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Hate (3 of 3)

Hate (3 of 3)

A blind leading the blind mentality seems to permeate the world. We don’t want our children to be taught about sex or they might have it. Yet we all have cocks and vaginas and asshole and clits.

Then there’s this thing called the Internet and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which goes where. Before you know it, little honors student and Christian Jessica Jane Lister is pregnant with football quarterback Cody Wall’s baby and they’ve both got genital warts.

We want our schools to teach creationism but not evolution but we don’t want our churches to support science. Hell, the Georgia Legislature is trying to pass a law that citizens have a right to carry guns into their churches, so we can kill the preacher if he says something blasphemous (like Jesus turned water into wine; wrong! Jesus turned water into grape juice).

It stands to reason that a lot of the hate I’ve garnered causing people to protest against Str8Cam Jeff Opens new window of a page on this blog and others steams from a misunderstanding of my most controversial posts about stealthing.

I know a lot of my readers think stealthing is hot, hot, hot. You jerk off to it. It’s the forbidden fruit. All of us have fantasies we all enjoy, just beyond the borders of what we’d really do.

Then again, it might be something we do.

In the barebacking world, there’s bug-chasing and gift-giving along with a Russian roulette of who-the-fuck-cares breeds us.

But I am known for stealthing, for giving the world the top 10 tips for stealthing Opens new window of a page on this blog, for explaining barebacking in meaningful ways that there’s no denying what’s really happening.

I have been deceptive. And that’s not explaining all my motivations.

The Entire Truth

Whenever I watch a magician — even someone like Lance Burton or David Copperfield — it’s become second nature for me to figure out how the trick is done. It’s not really hard to do. I can’t stand to watch “America’s Got Talent” and to see Howie Mandel be amazed at a relatively simple trick and to say, “I don’t know how you did that!”

I can tell you.

When I began the entries on busting condoms, taking condoms off and other forms of sabotage, the outrage was palpable. Most hated it. Many thought I’d broken some sacred contract.

How, I have no idea. Anonymous sex is just that. Why they have this higher-than-mighty sense one must adhere to a code when fucking someone who you don’t even know their first name, I don’t comprehend. Why? And especially why when one knows the other person isn’t put into any harm.

The mighty think that the stealther has some puss-filled cock shooting out disease upon infection and reigning some destruction upon the other.

Nonetheless, until I started writing about it, no one was.

I don’t count myself as some savior. I don’t. But I do see some of what I wrote as an education.

I do explain if you’re stupid enough to want to fuck in places where you’re not going to know your top or bottom, how one might protect oneself. How to bring your own condoms, monitor the use of the condoms and maintain your own safety.

You are accountable for your own safety. No one else.

Welcome to Real Life

It’s so very odd how some consider this bond of sex sacred even though you’re fucking with a stranger. For example, if a journalist is speaking to a source and the source wants to go “off the record” — meaning the content to follow is not to be published or broadcast — the journalist must agree to do so verbally as well. It must be stated so and both parties have to make an agreement.

Pulling out a condom just with the assumption someone will wear it doesn’t work that way.

I’m not saying this stuff just to piss people off. I’m trying to get reality to sink in. This is how the world works. Assuming an asshole top who wants to get off raw or a bottom who wants a load is going to fuck according to some honor code is just plain stupid.


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Hanging Chad

Hanging Chad

Chad-Massage-TherapistI’ve pissed off the massage therapist blond Chad Opens new window of a page on this blog.

First, I enjoyed myself. I wanted to hit him up again for another session.

Second, I’d gotten a few e-mails from folks asking if the hottie ever would entertain barebacking.

Chad had written me a nice note thanking me for the review shortly after it appeared. I’d e-mailed it to him.

Apparently he forgot it.

For all the nice things I wrote, he focused on one section:

I’d like to say he’s a little down on his luck, but his attitude seems so cheerful as he’s figuring out where he wants to go. Or maybe he’s just a wandering gypsy nowadays. … since his hotel room is so damn small, he can’t really accommodate a massage table.

After a little exchange where he seemed confused after thanking me for my review, he sent me this:

I am by no means down on my luck, or a nomad. I know exactly what I want out of life. I still have no idea where the bareback thing came from.

I’m not really worried about what people say about me online. I put myself out there so I expect a certain amount of bitterness. You can’t please everyone.

I got another response.

I’m actually a very happy person. I make tons of money and work at my own pace. No I do not bb.

Let me explain my reasoning. Perhaps Chad is just frugal. I don’t mean to assign anyone’s particular motivations to their choice of accommodations. But when it comes to cheap chain hotels, Chad at least stepped it up from one that didn’t leave the light on for him. However, the $39.99 a night on the nearby interstate didn’t help making it seem a little low-end.

I usually respect people and a certain degree of their privacy. When I wrote that his room was small, it was tiny. Moreover, Chad’s belongings were crammed and stacked — neatly — into absolutely every single space. The path from the door (by the bathroom door) went to the end of the bed. Both sides of the bed were crammed full.

I don’t doubt he’s about as “happy” as he could be — or at least he’s got a great attitude. And I know some people are nomadic, enjoying traveling the planet. Hell, if I were young and hot, I think I’d do it.

No bitterness was intended. I always explain the space where the therapist works. Is it a tidy, tranquil, dedicated massage space, the messy dorm-like room or are you afraid a teetering mountain of belongings stacked to the ceiling might tip over and fall upon you? I believe that this is important information for a client to consider.

I like Chad. I still do. But he’s extra sensitive, snaps back fast and can’t take the reviews he’s going to be subject to in his profession.

I’m not going to drop his rating. I still want you all to support him when he visits. But keep in mind, he’s got ‘tude.

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Also, while I travel, keep in mind I don’t mind rentboys, gay/bi/straight massage therapists or other kinds of outcall servicers while visiting cities like Indianapolis or Concord, NH Opens new window of a page on this blog.

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Question & Answer: How to Ask a Bareback Top About STDs

Question & Answer: How to Ask a Bareback Top About STDs

Since you’re obviously so bareback-savvy and articulate, I wonder if you’d mind my asking you a question.

Let me say that i wholeheartedly agree with you that introducing a layer of latex between two men who are doing what men do is just wrong.

That said, there is the reality of STDs, which, in an ideal world, would not exist. What is the best, most appropriate, respectful, way to raise the issue of STDs with a man with whom one is negotiating bareback sex?

Fact #1 (in my case): I’m STD-free (HIV negative, hepatitis a/b/c neg, etc.)  and tested regularly and (sadly) not overly sexually active.

Fact #2: I’m a bottom. hardwired. Sex for me isn’t sex unless there is a man’s dick up my ass. Generally speaking, when I ask a top (who has stated an interest in breeding me) about his STD status, more often than not I’ll get a defensive (or hostile) response suggesting that either (a) i shouldn’t be asking the question; (b) I should be assuming that he’s positive (for whatever); or (c) everyone who barebacks is positive (for whatever), and so on.

Is there no place in bareback sex circles for us negative guys?


Of course there’s a place for all bottoms. So let’s break it down a bit.

If you’re making the tops defensive or hostile, you’re offending them — probably coming off as a bossy bottom.

If you’re on BarebackRT.com or other such hook-up websites, you will see a status as far as HIV if they’ve chosen to answer the question (and answer it honestly). Of course, this fails to go further into the whole STD panel. And I’d say getting an honest answer is one of odds.

I’ll be honest here. If a bottom asks me, “Are you poz?” I’ll analyze the motivations of the question tone and usually turn it around and ask “Why” he’s asking. If a bottom asks, “Will you poz my ass?” that’s a completely different question, so I’ll probably suggest that charging him up would be a result.

A question like, “Are you clean?” will get me to say I am.

In other words, I mold my response to the motivation of the question. My ultimate goal is to get the ass I’m pursing.

Men are pigs — top, bottom or otherwise. Counting on an honest answer will leave you with an empty hole, as I’m sure the result already has. Moreover, the indiscretion or just plain sluttiness of men will lead them to lie more often than not.

So where does it leave us?

Largely with gut instinct. I’d suggest, “Quick question, are you clean? I am.” Or, “guaranteed clean hole here, hopefully you are” and see what he responds to that.

Then choose based on what you feel in your gut.

After the question and the response, then move on. Don’t ask any more and cede control back to the top. No one likes a bossy bottom… well, almost no one.

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5% of Readers Identify as Straight, Curious

My surveys have selfish motivations, just as my fucking. As with many gay men, I am fascinated by straight men who somehow filter over to this side of the fence. Not as much the gay-for-pay world, which admittedly weighs more heavily toward the positive on the benefit-to-detriment ratio.

Still, I don’t know how many of the 22 who responded honestly feel more a part of the straight/curious camp and are “paid” to do the gay thing. And I don’t know that even with compensation, they’d voluntarily read this blog.

Only a couple e-mailed me and, after my brief response, never replied.

I remain curious about the straight/curious and would like to discuss what intrigues them so. Maybe one day, a straight will engage me in a dialog.