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Fuck Fuck Fuck

The Brotherhood of the Traveling Fucks

I’ve been traveling a lot. And it doesn’t look like it will let up anytime soon. And I’ve been fucking lucky.


The ass in each city ends up being hot, hot, hot.

If I tried to write about every ass and each encounter, you’d all love it — I know. But I don’t have time. I’m just that busy.

Allow me to summarize some of the highlights.

Mid-Atlantic Tropical Hot Ass

I usually advertise my arrival in advance of my arrival. My ads usually announce that a top blogger is coming to town, looking for some bottom inspiration. I require some basic information from those who want to learn about the blog, since a vast majority of people just want the jerk off material.

I don’t mind. But I want to get a glimpse of who’s going to see it.

Occasionally, some people know who it is. Or they figure it out quickly. These are my fan fuck plans. Some people can be dedicated fans, who read up on me in great details. Others are just the guys who read me when it’s time to jerk off.

This young, very tan man hits me up and begins begging.

Now you have to understand. The younger the bottom, the less reliable. Young men in their twenties are notorious unreliable. I’ve made plans with hem in cities only to end up with a dry dick in hand.

This one really seemed genuine.

And not to bore you with details, he worked out well considering that this time, I ended up running late. He arrived after I finally got into my hotel room. Without hesitation, he worked into an embrace and kiss.

A good kiss.

His sucking worked at getting me hard. But when I finally got into his hairy ass, the fucking tight ass proved to be phenomenal.

Too phenomenal.

It’s been a while since I’ve bred someone three times in a row. But this little fucker kept me hard through all three. I never really slowed down. Of course, I’d been saving up a little. His exotic mixture of Latin and native tropics. A little hair on his chest and these juicy nipples.

His ass never truly loosened up.

If I ever slipped out, this bottom would let out an exasperated plea to put it back in.

I never went soft. His talent seemed unending to keep me hard. He’d read about where to touch me, how to keep me interested and what to do to arouse me.

He is someone who will be fucked again.

University City Slut

It’s summertime, so most of the college kids are at home, screwing around there and not at school. Just my luck I get to go to the midwest and a town that’s pretty much nothing but a university-supported town.

There’s a small contingency of college kids around — too many of them catfish (fakes who claim to want fucking). I’d just about given up.

I’d messaged a guy on BarebackRT.com before my arrival and, well, he pops back online. I invite him over and, 30 minutes later, this thirtysomething is sucking my cock on my hotel room bed.

We went into fuck mode and his neg hole is just begging me to squirt my load inside him a coat his insides fulls of my DNA.

I do.

All you have to do is beg. And this bottom does.

It’s after all the fucking, with us winded on such an intense session, that he admits to having known who I was, loving my blog and basically wanting to find out if he could really feel it “blast inside.”

(Yes, he could feel it.)

He’d gone to dinner with friends and ditched them between the restaurant and the club to swing by and get fucked by me. But we’d promised for a more extensive session next time.

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Know I’m a Slutty Bottom

Occasionally, one of those 20-year-old guys with an impossibly smooth body e-mails me. I figure the photo has been Photoshopped until there’s not a freckle, not a blemish and no stray hairs.

I’m in Texas and on BarebackRT.com when this little fucker e-mails me, volunteering to come take my load. I tell him the hotel. He asks the room. I give it. He says 15 minutes.

And in 17 minutes, there’s a knock at my door. A gorgeous boy walks in, lithe, tall, Latin and beautiful. His shirt is coming off as he steps into the room. He isn’t hesitating.

His chest is perfect. Just barely definition but no imperfections. Anywhere.

The lights are down low because I fucking hate the harsh lighting of hotels. He flips an end-table light on, its florescent yellow blinking into cold existence. But this boy’s skin is still perfect, reflecting the seamless skin with just a peach fuzz of hair that tingles as I run my fingers over it.

He’s naked now and grabbing for my pants.

He sucks me. I was already hard. He slobbers all over my cock. He thumbs his huge uncut cock a little as he comes up and kisses me with the perfect thick lips and then turns around and lines up my cock with his perfect little pucker.

And he pushes.

I’m inside him.

This insatiable boy just begins to ride. But I can’t be a passive top. I move him into a few positions and I pummel him.

He begs for my cum. He says he wants it bad. Please give it to him. I do. I load him up deep.

I lay in the glow afterward, letting my fingertips run over this perfect boy’s skin.

As we talk, it turns out I’m the fourth load in him tonight, although he’d cleaned out for me — I jokingly scold him for doing that. He assures me I’m the first of many loads as he leaves me for a few more.

His boyfriend is working tonight. He’s out for as many loads as possible. And he takes all loads. Doesn’t matter. Oh, he’s a little picky. Hard cocks only.

Never heard of my blog. Couldn’t care less. He just wanted my cum. He just wanted me to blast inside.

Straight Boy and Gay Bottom

In a southern city, I’ve chosen a ginger to fuck. He finally arrives. When he walks in, I recognize him immediately.

He’s straight. He’s a straight bottom. (Yes, they exist.)

He walks in and basically gets to sucking me. Nothing nice about it. He’s not very good, but it’s enough to harden me up. I step behind him and slick my cock up when he mentioned he has a condom.

I don’t protest. I put it on. At least, that’s what he sees. He lines it up with his hole, feeling the condom on it but after it goes in his hole, I pull it out and pull off the condom in a single motion and slide back inside. As soon as I’m in him bare I feel it.

His asshole is throbbing.

Damn inexperienced bottoms.

He’s shooting his load all over my bed.

Pisses me off a little, but I’ve been inside him raw and he didn’t notice. Or maybe he did and that’s why he shot off so quick.

He liked it raw.

He’s out the door and I’m on the prowl again. I don’t find another taker until the next day… this a gay guy who just had this terrific body. I didn’t see a face. I get a little concerned when I don’t see a face at all.

He walks in an angel, with these stunning eyes.

We get to the act quickly, although I wanted to take my time. And we fuck for longer than I intended because I want to give him the best I can.

He enjoys it.

We finally kiss as he leaves a load lighter and a load heavier.

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My Latin Siesta with a Pocket Papi

My Latin Siesta with a Pocket Papi

When you’re really horny, it seems almost impossible to find ass. But when things are a bit calmer… well… it’s like the ass is lining up for you.

I’d arranged for a massage in the evening, which always means a happy ending. This would be a trial with a new therapist, so I wasn’t sure if he’d climb on board and ride the first time or if I’d need to work him up to that. Still, that afternoon, I was bored and wanted to hurry to the evening so someone would do something with my cock.

Of course, I couldn’t stay offline.

On my iPhone, I hit BarebackRT.com‘s geolocation feature and notice a new bottom only about 4½ miles (7¼km) from me. But I’d be getting a nice happy ending tonight. I didn’t need ass. Still, I checked him out to discover a nice pocket Latin.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one keeping tabs on people closeby.

He sent an e-mail, I politely replied and my cock got the better of me. Within a few minutes, I was driving to his house where he’d unlocked the door and waited naked for me in the master bedroom.

There’s a bit of hesitation when I first turn the knob at any house since here in the South too many idiots leave their doors unlocked or there’s a chance for entrapment. But I could see him ass up in the bedroom, just as I’d requested.

While that darker Latin skin really showed off his lithe body, his five-foot-five (165cm) body seemed to glow a little, as if he’d been sunbathing nude. In fact, it was only around his asshole (as I spread it open to begin licking it) did it seem a little lighter.

His pucker was so clean and ready. And fucking tight. As I teased it with my tongue (and attempted to disrobe at the same time), he helped by holding his cheeks open for me. The thin black hairs around his hole were just so fine. It took some caressing to get his pucker to begin to release and let me lick a little inside. As it did, and I could push my spit inside him, he groaned more.

Soon, I stood, thinking I might just push my cock into this primed pumping hole. But my little Latin bottom had another idea. Seeing my red, inflamed cock caused him to turn around and start a champion suck job.

He slobbered all over my cock and turned around, positioning his ass in front of my cock. I lined it up and pushed my cock inside. He gasped.

I probably had 100 pounds (45 kilos) and almost 9 inches (22cm) in height. So I dominated him physically. As I pushed in him deeper, he never resisted, but seemed to love it.

God, I love natural bottoms.

Soon I was fucking him deeply. Pounding this little guy’s ass. He laid flat and I want covering him from head to toe.

His ass was tight but not too tight. He’d opened enough to keep a friction on my cock that pulled me close to the edge of cumming but never really pulled me over to where I couldn’t control it. This would be an ass I wanted to fuck again.

We decided to switch it up and he climbed on board to ride my cock. And boy did he ride! I thought I was close before, but this dude could edge me better than anyone in a while. He just knew a pace comfortable for him that happened to be perfect for me.

He turned around, still with my cock inside him, and laid on top, milking my cock inside him — the reverse of me covering him flat. Now his little body was flat on top of me. And at this angle, his ass just felt too good. I told him I wanted to cum soon.

“Wait,” he said. And jumped off my cock. He ran to the bedroom door and took out a body length mirror, positioning it at the end of the bed between the bed and a chest. It stood upright. As he sat up to ride, I could see my cock slide in and out of his ass. He could now see it too in the mirror.

I took my hit of poppers and went into my little space where only my cock and his ass existed. And I watched him ride. Oh, it felt too good.

“You want it?” I asked.

“Give me your load!”

It didn’t take long, as riding the crest of the wave for too long let me flood his ass. He could feel it as a grunted and I watched my cock pulse and throb, beginning to pump my juices into his ass. He sat on it deep. Taking it all in, then would take it to the edge of my cockhead popping it, then would plunge back down on it. My cock began to be slicked up with my own cum.

“Fuck yea!”

He started jerking his dick and riding my cock. Then he took his fingers, and played with his hole around the edges of my cock, riding it a little but staying still a lot.

My white jizz began to leak down the sides of my cock. You could see it plainly. And he groaned. Would sit on my cock, pushing the cum back into him and repeat the process, this time letting more baby batter out.

Then his hole clamped down on my cock and I felt him shoot. Blasts of his cum hit my ankle and calf.

The little fucker loved cum.

He cleaned me up and we promised a repeat.

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Travel Diary: My First Scruff Fuck

Travel Diary: My First Scruff Fuck

Despite the promise of these new smart phone applications, neither Scruff nor Grindr net me much ass. Generally, I find them somewhere between mildly entertaining and irritating, as the guys on there generally want photos, photos and more photos. One bottom near me in Georgia can’t seem to recall what I look like despite the fucking full-frontal face pic on the front of my profile.

For some reason, one day in Vegas, my Scruff was simply blowing up. Grindr also worked, although what I got was a cute lady-boy escort (in male drag) hinting he wanted “dinner and conversation.” I declined. The pancake makeup with the petroleum jelly lens effect on his photo was just too much. If I wanted to fuck a girl, I’d fuck a girl. I don’t.

So on Scruff, which seems a less twinkie place, presented a Montana man for me, I got the urge to merge.

He stood on the beefy side of things, which proved fine by me. He was just a couple of hotels over — still a hike in Vegas, but close enough — with wavy brown hair and a goatee, standing tall as me but with wider shoulders.

We shook hands then proceeded to kiss and strip quickly. Right down to business. I imagine the men at home in the mountains were just as quick to fuck.

He laid on the edge of the bed, his head over it and positioned my cock to fuck his face. I was already hard so no problem there. I worked my knob down his throat but he never even made a gagging noise and, after the first few penetrations, his throat opened up like a charm.

After slobbering all over, I pulled completely out and he got the message, flipping over and presenting his ass. I lubed up just enough and entered his slowly, as his ass was very tight. We’d not discussed condoms, safe sex or anything else.

As I rode his ass, he grunted in pleasure. He enjoyed it.

“Damn that feels so good!” he said. “Fuck it as long as you want!”

“I will.”

“Just make sure I get what I came here for,” he said.

“And what’s that?” I asked.

“A big load in my ass,” he said.

Now that made my cock jump too.

“You want my load?” I asked.

“Oh yea!” he said. “Please breed my fucking hole!”

Of course that begging puts me on a path and before long, I was arching my back and plunging my back into his tenderloin mounds, giving him a marination of my massive DNA like no other cowboy from his parts had gotten.

“Oh fuck!”

I added several more thrusts to assure my juices penetrated deep before pulling out. And he headed home to his corral, feeling okay.

Straight Men Are Pigs

Straight Men Are Pigs

His greatest fear was I might see his face.

The scenario he requested seemed simple enough — enter my home, remove his clothing, come upstairs and find me naked on the bed. He’d suck me hard then I’d fuck him. There’d been no discussion of condoms and I’d surely not ever brought them up.

He seemed a little conscious of his weight, pointing out he was a “bigger guy,” but among my many attractions happened to be what I’d called “substantial men.” Not fat. Just men with a width and thickness who carried their weight well. He did, or it seemed to me.

He’d asked me to leave the lube downstairs to lube his ass.

I can get my bedroom only so dark and, honestly, only tried so hard so when I heard him come in, he took only a few moments to strip off his pants and slick up his ass.  Then getting the rest of the way naked, he came upstairs, entering as a shadow into the bedroom. Coming from the sunlight into the darkened room, it may have seem like he could keep his anonymity, but I’d been in the room long enough to get a good look at this hunk of man.

Standing around 5-foot-9 with dirty blond hair short cropped and a tan, beefy body, you could tell 20 or 30 pounds ago he probably offered a body of death. Now with a winter layer of fat, the tight muscles ridges were hidden, but it didn’t bother me. His chest offered a light layer of golden hair and two perky nipples, already pointing up.

He found me and subsequently my cock, gobbling it down like a starving man. He sucked deep, choking himself on it long after it turned rigid. I leaned back and enjoyed his mouth, his lips, his licking all over, from my asshole to cocktip. But the intense attention finally cause me to reach around to that precious mounds to check indeed to see if he’d lubed himself up.

It was wet and juicy. Not overwhelmed.

I finally stood up, taking my cock from him mouth and moved behind him as he leaned on the bed. My cock was wet from his slobber . My finger at his hole. I just pointed it, not bothering to ask whether he wanted a condom or not. He didn’t protest as my head touched his hole and I pushed.

In it went.


I didn’t ask. I didn’t take my time. I just started a fuck rhythm. I went deep with my first plunge, deeper with my next. I kept it up. Pretty soon, I pummeled my cock in and out, slamming my rawness into his hole.

The fucking pig moaned. “Fuck man!” were the first words he said. “Fucking breed my pussy.”

“You want my load?” I asked.

“Yea man!” He said. “Give me your spunk!”

Never ask me twice.

My balls boiled and I felt then seize up as cum, rushed up.

“You’re about to get it man,” I said.

“Fuck yea!”

My pace picked up and I began to really slam into his ass as my cock started my massive throbbing. Then I took the plunge and buried the bone. Stopping still for just a moment.

Inside his raw ass, he could feel my cock throb with the pulse of my muscles injecting cum into his ass. And then I felt his ass tighten around my cock. He moaned violently.

I resumed my fucking, to push my DNA into this cunt’s ass, deeper so he would know my territory was marked.

I collapsed for a moment, then slipped out and rolled onto the bed. He stood with a bit of wobbly legs and headed toward the door.

“Be careful,” he said. “I sort of made a mess there.”

And he was downstairs, dressed and out the door, headed home to his wife, his three-year-old son and five-year-old daughter.

* * *

I didn’t get a thanks or that was great note, figuring it would be a one-time thing until the other day when just a “hey” appeared in my mailbox. He wants to do it again.

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Deceptively Fun #17: Ass Juices

Deceptively Fun #17: Ass Juices

It was one of those days at work when it seemed like half the office was out with some kind of bug. But I had an itch. I wanted to fuck.

So I got online and within a few minutes, a guy and I chatted. I liked his rapid-fire response. He was horny like me and obviously wanted to get it on. He was 41 with a solid bod, or so the pics appeared. He was about 170 and 5 feet, 6 inches tall with light brown hair and a nice goatee. He had some hair pretty much all over, but he was not a bear or even what I’d consider moderately hairy. He worked outdoors, so it was still tan, even here in the dead of a gloomy winter.

In the last few moments of directions, he asked me how I wanted to be met at the door.

“Naked,” I responded.

“No prob.”

Now, I’ve asked this of others and found, for the most part, people put something on, even if it’s just a towel. But when the door swag open wide at his handsome home, I was pleased to see a naked and tattooed man.

I pulled him close, kissing him deeply, and automatically cupping one of his ass cheeks. We were upstairs quickly and he was on his knees sucking my cock immediately. I removed much of my clothing leaving my cock sliding into his warm mouth. Letting him fully taste my now leaking cock. I grabbed his chin and bent over, my cock leaving his lips with a pop, until we were kissing deeply again.

I finished removing what was left of my clothes in that kiss. I broke away and he looked up at me.

Despite this butch man’s appearance, it was obvious he craved to be dominated. And I was not going to disappoint.

So I pushed him onto his hands and knees to get a closer look at his ass. I spread his cheeks and, with only a moment’s pause, dived in tongue-first, jabbing at his pucker. Of course, I slobbered plenty. I love fucking with only spit as lube. Some call it prison lube. Whatever you want to call it, there’s something natural about fucking with only spit and ass juice. Adding cum for good measure doesn’t hurt either.

“Oh fuck yea!” he grunted. “Taste my fuck hole.”

I dug in deeper, plunging my tongue in for a taste of that sweet, sweet hole.

“You gotta taste it too,” I came up for air and pulled him up and around, kissing him so he could lick the flavor of his ass off my tongue. And he moaned as he voraciously kissed.

I leaned back and guided his head toward my cock. He went down like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet. He came up for air just a moment.

“GODDAMN! I love precum!” He screamed. Then he went back to eating my cock, which I am sure was leaking plenty for him.

I pushed him off after a while and hiked him up onto a low chair, pushing his legs high. I went down to that hole for just a moment before coming up on my knees. For the first time, I reached around to the pocket of my jeans and pulled out a brown bottle of poppers. I took a deep snort after opening it and handed it to him. He snorted deeply too and handed me the bottle back. I put the top on.

Then I shoved my cock into his hole.

I didn’t ask if he wanted it raw or not. Didn’t really give a shit. I was going to fuck him.

There wasn’t a protest. Just a loud grunt followed by a deep growl.

Someone liked a cock in their ass.

So I went to town, fucking the shit out of him, letting him know who was in control. I grabbed the arms of the chair and as I thrusted into him, I pulled on those arms so his ass was coming toward me as my cock was going it.

He loved it.

After about 10 minutes of non-stop fucking, I pulled out and backed away. His eyes popped open and gazed down at my red, rockhard cock.

“Is that precum?” he finally asked, pointing at the bead of pearl on the tip of my cock.

“Looks like it.”

There was a pause, but I knew what he wanted to ask. I didn’t give him the chance. I stood up and pulled his face toward my cock. His mouth opened with anticipation, but I held it just an inch or two away.

“You want that precum?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” he said.

“You want to taste your own ass juice?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” he said, with no hesitation.

“Ask me then,” I said.

He looked up at me, swallowed hard and then said, “Please, Sir, might I suck your cock? I would like to taste my ass juice and your precum on it.”

I looked as if I was contemplating, but then pulled his face to my cock and let him slurp it up. He was digging it.

“Do your ass juice taste good, boy?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” he said, coming off my cock only long enough to answer.

I pulled him off and then turned him around to fuck him doggie style. I had opened up his ass, seeing a lot of juice already leaking out of it. I scooped a little up. “Open your mouth,” I said. He looked around and did so. As I pushed my wet left hand in front of his face and he started licking, I pushed my cock past the barrier again.

I continued an assault on his ass, pulling out only to feed my cock to him. Letting him get a good taste of his ass and my precum. The combination of constant fucking, occasionally sucking and plenty of poppers had us ripe with sweat. I finally too him to his bedroom, pushing him flat and face down so I could really fuck him at will.

I plunged my cock into his hole. Bare. Raw. By now, sweat was all we needed for lube. He was grunting with each thrust, pushing his ass up to meet my seven-and-a-half-inch cock.

“Please, Sir,” he said.

“What?” I asked, still pushing my cock into his hole.

“Would you please shoot your load?” he asked.

“It’s going deep inside your ass,” I said with no emotion.

He just moaned.

A few minutes later, I was breathing hard. Almost there. Almost.

And then I did it, pushing my cock as deep and as far inside as I could go. I let loose. My cock throbbed.

“OH FUCK!” he screamed. “I CAN FEEL IT!”

And my cum started shooting into his ass.

“GAWD-FUCKING-DAMN! Feel that cum!” he screamed and grunted.

After a few minutes of recovery, his ass massaging my still-hard cock, I pulled out and rolled over.

“Thank you,” he said, looking at me.

“You’re not done yet,” I said.

“Oh?” he looked.

“Clean my cock off, boy,” I said.

He was only happy to oblige.