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Comments from My Curiosity

If you haven’t had an opportunity to complete the brief survey about my readers, please do it now. It will only take a moment.

I’m flattered that a few of you took the time to go ahead and give me a little more feedback in paragraph form. As more of them come in, I’ll be updating this.

Adding My Two Cents

Rob wrote on 28 June 2012: 

Hey Mr. Bentson, just throwing in my 2 cents worth.

I have a lot of bookmarked sites that I check daily (either before or after work) but most of them just post and re-post the same pictures over and over. With iBi there’s some real writing and thought involved, and honestly you’re far more articulate than most of the people online.

I really don’t agree with your stealthing position (popular as those posts seem to be), why not just be up front? Trust me, where I live all you’d have to do is walk into a bar and announce your name and there’d be at least five pre-lubed bottoms lined up in a row waiting for you (yeah, I’d probably be one of them).

As for improving your site the only thing I can think of is, it would be great to have an archive feature to randomly check out previous articles (sometimes I want to read about deep thoughts, sometimes I just want to read about raw stuff).

My only complaint/issue is: Where are all the comments? I KNOW a lot of people read iBi (that’s just logic since I can type a few particular keywords and “i blast inside” pops up) so why don’t more people say something? Are they afraid of being outed or something? I don’t get it (what’s the point of being online unless you have something to offer or add?)

Anyway, thanks for all the fascinating writing, hope all is good with you.

A note from Mark: I agree, Rob. Where are all the comments?  I do receive several but they tend to be via Twitter Follow on Twitter or through my BarebackRT profile Link Opens in a New Window. For example, my entry on attending the first CumUnion in Atlanta solicited four or five responses on June 27, the day it went up. No one commented here. I ask for them to consider posting them live. Why don’t you get things rolling, Rob? Comment! As for archives, if you follow me on Twitter Follow on Twitter, a few times during the day, one of the almost 400 archived piece are randomly selected and tweeted out. And if you don’t want to join Twitter, just check out those recent tweets as one of the items in the left column. Thanks for the comment!

Fan and Friend for Life

Darren wrote on 24 June 2012:

I absolutely love your blog. It’s the first thing I go to on the ‘net and the last before I go to bed — or even in bed.

Your encounters with all those people are the best part of the site, especially the stealthing ones. It’s hot. Each time I read them, I wished they always had pictures of them. Before, during and after your DNA gut wash

Keep up the great work and you’ll have at least one fan for life, not to mention a member of BBBH for life and facebook friend for life too.

Thanks But No Thanks

Pedro wrote on 24 June 2012:

I read your blog mainly because you’re an interesting guy. Your mind interests me probably more than your sexual exploits (and why I chose your dark history as my favourite subject, though it’s pretty horrifying topic).

It’s a sexy group of stories nonetheless, even if I don’t agree with the stealthing thing. Barebacking is something people do out of choice in my view.

Still, we exchanged some words before on how people exercise their choice by not caring or thinking or trusting too much, and I understand your point of view, so no judgement.

But I did choose “thanks, but no thanks” on the possibility of sleeping with you. ;)

Three Points

Dec wrote on 24 June 2012:

Thanks for the survey, Mark… interesting results thus far.

Just three points came to mind for me:

  • Movies: I certainly can’t afford a subscription to the theatre, so I had a quandary saying what I felt about movies for the survey… I fucking love porn, and the more forced the BB fuck is the better, but need it free, ok if you keep the theatre for full length films though.
  • Membership of BBBH: I don’t know if I’m a member or not?! I think you treat me as a member on twitter; but I decline from putting #BBBH in my blurb as it’s a bit too public for me (work, family etc. may search and discover TMI for me) however I def want a wristband and am open in by gay circles and such to broadcast it… so I said NO, but a wannabe YES.
  • Age: You should facilitate members from at least 16 to join/participate fully, as in Europe this is the consensus on legal age for gay sex (though it varies from 12 to 17.) Put something like “…in your jurisdiction” rather than stating an age? but provide the fully legal guys here to have an option that doesn’t make them feel like they’re declaring themselves as illegals ‘sssh… I’m underage’ kind of category.

Thanks for all your horny content, and look forward to keeping your tab open in my browser for years to cum!! hehe.

God bless,

Thanks for Having a Site That’s Not Just About Sex

gd wrote on 23 June 2012:

Love watching bareback porn and reading bareback stories. Cruising sites online is fun too and I get off several times a day. However, sometimes after getting off so much or in between, I like to learn more about how people feel towards sex or hear personal stories, especially sex-related.

I don’t bareback much. I’ve only done it a few times and nervous to do it anymore even. But that doesn’t stop me jacking off to anything bareback-related.

But blogs and sites — like this one — where the webmaster is so open about his bareback lifestyle and not ashamed or afraid about what he is does is inspiring and makes me feel good. Thank you for having a site that’s not just about sex and bareback but guidance, stories, reviews on places, and other things as well.


Nice Talking Back

Jesse wrote on 23 June 2012: 

Nice to talk back for a change!

Again, if you haven’t, be sure to complete the survey. When you do, you’re able to see the results immediately.

Travel Diary: A Repeat Customer

Travel Diary: A Repeat Customer

My job takes me to Birmingham, Alabama, several times a year. On my travels here, I’ve found this town can be a little unreliable with a larger selection of flakes responding to ads. But along with that, I’ve found a segment of more reliable bottoms.

This guy definitely falls into that category.

I found — and fucked — him last visit. He apparently had a good time so when my ad appeared this time, he dropped me a note correctly identifying my hotel. I invited him over.

As usual, the room was dark. I was naked when he arrived. He stripped down quickly and found my cock. In general, I enjoy cocksucking but it doesn’t do much for me other than getting me hard. Well, this 25-year-old turned out to be incredibly talented. He used his oral talents both to work my shaft and then dropped to my balls, lightly sucking them into his warm mouth and extending his tongue toward my taint. That little tickle set off plenty of precum, which I’m sure he sampled more than once based on his “mmmmm” sounds.

After a respectable amount of time, he came up for air and worked his way until we were deeply kissing. His long tongue probing my mouth, I could feel his hard, little cock against my stomach. But it wasn’t long until he was straddling me. My cock poised at his lubed hole.

He climbed off and assumed the position, ass up and ready. He inhaled poppers and I felt his ass muscles open up immediately. I was inside in a swift movement and he started groaning immediately. He needed no time to adjust.

So I fucked. Eventually he was flat on his stomach, I was on top of him, sliding my cock in and out of his raw ass. He twisted his face around so we could kiss. I liked kissing this guy, so I pulled out and flipped him onto his back. I slid back in as he took another popper hit.

I really pummeled his ass for a while, slowing down and leaning in to kiss him. But I was ready — already late for dinner plans — and I took my snort of poppers to begin the warming sensation and boiling in my balls.

“You want my load?” was the first words uttered.

“Fucking breed me man!” he reached down and opened his ass.

Pretty soon I was letting my cum go deep into his guts. He didn’t cum but the noises he made was like he’d had an orgasm as well — a satisfaction for this bottom to have cum in his ass.

When he got ready to leave, we embraced with another deep kiss. He was as tall as me at 6-foot-3. Maybe next time, I need to fuck him standing up.

A Latin Returns for More

A Latin Returns for More

I have fucked him before. I don’t mind repeats, especially this one.

He’s Latino. I don’t know exactly what flavor, to be honest. But his smooth body and adorable accent even melts my heart a little. Just a little. But not enough to still use his ass.

It’s probably been over a year since I last bred him. He’s popped up on the radar a few times in that year. He used to live pretty close to me but then moved to the other side of town. A very inconvenient part of town where there’s no direct route.

But now he’s back on my side of town and he’s begging me for it. His latest e-mail: “this is the latino bottom guy that played with you several times at your place. i honestly only like you. we talked dirty everytime you fuck me. and when you breed me you i used to say you left me pregnat with your babies.”

The boy knows how to melt my heart. Maybe he’s worth the last breeding of my weekend.