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Open Letter: Putting Bottoms on Notice

Open Letter: Putting Bottoms on Notice

Dear Bottoms:

I think there’s been a little confusion of late. Maybe the tops who you’ve found have been a little too nice, although I’d probably attribute it to the fact they’ve been sucked into the heterocentric sensitivity training of taking care of the wife or some other bullshit. Or maybe there’s too much of the Housewives of Wherever-The-Fuck on TV, showing the women getting all uppity on their men.

That or some queeny, bitch-ass bottom started a movement that they’ve got the hole so they get to be large and in charge.

As I’ve been communicating with a few of your compatriots who want cocks and cum, I’m getting these demands. I’m being told — not requested, but ordered — to provide certain items. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Face photograph
  • Full body shots
  • Videos of me fucking
  • Recent paperwork showing my HIV and STI/STD status

In most if not all of these cases, the bitch who’s making these demands is not providing any of these to me and, for the most part, gives me some line of bullshit that he’s “assuming all the risk.”

If I could reach through the Internet lines and grab you by the balls, bend you over and rape you lubeless, I would.

Additionally, I am getting a lot of feedback with which the precision a bottom wishes to be fucked. One said that I must only fuck him on his back, I must kiss him and, of course, he wants me to pull out and cum on his face.

In all of the preceding cases, I have declined to fuck them.

While I might entertain an occasional request from a bottom, that ass and body is there for my pleasure. If the bottom gets something out of it, good for you. I rarely give a fuck. But if a bottom seems particularly receptive to my fucking, I’ll be glad to make sure he gets to cum.

Good news is if I’m really enjoying myself, often the bottom will just cum on his own.

Here’s a little reminder of the 11 Commandments for a True Bottom. These were written by a bottom for all bottoms.

If you have a problem with this, please do me the kindness and fuck off.

Otherwise, I look forward to hearing from you.


Mark Bentson aka iBLASTinside
Twitter @iBLASTinside
BarebackRT Profile
E-mail iBLASTinside@gmail.com

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Question & Answer: How to Ask a Bareback Top About STDs

Question & Answer: How to Ask a Bareback Top About STDs

Since you’re obviously so bareback-savvy and articulate, I wonder if you’d mind my asking you a question.

Let me say that i wholeheartedly agree with you that introducing a layer of latex between two men who are doing what men do is just wrong.

That said, there is the reality of STDs, which, in an ideal world, would not exist. What is the best, most appropriate, respectful, way to raise the issue of STDs with a man with whom one is negotiating bareback sex?

Fact #1 (in my case): I’m STD-free (HIV negative, hepatitis a/b/c neg, etc.)  and tested regularly and (sadly) not overly sexually active.

Fact #2: I’m a bottom. hardwired. Sex for me isn’t sex unless there is a man’s dick up my ass. Generally speaking, when I ask a top (who has stated an interest in breeding me) about his STD status, more often than not I’ll get a defensive (or hostile) response suggesting that either (a) i shouldn’t be asking the question; (b) I should be assuming that he’s positive (for whatever); or (c) everyone who barebacks is positive (for whatever), and so on.

Is there no place in bareback sex circles for us negative guys?


Of course there’s a place for all bottoms. So let’s break it down a bit.

If you’re making the tops defensive or hostile, you’re offending them — probably coming off as a bossy bottom.

If you’re on BarebackRT.com or other such hook-up websites, you will see a status as far as HIV if they’ve chosen to answer the question (and answer it honestly). Of course, this fails to go further into the whole STD panel. And I’d say getting an honest answer is one of odds.

I’ll be honest here. If a bottom asks me, “Are you poz?” I’ll analyze the motivations of the question tone and usually turn it around and ask “Why” he’s asking. If a bottom asks, “Will you poz my ass?” that’s a completely different question, so I’ll probably suggest that charging him up would be a result.

A question like, “Are you clean?” will get me to say I am.

In other words, I mold my response to the motivation of the question. My ultimate goal is to get the ass I’m pursing.

Men are pigs — top, bottom or otherwise. Counting on an honest answer will leave you with an empty hole, as I’m sure the result already has. Moreover, the indiscretion or just plain sluttiness of men will lead them to lie more often than not.

So where does it leave us?

Largely with gut instinct. I’d suggest, “Quick question, are you clean? I am.” Or, “guaranteed clean hole here, hopefully you are” and see what he responds to that.

Then choose based on what you feel in your gut.

After the question and the response, then move on. Don’t ask any more and cede control back to the top. No one likes a bossy bottom… well, almost no one.

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