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Throwing Off the Curve

Throwing Off the Curve

I haven’t gotten ass yet. I ended up going to the adult bookstore Opens a new window from this blog briefly today for lunch. But what happens today makes me laugh.

The lunch crowd got pretty heavy and the bottoms were few and far between. In fact, I’d been in booths but men had expected me to suck. None were so inspiring for me.

Around 1 p.m., he walks in.

He turned out to be probably an 8½ on the scale of 1 to 10.

Now seeing good-looking men isn’t unusual. However, when hitting the gloryhole scene, they usually scale it down — wearing a baseball cap or baggy clothes. This guy didn’t. About five-foot-eight, broad shoulders, a perfectly fit athletic shirt showing off great pecs and an obviously good chest overall, his sunglasses on his perfectly coiffed hairstyle, freshly shaven and — well — perfection.

What a fucking mistake.

Now I’m not much of a slouch. And while I’ve got a bit of a geekish look and appeal, I fuck well. In the crowd at the moment, I’d earned a spot among the upper crust this day. While you had your size queen bottoms who didn’t have the patience to get me hard, I’d be able to get a decent choice.

Now that was blown to hell.

As the 8½ wandered around, a conga-line of men followed him, trying to act like they were not following him.

Sad really.

I didn’t feel like hanging around until he got off left, so I headed out before traffic out of Atlanta would get too bad. But it’s funny the whole mentality of places like an adult bookstore.

First, the 8½ wasn’t packing 8½ inches. He probably had 6 inches at the most.

Second, he was searching for something specific. My guess? He had some Jungle Fever and wanted African American. And he was hoping to gag on a cock.

Third, you can tell at a glance who’s into you and whether you have a chance. I knew I had no chance and most men who followed him — especially the little white boys and old trolls — wouldn’t even get to see his nipples erect through his shirt.

But for the next 20 minutes, the whole place was preoccupied where 8½ went. And I watched everyone else not get any for everyone else hoping for a taste of something no one would get.

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Don't be a dick

Breaking the Silence: Seeking Sufficient ROI from My Friends

So where have I been?

Some of you might have seen me on Twitter with occasional posts. Not much elsewhere. As I’ve struggled over the last few months, exerting myself upon multiple fronts to find an occupation for myself, the results failed to be fruitful. Each provided a life lesson for me. And I sit upon the precipice and ponder the path I’ve taken.

I use people, most specifically bottoms for my own pleasure. As I have ventured a little further in recent times, I’ve opened myself up to a little more sensation but still, my intention is to mark my territory. I won’t settle for a condom, insisting that my cock slide raw into an ass and spray my DNA markers in that most intimate of places to say I was here.

I’ve never been delusional about how the world works as well. While lacking the literal fucking and breeding, I’ve been proverbially bent over and marked through my life in many ways. And I let it happen. Perhaps my own need to breed back is my response to how society decided to use my intelligence, creativity and good will.

Now approaching eight months of unemployment, struggling with comprehending why my talents are overqualified and too advanced for today’s workforce, I find myself questioning much. And then comes the sexual side of it all. The other night, I lay beneath a young man just making out. And a sensation came across like someone flipped on a switch I’d not felt in eons. Of course, we all feel it on occasion.

A lunch arrangement and then when the time comes, it’s postponed and finally cancelled with a stinging “it was a mistake” to even suggest meeting. A sudden flash of anger and hurt then returned to calm as I’ve been here before, kicked to the curb for dropping my guard and giving humanity hope for a moment.

If only I’d bred him when I had the chance. My territory went unmarked.

A realization came over me about the number of people who use me as well. My so-called friends who only use me for their benefit and return so little back. Karma?

Funny because I’ve been cutting some people out of my life. If I don’t see enough Return On Investment from my friends, well, they’re getting kicked to the curb as well.

As a result, I think Karma has kicked my ass-supply. I’ve found it dwindles some, of late. I’m sure some cum-hungry sluts find the ass use a mutually beneficial relationship, but my one-off, use your ass as a masturbation device doesn’t often work that well.

Part of me still hopes for a buddy in Atlanta who can fuck, hang out, bareback, etc. I don’t see it happening. And that occasional need for affinity comes and goes. But perhaps I should stick to an equation, a simple mathematical value of what I get for what I give.

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A Rough Fuck

A Submissive Bi

My last week or so, responses to ads and other efforts failed to win me much attention. So it’s a dry period. Happens all the time. So I went pouring through my e-mail box to see who captures my memories.

“Vince” appeared quickly. I’ve fucked him three times and when he appears, he usually wants it. Bad.

A married muscle man with a collection of tattoos, he’s got an incredible body (as you can see) but he’s one of the most submissive men I’ve ever fucked. Too submissive.

When he arrives, he kneels just inside my door and waits. I have to tell the little fucker to get naked. It sort of pisses me off to communicate absolutely everything I want. Get naked, suck my cock, show me your ass, etc.

That all said, one thing stands out about our fucks. I can beat the shit out of him. I mean, slap, punch and use his body any way I want. He begs for the abuse. I know I’ve bruised him more than once. He loves it. I’ve never had a guy I could just fuck the shit out of and take all the brutality I can bring to a fuck. He usually doesn’t beg for it until after four or five hits of poppers.

Yes, I bareback him. I cum inside him. He made the mistake once of not cleaning out very well. His punishment taught him well. After licking my muddy cock clean, he didn’t show up messy the next time.

And if you ask, I’ve cum inside his ass a total of five times. He often keeps his eyes closed or blindfolds himself. After I’m done with him, he takes it off and sees the geek who just used his ass.

The more abuse, the more he begs for it.

Then I imagine he goes home to his wife. Actually, I know this man has a wife. I’ve seen her. He’s pussywhipped. I wonder what the fuck inspires him to get abused by the likes of me. But who can ask really why.

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