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Why No New Blog Posts?

Why No New Blog Posts?

So I guess you’re wondering why I’ve not posted anything new of late.

It’s a combination of a few things…

…Disappointing bottoms.

…Ordinary bottoms.

…Uninspiring bottoms.

Sounds like I am blaming bottoms. I am. I don’t quite get a few things:

  • The last few bottoms I’ve met at the adult bookstore (with one very distinct exception, #6 on that list) did not have lubed up asses. Seriously? I don’t mind a little spit shine but generally I expect some smooth entry into an ass. I don’t expect to tear what’s left of my foreskin off trying to get inside your tight bunghole.
  • If I ask you if you want my load, answer me. I get so many bottoms begging for verbal tops and I am. I am very, very verbal. I get off on being verbal. But fuck, you’ve got to answer back. It’s even better if you beg… verbally.
  • If you want to be my regular bottom, you have to work around my schedule of horniness… not yours. I understand work and life schedules and whatnot but get with the damn program. A bottom who’s been begging to be my regular one day turned me down because he “didn’t feel horny.” The next day, he wanted it. Well, too damn bad because I fucked someone else.
  • Bottoms have to do a little work on their cocksucking. I’ve had some seriously shitty blowjobs leading up to the fuck. Teeth scraping, flat tongues and very little movement… never mind how much you’re forgetting my balls. Sometimes I just fuck to get it over with.

Enough bitching. I’m looking for some decent bottoms to populate some new blog posts. Any around?

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Deceptively Fun #2: Bi Blond Boy

Deceptively Fun #2: Bi Blond Boy

He just turned 22 and he loves raw cock. He can’t get enough of it. And he’s bi.

It was even hard for me to believe it. He lived less than a mile from me. Oh, and he lived with his girlfriend.

This guy exudes straightness. He’s a little over 6 foot tall and slim. Blond with a little goatee. Kind of a skater punk look. A nice tattoo on his bicep. Smooth except for a little line of hair from the belly button down and around his dick right to his asshole. And his cock has got to be 9 inches uncut.

But they guy has no interest at all in fucking. He’s all about getting fucked.

I have a few screen names for online. Each one for my mood. It’s amazing, though, how just a slight change in stats can make a change. In my case, I just changed “gay” to “bi.” I let him fill in the rest. Then again, the rest was simple. I told him I was married. and I was. Just to a guy at the time. He assumed a woman. So he figured if I was living with my wife, it would be cool to fuck raw. And the guy BEGGED for it.

Bi guys can be the “extra careful” sort if they’re married. If not, I find there’s no limits. Beside, if a bi guy THINKS he’s getting fucked by a married dude, he’s even LESS careful.

I don’t fucking care if they’re bi, gay or straight. If it’s a manly ass, I am fucking it.

He’s a non-nonsense fuck. He walks in, stripping. No kissing at all. He’d rather not even face me. He’s on my bed, face down, his ass slightly hunched up. It’s just enough so he can get to his cock.

He loves lube. When I squeeze some on my hand and start massaging it into his asscrack, he reaches back with both hands and spreads his cheeks.

“Squeeze some directly in my ass, bud,” he asks.

I do just that. His right hand returns to his cock and his left props himself up just a bit. My wet, slicked cock is right at his hole.

“Take it slow, guy,” he says.

“No prob.”

And I enter him. It’s fucking tight. But a smooth entry. He flinches. He’s overwhelmed by my thick, flared head. My cock is throbbing and red now. I resist the temptation just to plunge it to the hilt. I push it in slowly. His left hand is back on my thigh, guiding me to let me know when I should push in deeper and when I shouldn’t.

Shortly, he’s adjusted. and I can start to move a little. He doesn’t like it pushed in hard. He just likes that slow, casual fuck. So I take my time, getting him adjusted to just how far my cock can probe.

Now he’s moaning and his ass is pushing back. meeting my every thrust. My raw cock is finding his joy spots too.

“Fuck me dude. fuck me with that cock that fucks your wife’s pussy.”

I care only about his manpussy right now.

As with most “complicated” boys, he cannot handle a long fuck. He’s working himself up to a quick explosion.

“Tell me man,” he says. “Tell me when you’re gonna shoot in my ass.”

“You want that load?” I ask.

“Fuck yeah,” he says as I pick up the pace a little. “Yeah man. really pummel my ass.”

So I do. I start pushing in harder and deeper, bringing my raw cock out and pushing it further in. It’s so hot to see the little blond hairs around his pucker all slicked down by the lube. He’s starting the moan louder as my cockhead is really flaring out. I know he’s feeling my whole cock as it gets larger.

I swell when I am close to coming. It’s not just girth but length. But my cockhead just swells up like a fucking balloon when I get close. And I am now. I start grunting and push my cock all the way in.

“Here’s your fucking load, bud!” I growl in his ear.

I stop moving. That’s when the pulsing starts. My balls have drawn up close to my cock. The hairs are tickling the area around his asshole. And my cock is fucking throbbing as it sucks spunk from my balls and juice from my prostate and starts injecting it into his raw ass.

At that moment, I feel his asshole clench around my cockbase. I can feel the flinching of his own prostrate about halfway down on my cock as he shoots his load onto the bedsheets. That 9 inch, uncut slab of meat is spraying the spunk deep into my sheets.

And my own juice is going deep into him. Raw man. There’s no other way. I just love the fact he leaves and goes home to his “girl” with a gut full of manseed.

We’re breathing hard. While I am STILL rock hard, I go ahead and ease my cock out. I wouldn’t mind leaving it in there, but he’s one of those guys who can’t stand the fact he’s got a cock in his ass two seconds after he shoots.

“So where’s your wife?” he asks as he pulls on his underwear on his still wet cock.

“She works late,” it’s been a long time since I had to play the pronoun game. “And then she goes to the gym.”

That was mostly true.

“Cool,” he’s now putting on loose fitting jeans. “She know you fuck guys?”

“Naw,” I said. “I figure if I don’t fuck any girls, she doesn’t need to know.”

“Yer right there dude,” he’s slipping on his shoes, still letting me look on that hot, slender, almost hairless chest. “I could never tell her I get fucked. She’d freak. Hey, everything’s cool, right?”

It’s funny. Most guys don’t bother to ask until after.

“No worries, bud,” I give a charming smile. Wins ’em every time.