, tasting a mixture of soap and something else there. But I worked my tongue and a bit of spit into it. Licked his balls, nibbled a nip then kissed him deeply so he could taste his own ass.

Then I lined my cock up to his hole.

“You’re going to need more spit than that,” he said.

I spit on my hand and rubbed it into the head of my cock before pushing against his sphincter.

Pushing harder.

I pierced him, entering into his ass.

Raw, I ripped inside his ass and entered him the way a man should get fucked. Not a lot of lube. Just a little spit. So he could feel me at every millimeter as my invader worked into him farther and farther.

He began to beg.

And I began to fuck.

His thick, tree-trunk legs up around my shoulders as I moved my waist in almost an awkward fashion, working my way into his ass and out.

I would almost pull out and he’d tell me, “Wrong way. I want it all inside me.”

I did finally pull out to put him on top and let him ride. But he was a good little cum slut and sucked my cock some first before climbing on board.

He bounced. We kissed. I bit his nipples. He recognized how perfect my cock would be for double penetration Opens a new window from this blog. We fucked more. I made sure he had plenty of my spit to swallow.

“I think it’s breeding time,” I said.

“Would you fuck me on my stomach?” he said.

“You know that’s how I like it,” I said.

He hopped off and I moved out the way so he could crawl face down and let me invade. Despite his substantial beefiness, my taller frame allowed me to cover him almost completely.

I began to fuck and he began to beg. “Give me your fucking cum man! Breed my fucking ass, man! Let me have your load! Put it in my ass!”

I did. I shoved it in deep and my cock throbbed, flexed and began to shoot my load deep inside him. In his case, it felt particularly deep. Rocking my hips a few more times, I left my cock inside him like a butt plug as we kissed and chatted a bit more.

I pulled out. He felt his asshole.

“It’s wet,” he said.

“I wonder why,” I responded.

He licked and sucked my cock clean.

“Full service,” I said, thanking him.

He left his blindfold on as I put my clothes on and left. He played with his cock a little, which I wouldn’t deny him Opens a new window from this blog.

I spit into his mouth one last time before slipping out the door into the chilly night.

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Travel Diary: To Summarize My California Trip (in Fucking)… a Triple Play

Travel Diary: To Summarize My California Trip (in Fucking)… a Triple Play

When it comes to the California journey, this time turned out a lot better than last. And the effort netted three beautiful asses in which I deposited my DNA.
Triple PlayYou can see the three here.

#1, Cumslut

The first proved to be your common, everyday cumslut. He wanted cum and would take it anyway I’d give it.

Now I like cum-hungry bottoms. There’s not a damn thing wrong with bottoms who know their place. That said, often-used bottoms often end up with sloppy asses that aren’t exactly tight around a cock. The question becomes how he works a cock.

Technique is everything for a bottom. This little slut relied on one thing: Movement of his body. His muscles in his ass never contracted around my cock to increase the friction.


However, since I wondered on my journeys whether I’d be lucky enough to find more ass, I dumped a load anyway, which he gladly accepted.


#2, Nailing Rusty

Rusty wasn’t his real name, but got to give him some creativity for coming up with something other than Ryan or Josh or Mike — seemingly the go to names when it comes to the fictional fuck labels.

At 23 years old and five-foot-four-inches, the pic to the right doesn’t come close to doing this little fucker justice. A crooked smile with deeply brown eyes one could get lost in for a few hours easily.

This dude had model good looks but luckily lacked the attitude. Within moments, he was kissing me deeply. He undressed quickly, with the impatience of a young man. His beefy, smooth pecs jutted out while his tight tummy barely outlined the perfection of a six pack. But that beautiful layer of baby-fat still covered his body. The smoothness of his chest gave way to dark fuzz on his legs and around his five-inch cock, which stood rock hard and straight perpendicular from his body.

Then I got a glimpse of his beautiful ass, furry as well but mounds of just beauty. I loved it and went in for a little taste before his aggressive nature returned for a kiss.

He climbed up and began to grind his ass against my own 7 inches of rock hard skin. He sucked me some but just didn’t want to spend all that much time wasting it on oral before searching the hotel room for lotion and lubing me up. It took a moment before he could get me inside.

We kissed. A lot. And he was damn hot. For his youth, he was accomplished at kissing and knew a thing or two about flexing his ass a little. But because he was tight — very tight — and the lotion never really lubed him up too much, we kept the friction going. Soon he jumped off and laid on his stomach. I pounded him from behind and he began begging for my load.

I gave him my babies.

My DNA rushed inside him and released with great throbbing. When my orgasm died down, he jumped back and rode me until he released a small load onto my stomach hair.

And in a flash, Rusty left me.

Still, one of those memorable fucks.


#3, The Tao of Taye

Taye messages me from San Francisco, a half-hour away. Claiming to be a “fan” of this blog, I always tend to be a little hesitant to meet people who seem to know too much as they might turn out to be stalkers. But eventually, I agreed to meet him. He arrived.

His online photos failed to do him justice.

This chocolate god pulled off his jacket and his shirt clung to his pecs. As I reached for them, my fingertips brushed across his nipples.

His exhale told me the secret I needed. His weakness. I exploited that weakness and soon had him naked.

Rather than attempt to even express the expertise of Taye and his skills as a bottom, I’m going to explain a little on the entry. This is a man who had the most incredible ass lips and he used them, puckering them around my cock and teasing me just a little then moving them over the head of my cock. Opening himself a little and then tightening around my cockhead and seeming to try to swallow.

His ass had a personality of its own.

It was a solid 10 minutes of play before my cock fully entered him and I have to say it was among the most enjoyable 10 minutes ever.

Taye’s enjoyable ass proved to be a warmth to live in for hours — or that’s how it seemed. I fucked him and bred him deeply.

When I bred him, he was flat on his stomach. I’d mounted him from behind and, considering how long we’d played, I blew a huge load in his ass. I throbbed in a much more pronounced way than normal.

And Taye noticed.

So much so, without touching himself, he shot his own load on the white hotel linens.

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Travel Diary: Like Ships Passing…

Travel Diary: Like Ships Passing…

A rarity indeed to find a man taller than I. His arrival had become doubtful after more than an hour had passed since our last communication, but when his knock came and I opened the door, all hesitation dropped. At 23, his broad shoulders defied his lanky frame. A dichotomy of beefy arms but thin basketball fingers. An age so young but a mouth so talented as he sucked my cock deeply as if he’d been trained in some southern Asian massage house.

His shyness gave way with prying from me as I wanted to see his chest, which proved worth while. Large round nipples with a dusting a dark hair but this perfection of a treasure trail from mid-pecs to pubes, inside which hid his cock. A grower, I wondered. But I let him suck me more. He seemed service-oriented and who be I to deny him his hunger?

But after a while, I did. I turned him onto his back and finally kissed him, the bitter starkness of the mixture of Crest and my own crotch seemed odd against my beard and his goatee. Yet a sweetness came through. We kissed a long while. Odd, since he seemed uninterested. His eyes stayed closed so I let him keep his fantasy of whatever man or creature he imagined he might be fucking. Here I spent my time enjoying the details of his being and taking in those nipples and that treasure trail. I lingered to find his limpness, but it did no good. He never hardened. So I moved on and tongued his balls only to work my way lower.

No resistance.

When my tongue first tickled his hole, his mouth opened and released a noise — not loud, mind you, but it was the first one uttered from his mouth other than the sloppy tones of sucking my cock. As my tongue darted into the folds of his skin and penetrated into that puckered darkness, more utterances escaped. So I began adding spit. Enough to make sure I would be able to do what I planned next.

When I came up for air was when I noticed his cock had risen as well. Not full-mast mind you. But it peaked from the dark thatch. As I kissed him, my cock found his spit-soaked hole and, without resistance, slipped just inside. Not all the way in, mind you. Just inside.

His eyes opened. Chocolate brown irises stared at me. He didn’t come off my cock. He didn’t move. So I applied a little more pressure and my cock slipped past that place of tightness into him. His eyes widened and then I knew.

He no longer fantasized about anyone else fucking him.

Into him more deeply, my cock penetrated and I fucked with a slow passion, only the spit between us. Kissing. Faster. Slower. I never slammed him. He was never that kind of fuck. We even talked a long while, my cock hard inside him. We liked how it felt to be connected.

When I came, he rode me. When he came, he rode me. Our moments criss-crossed within seconds of one another. No excuses, no discussions, we knew we were the proverbial ships passing in the night.

Deceptively Fun #6: Double Penetration, The First Time

Deceptively Fun #6: Double Penetration, The First Time

I think it’s pretty well established that I like ass. In fact, I like it a lot. The only thing better than one cock fucking and ass is two cocks fucking an ass.

Yes, it’s possible. I know. I’ve done it three times. There’s nothing nicer than a piggy boy begging for it and two hot tops going at it.

The first time happened a long time ago. I was newly single again after a long-term asshole dumped me for a smaller cock AND a smaller fist (he could never take it past the second knuckle with me). I had been chatting online with a Texan who made it very clear he wanted it bareback.

Gotta love the pigs.

So as I am chatting him up and getting close to inviting him over, he asks if I like three ways.

“Fuck yea!” I respond.

“Cool,” he types. “I got a buddy who lives close to you. He’s online. Kind of an ugly face but a nice bod and a huge cock.”

I knew why he liked him.

After the usual trading of information and appropriate pics, they both show up at my place. The bottom is this cute little brown-haired boy. He’s 28, 5-foot-8, 150 pounds soaking wet. He’s got this cute little stache and a little chin fuzz. His brown eyes were bright with a smile that could melt chocolate and a thick Texas drawl.

He was right about his friend. What a train wreck of a face. But he was affable enough at 6-foot tall and almost 200 pounds with nice blond hair that was graying on the edges.

Bottom boy guided me back to my own bedroom and dropped trou almost immediately. He had one of those round, bubble butts normally reserved for porn. No hair, it was naturally smooth. He barely had any on his chest.

While he liked to kiss, sucking or doing anything else (beside getting fucked) was NOT in his repertoire. His friend knew it.

Train-wreck was naked soon too, with nice beefy pecs and bulging arms. He got naked, spit on his thick 8-incher and slid it in from behind immediately.

Bottom boy just let a sigh out. I was stripping off watching the nice scene as that thick monster pushed into his hole. I was hard, of course. Got a respectful nod from the other top who kept plugging the bottom. I reached up and played with his chest.

We were there to use the bottom. And that’s all he wanted. Cock inside him.

Pretty soon, the top was grunting. He was pushing his cock into him harder and harder. The bottom just laid there, so content with a cock in his ass, he just grinned quietly. The top man sped up and started grunting. I knew what was happening, as the top unloaded his ugly spunk into that boy’s ass.

He pulled his thick, glistening cock out of the boy’s ass, slapped his right cheek and then looked at me.

“There’s you some lube,” he said.

I didn’t bother with spit. I just pushed inside. His asshole clenched onto my cock immediately. Where the thick cock had some give to it, my rock-hard seven inches did not.

The bottom was one of the quietest I have ever fucked. He just lay there, happily taking my raw cock in his cum-filled chute.

I love the scent of cum. My cock was covered in it as I went to town on his ass. It had been a while since I’d fucked a nice ass.

My fellow top crawled onto the bed and grabbed his cock. He was still mostly hard — a good site to see. He spit on his hand and did some handwork on his cock, watching me plug the boy. Since I was pretty cranked up already, I was getting close quickly. As my breathing started to pick up, the top started egging me on.

“Yeah dude!” he grunted. “Shoot your load up inside him too.”

Wasn’t long until I did just that, putting my creamy filling inside this twink boy.

The bottom didn’t miss a beat. He climbed up, off my cock, and sat right down onto the other top’s cock. I got up and relaxed a bit. But my cock stayed hard, as is norm for me.

“Fuck bud,” the other top said. “Nice spunk! His ass is silky now.”

There was a white sheen to his cock as the bottom silently bounced on his cock.

After a few minutes, I had completely recovered and was waiting my turn when the top said, “Want to share?”

“Sure,” I answered.

He grabbed the boy and pulled him forward. “Go ahead,” the top said.

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I got up behind the bottom. I could see my buddy’s cock deep inside that hole. I hoped it would be easy enough to push my cock in right on top of his. As I said, he had a nice thick cock but with a lot of give to it. Not really spongy, but not like a rock either.

He had to spread his legs a little wider so I could kneel properly. I positioned the head of my cock at the rim of the hole. With my fingers, I push into my buddy’s cock and with my hips, I thrust up.

It took a couple of seconds. But then, there was this feeling of a POP and the head was inside.

Silent bottom boy groaned the kind of groan best reserved for the word, “ecstasy.”

I pushed up into him a little further.

Now, I have fucked a lot of asses. Dry asses. Wet asses. Loose asses. Tight asses. Hairy asses. Smooth asses. Old asses. Young asses.

This didn’t feel like any of them.

Tight is an understatement. It was as if a HOT, HARD rod was strapped to the length of my cock and this strange vice was clamped around the rest of it. When I finally was in to the hilt, my cock was harder than it had ever been.

I must have paused a little too long. My top bud spoke: “You’re going to have to do most of the moving. Don’t worry. I’ll hang onto the bottom here.”

“You got it,” I replied.

I pulled out and pushed back in. At first, it was slow. I didn’t have quite the freedom of movement as before, but it was still incredible. Fuck. It was TOO HOT.

I mean, each time I pushed in, that hard cock seemed to thicken up and the ass seemed to have a mind of its own. The bottom boy was clenching his ass so hard, I swore he was having a seizure. But he just moaned a little.

I created a pace. It was slow and my strokes weren’t deep. But it felt fucking good. Pretty soon, my top friend was grunting.

“Yeah buddy!” he said. “Fuck his ass with our cocks. FUCK!”

I sped up the pace a little, pushing in deeper still. I felt my balls slap against the other top’s balls.

“Fuck bud!” he said. “You’re going to make me shoot!”

He grunted. Then I felt it. His cock swelled even more. It got ROCK hard quite suddenly. And he let loose. I could FEEL it throb. I could FEEL his cum push up through his cock. I could FEEL his head release it into the ass. I could FEEL his cum surround my head and begin leaking down between our cocks.

I thrust a couple more times. I worked more of his cum into his ass and some of it came out, dripping onto my balls. And then I had to shoot too.

I fucking dumped my load the same way.

“FUCK YEA!” My buddy said, feeling the way I throb, his cock next to mine. We were cum buddies.

I spurted my load deep inside that hungry ass. And the boy moaned some more. When I finally pulled out, he got off. There was a huge load all over my top buddy’s stomach.

But the most interesting part was the bottom boy just laid down on his stomach. He reached behind, and spread his ass cheeks.

“I need more,” he said.

My top buddy fucked two more loads into him that night and I added one more for a total of seven. Later the next day, I got an e-mail from the bottom.

“Thanks!” he said. “You have NO IDEA how hot it was for me to drive home and feel some of you guys’ cum leak out into my jeans. Let’s do it again.”

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