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Prepared Statement in Response to the So-Called “Lindsey Lohan Sex List”

The following is a prepared statement on March 15, 2014, from Mark Bentson, aka iBLASTinside, regarding recent statements that a certain Hollywood actress may or may not have made to a certain weekly magazine.

First, I want to thank all my friends for standing by me during this overwhelming time. 

Second, I wanted to take this opportunity to make some clarifications.

It has come to my attention that an acquaintance of mine may have spoken to a magazine regarding multiple sexual incidents that occurred in my past.

Each of these occurrences did happen while I was not in a monogamous relationship and while the other party or parties was completely sober and chose to participate willingly.

Unlike the actress, who has chosen to sell her story at this time, I cannot in good conscious name any person or persons in regard these incidents.

To better assist those covering these events, I have chosen to offer these further clarifications.

At this time, I cannot confirm or deny that I had sexual relations or witnesses sexual relations with between any of the following and the actress in question:

      • Adam Levine
      • Justin Timberlake
      • Zac Efron
      • Evan Peters
      • Garrett Hedlund
      • Tom Bergeron

Further, I refuse to confirm to deny that the actress in question used a custom, nine-inch, strap-on- double-headed dildo to fuck the ass of any of the following:

        • Zac Efron
        • Tom Bergeron
        • Drew Carey
        • Justin Timberlake
        • Wilmer Walderrama
        • Jamie Dornan

I want to make it perfectly clear that all parties involved that in any sexual encounters between the actress in question and anyone who may or may not be on this list always acted responsibly and employed the use of a condom or Plan B the following day, although I cannot confirm or deny that what I just stated occurred or that I accompanied the actress to multiple Walgreens, CVS stores and/or Rite Aid stores over the period of several years to purchase between 40 and 50 pills.

      • Wilmer Walderrama
      • Jamie Dornan
      • Morgan Freeman
      • Taye Diggs
      • Fifty Cent
      • Zac Efron
      • Justin Timberlake
      • Former President George W. Bush
      • James Franco

Finally, I can neither confirm or deny that I, myself, with my own very penis, inserted it into the following people, or had them insert their penis into me, at any time:

      • Channing Tatum
      • Val Kilmer 
      • Jamie Dornan
      • Zac Efron
      • Alan Thicke
      • Jonah Hill

Thank you for this opportunity to clarify or not to clarify the events of the last few days.

Rant: A Question of Status

Rant: A Question of Status

A recent comment from a reader said, “I STRONGLY disagree with your stance on lying about your status.” Allow me to clarify a little further on this statement.

Most make assumptions based on my blog, for whatever reason. This blog largely deals with sex (and occasionally computers, but my justification is my computer allows me to find sex and to continue this blog). I attempt to avoid politics and religion — although certain aspects of both cross over into the sexual realm. Certainly, morality and ethics play a role and I continue to split those hairs with my probings into my own and my readers’ opinions.

On this blog, in this place, I choose not to disclose my status. It is not a lie. It is a choice. This allows me a bridge between those who, consciously or not, have exhibited a kind of sero-bias. While certainly there’s a brotherhood among the positive, I find the negative can be remarkably… well… negative toward those of a different status to the point of avoiding the most basic of human contact.

An example: When I was a bit more relaxed about my standards for sexual encounters, I hooked up with a young man who I found remarkably attractive. I just wanted to caress his smooth, naturally hairless body, kiss him generously, control him with just a touch of his nipples and experience the electricity between us both.

The eroticism between us turned out to be remarkably fulfilling and he jerked me off with a deftness only I could have accomplished. I, in turn, worked his nipples until his cock convulsively released his seed just above his tiny pube mound.

A few days later, he called me in a panic wondering if I had HIV or anything else of concern. No level of reassurance that our act did not put us at a heightened risk — in fact, we’d been so remarkably “safe” that I was even surprised at my own restraint.

It turned out that he discovered a paper cut on his left hand. While he did utilize his left hand in touching me, his right hand stroked me to explosion and his left never came close to my cum. I never kissed it.

Never mind we were both the same sero-status.

Since that encounter, I’ve noticed ads that state bluntly (from both sides) that the other shouldn’t even bother.

I look at the man, not the disease (or lack thereof). I also look to the person’s motivation for asking me the question of my status and I answer appropriately. So if there’s an honest exchange, I will be perfectly honest. If someone comes at me with a particular bias, my answer has a 50-50 chance of being honest. Or I avoid the question entirely. You would be surprised how many men do not ask a second time if you don’t answer the first.

Assume what you will. I can’t change the assumption. I can, however, choose not to answer the question.