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Friday Fuck Fun: Cheap Thrills Gets Your Rocks Off with UK’s Cum Pigs

Friday Fuck Fun: Cheap Thrills Gets Your Rocks Off with UK’s Cum Pigs


Coming to you direct from the UK, Paul Morris & Treasure Island Media present the fourth fuckvid in the CHEAP THRILLS series, featuring a solid mix of London’s best fuck-pigs, in four cum-drenched scenes, this video is a guaranteed cheap ass way to get your rocks off again and again.

In CHEAP THRILLS 4, watch as notorious European ass destroyer, PETO COAST, exploits LEOMANN’s begging hole, FLORIAN MANN fancies an anonymous deep breeding from a furry, uncut fucker, ANTON DICKSON discretely breeds a sleeping flatmate’s insatiable ass, and TITCH JONES plows JAKE ASCOTT until they lay spent, filled with and covered in molten man juice.












iBLASTinside's Friday Fuck Fun











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Friday Fuck Fun: Fucktards Get Stupid and Breed, Breed, Breed in this Treasure Island Media Flick

Friday Fuck Fun: Fucktards Get Stupid and Breed, Breed, Breed in this Treasure Island Media Flick


Fucktard''s boxcover copyAnother Friday Fuck Fun looks at another Treasure Island Media movie, but this one goes hardcore.

The Romans called sex Insania Nobilis, the Noble Insanity.

Approach real sex, real risk and danger and you’ll feel your brain start to fog up. Get closer to the fire and your IQ plummets lower, lower, lower until you’re a raving buck-in-rut thinking from your lust-gorged crotch.

Treasure Island Media Director and Producer Paul Morris brings exclusives Ethan Wolfe, Jack Allen, Jackson Taylor and John Dahl along with Blue Bailey, B.J. Slater, Chad Brock, Christian Rock, Chris Kohl, Devlin Michaels, The Fucktard, James Roscoe, Jerry Stearns, Lito Cruz, Luca Bondi, Luke Bennett, Nick Moretti, Patrick O’Conner, Sunny, Trasher, Trevor and Ty Roberts to that animalistic place.

Instinct takes over and the men just fuck and breed in this barebacking, bucking and breeding blowout.

Oh, and keep in mind, Lito Cruz bred Joshua Chandler, who was recently interviewed by iBLASTinside Opens new window of a page on this blog. So there’s a nice DNA connection to this movie.









iBLASTinside's Friday Fuck Fun















iBLASTinside's Friday Fuck Fun








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Happy Ending Erotic Therapeutic Massage Atlanta

Temporary Visitor Chad Makes for a Great Addition to Atlanta’s Massage Therapist Scene

See the other Atlanta Massage Therapists Opens new window of a page on this blog previously reviewed.

Chad Turns Blond into Gold-Star Service


Profile on MasseurFinder.com as Chad Open-New-Window-External
Inactive profile on MassageM4M.com as Chad Open-New-Window-External
His online cell is listed as (323) 899-7688


bullet Chad earn the best rating of all 10 currently reviewed therapists
bullet 33 years old, 6 feet tall, 175 pounds, dirty blond with unshaven look, light blue eyes and 7 inches cut

bullet Massages in the nude with light body hair, nicely trimmed where it needs to be
bullet Mutual touch is allowed and the way he maneuvers, it’s practically encouraged
bullet His massage is Swedish based and on a bed in his hotel room, as he’s currently traveling the country
bullet In the Atlanta area, he’s currently staying
I-85 near Druid Hills Road but that could change
bullet When he leaves Atlanta, he’ll be in Nashville, Knoxville, Arkansas and eventually San Francisco


bullet Pissed off about this review; see his response Opens new window of a page on this blog
bullet Leaves Atlanta on March 17, 2013
bullet Chad does NOT bareback Opens new window of a page on this blog

four-out-of-five-stars rating

Atlanta’s massage therapists Opens new window of a page on this blog bring a certain lackluster approach to their skills. I’ve tried a few and am looking to try more. It’s a challenge because most massage therapists don’t seem to know a damn thing about customer service (but that’s another entry).

What I want to write about is Chad.

For the past month or so, I’ve been seeking a good therapist who knows a thing or two about connecting with a client. I’ve been able to get a decent massage — at least technically good. The therapist will find the knots, work it out for a while, make me feel some pain.

A little while later, the therapist will make me feel good.

But all the while, this gulf is between us. We are two people, going through motions and not sensing how the other feels.

I wrote a long while back about my two Filipino massage therapists Opens new window of a page on this blog, one of whom I had when I lived in Washington, D.C. This guy had the most incredible body, was half my age, but during our massage could find this weird space that created a kind of mindmeld where the two of us would synchronize.

Look, I do not get off on a blowjob, much less a handjob. But with a few strokes after his build up, this guy had be blasting all over myself.

Back to Chad

Let’s just say things could have been rocky with Chad. I’d like to say he’s a little down on his luck, but his attitude seems so cheerful as he’s figuring out where he wants to go. Or maybe he’s just a wandering gypsy nowadays. He has some adventures to tell, I’m sure. But he made it easy to set things up and I met him.

Like me, his sense of humor is a little twisted. And since his hotel room is so damn small, he can’t really accommodate a massage table.

Chads-ass-Massage-TherapistThank God.

His technique allowed this kind of luxurious relaxed posed where he’d lounge next to me. It wasn’t so much trying to get his dick to touch my leg as the fact his body would just naturally seem to fit up against me.

He started with my legs, which seemed a little weird. Then he worked up to my back. When he got to my shoulders, he almost cradled me in his arms and across his smooth (and trimmed) chest.

Was it hot? Not. It was comfortable. And erotic. I mean, just felt right. Strangely so.

I truly enjoyed his skill, although he never really integrated deep tissue. He picked up intrinsically on those points of my body that provided more pleasure and worked them expertly.

He just connected with me. We connected together. It was unspoken. In fact, when we spoke, I don’t know if we got along. But when we didn’t speak, he could weave some magic between us.

Best Massage Therapist Reviewed Yet

The quality of the lotion could be much better, as it seemed to be generic and not meant to be for massage. And cleaning up with tissue paper rather than a towel didn’t really work for me. I think if those two had been in place, I’d definitely given him another half star to put him at 4½.

Still, his 4-star rating earns Chad the best rating of all the massage therapists Opens new window of a page on this blog I’ve seen in the area (and, frankly, out of the area) in recent years.

I hope Chad let’s me know where he’s going so I can see him again. It will be well worth visiting him again. And while he’s in the Atlanta area, I encourage you all to seek him out and book an appointment.

bullet_square_green        bullet_square_green        bullet_square_green

Want to be included in my massage therapist or escort review list?

If you would like to be reviewed, feel free to contact Mark Bentson at his contact page Opens a new window from this blog or via e-mail iblastinside@gmail.com . These entries are at the discretion of Mark Bentson and in no way would any services provided to Mark guarantee or indicate any review (positive or negative) may or may not appear on these pages Opens new window of a page on this blog.

Reviews of male escorts, companions and massage therapists in the Atlanta area are included here. Mark also provides training to those escorts, companions and massage therapists as well as marketing services such as web, e-mail, blog and social media advice for compensation and barter. Mark can maximize the financial intake you receive by teaching you basics Opens a new window from this blog  as well as advanced techniques.

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About Me

About Me

Everything you wanted to know and may want to know but didn’t ask

Born out of wedlock, adopted into a Christian home, somehow I turned out okay, finding my way in the world after growing up a goody two-shoes. Some of that goodness remains. I don’t jaywalk and I’ve never, ever done an illegal substance. Yet, I’ve attempted to violate sodomy laws in every Bible Belt state and beyond.

If you’re easily offended or confused, I don’t recommend approaching me. I’m not safe for work (NSFW) and usually offensive to almost everyone who’s ever met me. My sense of humor is biting, sarcastic, dry and can be harmful if swallowed (unless you’re talking about my cum which can be swallowed but I prefer injecting elsewhere).

For all the basics of your interest, here we go.

Mark in rubberMy age (in the traditional year measurement) is 45.

My Zodiac sign (in case you care about that shit) is Taurus (and I promise I’m bullishly stubborn as hell).

It’s not much better if you’re into the Chinese Zodiac cause it makes me a Ram and God knows I like to ram Opens a new window from this blog.

Born in Georgia and all my formative childhood and very early adulthood years spent here but I’ve also lived in FloridaWashington, D.C.Virginia and Maryland. Currently, I live in the far northern suburbs outside Atlanta Opens a new window from this blog.

My educational experience includes Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Details of these forays into academia fail to properly convey the education and experience gained beyond the influence of most professors. That said, intelligence might be among the greatest aphrodisiacs for me.

For the puerile among the readers who probably skipped over that word to get to the so-called “good stuff” …

  • 45 years old
  • Light brown hair
  • Speckled green eyes behind nerd glasses
  • Light beard
  • 6 foot, 2½ inches tall
  • 230 pounds
  • Moderately hairy (more legs and ass than chest; no back hair)
  • 7 inches cut, rock hard and big juicy loads
  • Top (95 percent of the time)
  • Barebacker (99.95 percent of the time)
  • Geekish good looks
  • Size 12 shoes
  • Extra large gloves

Adorkable, nerdastic, geekalicious, we all must face our destinies. I am a geek. I am a nerd. I know that, upon seeing me, most assume I’m the smartest guy in the room who can likely operate the audio-visual equipment or fix your computer. Under most circumstances, that assumption holds true.

Popping out a load

However, just beneath the façade of the geek holds a creative genius, a devious plotter and a mischievous thinker who maneuvers through and will mindfuck and stealth-fuck Opens a new window from this blog.

Introvert Opens a new window from this blog might best describe me, as you will rarely find me in crowds. Shyness isn’t a problem. I speak with authority and I own my feelings. Someone once told me I had a “quiet dominance” that makes me a force. But since I don’t conform to the normal ideal of what people think of dominant, because I’m not a muscle daddy in leather, I don’t scream or order through gritted teeth.

So consider the alternative. Everyone else. Or me. Different. Unique. Unusual.

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Dark Passengers Series

Dark Passenger: Margarine for Fucking

When I arrived, he was already naked. He’d called over to as my Mom if I could come over and assist him with some project. I don’t recall what he really needed me to do. It was made up anyway. I think it was hot Southern spring day. I remember birds. Lots of song birds. Or at least the sounds of spring birds.

I hesitated at first. I didn’t want to go. Or did I? Maybe I did. Perhaps I want to see his cock. No! I don’t. I don’t want to put my hands around his firm, thick, huge cock. I don’t want to stroke it and put it in my mouth, lick it and taste him. Even though I’d dreamed about cocks in my mouth.

In the pit of my stomach, I felt a little sick. Sick? Maybe butterflies. That sickness dropped lower and began tickling at the base of my balls. My cock began to rise.

I walked into the house and he was in his living room, naked and stroking his gigantic cock. And when I say GIGANTIC, I mean it was more massive and dense than the thousands of cocks I have seen since … with the exception of a few, most of those on African American men.

As I look back, I wonder if this was actually our third encounter. But I distinctly remember him being naked and waiting. And in a moment, I was naked too.

We didn’t lay down. We didn’t go to a bed. He guided my head to his cock and I began the frustrating job of sucking his huge cock. My 11- or 12-year-old mouth wasn’t big enough to make a dent on his cock. So he suggested we try something else.

He left to the bathroom. He rustled around and looked for something. Something he couldn’t find. Of course, I was rock hard, anxious and just wanted him to come back. He came out of the bathroom and ducked into the kitchen. He came out with a stick of margarine.

Yes, margarine.

I had no idea why he was bringing me butter substitute. He told me to stand up and turn around. I felt a cold slab against the crack of my ass. I turned around to see him slathering it over the head of his cock.

“This will hurt a little, but just relax.”

He pushed me over to support myself. His cock found my hole and he pushed.

Lube aside, we’re talking about a massive cock of more than six inches around and he somehow thought it would go into my ass. The ass of a 130 pound kid. No way. In fact, I never had an opportunity to complain. He never put enough force behind his pushing to ever get inside. After attempts (and my horniness), he gave up.

I was on my knees soon and started sucking. The buttery taste seemed a little weird but I adjusted. It didn’t take long for him to begin shooting. His spunk abruptly entered my mouth. I did the logical thing and swallowed.

He recovered and I stood, hoping for a reciprocal blowjob. He grabbed my cock and started jerking. I didn’t say anything much. He just jerked without much attention.

“Did you swallow it?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“You shouldn’t do that,” he said. Then, after a pause. “This is a bad thing. We shouldn’t do this. You know, you’re going to go to hell for this. Your prick is broken too. It’s not supposed to point that way….”

But he was jerking me. He was getting me close. I didn’t hear him. I shot suddenly, blowing across the room. He then complained since some of my load landed on a sofa. It was the first time someone got me off. It was the first time I wasn’t doing donuts in the gym that I had this sensation. But I couldn’t focus on this.

He was angry. He was telling me how much trouble I was in. He was saying what hell would be like for me. A cloud of extreme guilt descended on me. It buried me in a few moments. I was depressed. I was sad. I was guilty. I never wanted to do it again.