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Grindin’ Ass Raw: How Quickly ‘Safer’ Bottoms Go Raw

Grindin’ Ass Raw: How Quickly ‘Safer’ Bottoms Go Raw

Raw-or-wrapped-2How much I love asking the question, “Raw or wrapped?’

If I’m on Grindr or Scruff or Manhunt (I’ve got a free trial) or Craigslist, it’s a question that’s bound to come up. And ever-so-quickly, as soon as it does, the response about half the time is “wrapped” or “safe.”

Fuck, just look at the young man to the right — he wrote “Always safe.”

And I wrote, “Oh. Too bad. I’m not.”

Immediately — not even a minute passed — before he said he’d fuck raw.

Recently, a survey found about half of all gay men said they fucked bareback while the other half said they fucked safe. This is a flawed study because, I believe, when confronted with someone a bottom want to fuck him, he’ll go raw almost every time.

Believe me, I get more ass this way.

A lot of you may think I’m out there stealthing ass Opens new window of a page on this blog left and right. No. I’m not. I only do that at sex clubs, adult bookstores or bathhouses where anonymous hook-ups are rampant and, even then, it’s rare.

Most everywhere else, the horny man will go raw without hesitation.

The Tanned, Tattooed Lasian

I’m downtown running errands and, whenever that happens, I see that as an opportunity to get some. Honestly, Grindr and Scruff are hit and miss. Plus it’s a Wednesday in Atlanta Opens new window of a page on this blog and I know that’s a craptastic day.

But the common chime goes off on the ole iPhone and I begin chatting it up with what looks to be a light-skinned Latino.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I have a thing about exotics — any Asian or Latin flavor. Well, we all also know I’m an equal opportunity fucker Opens new window of a page on this blog, glad to breed most any ass.

The 27-year-old had shitty photos, but it didn’t much matter to me. He’d turned off his distance meter but seemed pretty damn close. And we were getting along. He liked my cock shots. He asked me to come over to fuck him.

Raw-or-wrapped“Raw or wrapped?” I asked.


I turned him down, letting him know I just fucked raw.

Now I expect bottoms to come back with an invitation anyway, but his response shocked even me.

“Okay, well, you can fuck me raw as long as you cum in me,” he typed.

“I have no problem breeding your ass,” I wrote back.

Soon I had an address and was on my way.

Turned out I was only 3 minutes away from his apartment complex. He answered the door with just a towel.

A 6-feet tall, this beefy man’s wide, smooth chest looked just meaty and delicious. He was deeply tanned. And those horrible photos just couldn’t make up for the vision before me. Tattoos scattered his body. In fact, throughout our session, every move would cause me to discover a new tattoo — he had at least a dozen. Some as small as a dime while others were much larger.

His nipples pointed down toward his belly.

He escorted me to the bedroom and dropped his towel while I began taking off my clothes. His large flat nose gave him a Hawaiian look but the Asian truly stood out. That is, as he jacked his uncut cock and it stood up a rigid 8 inches and very wide.

Now that wasn’t Asian cock. It was truly Latin.

We went down to business, him snorting my poppers Opens new window of a page on this blog, sucking my cock, kissing me with his luscious thick lips and begging very soon for me to eat his ass and fuck him.

His legs and ass were covered with dark, wiry hair (again, symptoms of Latin descent). I worked his hole just a little before he wanted my rock hard cock inside him. His padded tanned skin next to my mighty white seemed like an odd dichotomy, but it worked as my cock slipped inside and he snorted more on those poppers.

With him on his back, my cock thrusting inside him, he soon began begging for my nut.

“You want it already?” I said, knowing we’d only been fucking a few minutes. But I was on errands and didn’t have long. But I didn’t mind making this a quick one. As fast as he was jerking his cock, I knew I wouldn’t have long anyway.

“Breed me man,” he said.

I snorted the poppers now and went plunging over the edge.

I bred his ass, pushing my cum inside him and letting him know he’d gotten my load. Then I pulled out and dressed.

“Damn,” he said. “Thanks. I’ve been looking all day for someone to come over and fuck me. You were the first one serious enough to do it.”

“Glad to help out,” I said.

And I left.

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Ooops… I Did It Again

Ooops… I Did It Again

A horndog night ends. A bud and I end up a Eros in Atlanta. His choice, not mine. But I’m given an hour.

I’ve got to admit I had a few too many and, while I wasn’t shitfaced, I didn’t quite measure up to fully in control. I arrived with a parched throat looking forward to a Diet Coke only to find the fucking soda fountain plastered with a few too many “out of order” signs. So it was warm bottled water.


I wandered through the maze and black lights, into the rear back room. My dick throbbed inside my shorts. No luck. In the large dark room, I found a man with an already spooged ass wearing a jockstrap. He seemed entranced by the way I worked his nipples on his smooth chest. I positioned him to slide inside and he seemed completely open to my fucking. His solid body just would crouch.

I stand 6-foot-3-inch tall. Technically, I’m 6 feet 2¾ inches. Still, it’s tall. But this fucker had to be 6-foot-5. I couldn’t get his ass lower and, even on my tippy toes, only my cockhead would dip inside. I realized he was just entranced. Don’t know what he was tripping on but positioning him for a fuck wasn’t going to work.

I moved on.

A few more aborted attempts and a good blowjob or two, I end up in the darkroom again with just a few minutes left in the countdown on the clock. The room is really pitch black. You see figures as they move into the room but overall, you can’t make out faces. It’s all by touch and feel and smell and hearing. Every sense but sight. The sling in the room is empty and I’m there, dick out, being felt up by a few guys when one grabs me and pulls me toward the sling. He climbs in.

I feel his hole. It’s already wet.


I begin to push inside.

“Wait,” he whispers. “Condom.”

Fuck is all I can think.

He hands it to me in the wrapper. I open it up, pop it on like a porn star then pierce the side so only the base of my cock is wrapped. I slide it in.

The bottom’s fingers never eve bother to check if I’ve wrapped up as I begin to fuck him. He’s moaning loudly. I am not holding back.

“Oh yea, fuck me harder!”

I do. The swinging of chains is drawing attraction. There’s two men to either side and one behind me. Fingers probe where my cock is. The fingers do not belong to the bottom’s. It’s the man to my left. He touches the rolled up condom at the base of my cock. Little does he know that’s the only part of the condom on my cock.

He whispers in my ear,”I don’t need a rubber. My ass is right here if you want it.”

But the stench of his smoky breath hits my nose. I turn away and fuck harder.

I reach down to find my poppers. I take a good snort of them And then I go back to the fucking. But not before I put my hand down and slip off the condom ring as I pull completely out and reenter him all raw.

My pace speeds up and I enter the rhythm with the beat of my heart as it absorbs the smell of the nitrates and I fly right toward my orgasm. I feel the first moments of my cum begin to pump inside this guy’s ass and I want to make sure he gets all the cum he deserves here in the dark. I know it’s coating his chute now. I pump harder. I’m holding his legs against my chest and he’s grunting. I’ve got him in a kind of vice lock.

As the second and final wave of my orgasm hits, that’s when the massive bulk of my cum really begins to shoot in his ass.

He might be realizing it.

He’s begging for me to let him down.

But I’m still pumping, my around locked around his legs. I’m pushing all my DNA into his ass. And I’m letting him have it. I want him to feel me. I can now hear the mighty squish of my cock as it enters and exits.

“Let me down man,” he says a third or fourth time.

I finally loosen my grip.

His knees unlock, my cock slips out and I step back into the crowd that’s gathered around us. All the darkness allows me to slip into the people and then I’m gone.

In a few minutes, I’m with my bud and we’re travelling home.

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A Top Mentor to a Young Top

A Top Mentor to a Young Top

His request came bluntly — the best kind in my opinion. He wanted me to teach him how to be a better bottom. At 21 years old and at a nearby university, the young man with blond highlights, diamond studs in his ears and flashing blue eyes just seemed slightly feminine. But in the sack, he proved to be all man with his beefy smooth body up to the point just south of his cock head where the golden brown hairs began to grow wildly.

I lifted his legs and ate his ass delicately at first to begin to open his hole. While he moaned in pleasure, his hole winked just a little.

My sixth sense about these things had already told me what I needed to know to get him.

I would eat the damp, hairy pucker for a while, spreading those wide beefy cheeks and darting my tongue inside. He would moan more, grunt and enjoy. We’d switch position with him sitting on my face — his inexperience showing a little too much failing to give me much breathing room, but I didn’t care. His ass proved to be delicious.

And almost on cue, he removed his pucker from my tongue, lubed himself and my throbbing cock up and began to ease himself onto my cock.

I marveled at his determination, knowing this first moment pained him severely, and encouraging him to come off for a moment to give himself a little time to recover. He did and then eased back down after the cramps subsided. And this time, it felt better. I rubbed his smooth chest and paid close attention to his massive, perky nipples, poking into the late summer night air.

His cock still poked rigid hovering above my stomach. I whispered for him to take his time and relax. But I knew the moment he arrived at the destination as a pearl of precum appeared and then bubbled over and began to make a puddle on my stomach.

His breathing slowed a little. Yet inside his tight walls, I could feel his heartbeat quicken a little.

“How long does it take you to cum?” he asked.

I expected the question.

“It can be fast or slow, depending on when you want it.”

“Can we make it fast this time?”


I snorted poppers as he began to grind, moving my cock in and out just enough for friction to build. And with it, I knew he was feeling pleasure, as he grabbed his cock and began to furiously jerk it. I moved just enough to enhance the experience and make sure my cockhead found that knob inside him — and I got deep penetration.

“I really want your load, man,” he told me.

Within moments, we were approaching the same destination.

“I’m about to cum,” he said.

“I am too,” I said. “And I’m gonna breed your ass!”

I let out one of those noises that you can’t seem to spell. A grunt of some sort that turned into a word. “Here it is!” Then grunts with each pulse as I unloaded gobs of my DNA deep into his ass. I pushed my hips forward to assure it moved deep into him.

He was grunting as well, releasing his spunk onto my stomach and chest.

We talked afterward, detailing some tips and tricks. It had been a successful bottoming for him — somewhat of a rarity. I explained he likely was not a bottom or even that much of a versatile. He read a top to me. Nonetheless, I’d love to fuck him again.

Next time, less lessons, more fun.

Truth is, I had a lot of fun this time.

Travel Diary, Day 13: Fucking Filipino

Travel Diary, Day 13: Fucking Filipino

Married with three kids. His naturally smooth chest in a dark olive only made his deep chocolate nipples stand out more. His photo hightlighted his chest and I could see why. His cock met the stereotypical measurement of maybe four inches. His dark balls also lacked hair naturally. His face with puffy lips and bulging eyes failed to be appealing at all.

But he was straight. Mostly. He took my quiet nature as shyness. He took my passive “do whatever you want” demeanor as inexperience. He accepted the ring on my left hand as proof of my wife and child and general “straightness.” He assumed I’d only done this a few times.

“You’re really big,” he said stroking my cock. He straddled me. His ass poised to sit onto my cock. “Has anyone told you that?”

“Not really,” I responded. In my mind, I’m recalling all the Asians I’ve ever fucked. It seems Asians are always impressed with my length and girth even though I consider my seven inches pretty damn average.

Is it a lie if you let someone just make a series if assumptions and don’t correct them?

“Do you have a condom?”

“No,” I answered. “I didn’t exactly come prepared for this.”

“It’s okay,” he said.

He reached over to grab the tiny lotion bottle that came with the other toiletries in the bathroom. He’d retrieved it earlier. Of course, my preference is spit. But raw fucking is raw fucking. I’m not going to be choosey.

He lathered his asshole then my cock and began to take a seat. He strained. He pulled off and added more lotion. In a moment, though, he turned into a bucking bronco. Fast and furious. The friction building. Then it began. A burning sensation. All over my cock.

I can say now from experience. Ginger-based lotion cannot be used for fast fucking.

I got him off my cock and put him flat on his stomach. I entered him slowly and deliberately before laying on top of him. With a controlled pace, I slid my cock in and out of his very tight hole. I focused on the sensation of my cock and his warmness. I knew my goal and it was just in sight. Controlling my breathing and pace, my cock began to throb. Then I unleashed it. I let my cum burst into his ass. I pushed it into his raw, married ass. Deeper.

“Are you close?” he asked.

“No,” I answered honestly.

“Okay,” he said. “Don’t cum inside.”

My mind is thinking, “Too late.” I just grunt in agreement.

He rides my cock more, amazed at its hardness. He rides with such velocity that he too experiences the burning sensation, eventually jumping off because of its intensity. He jerks off a little later and volunteers to help me pop off, unaware of my gut swimmers infiltrating the membranes of his bowels. He leaves, hoping to see me again