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Don't be a dick

Breaking the Silence: Seeking Sufficient ROI from My Friends

So where have I been?

Some of you might have seen me on Twitter with occasional posts. Not much elsewhere. As I’ve struggled over the last few months, exerting myself upon multiple fronts to find an occupation for myself, the results failed to be fruitful. Each provided a life lesson for me. And I sit upon the precipice and ponder the path I’ve taken.

I use people, most specifically bottoms for my own pleasure. As I have ventured a little further in recent times, I’ve opened myself up to a little more sensation but still, my intention is to mark my territory. I won’t settle for a condom, insisting that my cock slide raw into an ass and spray my DNA markers in that most intimate of places to say I was here.

I’ve never been delusional about how the world works as well. While lacking the literal fucking and breeding, I’ve been proverbially bent over and marked through my life in many ways. And I let it happen. Perhaps my own need to breed back is my response to how society decided to use my intelligence, creativity and good will.

Now approaching eight months of unemployment, struggling with comprehending why my talents are overqualified and too advanced for today’s workforce, I find myself questioning much. And then comes the sexual side of it all. The other night, I lay beneath a young man just making out. And a sensation came across like someone flipped on a switch I’d not felt in eons. Of course, we all feel it on occasion.

A lunch arrangement and then when the time comes, it’s postponed and finally cancelled with a stinging “it was a mistake” to even suggest meeting. A sudden flash of anger and hurt then returned to calm as I’ve been here before, kicked to the curb for dropping my guard and giving humanity hope for a moment.

If only I’d bred him when I had the chance. My territory went unmarked.

A realization came over me about the number of people who use me as well. My so-called friends who only use me for their benefit and return so little back. Karma?

Funny because I’ve been cutting some people out of my life. If I don’t see enough Return On Investment from my friends, well, they’re getting kicked to the curb as well.

As a result, I think Karma has kicked my ass-supply. I’ve found it dwindles some, of late. I’m sure some cum-hungry sluts find the ass use a mutually beneficial relationship, but my one-off, use your ass as a masturbation device doesn’t often work that well.

Part of me still hopes for a buddy in Atlanta who can fuck, hang out, bareback, etc. I don’t see it happening. And that occasional need for affinity comes and goes. But perhaps I should stick to an equation, a simple mathematical value of what I get for what I give.

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Take One Down, Pass It Around…

Take One Down, Pass It Around…

Another Saturday night at one of Baltimore’s more popular clubs, I nursed another beer while listening to the three bottoms all try to out bottom each other. At the time, I tried to feign interest in these boys, one of which did intrigue me on some level. But to be perfectly honest, I was bored out of my skull.

I sat my almost empty beer on the counter. I hate warm beer.

I don’t give a fuck how big of a butt plug or dildo you can get into your asshole. My real cock will never serve as a mold for a fake cock. Beside, the real talent of a bottom is how he can milk out my cum and hold it inside him without spilling a drop.

The bottoms now moved on to other talents. The shortest one finally said something that caught my ear.

“I love piss,” he said. “I’ll drink anyone’s piss in this bar.”

“Oh really?” I spoke.

The boys came out of their competition to look at me for a moment. The bottom continued his swagger.

“Hand me my beer,” I said to him. He reached over, picking up the clear glass with about an inch of Mexican brew left in the bottom. I took it, looking into his eyes. He didn’t flinch and kept an intensity about them.

I disappeared into the crowd and headed to the bathroom.

In a few minutes I returned. I handed a full beer bottle to him as I said these words, “Prove it.”

He took the bottle from my hand. “It’s warm.”

“Of course it is, piss drinker,” I almost whispered. Then I winked, “So drink it.”

It dawned on the three boys at that moment what I’d handed him. Of course, the two other bottoms egged him on. I just looked at him as he went through the machinations of justifying to himself what he was about to do.

This boy was a talker. Worried about sexually transmitted diseases then saying something about sterility of piss. Drinking the urine of some man he’d just met but admitting he’d enjoyed drinking from the tap in the past. I waited patiently.

Finally, the bottle’s lip touched his and he turned it up, swallowing generously, drinking down about half. The other boys screamed in delight. I just watched.

As soon as the bottle was down, he motioned for the bartender, who was busy at the other end of the bar. Finally he came over and the boy ordered a shot “to get the taste out of his mouth.”

At that moment, as the bartender turned around, the bottom couldn’t stomach it any longer and he barfed all over the counter. Jeers from the crowd and the bartender just said, “You’re out.”

I laughed all the way outside as the four of us headed out of the door. Still trying to save face, the young man spoke of the bitter flavor of my piss.

“By the way,” I spoke slowly and waiting for everyone to calm down. “That wasn’t piss.”

I got the silence I wanted.

“It was warm tap water mixed with a little beer. I just filled it up in the bathroom.”

The boy’s jaw dropped. He stared at me, silent now. The other bottoms were quiet as well.

“Too bad you couldn’t keep it down. You could have drank from my tap tonight.”

I turned and walked to my car.

Deceptively Fun #1: The Story Begins

Deceptively Fun #1: The Story Begins

Don’t know when I stopped caring, but I don’t. It’s all about the fuck. It’s all about feeling good. And I don’t fucking care any other way.

I say and do what I need to and I always get rewarded with ass. Well, almost always. There’s still plenty of ass I turn down. But I can be charming, naive, dominant, friendly or anything as long as my cock finds its way to a tight — or tight enough — pucker.

As for condoms, most guys may claim they want “safe sex,” but if you eat their ass out just enough and then poise the cock at the hole, you don’t even need to push. The bottom will push back onto my throbbing hard seven-and-a-half inches.

And I really do have seven-and-a-half inches. First, the nine-inches or more is fucking hard to find and, in many cases, guys with meat that huge are usually bottoms. If you are lucky enough to find a top with such a large endowment, chances are the cock is more sponge-like than rock-like.

Mine is solid. You have NO DOUBT there’s a cock inside you. Moreover, my talents extend further. Once I am hard, I STAY HARD. I mean, I can shoot a load and keep fucking. I’ve done that numerous times and not even told the bottom. As long as I keep thrusting, they have no idea I’ve shot a load DEEP INTO THEIR ASS.

That’s one of my favorites for the so-called “safe” fuckers who back down on my cock. “Please, don’t cum in my ass,” they’ll request. Of course, I always make a special effort to cum shortly after my cock slides inside, then I keep fucking them and cum a second time on their back or wherever. But about half the time, they end up asking — no, begging — for it in their ass.

Should you enjoy the pleasures of cum in ass, I have a special treat. You see, my cock has a life of its own. With a good fuck, I slam that last stroke home and hold still. The bottom will feel my cock swell and then THROB LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER. Dude, you have NO IDEA the reaction this gets.

Bottoms will beg for it again and again if they can FEEL a guy shoot. With me, they can.

So I should round out my description a little more.

I’m 36, 6-feet 3-inches tall, 185 pounds with brown hair and green eyes. I have a little chin fuzz, which adds a little something to my nerdy appearance. Seeing me on the street (or online), you’d never suspect I’ve fucked more than 5,000 asses. hell, I have NO IDEA how many men I have fucked.

So let’s move on since we’re done with all the introductory shit.

The guy is 20 years old, black, slender and about 5-foot 10-inches. He’s a bottom, of course, and asked if I would fuck him. We were both online, him hiding his pics until I sent him my e-mail address. I don’t go looking for twentysomethings. Hell, I don’t even approach guys under 30. The twinks (and let’s face it, at that age they’re almost ALL twinks) generally fuck their own.

When I was in my early thirties, I never seemed to attract guys in their twenties. Now, that’s all I seem to hear from. A gift for turning 36 or something, I guess.

So he comes over, and we start the usual thing. He sucks my cock, he eats my ass, he licks my balls (which really gets my juices running). I return the favor, at a minimum. He sucked me for something like 15 minutes and I make it from his cock to asshole in two.

This is where I spend my time. I know how to eat ass and do it well. I get the chin fuzz involved and really work my tongue into that tangy pucker. He’s all moaning and shit, now begging for it.

I always ignore the first time they ask for a condom.

I move up and start kissing him deeply, letting him taste his own ass. My wet cockhead is pushing at his hole the first time he asks. Again, I never push forward. He is hesitating. I know he wants to, but he asks for a condom again.

They look like ordinary condoms. Hell, they are. Even good on the expiration date, if anyone bothered to check. But here’s the trick. Put them in your car in sunlight. Let the whole box heat up good and hot. And it needs to be for a few days. A week is best. Just for good measure, sometimes I bring them in from the heat and freeze them too.

Always test one from the batch. The trick should be for them to slip on like any other condom. Over the head and everything. Some smart bottoms always check the tip. But once you start fucking, they only check the base.

With enough practice, you will find the right amount of heat and all that will cause the condom head to split open. I’ve got it good enough that by the fourth or fifth thrust, my head is out. A few minutes in, the entire top half of my cock is plunging into his hole.

Damn this boy was hot and loving my cock. He reaches back every once in a while and feels the cock going into his hole. Sometimes they check for the condom and breath a sign of relief when they feel it.

Not him. He wants my cock deeper inside him. He’s opening his ass up as wide as it will go. He takes a snort of poppers and starts begging for me to really plug him.

He’s such a thin boy. A slight amount of effort gets his haunches up higher so I can slam his ass. I can see my bare cock come out and go back into his hole, glistening with the lube, spit, my precum and his ass juices. I really start giving it to him.

Without touching himself, he begins to shoot. I feel his ass clamp down onto my cock. So I let loose. A couple more plunges and I am there. I bury my cock deep inside and start releasing my load. His eyes get wide. He can feel it too. FUCK it feels good. My cock is throbbing, swelling and pumping, releasing my juices deep into his gut. I ride the high as long as I can. He does too.

Then you see the confusion. It FEELS different, I know. As out breathing begins to relax, he reaches back to grab the cock base and hold the condom in place. My hand wraps around his and I pull the condom off.

I become attentive. My spunk is dribbling out of his ass, so I grab a handy towel and wipe it up, then clean him up and point him toward the bathroom, being gentlemanly.

This is where I always win the deception. When he returns, I am fully ready for the question: “Hey, did the condom break?”

“Nope,” I say. Sometimes when I jerk off alone, I use a normal, unaltered condom, deposit a load there, add enough lube and a bit of brown matter (if needed) and you have “evidence” of a unbroken condom. Store it in plastic baggies to keep it “fresh” enough. The bathroom trip always gives you enough time to make the switch.

I show it to him and he relaxes.

“Damn, dude, that was fucking hot. I have NEVER felt someone cum like that before,” he says.

I just smile.

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