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#CloseGhosts and My Recent Travels

You can’t see them. You can’t touch them. You just knew that one moment they were there and the next, they were gone. Is it a mystery? Some phenomenon worthy of Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle and what pills Paula Abdul takes before going on air?

Probably not.

I call them #CloseGhosts. And I’ve recently had close encounters of the plentiful kind them on recent travels.

With the conviction of a serial killer who proclaims his innocence, these lovely bottoms in far away cities and town lurk upon websites (like BarebackRT.com or this blog), Twitter or other online hook-up destinations, assuring traveling a top when he arrives in their town, city or other geographic region that an ass will be ready to fuck at his demand.

Alas, a phenomenon occurs when that top arrives and is in close proximity to the bottom. The cum dump vanishes into thin air, often with some wispy excuse similar to “the dog ate my homework” or “the check is in the mail.”

Case #1: London Twitter Twink & the Quickening

london-postcardWe all know that London is notoriously known for all the ghosts that wander its streets and waterways, its old buildings and strange little alleys. However, having had men upon men beg me for my load for years, I figured one might be legit among them.

My BBRT exploded. I had more than 300 messages at one time and maintaining control of it via my iPhone came close to impossible. One gentleman who seemed legit got pissy because I’d not responded to him immediately upon arrival in town, so he crossed himself off the list. The rest where the normal lot. I waded through them all, trying to invite someone over for a breeding to my centrally located hotel near the West End, not far from Trafalgar Square.

Too far. Apparently, Londoners go to bed early on Bank Holidays and weren’t interested as I attempted to find someone to fuck about 21:00 to 22:00 (that’s 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. for us bloody Americans).

Then a tweet came in from a twink. How’s London, he asked. I replied. It became a conversation of sorts that moved to direct messages and a bit more privacy when I mentioned my trip would be so much better if I had an ass to breed.

“I can help you out there,” he said. “I’d love for you to load my ass. Big fan of your blog.”

He asked when I was leaving. Told him this was my last night. I asked where he was. He said, “Covent Gardens.”

Boom. That’s the neighborhood I’m in. I’m over at the… I listed the hotel.

Pause. Double pause.

“Oh, it’s too bad I’m not at home tonight. I’m staying with a friend in the country.”


Case #2: The Early Alabama Bird Misses the Juicy Worm


I’d started on BBRT with this hottie and turned to text messaging. We were getting ready for some good fun, all planned out in Alabama. I’d let him know that it would be a late arrival for me and he’d told me we’d have “several hours” of play.

I’d even arranged a nice corner room, away from everyone in the hotel, because I had a feeling this fuck might get a bit out of control.

I don’t usually trust bottoms. Bottoms in general are not trustworthy. But I’d grown to trust this one.

I arrived just after 9 p.m. and texted. No response. Another text. No response. Around 9:30, I get a response saying he’d fallen asleep. Then, “he didn’t know I was going to be so late.”

Late? It’s 9:30!

We’d been setting this up for a month.

The shitty little cocktease went on to berate me for almost an hour about being “late.” Of course the little fucker didn’t get off so easily in this from me.

Obviously, he loved the chase, but actually fucking… well, I’m guessing his balls hadn’t quite dropped yet. My timing was never the issue.


Cases 3 & 4: The Revolutionary Missing Men

Bareback top visiting New HampshireIn this history-rich part of America just north of Boston, finding fuckable asses aren’t easy. I knew this. I planned for it with a backup ass. I found them both and, as it turned out, both claimed to want it.

One said he’d be online on BBRT. Te other asked me to text. My #1 choice, the textable ass, got a text.

We pinged a bit before I asked him to come over.

Pause. He then, for some reason, told me his actual location. In Maine. And invited me over.

Baffled, I asked what was up.

“I don’t have a car,” was his response.

Now it wasn’t as if both of us were in downtown Boston. This little hottie claimed in the middle of bumfuck Maine, he had no transportation, after knowing I was visiting from out of town.


Back-up plan into action. Logged onto BBRT. Sure enough, he was there. Message. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait longer. And more. I’m tired. Just go to fucking bed.


This ghost responded when I was no longer close, in Boston, about to fly home.

Just the Four?

No. I have so many more stories. But these are the four most recent. I did debate divulging Twitter names, BBRT handles showing a photo or two, but I’m going to leave it alone. After all, these #CloseGhosts could be #Catfish for all I know.

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Bareback-Friendly Destinations

Bareback-Friendly Bathhouses, Sex Clubs and Resorts

These destinations are known to be friendly or indifferent to gay bareback sex occurring at its location.

Do you have a destination that should be included? If you are a business owner or if the business sponsors or allows bareback events to occur at its location, we will include it here. If raw fucking is pervasive at the location, it may also be included — but only if multiple barebackers nominate the location. Please e-mail Mark Bentson mailbox_full or contact him Opens new window of a page on this blog with your suggestion.

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Cathedral City
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Los Angeles
Flex Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse
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North Hollywood
North Hollywood Spa Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

Palm Springs
Cathedral City Boys Club (CCBC) Open-New-Window-External Resort yelp
     NOTE: The Palm Springs CumUnion meets at this location.
Helios Resort Open-New-Window-External Resort yelp

San Diego
Club San Diego Open-New-Window-External Sex Club yelp
     NOTE: Due to the large military presence in the area, this club does not accept credit cards and does not check IDs.

San Francisco
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Fort Lauderdale
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Midtowne Spa Open-New-Window-External Bathhouse yelp

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bullet Updated March 8 with yelp connections and seven more destinations including Wisconsin and Colorado.
bullet Updated March 16. Southern California local helped provide updates to that area’s listings (thanks Dave).

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The Not-So-Sleazy Information on Atlanta

I’m often asked where to stay or information on what else there is to do in Atlanta. Well, folks, God made Google for a reason. I’m not your concierge.

That said, I don’t want to leave you completely in the dark when it comes to visiting Atlanta. I know how much it sucks to try and figure out what the hell is going on, where in Waldo am I and how can I get people to fuck me or get me some people to fuck.

Allow me to help you out a little.

An Overall View of Atlanta


Atlanta was burned during the Civil War. While that may have little to do with what’s going on with you coming to town, that actually means something. Unlike Boston, New York or other northeastern major cities, Atlanta’s rebuilding came at a time when streets were widened for carriages and, not too long after, cars. This is a city for cars and practically everyone has one.

Unlike Washington, D.C., San Francisco or other such major cities, Atlanta’s public transportation system (known as MARTA) has not adapted well to the sprawling metropolis. The working public may take it for their 9-to-5 jobs, but only if it’s convenient and — for much of Atlanta’s population — MARTA is not convenient.

Because practically nothing is within walking distance and because Atlanta is a city of cars, our areas are largely little islands that MARTA does not connect. Other than the Tourist Center area, the sidewalks will mostly fold up after 6 p.m. unless you happen to be lucky enough to be staying next to a chain restaurant.

Taxi cabs aren’t cheap because, more than likely, you’ll be traveling dozens of miles to your location. Keep in mind when you see someone on Grindr or Scruff, it’s plotting the location as the bird flies. If you actually get an address, you’ll route it to find it two to three times the distance in driving. Therefore, something that seems like 13 miles — infinitely not that far — turns into a 45-minute drive.

Above, I’ve highlighted a few locations the map missed.


In Atlanta, we call the interstate around the city, “The Perimeter.” It’s also known as I-285. For short, people live either OTP or ITP, which stands for “outside the Perimeter” or “inside the Perimeter.”

Just as in other cities, there’s a bias by those who live ITP to those who live OTP. I live OTP. ITP bottoms think I have to drag my cock to them all the time. Oh well, there’s plenty of ass OTP too.

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and Fuck, I’m Lost, Which Way Is This Damn Subway Train Going?

They say when you die, whether you’re going to heaven, hell or purgatory, you’ll connect through the Atlanta airport.

I think Hartsfield-Jackson probably is purgatory.

I’ve traveled enough that maneuvering through ATL is easy for me and I don’t even pay attention much any more, but I know it’s confusing as hell. But I wanted you to see on the map just how fucking far the airport is from Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead or any place else you might be staying.

If you have any hint that you might take the MARTA train to some station then grab a bus or some such, don’t do it. Either rent a car (there’s a new fabulous rental terminal connected by above-ground train to the main domestic terminal near baggage claim) or get a car service. It’s worth the $20 to $30 you will pay because you will be traveling through some of the worse neighborhoods in Atlanta to get to your destination.

A Fuzzy Feeling About Peaches

Georgia is the Peach State and, even though South Carolina rivals in production of the fruit, Georgias take love the luscious flesh seriously. Don’t let some asshole tell you to go to “Peachtree” as if there’s only one such street. There’s more than 200 streets and roads with “peachtree” in the name in the Atlanta area. You’re seriously fucked.


Let’s get it out of the way. Not everything slutty, sleazy and fun is located here but a fuck-ton is. You’re going to find Inserection Opens a new window from this blog, BJ Roosters Opens a new window from this blog, Bliss Opens a new window from this blog, Eros Opens a new window from this blog, Manifest Opens a new window from this blog, the Heretic Opens a new window from this blog and all the Hookup Hotels Opens a new window from this blog.

And these are the places I’ll go.

You will discover there’s other places you might like around there, although who knows. I’ve explored, but some parts of the underbelly I don’t have access to because (1) I don’t do drugs and (2) I’m not a minority.


Atlanta-hotels-downtownIf you’re attending a conference, chances are you’ll end up in one of these four hotels. However, if you have a choice, do not stay in the Marriott Marquis, Hyatt Regency, Westin Peachtree Plaza or the W Hotel.

None of these have decent parking for your visiting fucks.

You’ll also pay a lot of cash per night for parking if you have a rental.

If you’re on the company expense account, I personally love the W. Well, any of the W Hotels are great. But unless it’s someone I really know already, I will not come down to meet someone because I generally believe there’s a 50-50 chance someone’s lying about who he is or where he’s located.

While there seems to be a lot to do around here and it thrives during the day, at night, it’s a ghost-town.

Just as a public service information, these hotels are the best in the city with the exception of the Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton and Omni. This is also about the closest to the Flex Opens a new window from this blog bathhouse.

Tourist Center

Atlanta-hotels-tourist-centerThe only part of town that seems to come alive at night is around this section of Atlanta surrounding Centennial Olympic Park, the centerpiece of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics (what a clusterfuck). If you’re coming to town for a convention and you register early enough, you won’t be stuck in the Downtown hotels west of here and end up in the lovely Omni or perhaps the Embassy Suites.

Don’t miss the World of Coke and Georgia Aquarium (you can do them both in an afternoon) and the CNN Tour is great as well (CNN Center is adjacent to the Omni). The Falcons play at the Georgia Dome (although they just approved to build a new stadium). Americas Mart is nearby as well.


Buckhead has been trendy since I was a kid so, fuck, it really can’t be trendy. Yet it seems to always keep up. Likely you’ll be near Atlanta’s first mall, Lenox Square, which is catty-cornered across from the upscale Phipps Plaza.

Good news staying here: Lenox Road provides a straight shot to (and basically turns into) Cheshire Bridge Road, the main strip in Slut-Town. Therefore, if you want to stay Slut-Town adjacent, stay near Lenox Square in Buckhead.


Reaching out into the suburbs but not quite getting there are another two malls, Cumberland and the Galleria, across the streets from each other and at the intersections of I-75 and I-285. At the border of Atlanta, Marietta and Smyrna, several businesses find this as a hub, so if you’re coming to town on a company, you might end up staying here.

There’s a Renaissance and a Marriott here at the top tier then a few others down to the Days Inn and a Red Roof. If there’s a fuck-and-go situation and someone isn’t staying on the east side of town, they’re likely over here, usually on Windy Hill Road. These are never as successful as the others in Slut-Town at the Hookup Hotels, but I find them more convenient.

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Cocks and Robbers

Cocks and Robbers

I begin this post with a caveat: I am not a particularly nice person, at least when it comes to sex and my particular efforts to fuck and breed. If you met me on the street, if we worked together, if you knew me, you might find me an agreeable person.

I somehow have come to resolve all the sides of myself — the kinky asshole all about getting ass, the talented business man, the nice guy. If I say much more, I ruin the part of myself for whom I write this blog. The sexual deviant. If it turns you on or it pisses you off, I don’t really care.

So I am going to begin this entry with a gigantic fuck you to the pussy cunt who came in and stole the participant’s clothes (including phones and keys). The orgy occurred at a private townhome in the far suburbs of Atlanta. All of the participants were well aware that it was a bareback event. No deception here.

I arrived with another fine gentleman from out of state. We went into the spare bedroom to take off our clothes and then entered the master bedroom to join the action, which was already under way with four men…

  • In a baseball cap, a twinkish 21-year-old with a beautiful slender body, about 5′ 7″, perfectly smooth and about 7½ inches of cock.
  • In a black jockstrap, an average man in his late 30s with a nicely angular face and a nicely trimmed beard, 6’2″ or so and a thick 8 incher.
  • The beefy host bottom, lightly hairy and about 5’11”, a few tattoos and a very, very receptive ass.
  • An Asian in his late 20s, 5’4″ and very thin and extremely toned with a short crewcut and a rock-hard five inch cock.
  • The out-of-state guy, in his early 30s, on the thin side but 6’3″ or so who was probably very hairy but had clipped it all until he was so very huggable.
  • Myself, now in my early 40s, 6’3″, 225 pounds with geekish good looks and a 7½-inch hard cock.

Since things were already going hot and heavy, I had the one goal of getting into as many asses as possible. I had pegged the black jockstrap and myself as the only two confirmed tops in the room. The rest, I figured, were versatile with the exception of the host, who was almost entirely bottom (although I’ve known him to fuck).

After a few moments of warm up, black jockstrap was fucking out-of-state guy and tweaking his own nipples. Asian boy was all involved with ball-cap twink and the host was eating some ball-cap ass.

I wanted to help out my fellow top, so I moved behind him and tweaked his nipples some for him. To my surprise, he stopped fucking, turned around, sucked my cock for a second and then stood back up and guided it to his hole.

Heaven. His ass had been prepared but hadn’t been used and there’s nothing like the first slide into a nice ass — and a top one to boot. It wasn’t too long until I was pummeling him pretty good. The host, climbing off the bed to move to another place, passed close to my ear, “I want your load.”

“Don’t worry,” I replied. “I’m going to hold off for a while and enjoy myself.”

To be honest, I could have popped then. But I prevented myself because this was just the first of many asses I wanted to sample. And generally, at a gathering like this, I want to pop at least twice. I always try to save one for the host if he’s bottoming. I think Miss Manners would approve.

So after a while of juicing up one ass, I wanted to see what else I could get myself into. I especially had hoped for a little Asian and out-of-state. As I wandered over to the other side of the bed, the host saw my hard cock coming and angled himself to be available. Who am I to deny?

As I entered his warm chute, I could feel the squish. I knew at least one and possibly two loads were already in his hole.

There’s nothing like a freshly loaded hole. Usually the lube is soaked up so you’ve got the sweat and cum. A little sticky, not perfectly smooth, the friction of all the juices and just consistency is something that’s just adorably fun. I have a large head, so as I fuck… never pulling out completely… a suction builds. I’m churning all that cum, turning it into a buttery batter. When I finally pull out, the sound of the squishy pop is very appealing.

I reach for the Asian, who seems not interested. It always amazes me at some orgies how certain people sometimes get picky. He’s naked, at an orgy. You don’t have to let me fuck you, but you do need to be kind. It didn’t really matter to me. I do love fucking Asians, but I can live without it.

Next turned out to be my ball-cap twink friend, who somehow ended up bent over the side of the bed. I entered him smoothly, his silky ass well lubed with spit but not sloppy. I enjoyed the moments inside him.

It turned into a blur of bodies. But one available ass hadn’t been sampled and that was out-of-state guy. When I was finally able to corner him, he was on his back. He helped me lift his legs over my shoulders. I spit on my hand, slicked up my cock and poised at his hole.

Sometimes it’s hard to describe what ass feels like. Each one is different, like a fingerprint. But out-of-state guy had an ass like no other in the room. Like I was busting his cherry for the first time, I pushed with a little pressure before he let me in. When he did, his thick sphincter let my head in then tightened up with an air-tight seal. His entire ass and muscles all just wrapped around me with delight.

Every ass is different. And I love the feel of all kinds. This guy’s ass just held on for dear life. The bond between us was tight and unyielding. I enjoyed it.

As the evening progressed, another man joined us. A mid-20s, 5’9″ or so, beefy Asian — quite the contrast from the very thin one. He had a slight beard and lots of hair on his head. He also had the most incredible nipples, huge and juicy.

When we greeted one another, he sucked my cock well, really pushing himself down so his beard tickled my balls. I sucked on his thick cock too, tasted his nipples. He was also the only one I kissed, with a thick tongue that swirled around my mouth seeking incredible pleasure.

I would sample everyone once again and would end up at out-of-state guy. I began fucking him with earnest, really working on it. He had been quiet mostly, which didn’t bother me much. But he finally uttered, “Goddamn.”

That was all she wrote. I went to town. He was enjoying it. I felt someone behind me, a finger down to my balls then, along the ridge at the base of my cock until it was just inside the hole. His ass was already tight, but this was the magic sensation that I knew I wouldn’t stop.

That’s when the world goes away. When I enter into a space all my own. It’s a selfish place, just me and the intense pleasure of my cock. The ass, the chests, the nipples, the hands, the mouths, the arms, the poppers, the bed, the room. Everything didn’t exist. I could only see the intensity of the moment, as I was rushing toward it. I could only see the spot of my ecstasy.

My heavy breathing turned into huffs and then grunts and then growls. Soon I was entering into my destination, the place where everything explodes.

I started shooting into his hole. My cock throbbing. I knew it was a big load coming out. As I came out of my lonesome space, I could hear my fellow fuckers all egging me on, urging me to breed him. I did. I pushed every last drop into his hole.

And as I came off the high and I pulled back, opening my eyes to look around, I was hot, tired and happy all at once. He smiled up at me. I rolled off the bed and went to get a little space from the heat-generating bodies.

That was when I walked into the other room and noticed. My shirt was gone. My shorts were gone. All that was left were my shoes. Ball-cap twink had taken a break too and he could only find his underwear.

We had been robbed.

At some point during the hot and heavy moments, in the blur between arrival and orgasm, someone had come in and taken everyone’s clothes. None of the men in the room were guilty and most had been smart. My car keys and phone were gone.

After I broke the news, it broke up the orgy. With borrowed clothes, we searched through the neighborhood. My phone had a GPS component that allowed me to track its location, but its accuracy wasn’t perfect. In the darkness, we couldn’t see well enough to discover much of anything.

For the next three hours, each of us solved our issues — spare car keys, extra clothes, etc. We also searched in vain. Others arrived, hoping to join the fun, but our sexual buzz had been killed and we sent them home with the lesson we’d all learned.

I got home, exhausted but uneasy. I drifted off to sleep, my night filled with nightmares of cocks and robbers.