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Grindin’ Ass Raw: How Quickly ‘Safer’ Bottoms Go Raw

Grindin’ Ass Raw: How Quickly ‘Safer’ Bottoms Go Raw

Raw-or-wrapped-2How much I love asking the question, “Raw or wrapped?’

If I’m on Grindr or Scruff or Manhunt (I’ve got a free trial) or Craigslist, it’s a question that’s bound to come up. And ever-so-quickly, as soon as it does, the response about half the time is “wrapped” or “safe.”

Fuck, just look at the young man to the right — he wrote “Always safe.”

And I wrote, “Oh. Too bad. I’m not.”

Immediately — not even a minute passed — before he said he’d fuck raw.

Recently, a survey found about half of all gay men said they fucked bareback while the other half said they fucked safe. This is a flawed study because, I believe, when confronted with someone a bottom want to fuck him, he’ll go raw almost every time.

Believe me, I get more ass this way.

A lot of you may think I’m out there stealthing ass Opens new window of a page on this blog left and right. No. I’m not. I only do that at sex clubs, adult bookstores or bathhouses where anonymous hook-ups are rampant and, even then, it’s rare.

Most everywhere else, the horny man will go raw without hesitation.

The Tanned, Tattooed Lasian

I’m downtown running errands and, whenever that happens, I see that as an opportunity to get some. Honestly, Grindr and Scruff are hit and miss. Plus it’s a Wednesday in Atlanta Opens new window of a page on this blog and I know that’s a craptastic day.

But the common chime goes off on the ole iPhone and I begin chatting it up with what looks to be a light-skinned Latino.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I have a thing about exotics — any Asian or Latin flavor. Well, we all also know I’m an equal opportunity fucker Opens new window of a page on this blog, glad to breed most any ass.

The 27-year-old had shitty photos, but it didn’t much matter to me. He’d turned off his distance meter but seemed pretty damn close. And we were getting along. He liked my cock shots. He asked me to come over to fuck him.

Raw-or-wrapped“Raw or wrapped?” I asked.


I turned him down, letting him know I just fucked raw.

Now I expect bottoms to come back with an invitation anyway, but his response shocked even me.

“Okay, well, you can fuck me raw as long as you cum in me,” he typed.

“I have no problem breeding your ass,” I wrote back.

Soon I had an address and was on my way.

Turned out I was only 3 minutes away from his apartment complex. He answered the door with just a towel.

A 6-feet tall, this beefy man’s wide, smooth chest looked just meaty and delicious. He was deeply tanned. And those horrible photos just couldn’t make up for the vision before me. Tattoos scattered his body. In fact, throughout our session, every move would cause me to discover a new tattoo — he had at least a dozen. Some as small as a dime while others were much larger.

His nipples pointed down toward his belly.

He escorted me to the bedroom and dropped his towel while I began taking off my clothes. His large flat nose gave him a Hawaiian look but the Asian truly stood out. That is, as he jacked his uncut cock and it stood up a rigid 8 inches and very wide.

Now that wasn’t Asian cock. It was truly Latin.

We went down to business, him snorting my poppers Opens new window of a page on this blog, sucking my cock, kissing me with his luscious thick lips and begging very soon for me to eat his ass and fuck him.

His legs and ass were covered with dark, wiry hair (again, symptoms of Latin descent). I worked his hole just a little before he wanted my rock hard cock inside him. His padded tanned skin next to my mighty white seemed like an odd dichotomy, but it worked as my cock slipped inside and he snorted more on those poppers.

With him on his back, my cock thrusting inside him, he soon began begging for my nut.

“You want it already?” I said, knowing we’d only been fucking a few minutes. But I was on errands and didn’t have long. But I didn’t mind making this a quick one. As fast as he was jerking his cock, I knew I wouldn’t have long anyway.

“Breed me man,” he said.

I snorted the poppers now and went plunging over the edge.

I bred his ass, pushing my cum inside him and letting him know he’d gotten my load. Then I pulled out and dressed.

“Damn,” he said. “Thanks. I’ve been looking all day for someone to come over and fuck me. You were the first one serious enough to do it.”

“Glad to help out,” I said.

And I left.

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Blatino Joe

Blatino Joe

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In the dark passages, I wandered as my eyes adjusted to the sudden lack of sunlight. I wandered upstairs finally able to focus and found half the rooms occupied. It was Wednesday — not a good day in Atlanta for action. The space didn’t have a lot of people but I still hoped against hope I’d find something worthwhile to whom I’d lose a load.

Down a narrow dead-end hallway, I started to enter when he was exiting and suddenly stopped. I stared back immediately. Shorter at five-six or or, short hair and dark, tanned skin. His ethnic appeal certainly held my gaze. As I reached the end of the short hallway, a small pocket seemed like the perfect place t pause to see if he joined me rather than continuing the stare from the entrance.

He did. Within moments, he reached out to grope my cock, which bounced to life in an instant. I unzipped and he jerked it a bit before going straight to work, sucking it with a good fever pace. But not too fast. His small stature allowed me to feel around and check his chest, with a nice dusting of hair. He didn’t react to a tweak of his nipples. His pants were athletic and it felt as if a large, snaked uncut cock were trapped and wrapped inside something. His ass, though, seemed relatively free, leading me to believe he wore a jockstrap.

He stood after a moment and went to work on his drawstring as another man joined us. This, a twenty something man of Indian or Pakistani descent. Wide chested and seemingly Americanized, my Blatino friend was between us as he freed himself and bent over to begin pleasuring the darkly tanned man, leaving his jockstrap cock in my crotch. I lifted his shirt to see the band across his smooth, dark skin read, “Joe Boxer.” I reached down to his hole, finding it already lubed and wet. No invitation needed.

I lined my cock head up and pushed. He pushed back and I entered. Obviously, I wasn’t the first cock in him this day. He sucked and I fucked, spit-roasting the Blatino pig. I reached up to my fellow top but he largely ignored me, so setting a pace wasn’t going to happen.

My Blatino sensed this. He stood and offered his ass to the Indian/Pakistani boy. I saw his cock in its full glory… a little thinner but a full inch longer at more than 8. He went in raw. My Blatino sucked me some and I tickled his raw ass lips sucking in that cock. But a good tag teaming wasn’t to be in the cards.

By now, we had an audience that respectfully kept their distance and just watched. Unusual but I was pleased since none had anything I wanted.

Blatino stood and began to ignore the other top to focus on me, knowing the other top didn’t know what the fuck he was doing.

“But I was about to shoot my fucking load,” the Indian/Pakistani boy said.

As my lovely Blatino sat on my cock in a standing position and we watched, the dark-skinned Asian jerked his own cum off and onto the floor. Park of me wished Blatino bottom had taken it into his ass, but the attitude had bugged me some too. He departed and Blatino bent over so I could go to town.

I did, holding his dark, smooth ass mounds to either side and fucking harder and harder until I punched through and released a torrent of cum. I let myself breathe heavily I stopped moving in his ass, so he could feel my cock jerk and throb as it spurted cum into his raw hole.

“Damn,” he said.

I left my cock inside him and pumped a few more times before finally relaxing my gripped after more than a minute.

He stood, left my cock fall out and then sucked every bit of ass juice and cum off my cock.

Blatino looked up at me, staring into my eyes for the first-ever moment: “Thanks a lot.”

He disappeared and I left. I’d been inside 20 minutes. Some sort of record.

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Deceptively Fun #16: Plastic Or Skin

Deceptively Fun #16: Plastic Or Skin

You know, it’s funny how many “safe” tops I hear from that say they get soft while fucking with a condom. No wonder. Society is all about putting a “safe” distance between you and everyone else. Whether it’s masks to keep away germs or gloves to prevent contaminants from leaking into our food or that “personal space” between you and the hot guy you’re talking with.

Life is messy. We always seem to be trying to clean it up.

So I am chatting online with this hot little number who lives too fucking close to believe it. We do not clarify whether he’s in the “safe” camp, which is fine by me. I never arrive with a condom in those situations. I think the, “I’m out of condoms” is a passive-aggressive way of saying, “Please fuck me raw.” I mean, how often do people run out of the essentials.

In my book, fucking is essential.

So the guy’s setting up a three-way cause he’s never been double-fucked and he wants to try it out. The other top is nothing more than a dick shot, so I’m not certain what I am getting myself into. The good news is the bottom is a hottie… 5-foot-6 with auburn hair, smooth and almost tightly muscular — although with a nice layer of winter fat on top.

So I’m the first one there and we chit chat before he starts kissing on me and rubbing my cock through my jeans in order to get an estimation of whether it will fit. My 7-cut throbber goes rock hard for him, convincing him he’s in for a treat. Then the other top shows up.

Well, he’s not bad. A little overweight, but then again, so am I. Hell, unless you’re some fucking gym god, we could all stand to lose a few pounds. But he needs to loose a few more than me.

We head to the bedroom and get naked. The bottom is totally smooth, although touching some parts of his tanned skin, it’s artificial smoothness. The other top is a little hairy, at 6-feet tall and light brown hair and somewhere around 210 pounds. And I’m in the middle of the hairy scale. We start kissing and jerking.

But in one of the top’s hands, he’s already holding a condom. It’s still in the wrapper. He brought it with him. It’s his safety blanket. No tongue with him, either. Almost a dry kiss. Damn, I like it when it’s wet. But the bottom is satisfying me in that way and, it becomes obvious who’s going to have the most fun.

I’ll cut to the chase. After a little sucking, we all climb onto the bed and the bottom is sucking my cock when the top puts on his condom and slides his covered cock into the bottom. He is a machine, just slamming the cock into the bottom without any real finnesse. But the good news is he uses plenty of lube.

So I am on my back, the bottom is sucking my cock, on his knees with his ass in the air. That’s when I pull him forward, off of my cock, for a nice, juicy kiss. The other top is suddenly fucking air, but I don’t care.

As we kiss, I gently move the bottom so his knees are on either side of me and his ass is right in place. My spit-soaked cockhead is gently prodding at the hole when a hand grabs it.

At first, I’m thinking the other top is going to put a fucking condom on me, but he doesn’t. He’s adding a little lube (which, could be a preparation for a condom, but I scoot up a little and he lets me go).

Then I am pushing up at the ass and the bottom gets the hint, arching his back the right way for my cock to enter him.

Damn, the other top does NOT know what he’s missing. This boy has a tight, hot hole. He doesn’t need to get double fucked. He’s tight enough as it is.

I get a few thrusts into his ass. The bottom is moaning, which I am sure Mr. Safety Top never noticed the bottom did during the earlier assault. But the top man is suddenly there, his fat cockhead is right along the rim of where my cock is inside the bottom’s ass.

The bottom and I stop moving. I know he wants to try it, so I let him.

The good news about the condom is Safety Top is not completely hard… even close to what he was like when we were doing the suck-off thing earlier. But he’s forcing the issue, pushing his half-hard six-incher into the boy’s hole.

It pushes in and he gasps, reaching for the bottle of poppers. Who can blame him? I stay still, although I do borrow the poppers after the boy’s done.

And the machine gets to work. The tight space along with skin vs. latex requires more lube in a bit, but soon we’re just kissing. We let him fuck it out of his system until he shoots into the condom. I mean, the tightness felt good. But I’m in this nice, wet, warm place and this cool plastic thing is rubbing up against me. There’s some novelty with it. But Mr. Safety Top never pauses or varies his pace.

He’s in a safe place, where nothing is disturbed. There’s a barrier between him and everyone else in the world.

Not us.

As he leaves to wash off the dirt of the scene, we kiss deeply. I begin pushing my cock into him, deeper and deeper. That raw space is filled with nothing but us. And he moans more. We fuck for about 10 minutes, sometimes he’s hopping up and down on me, his back arched and in a crab position. Other times, I am thrusting up into him, the angle of my cock causing me to slam against his G spot.

As he lets loose, shooting his load all over my chest with a few grunts. He looks into my eyes and whispers, “Breed me.”

It doesn’t take long until I am pumping my baby batter into his nicely used ass.

I don’t shower. I barely wipe off, although Mr. Safety Top is waiting with a warm, wet rag. As we’re escorted out, I kiss the bottom as top makes a run for his car.

“Next time,” I say. “No condoms and let me be in back.”

He smiles. “You’re on.”

Later on that evening at home, I pull off my undershirt, which sticks to a few crusty remnants of the load shot on my chest.

I like it when life gets a little dirty.