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A New Member of the Bareback Brotherhood Welcomes Loads of Cum Into His Ass

A New Member of the Bareback Brotherhood Welcomes Loads of Cum Into His Ass

The following is some correspondence I received from a fine specimen on BarebackRT.com in the last few days. Enjoy.

It would be an HONOR to have your jaded seed in my ass ‘marking your territory’ tagging it with your DNA as another bred slut on your belt.

Hot-BodBut no rush, I have never fawned over celebrities while I had contact with them in my Hollywood days. After all, you are the most outgoing TOP-BREEDER of the Bareback Brotherhood that I can think of.

Your ‘i-blast-inside’ slogan now triggers the most insane static charge in my mind when I find similar in other shameless barebacker’s profiles. And you helped me find a way to the bad boy dungeon door to explore my most electrifying fantasies!!!

Catching my boyfriend flirting hardcore on Grindr was the best thing to kick my out of the delusional trap of gay monotony/monogamy. Instead of big drama I suggested we BOTH embrace our inner sluts and go ‘HUNTING’ for ass and cock, naked in the forest if you wish, no protection, just naked spear in hand, scouting for fellow hunters.

A month ago, I didn’t have Grindr or an account on BarebackRT.com. Soon, one dude came over and seeded my bf and I LOVED every moment of it.

iBLASTinside's Bareback Loading ZoneAlthough he was a jerk who ‘fell in love’ (the bullshit trap) and so we promptly banished him.

Next, a sexy bottom from Grindr came over with five loads up his ass from the previous night’s sex-party. He wanted to play badly, but we mined him for info on the ‘seedy local underworld’ instead and let him pose buck-naked. He was ‘sensory overload!’

The dude suggested I join BarebackRT.com. He had a great body and cock, was begging in a studly way for us to play… but we were still on the fence. And a bit skittish! (The dude’s face
wasn’t so hot is why my bf pulled the breaks.)

I summoned two dudes (for MYSELF) from this BarebackRT.com in one week (slim pickings where I live… only 12 guys maybe, where Atlanta has 300 at any given time).

Both of these guys were ‘sneaking extra dick’ — unapologetic barebackers, poz, undetectable.

The first one got so exited he JIZZED just from me rubbing my cock-craving smooth novice-whore-body on him like a demon hussy as I was getting ready to ride him… FUCK! The dude blew his load so fast he shot all over me without ever getting inside my ass… I jerked of rubbing his cum in my ass for a ‘half-assed tagging.’

SeedingThe second dude bred me according to protocol — ass up, could have been any one…. a stranger, a relative, someone I work with. I was like the greediest slut-bottom that I never thought I
was. He announced as he was cumming inside me.


I received the ‘hole-y ointment’ from his pumping raw-cock as my cooperative slut-ass was milking his shaft for every last drop.

I consider myself barely ‘broken in.’

Yes, there were teenage twinks who seduced me over the years when they idolized me as ‘one of the older, shirtless muscle-boys’ at the local dance-clubs. Fat cocks and big loads! my god, they were so young and innocent, horny bucks, wanting to mount the ‘beefy bull.’ That was fun too.

But now I want the jaded, hardcore bucks, the strutting bulls with their charged ball-sacks full of cum… fucking me until my total confidence and prowling cockiness from the club-days returns. It motivates me in many ways: gym, work, attitude, humor, being even more outgoing.

Seed in the ass does the body good.

I kept the first load to complete absorption like a grand-prize of sleaze!


I took a big load yesterday from a wild one …only my second since jumping into the Bareback Brotherhood. This dude with a big dick who casually admits he has taken so many dicks (hundreds, maybe thousands) on so many occasions that I can comfortably say mycum-malative ‘exposure’ to marauding barebacking mankindand their bare fucktools has been driven to a huge SPIKE…

He fucked me all kinds of angles and left a huge load… I felt dizzy and electrified, kept the seed to the full point of absorption all day, although it dripped a bit at first.

Dude, lives 1.5 miles from me and BarebackRT.com linked me to him. He told me he had a friend years ago ‘WHORED ME OUT TO HIS FRIENDS.’ They all came over and seeded him — so many he lost count.

I staggered back to the hotel, dripping like a slut and it felt so good…

I’m feeling the beastly yearn myself now.

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Causes of U.S. Deaths in 2009

What’s Killing People … It’s Not Sex

“It’s good to see a DDF guy on here. There aren’t that many in Atlanta.”

His message popped up on Scruff following a common, “Hello, How are you?”

Of all the things. My profile on Scruff calls myself “healthy, non-smoker” but doesn’t really plunge that much further into the “drug and disease free” issue. As I read the guy’s profile further, he said he was looking for a man who “didn’t think monogamy was a type of wood.”


But this fortysomething asshole was alone for a reason. He hadn’t figured out some fundamental truths.

“You, sir, need an attitude adjustment,” I replied.

“Oh,” he replied. “You must be POZ.”

“I have too much to live for than to waste my life with someone who will kill me.”

What the fuck?

“First,” I replied. “I never said what my status happened to be.”

“Second, you need to get the facts about what’s killing Americans.”

I began to cite the statistics included below here. He messaged the word, “nut” before blocking me after the first couple.

Let me tell you some truths:

Causes of U.S. Deaths in 2009

Red Bullet HIV/AIDS: 17,000
Red Bullet Heart Disease: 599,000
Red Bullet Cancer: 468,000
Red Bullet Smoking: 430,000
Red Bullet Gunshots: 298,000
Red Bullet Stroke: 129,000
Red Bullet Alcohol/Drinking: 85,000
Red Bullet Alzheimer’s Disease: 79,000
Red Bullet Diabetes: 71,300
Red Bullet Flu and Pneumonia: 53,700
Red Bullet Drugs: 38,300
Red Bullet Suicide: 34,000
Red Bullet Vehicle Accidents: 33,800
Red Bullet Murder: 15,200

Even though 100 percent of all HIV/AIDS cases are not Gays, you could attribute all 17,000 are to Gay men and assign the 10 percent to the other diseases. It’s not until after gunshots and before stroke that there’s less deaths from HIV/AIDS.

No one has an uproar over processed foods or smoking. Just consider the facts.

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3… 2… 1… BLASTOFF! It’s My Fucking Birthday! (3 of 3)

3… 2… 1… BLASTOFF! It’s My Fucking Birthday! (3 of 3)

The Last 15 of My List of 45 Random Things

Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Last Time I Touched a Vagina

Today is the big day! If you’re wondering about the previous parts of this list, please check out 45 to 31 and 30 to 16.

15. The closest I’ve gotten to a female vagina was children’s clay

If you think I’m joking about it being 45 years since I physically touched a female vagina, I’m not. In fact, I might not have touched the vagina since there’s a chance I was a C-Section baby (don’t know for sure; I’m adopted).

When I turned 30, some straight friends of mine were teasing me about the clam and decided I needed to learn more about it. So grabbing what was handy, they took some children’s clay, molding the inner and outer lips along with the clitoris to try and explain to me how to perform cunnilingus.

Funny thing. They didn’t want to hear how to give a good blowjob.

14. Monogamy isn’t a part of me

Choosing to be with one person is a social construct. It’s not instinctual. Watch Jerry Springer to figure out human nature at it’s most basic is to run wild and fuck everything (and to occasionally get a nice blowjob from a tranny). Okay, so Jerry Springer might not speak to social norms but I know it’s not normal for me to be with just one person.

13. Unlucky?

What’s luck got to do with it? In a way, I don’t believe in luck, fate or otherwise. But still there’s this cosmic fate in our lives. It seems every once in a while we deserve a slap-down for something or another. Sounds a little too philosophical, right?

12. What to do with the BBBH.org site.

Believe me, I am pumped by the overall success of the Bareback Brotherhood and very proud to be one of the cofounders of the BBBH movement. But I’ve invested as much money as I can into the site and the next step is virtual servers and rebuilding the site completely on another platform to get it to function more quickly. I can’t do it on my own (and even with the help of the other dedicated cofounders, we don’t have the resources).

11. More bottoms need to learn to be service oriented

I find more and more that bottoms are rather demanding. Isn’t that the top’s job? More often than not, the bottom wants it this way or that.

It’s so funny to hear a bottom proclaim, “I really like a selfish top.”

Then as I declare myself one, the real selfish one comes forward. “You need to come over,” he’ll demand. “And I need to sit on it first. And don’t get any lube on my sheets.”

10. Is it me or is Grindr biased against older men?

If I put “top” in my profile, I get censored. Hell, in less than six hours, my profile is down even if I hint at my position. If I even put anything remotely humorous or sexual, Grindr slams me. But I see dozens of younger men who put “top” or “bottom” in their profile and Grindr leaves it up without a problem.  Grindr leaves all kinds of shit up with young men.

But not with older men. Not at all. If you’re past 40, you can’t get away with it.

9. Gloryholes are fucking hot

I love them.

8. Gummy bears are the bomb

I like them better than chocolate.

7. Lucky!

So far this year in 2012, it’s been a good one.

6. Someday, if I’m a big executive, I want to sexually harass without consequence

I’ve always wanted that kind of assistant. I promise that I’d make sure he was well compensated.

5. I embrace being a geek

Gotta admit, I don’t mind it any more. When I was younger, it was difficult to admit I was intelligent. But now, I love being a geek.

4. I have to admit now. Forty-five is getting old.

And don’t give me “it’s just a number” bullshit. Half-way to 90. And 90 is pushing it for being really old. I kind of doubt that’s the maximum age potential. I mean, if I were to turn 90, it would be May 1, 2057. Bristol Palin could be president. Who wants to be alive for that?

3. I don’t watch live TV except in hotels

Thank goodness for TiVo. Someone should invent a kind of DVR for hotels. Or someone needs to put high-definition Apple TVs and Hulu in every room.

2. I fucked on my birthday

A muscle bear (blond at that) got a load from me today.

1. Even if I am over the hill, I fuck damn well

Time breeds experience. My experience breeds ass fucking so damn good.

You ought to try me out if you haven’t… BBRT or HMU.

Dichotomy, Part II

Dichotomy, Part II

And now for the difficult part, as I look into the mirror and give myself the finger.

I admit my own sense of hypocrisy, as I accused the Asian in the entry before this one. But I somehow absolve myself. Not anymore. Shall we nail my ass to the wall?

Actually, I want to credit an Ozzie friend from Facebook who didn’t let me off the hook on this one. Never met the mate in person but so would I like to travel Down Under and get to know him, especially after his note, condensed here:

You’re a complete enigma to me, you know that? In your blog, you often talk about getting your pleasure with no regard for the bottom involved, that the sexual interaction is all about you and not about them.

But then you post a comment about how difficult it is to get close to someone, and I think “Dude, it may have something to do with the image you’re presenting of yourself.” When you make it so abundantly clear that you don’t particularly care whether the guy you’re with gets pleasure or not, I can’t say I’m surprised that you might find it hard to get close to someone.

Now I ask, “What the fuck do I want?”

My response seems to be, “Fuck if I know.”

As the exploration goes, some men explore with me. Four men have emerged in the last couple of weeks of interest. I never really planned on writing about them, but what the fuck do I have to lose? But let’s go through the numbers:

  • Three consider monogamy an important aspect of a relationship.
  • One is a bareback top who thinks he can turn me into a bottom.
  • Two are strict bottoms who won’t have sex until love happens.
  • Three out of state people want me to visit them at their locations.
  • One is versatile and isn’t exactly sure if he’s all that interested in me.
  • Two have made my heart beat a little faster, my breath quicken and butterflies happen.
  • All have read my blog and will probably read this.
  • When I call one of them, he can’t seem to carry on a conversation with me.
  • Three have dark hair.
  • One is a blond.
  • One usually dates men in their fifties, so I’m really young.
  • One usually dates men in their twenties, so I’m really old.
  • Two have sent me their cock shots.
  • One won’t send me a shirtless pic.
  • None are “of means” or particularly well off, so I still need to work (sigh).
  • Two would likely need financial support from me.
  • One is older than forty.
  • Only one could get me to bottom on a first “bedroom” date.

Thing is these probably aren’t the only men interested in me. Others might come forward after reading this piece, which is fine. And one or more of the men who were interested in me might not be anymore.

So how do I resolve my need for a man to use but a man to care? How to I deal with two men who won’t just fuck out of the gate and one man who wants to fuck me? Is this a kiss the frog situation until I find a prince?

And to be perfectly shallow, why couldn’t any of them be rich and fly me to them?

I’m wondering just how much to compromise. Think about how much I compromise right out of the gate if you’ve read my writings. So allow me to do my wish list.

  1. He’s more bottom or at least versatile. I’ve not yet written my natural tops and natural bottoms theories, but I just don’t see me bumping cocks the rest of my life with another top without a bottom in the photo somehow. And although I’m not the hung one in this photo, I just don’t see my ass opening up to accommodate multiple fuckings on a regular basis.
  2. Monogamy just isn’t a natural choice. Look, I’ve done it before. Multiple times before. With my previous boyfriends, I’ve not been the one who cheated and I’ve been the one who’s forgiven. In fact, since it’s something expected, I’m just not surprised when someone else enters the photo. I don’t even want to pretend in the future so the promises about not cheating need not be tried on me. Skip it. Let’s just do the honesty thing.
  3. Age is a factor. We all can admit youth can be attractive and the smooth, supple skin of a twentysomething can sure rev some motors, but fucking hell, when your elementary school years were the same as my young adult life and I make a pop-culture reference from the 1980s that goes over your head, I can’t help but feel old. Age is more than a number.
  4. Barebacking isn’t negotiable. Look, I kind of make it a point. As the Asian found out, I’m not going to just roll over and hope that someday I get your ass raw. Raw sex occurs from the beginning. And sex is part of the deal from the beginning. Some vague promise of sex someday won’t work.
  5. You are your own man, as am I. If I ever have another relationship, both of us will have our own lives. I don’t want to be joined at the hip.
  6. A man of means. I am not requiring a rich man but this begging for me to travel to locations across the planet just isn’t going to happen. If you want me to come see you across the globe, expect to pay for some of it. I’m not footing all the bill to travel cross country only to be abandoned at a hotel on my dime.

I hope this resolves the dichotomy. Or does it enhance it?

Q&A: Going Raw

Q&A: Going Raw

Q. When did you decide to go raw?

A. My first fucks were raw (and were in the early 1980s). Throughout my sexual history, I always fucked raw, both within relationships and through occasional “slip ups” while single. I never liked condoms. Does anyone really?

As I left one relationship and the whole condom thing started up again, I really started to hate them. Funny thing, I discovered the bottoms really didn’t want them either. Either the men were fucking stupid (which remains a distinct possibility) or they wanted to bareback as well. The “Deceptively Fun” series on my blog got inspired by the men I found more challenging to bareback starting in 2003.

The first few sentences of the series begins: “Don’t know when I stopped caring, but I don’t. It’s all about the fuck. It’s all about feeling good. And I don’t fucking care any other way.” (You can read the first entry at http://iblastinside.blogspot.com/2009/09/deceptively-fun-1.html.)

At the time, that statement proved accurate. From mid- to late 2003, my longest long-term relationship had ended (fucker). He actually was dating two guys (he had a polyamorous thing going before ending it with me), a week later I was laid off, and a week after that, I was in a car accident. So I’d had some fucking shit go down in my life.

The last thing I needed was a layer of plastic between me and the man I fucked.

Beyond that, I’d trusted all the bullshit about monogamy — not because I wanted it. My ex had begged for it. He’d never cheat on me. Honest-Injun. The things we do for love.

That relationship’s ending proved to be pivotal to me and while we did make another attempt, I never really gave it another go. I did, however, learn that life occurs only once. I’d given an asshole the best years of my life — 28 to 36 — and I’d never get those prime fucking years back. Future fucking would be for my pleasure.

I stretched my bareback wings and from there, I’ve never really looked back. My slip-ups now occasionally mean I use a condom. If I ever use one, I will find a way to get it off and breed.

Ask anything. I’ll answer.