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Catfish Uncovered, Fake Profiles Online

Calling Out a Catfish


He claims to be porn star A.J. Manzano on BarebackRT.com with profile SuperMuscleBoi. Stupid people like this fucker also automatically type “safe” in their profile and say they just want to JO.

The photo comes up to a Fratman.tv video. And while the profile refers to a profile on Facebook, there’s actually two there. Both are sketchy at best. One posts photos of different people with a similar look as the character AJ.

The hometown of Dalton is closer to Chattanooga, TN, than Atlanta and boasts a dying trade in carpeting as the economy went south in recent years. Dalton’s claim to fame was as the carpet capital of the world.

I just don’t see a porn star living in Dalton when Atlanta is 95 miles south of there.

Today he’s on the front of BBRT. Just a friendly catfish alert.


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Deceptively Fun #4: The Truth Feels Good

It’s really amazing how stupid people are. I’ve got a screen name on one of the chat services that quite bluntly lets you know I want to put cum into either your mouth or ass. So many idiots online seem to somehow get confused that either I am a bottom or that I want “safe” sex.

Of course, that’s not the case. So I fuck with them. And this is where the real stupidity emerges.

So a guy starts chatting me up. He’s a little smarter than most, figuring I am a top. But the chat subject turns around to fucking wrapped or raw.

“I prefer it wrapped. You?” he types.

“Raw only.” I type back.

There’s a pause.

“You neg?”

“Yea.” I respond. Truth is, I have no idea.

“It does feel better,” he responds.

I don’t type anything back.

“Are you hot? Big dick?”

“Yea,” I type back. Truth is, I am just an average looking guy — not ugly, not muscular, not anything extraordinary. Pass me on the street, you’d ignore me, my bespectacled, 6-foot-3-inch frame walking by. I have no pecs, although I wish I did and — for a while — worked hard at getting them. But my muscle “mass” prefers to me toned rather than bulky. I haven’t been hitting the gym lately, so I could use to lose about 10 pounds — that’s HONEST pounds. I’m not fat by any stretch of an imagination. My brown eyes are growing out of a crew cut and the ever-present chin fuzz is getting nice and long. I look like I belong in front of a computer or in a book shop rather than shoving my cock into some 27-year-old’s ass.

But that’s what I am going to do.

“Where will you cum?” the guy asks.

“In your ass.”

“I’d prefer if you fucked me raw that you didn’t.” he finally types.

I again choose not to respond and close the window.

“I really want to get fucked,” a window finally pops up.

“Then come over, suck my cock and sit on it,” I respond.

“OK. where do I come?” appears almost immediately.

I give him directions…. with instructions. I insist he enters my house (door unlocked), strip and come to my bedroom and get started.

The fucker did. When he entered my room, the 5-foot-8-inch boy with short blond hair crawled onto my bed and started sucking my cock immediately. His little 6-incher was rock hard and thick. He was thin, almost completely hairless except for his legs and pubes. He’d even shaved his pits. He had nice large nipples and a deep tan, except for a thong tanline that showed with his ass arched up while he chowed down on my cock.

I was rock hard.. And he was leaking like crazy. I moved around and pushed him down on the bed. I started licking his ass — a relentless assault. He moaned. His ass was tangy with the scent of sweat. And it was obviously tight.

I moved up and kissed him, my cock at his hole.

“Can I sit on it?”

“Sure,” I replied and laid back down.

He grabbed the lube and started jabbing at his hole with fingers slicked with the lube. He manhandled my cock for a moment and then straddled me. He pointed my cock at his hole and started to inch down on it.

FUCK. The guy was TIGHT. That’s when it dawned on me. He was NOT a bottom. He was more likely a top, the way he had trouble inching onto my cock. He had to take three breaks off my cock before it finally went all the way in.

Finally, I could thrust into that tight wet hole. I went at it. His expressive blue eyes peered at me with an intensity of someone being pushed over the edge. He had not been fucked like this before. And he was not leaving here without a load deep in his ass.

As it slid in, he changed angle and pace. I knew immediately it was a good move for him. Now the angle roughly slid over his prostate. His cock pulsed and began to coat itself with more precum.

I began thrusting my hips up in earnest. I knew it wouldn’t be long.

“I’m going to cum!” he moaned.

“You’re fucking getting my load!” I let loose. And I began pumping cum deep into his raw ass.

“FUCK!” he said, feeling me throb.

He cum began shooting all over my chest in thin, ropy strands.

His breathing still hard, he eased off my cock. With such a tight ass, it came out glisteningly clean. No hint of cum. It was all in his ass. I turned over, curling up to take a nap as I heard him putting on his clothes.