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Travel Diary: Velvet Vice

Travel Diary: Velvet Vice

I lived in Washington, D.C., for more than a decade. Then again, it was a decade ago when I lived here and bred asses here.

When I return on my visits, it’s always nice to check out the new crop to breed. And there are. What I forget about the D.C. area is the attitude.

When I first moved here as a graduate student in my early twenties, this city held hope for my social life. As began to frequent my first gay bars, I soon felt that hope dwindle into the embers of burning hatred for anything remotely close to social gathering places of gay men that lack any nudity.

On this visit, I am inaccessible by Metro, which means most people avoid such hook-ups like they’re somewhere 200 miles in orbit above the planet, where there’s a total lack of oxygen and inaccessible except via special dispensation from NASA.

deephole4loadsThe Velvet Vice Hole

This is impossibly good ass came to me, though.

This bottom has a hole that deserves a whole book. The perfect hole is a rare find. I do not find it. I find many asses to fuck. Many enjoyable.

Few cause me to lose it.

This one did.

His name on BarebackRT.com is DeepHole4Loads. You can see the perfection of the photo.

His ass. His muscular toned body. But great photos are a dime a dozen. I’ve seen hundreds of great photos only to fuck a mediocre ass.

His suck job on arrive was above average. He proved to be good. I tickled his ass with my finger. He’d told me two previous loads had been deposited earlier and he’d offered to have them cleaned out. But I told him to leave them in.

His hole lacked any hard ridge. With the pucker had a nice ring of hair, it could have been smooth… almost perfectly so.  My fingertip slipped inside and could feel the familiar warmth I’d associated with a nice ass.

No cum had leaked near the hole, which told me this little cunt soaked up all the cum he could.

As I prepared to fuck his as, I couldn’t help but lick it a little. He’d already spit on his hand to supply the lube for the ass for my cock. But I wanted to add mine to the mix.

His asshole opened as soon as my tongue touched it and I could hear him groan. He snorted some poppers. The way his ass grabbed at the tip of my tongue, I couldn’t hold off long before I mounted him.

My cock slipped inside. Easily. This man was a natural bottom. His ass immediately contoured to the shape of my cock. He didn’t need a moment to adjust. And he didn’t thrust one way or another. He let me set the pace.

I like a bottom who knows who is in control. I fucked him, but his ass just kept up the perfection in massaging my cock.

I couldn’t distinguish where his sphincter wrapped around me. His hole tightly grabbed my cock and held on. He wanted me.

“Use my dirty cunt,” he whispered.

“You like men to fuck you raw, don’t you?” I said.

“I like my cunt used,” he said.

“I love cum.”

I wrapped my arm around him and my hand around his throat. As I pumped his ass slowly and deliberately, I tried to hold off.

But his ass just held on to my cock like a velvet vice. Before I knew it, my cum began to boil and I began my orgasm.

I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t control it. I just… happened.

I felt his pulse quicken under my hand. He knew I was cumming, at least on a subconscious level.

He groaned. “You want my cum?” I asked.

“Pump it in my dirty cunt,” he said.

Through the blinding strain of my orgasm, I kept it up. “You’re getting my load man,” I said.

This man experienced jizzjoy. He wanted it. He got it.

I stayed inside him and pumped it deeper. He left later, off to find another load.

I would hope to pump him again.

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By a Cell Phone Light…

By a Cell Phone Light…

The choices in an adult bookstore — at least the adult bookstore here in Atlanta Opens a new window from this blog — includes gloryholes Opens a new window from this blog, private rooms and a darkroom. Those are one’s three choices to indulge in the hedonism.

The holiday season hadn’t invaded this place. Not even the music bothered to pulse with any musical beat beyond the normal dance jams with more urban tones. I’d made a couple of loops. My cock had been stroked and sucked through a gloryhole or two. The private rooms had been occupied a lot. I’d had enough time to find the men in whom I wanted to see my cock slide first.

Among them, a beefy Latino, wide chest, short and stout. Look like a good chest. But his favorite destination seemed to be the darkroom.

Now I don’t tend to favor the darkroom. It isn’t because I don’t enjoy darkrooms. However, trolls lurk there.

Some of you younger bucks may be asking, “What are trolls?”

Trolls tend to be older men (but can be of any age) who horn in on others having good sex and make it bad.

Age honestly has nothing to do with a troll, but trolls simply suck at sex (not in a good way) and they can’t figure out how to improve their sexual prowess. Yet they insist on entering into others’ fun and ruining it for all. In fact, trolls seem to delight in this.

No matter how ugly, how old, how black, how brown, how young or whatever one’s lot in life, your ass should be pink and juicy on the inside. Within certain constraints Opens a new window from this blog, I will fuck and breed you. But trolls are off limits.

I politely push them away. Some are more persistent than others. Those will ruin a fuck.

Back to the hot, stout Latino in the military haircut wearing the unfortunate white, striped sweater.

A little tip: If you’re going a place with a darkroom, choose dark clothes and don’t wear anything with a logo so people can recognize you.

I followed him into the room. As I entered, it took a moment for me to make out the shadows of the men. His was the shortest, of course, over near the corner and I moved toward him, brushing up against him. He responded in kind and reached for my crotch. I unbuttoned and before long he was down on his knees sucking.

His technique lacked focus and he couldn’t go deep, even with someone like me who didn’t really challenge anyone. My cock is just at seven inches, so my cockhead will just touch the back of most people’s throats. Sure, you’ll gag but it’s not like I’ll really stop you from breathing.

He kept his head bobbing shallow, supplementing with his hands and even licked my balls, which I loved. I completely dropped my trousers (all my valuables were locked in the car) so other men were feeling my ass and even one went down to share a lick on my balls. It wasn’t bad.

I tried to hint to my little guy I wanted ass, bending over and reaching into the gap in his jeans where his ass crack happened to be. I would touch his smooth ass. But he kept sucking.

In this darkness, I wasn’t the only one getting sucked. Darkness inspires whispers and silence for some reason. I’m a quiet guy anyway.

But there arose such a clatter, I snapped my head around to see what’s the matter.

A black man with an obviously large cock snapped on his cell phone to look down at his huge pipe entering the ass of a beefy white man wearing what looked like a black jockstrap.

“Yea, man, give me that fucking ass,” he exclaimed in a deep, gravely voice. A masculine man, the kind of downlow fucker you’d see on Sally Jesse Raphel and fucking this quiet white bottom raw. “This is a good fucking ass!”

It was across the room from me with four or five other men between me, so shadows would occasionally obscure what I could see. But the fuck noises were obvious. My little Latino continued to suck but I had my eyes firmly planted on what was going on across the room.

And I wanted that ass next.

The black fucker just got to pummeling that ass. The slapping of thighs to ass got louder and I pulled my cock away, bored by the half-hearted ministrations by the Latino. If he were smart, he’d stand, then bend over and drop his jeans.

He stood and continued to reach for my cock. I zipped up and moved toward the light of the door, but keeping an eye on the fucking.

The grunt and fuck noises just got louder. In the pale light, you could see the bottom now bracing himself against the wall and the top just letting the fucker have it.

“You’re going to get my nut!” the black man practically yelled. And then he did. “ARRRRRHHHHGGGGG!!!”

He let loose what had to be a torrent of cum into that white booty. He fucked it a few more times.

“Fuck man, I gotta sit down,” he said. “I’m fucking weak in the knees from that.”

The cell phone switched off at that moment but he sat down where the light from the doorway showed his cock, a thick nine inches, as the bottom turned around, hefted it up and sucked it clean.

By now, my Latino had moved next to me and was reaching inside my zipper. But I wanted that loaded ass.

Fortunately for me, afterward, the white bottom moved by me to go toward the corner I’d vacated. I reached out and brushed my hand against his ass and followed.

It proved enough to get his attention.

The Latino had kept my cock up if the action hadn’t. The bottom reached around and gave my cock a tug, recognizing another hard cock. He then lined it up with his hole.

I just fucking love cum sluts.

The entry was smooth and easy after that other monster had vacated. And I moaned. As that escaped my lips, a familiar light came on. The black top hadn’t left and now his cell phone illuminated my cock inside this white ass.

It wasn’t going to be a long fuck.

“That’s a nice ass, ain’t it man?” He egged me on.

Truth is, I’ve had better. I don’t mind loose asses. This one was just nondescript. And the bottom had never learned to flex his muscles. I had to do all the work. As I reached up to get a grip, I grabbed what I thought would be his jock.

T’weren’t no jock. It was some cheap, polyester lingerie garter belt. Fuck, I’m so not into men dressing as women. And this guy is totally not the type of guy who would.

But my cock is in an ass, raw, and I’m churning up cum.

“Dude,” the black man spoke. “You fucking push me again, I’m going to knock your goddamned head off! You fucking understand me?”

Troll alert.

“Stand back and let the dude nut in his butt and we all can fucking watch.”

That’s my cue.

I snort some poppers and I let it go. I know I’m not as turned on as I should be but I keep my hands on the fleshy cakes and I try to tune out the trolls, knowing that I’m protected for the time being. I focus on popping and mixing it up in this bottom’s ass. Picking up the pace, slamming harder, giving it to him, punishing him for being a pussy in women’s underwear.

I cascade over the side and grunt a few times as my Latino is there, tickling my balls. Yes, he still wants my dick.

I cum. I half cum really. I shoot a load but it’s not fulfilling. I give the audience a good performance, knowing that I am injecting into his ass but I beef it up making sure it seems good, although more understated than my black ally.

By the time I pop out, another hard dick is lined up and he’s shooting by the time I’ve zipped up and left.

A little disgusted with myself that my powers of perception probably hoped that it was a black jockstrap rather than a black garter belt. I make another loop and I fuck a guy’s face for a while. He won’t offer me his ass, even telling me he watched me fuck that guy and that I can fuck him any other place but here.

And I bump into the black guy as he comments, “That was a mighty fine ass, wasn’t it man?”

“Yea, man,” I nod in agreement, now completely lying to him. “You have a good one.”

I head out. Half satisfied.

Busting a Cherry

Busting a Cherry

He claimed to be bisexual, but whether he was or not wasn’t for me to suggest. Upon my only phone conversations, he sounded like one of those soft-spoken, overly sensitive guys girls just loved to date.

He’d e-mailed me once before, but it was this e-mail that finally got me to call him:

I have called you a few times 🙂 and I am not sure what you think at this point but I really want an experienced top to fuck me. I can leave my work at 11:30 and be in your town in 10 to 15 mins. I am serious that I really want to take me and fuck me until you get off. All I ask is that you start slow (as this would be my first time) everything else I would leave to you. 

He included the photograph of him sucking a cock.

I’d taken a look back at the history to find the only other photo of him had been him fucking a girl. His earlier e-mail had read:

I have not bottomed before but I have to admit that I have had your number in my phone for a couple of weeks. I am 6′ tall 36yo white male, 180lbs nice looking in pretty good shape. I have a nice ass. 

The only questions I have is, can you do me without killing me? 7 inches may be a little large. I may have to work up to a pounding. Can I call you? Are you available over lunch hours?
after work? 5-15 ish? Saturday mornings? 

Pic is of me doing a female friend of mine.

It’s always a little sketchy to fuck a virgin, especially one around here in the boondocks. I get more fiftysomething men saying they waited until their kids were grown or their wife was dried up to try it. Fuck that. Let them hire a call guy.

But something told me this guy was a little different. I always go with my gut. So I called him up.

Funny talking to someone who sounded more nutty-crunchy-West Coast than Southern, but I gave him the invite and lickity split if he didn’t show up in 15 minutes, as promised.

A tall six feet and beefy, he sported a thin, trimmed Abe Lincoln beard that turned out to be adorable. He stripped down and sucked me just enough to get me hard and then laid flat on his stomach.

With younger, inexperienced bottoms, I might ease into the fucking. But he practically begged for it. I got the lube instead of eating his ass, not sure of the hygiene situation anyway. I lubed my cock, I lubed his hole.

When I touched the pucker, it reacted immediately, relaxing and opening. I slid a finger just inside to feel him already relaxing. I didn’t bother with any other digit play and went to laying on top of him.

I poised my raw cockhead at the hole and pushed just a bit. My head is flared and larger than the shaft, so it took a second for it to push past the first sphincter. It did with a grunt.

“How’s that feel?” I asked, resisting the urge to bury my cock.

“Pull out for a sec,” he said.

I did, and let him adjust to the sensation. When I entered him the second time a few moments later, the first sphincter offered no resistance, but the second did. I pushed past it and slowly, with a little at the time… He grunted and breathed hard.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“Yea,” he said. “But keep going.”

I did. And then it was all the way in. I relaxed on top of him and rotated my hips so my bare cock buried into his virgin hole.

“That’s all of it,” I said. “You’ve got a full cock in your ass.”

“It hurts,” he said. “But it feels good. Please fuck me.”

I began thrusting, just with my hips at first. As I did, his hands reached around my arms to grab hold. His grunts became more groans.

“Oh man,” he started to chant as I picked up pace.

I really began to pound, lifting into a push up position and letting my hips drop into his ass, my cock plunging deeper as my thighs slapped into his butt cheeks.

“I knew it would feel this good,” he said.

“Why don’t you sit on it and take it deeper?” I said.

We switched over, him taking a seat. Now I had access to his chest with gigantic nipples. I’d rarely seen nipples so large — two inches in diameter easily. His moderately hairy chest with a lovely treasure trail down to a very hairy bush. His cock had retreated into the unkempt bush, almost invisible except for the copious amount of precum pouring forth.

He rode my cock like a champ.

And then I positioned him on his back and fucked his legs in the air.

I pounded him some, but kept it to a minimum, knowing just how sore he’d be the next few days. I put him back on his stomach for the breeding and got the man to beg for my load in his ass before unleashing a torrent of DNA into his tight, no-longer-cherry hole.

He seemed relieved as I as I pulled out and rolled off. Not relieved it was over. Relieved like he’d shot a load. But he didn’t. As he stood up, his precum-soaked bush never hinted his cock ever escaped its tangle.

“Damn, that felt better than I thought it would be,” he said.

“So you’ll come back for more?”

He nodded and smiled with a goofy grin.


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Fucking My Way Through Asia

Fucking My Way Through Asia

I can’t say I’ve ever fucked anyone from Singapore. That is until I got lucky on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Working for home on one of my massive reports and presentations I seem to be doing more and more often, I went ahead and posted an ad, not expecting much of a response when a quick reply appeared. In fact, his was the first.

“Total bottom here… Can help… Serve good tops… Thanks,” his e-mail said, with a photo attached. He also wrote, “Very discreet… Where are you located/address please? 30yo/5’8/32waist/very very safe DDF.”

A few e-mail exchanges and I gave him my address. He never mentioned his nationality. My ad had made it clear I expected to fuck and fuck raw.

He arrived on time and I opened the door, pleasantly surprised. If you’re watching this season’s “American Idol,” he looks a little like an Asian Andrew Garcia, but a little cuter. Although I’d planned for a quick fuck at the front door, my weakness for Asians got the best of me and I invited him upstairs.

We stripped down and he started with a good suck. And I mean good. As I got hard and my cock pointed toward my belly button, he positioned himself so he could push my prick down his throat. My sensitive skin never once scraped against his teeth.

Good boy.

I felt his body, the olive toned smooth skin and along that nice ass to his hole, which was prelubed as I requested.

Very good boy.

I shoved a finger inside him and pushed it in deeper until he started moaning. I knew I was going to have a really good time.

He climbed up to take a seat and after a nice, long, wet kiss, he reached around and lowered himself on my cock. Just a little at a time. He needed time to adjust to take the whole thing.

I love the sensation of an ass adjusting to my cock. How he tries to take it, even with the lube already squirted up there. How he realizes it’s not enough lube and asks for more. And I tell him just to give it a minute. Yea. It hurts a little for me too. But I just love the tightness and how the ass just hangs on and relaxes a little at a time. How I can feel the muscles and ridges inside. How the sensations all come together.

He rode me like a pro for while, even crouching on the balls of his feet and bouncing, letting his ass get used to my cock really opening him up.

Eventually, he got on his back and I fucked him good. He really enjoyed my fucking him (as he already wrote in the comments section of the last post where I mentioned he stopped by).

I pounded him, varying my speed and the thrust and depth. I also enjoyed the sensation, really indulging myself in the pleasure that comes from fucking a fine, tight, clean ass.

Finally, we both took a deep hit of poppers and I went to town. I really let myself pump him good until I plunged in him deep and let the cum pump into his ass. I stopped moving and just let him feel the sensation of my cock pumping my baby batter into his ass. I stayed inside him for a while, moving out and in just a little at a time until finally his tight hole had enough and squeezed me out.

It was an excellent fuck. As I escorted him out, I found out he was from Singapore. Griping his ass through the sweat pants and knowing no underwear separated that hot, loaded ass from the pants, I wondered if he’d leak or keep all my cum inside him.

He would come back. I hope.

Deceptively Fun #6: Double Penetration, The First Time

Deceptively Fun #6: Double Penetration, The First Time

I think it’s pretty well established that I like ass. In fact, I like it a lot. The only thing better than one cock fucking and ass is two cocks fucking an ass.

Yes, it’s possible. I know. I’ve done it three times. There’s nothing nicer than a piggy boy begging for it and two hot tops going at it.

The first time happened a long time ago. I was newly single again after a long-term asshole dumped me for a smaller cock AND a smaller fist (he could never take it past the second knuckle with me). I had been chatting online with a Texan who made it very clear he wanted it bareback.

Gotta love the pigs.

So as I am chatting him up and getting close to inviting him over, he asks if I like three ways.

“Fuck yea!” I respond.

“Cool,” he types. “I got a buddy who lives close to you. He’s online. Kind of an ugly face but a nice bod and a huge cock.”

I knew why he liked him.

After the usual trading of information and appropriate pics, they both show up at my place. The bottom is this cute little brown-haired boy. He’s 28, 5-foot-8, 150 pounds soaking wet. He’s got this cute little stache and a little chin fuzz. His brown eyes were bright with a smile that could melt chocolate and a thick Texas drawl.

He was right about his friend. What a train wreck of a face. But he was affable enough at 6-foot tall and almost 200 pounds with nice blond hair that was graying on the edges.

Bottom boy guided me back to my own bedroom and dropped trou almost immediately. He had one of those round, bubble butts normally reserved for porn. No hair, it was naturally smooth. He barely had any on his chest.

While he liked to kiss, sucking or doing anything else (beside getting fucked) was NOT in his repertoire. His friend knew it.

Train-wreck was naked soon too, with nice beefy pecs and bulging arms. He got naked, spit on his thick 8-incher and slid it in from behind immediately.

Bottom boy just let a sigh out. I was stripping off watching the nice scene as that thick monster pushed into his hole. I was hard, of course. Got a respectful nod from the other top who kept plugging the bottom. I reached up and played with his chest.

We were there to use the bottom. And that’s all he wanted. Cock inside him.

Pretty soon, the top was grunting. He was pushing his cock into him harder and harder. The bottom just laid there, so content with a cock in his ass, he just grinned quietly. The top man sped up and started grunting. I knew what was happening, as the top unloaded his ugly spunk into that boy’s ass.

He pulled his thick, glistening cock out of the boy’s ass, slapped his right cheek and then looked at me.

“There’s you some lube,” he said.

I didn’t bother with spit. I just pushed inside. His asshole clenched onto my cock immediately. Where the thick cock had some give to it, my rock-hard seven inches did not.

The bottom was one of the quietest I have ever fucked. He just lay there, happily taking my raw cock in his cum-filled chute.

I love the scent of cum. My cock was covered in it as I went to town on his ass. It had been a while since I’d fucked a nice ass.

My fellow top crawled onto the bed and grabbed his cock. He was still mostly hard — a good site to see. He spit on his hand and did some handwork on his cock, watching me plug the boy. Since I was pretty cranked up already, I was getting close quickly. As my breathing started to pick up, the top started egging me on.

“Yeah dude!” he grunted. “Shoot your load up inside him too.”

Wasn’t long until I did just that, putting my creamy filling inside this twink boy.

The bottom didn’t miss a beat. He climbed up, off my cock, and sat right down onto the other top’s cock. I got up and relaxed a bit. But my cock stayed hard, as is norm for me.

“Fuck bud,” the other top said. “Nice spunk! His ass is silky now.”

There was a white sheen to his cock as the bottom silently bounced on his cock.

After a few minutes, I had completely recovered and was waiting my turn when the top said, “Want to share?”

“Sure,” I answered.

He grabbed the boy and pulled him forward. “Go ahead,” the top said.

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I got up behind the bottom. I could see my buddy’s cock deep inside that hole. I hoped it would be easy enough to push my cock in right on top of his. As I said, he had a nice thick cock but with a lot of give to it. Not really spongy, but not like a rock either.

He had to spread his legs a little wider so I could kneel properly. I positioned the head of my cock at the rim of the hole. With my fingers, I push into my buddy’s cock and with my hips, I thrust up.

It took a couple of seconds. But then, there was this feeling of a POP and the head was inside.

Silent bottom boy groaned the kind of groan best reserved for the word, “ecstasy.”

I pushed up into him a little further.

Now, I have fucked a lot of asses. Dry asses. Wet asses. Loose asses. Tight asses. Hairy asses. Smooth asses. Old asses. Young asses.

This didn’t feel like any of them.

Tight is an understatement. It was as if a HOT, HARD rod was strapped to the length of my cock and this strange vice was clamped around the rest of it. When I finally was in to the hilt, my cock was harder than it had ever been.

I must have paused a little too long. My top bud spoke: “You’re going to have to do most of the moving. Don’t worry. I’ll hang onto the bottom here.”

“You got it,” I replied.

I pulled out and pushed back in. At first, it was slow. I didn’t have quite the freedom of movement as before, but it was still incredible. Fuck. It was TOO HOT.

I mean, each time I pushed in, that hard cock seemed to thicken up and the ass seemed to have a mind of its own. The bottom boy was clenching his ass so hard, I swore he was having a seizure. But he just moaned a little.

I created a pace. It was slow and my strokes weren’t deep. But it felt fucking good. Pretty soon, my top friend was grunting.

“Yeah buddy!” he said. “Fuck his ass with our cocks. FUCK!”

I sped up the pace a little, pushing in deeper still. I felt my balls slap against the other top’s balls.

“Fuck bud!” he said. “You’re going to make me shoot!”

He grunted. Then I felt it. His cock swelled even more. It got ROCK hard quite suddenly. And he let loose. I could FEEL it throb. I could FEEL his cum push up through his cock. I could FEEL his head release it into the ass. I could FEEL his cum surround my head and begin leaking down between our cocks.

I thrust a couple more times. I worked more of his cum into his ass and some of it came out, dripping onto my balls. And then I had to shoot too.

I fucking dumped my load the same way.

“FUCK YEA!” My buddy said, feeling the way I throb, his cock next to mine. We were cum buddies.

I spurted my load deep inside that hungry ass. And the boy moaned some more. When I finally pulled out, he got off. There was a huge load all over my top buddy’s stomach.

But the most interesting part was the bottom boy just laid down on his stomach. He reached behind, and spread his ass cheeks.

“I need more,” he said.

My top buddy fucked two more loads into him that night and I added one more for a total of seven. Later the next day, I got an e-mail from the bottom.

“Thanks!” he said. “You have NO IDEA how hot it was for me to drive home and feel some of you guys’ cum leak out into my jeans. Let’s do it again.”

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