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I Am An Ordinary Guy And A Big Ole Geek

I Am An Ordinary Guy And A Big Ole Geek

I am an ordinary guy and a big ole geek. I never proclaimed myself to be anything more or less.

Okay. Maybe I am a stud. And I don’t mean a stud in some amorphous sense that one looks at a hot guy and goes, “Damn, he’s a stud.” I also don’t mean the term you might find in some urban dictionary where it refers to a general bad ass.

I am the animal kingdom version of a stud.

Definition: “An animal retained for breeding.”

Those who give me half a chance to get hard and shove my cock into their hole realize two things:

1. This guy has a very hard cock.

2. This guy knows how to fuck.

Given time, a third thing happens.

3. He breeds.

Knock on wood — primarily, my own — that’s what happens.

My blog here makes no secret of who I am and the type of person I happen to be. I should work out more. I’m not hugely fat. I have one tattoo. I wear geek glasses. I am not stud looking.

Bottom-BrainiacImagine my surprise when this fucking brainiac arrives at my door and says he’s confused who I actually am. Apparently, he’d confused me with some of the porn images on my website.

As he explained — in trying to leave and not have to see me naked — he’d assumed I was the beefy, tattooed guy who was fucking on my site.

Now I went through the last several entries. For the most part, all the porn stuff is labeled. So let’s say the dumb ass can read (but after chatting with him a bit, I’m not sure about that).

It leaves us with the escort entries on Chris, formerly of Detroit, formerly of Orlando, now I think he’s back in Detroit.

This means genius-in-muscles actually thought I was a bottom who was going to fuck him.

I didn’t fuck him because he wanted a pass. And who am I to rape the unwilling (and someone who’s six-f00t-six and got enough muscles to break me in half).

Truth be told, I got this beautiful, muscular Hispanic man with a gorgeous ass who came preloaded with two other loads that gave his ass this tangy taste!

But that’s another story.

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What You Are Used For…

What You Are Used For…

Let me explain it. You are for use.
Your mouth and ass and whatever else is needed will be used to get me off whenever I want.
It’s not a fantasy or some stupid role playing game.
This is serious and for real. No excuses and no talk-back.

Do as you are told. With a drop of a hat, you should be ready and EAGER to be used.
When done, you leave quietly and respectfully.
I could care less for your “pleasure.”
If you happen to shoot off, just don’t get it on me or my stuff.
And if I’m not done, so what? I’m going to keep going.

Do as you are told. Drive where you are told wearing what you are told.
You can be used three times a day or once a month, depending on my mood.

Expecting some butch, loud daddy? Go look somewhere else.
Looking for a lover? Fuck off.
I am an ordinary guy with a really nice cock who knows how to use it.
And I just use people.
It’s just how I am.

So there.
Interested? Email your stats, pics and location.
And be willing to do ANYTHING. And I mean ANYTHING.
No excuses. No whining.

That was the Craiglist ad I posted. I sometimes post these ads when I’m in a bit of a dominant mood. Despite the fact I identify as a top, it doesn’t mean I’m some butch, leather daddy or a muscle man. I’m not. I’m a geek. I personally think that being dominant isn’t as much about the clothes or the physique. It’s something some people have in that elusive aura about them.

Now most of the posts I put out there are either (1) flagged and deleted or (2) responded to by flakes and insincere people that never intend on meeting. The ad above does tend to weed most people out quickly.

Prior to this time’s flagging, I do get a few responses, including one from the young man to the right. He lived a little bit away, but we quickly established his hungry ass needed it. Bad.

I made sure he knew there would be no condoms and no lube. Poppers would be available but if he didn’t make sure my cock was nicely lubed up with his own spit, it would hurt like hell going into his ass.

Yet another bi guy. Like I’ve mentioned before, the bi guys are some much more easily convinced to bareback, but this guy didn’t need any convincing. He’d had cum in his ass and wanted it again.

He arrived and, as instructed, he stepped inside the front door with just shorts. No shirt. No underwear. No shoes. Just shorts. And those came off immediately.

I grabbed his head and pushed it immediately into my crotch. I didn’t let me decide if he though I was hot or not. Didn’t give a fuck. He was here for one reason. To please me.

He reached up to grab the bands of my shorts and I pushed them away.

“Put your fucking hands behind your back,” I growled. “Keep working my cock.”

He obeyed.

I continued to grind into his face. I could feel his warm breath as it pushed through the cloth of my shorts and boxers. I could feel them getting damp. He was drooling.

I soon pulled away, grabbing his blond hair and pushing his face to look at me. His eyes were closed. With my other hand, I peeled my shorts down and kicked them off.

“Open your mouth,” I commanded.

He did. I shoved forward with my cock while yanking his scalp toward me at the same time. My cock entered with brutal force and gagged him immediately. But he ate hungrily.

“Watch your fucking teeth,” I snarled, pulling his hair a little.

You have to realize, based on the photo you see here, this guy was not small. In fact, he could easily benchpress multiple times what I could do. I was a weakling compared to him. The brainy geek was using the brawny jock. And the jock liked it.

He moaned a little.

I get sick of cock sucking quickly unless they’re particularly good. Bi guys usually aren’t. So again with the hair, I pulled him off my cock and onto his feet. He faced me, but his eyes remained closed. I let him stand there for a beat, touching his warm, smooth skin. His cock didn’t stand erect but it wasn’t quite flaccid either. I think I saw a bead of precum but I couldn’t be sure. I wasn’t going to touch it to check.

I reached over to my desk and got the poppers, screwing open the top. “Here, sniff this.”

“Poppers give me a head…” he started to respond.

I slapped his face. Not hard and not with a pop. It was a warning.

“I don’t fucking care,” I whispered. “Sniff these or you will regret it. And I remind you, your spit is drying the longer you wait.”

He snorted. I spun him around to face the closed front door. I pressed him against it, his hands flew up to stop his head from bumping into it. That was fine. He needed the leverage. I actually licked my hand. I don’t like a dry fuck. Hurts my cock. His ass was squeaky clean and a warm dew surrounded the lightly hairy hole. I aimed my cock with the other hand and pushed inside.

“FUCK!” escaped his lips. It hurt, and he instinctively moved toward the door. But I kept pace until he was flat on the door and I was flat against him. I pushed my cock in deeper.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” he started.

I popped his head with a free hand. “Shut the fuck up.”

Again, this guy could have stopped me anytime. I could not have prevented it. But he stilled. And I felt more than my head enter into his hole. I kept the pressure steady until a little more than half my cock was inside. I eased back a little and you could hear him exhale. He pushed off the door a little. I was almost out of his ass and his breathing was more relieved.

Without warning and with sudden brutality, I changed course and in one swift push, I entered his ass completely. I was all the way in — well, almost. His bubble ass prevented going to the hilt. And he was against the door again.

I never pulled out far. I just kept up a steady assault. His head would knock against the door with every push. He was grunting and not out of pleasure. It hurt. I knew it. But I didn’t stop for about five minutes when I felt his ass open just a little. I felt his ass juices begin to leak around me. I knew his pain was being replaced with pleasure. And this was the moment for which I waited.

I paused, moving my hands off the sides, opening the popper bottle and shoving it at his nosed. He sniffed without me saying anything. Then I took my hit. After I put the bottle top back on, I felt the warmth flow over me. And I began an assault like no other.

Closing my eyes and focusing on the sensation of my cock, I just slammed it into his ass. No rhythm now, the animal took over. Cock, tight hole, in and out. I could see the spot where I could cum. I felt my sperm come closer. I knew my cock began its throb, although I doubt he could feel it. I quickened. The thrusts were shorter and deeper. And more brutal. But the buzz of my load filled my ears. I only wanted to breed.

I did. I pushed hard, flattening him into the door and tensing up. I think my cock entered him even deeper. And I didn’t move. He didn’t either. Since I was a little taller, I think he was on his toes.

The head of my cock swelled and began pumping into his ass. I could feel it leave me, inject into him, and to leak down the sides of my cock. I kept the pressure up and, after the pleasure subsided, my cock glided a little more easily.

I pushed it in a few more times to make sure my DNA was in him deep, then with the same abruptness, pulled out completely and stepped away from him. I reached down and grabbed my shorts and began putting them on. Silently, he came off the door and began to reach for his shorts.

“No,” I said with no emotion in my voice. “Those are mine now. Get the fuck out of my house.”

He stood and stared at me an extra beat. Our eyes met. He saw the coldness. He reached for the door and stepped out into the night, naked. I thought I could see some of my cum and probably other stuff leaking down his leg as he gently closed the door behind him.

After I heard the car, I reached down and picked up his athletic shorts. I used them to wipe his load off the front door. I then went to bed and slept like a baby.