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Bareback bottom superstar Christian awaits Trevor Snow's huge cock blindfolded

Friday Fuck Fun: Bareback Bottom Superstar Christian Gets Bred by Trevor Snow from TIMFuck.com

iBLASTinside's Friday Fuck Fun

This is the second in iBLASTinside’s Friday Fuck Fun Opens new window of a page on this blog series.

When Trevor Snow made his debut on TIMFuck.com Open-New-Window-External last fall, everyone wanted more of him — and that included fuckhole extraordinaire Christian.

The desire was mutual, so we rented the guys a room for the afternoon. The air is thick with anticipation as Christian, blindfolded and gagged, waits on his knees.

As soon as the gag comes off, Christian dives in and gorges himself on Trevor’s meat, driven by instinct and need. Once the blindfold is gone, Trevor pulls Christian to his knees, only to bend him over and eat out his sweet ass.

Replacing his tongue with his turgid cock, the topman thoroughly pounds Christian into submission in multiple positions, ultimately dumping a white hot load of gooey spooge.


















Interesting little note: Christian was recently in Atlanta. He actually hit me up on BarebackRT.com Open-New-Window-External. He’d never seen my blog and had no idea who I was. Oh well.

He was escorting and looking for clients. He cost $250 an hour. He’s probably worth it, but alas, with no job (at the time of his visit), I couldn’t afford to purchase him.

See you next Friday.

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Chris Gabriel begs for cum up his ass bareback before he became Marc Dylan

Another Bareback Porn Actor Switches Sides

Chris Gabriel in Bareback Me PleaseYou can read (and watch) all about Chris Gabriel/Marc Dylan. Chris barebacks. Marc doesn’t. Of course, they’re the same guy.

Chris starred in an SX Video “Bareback Me Please” and a Treasure Island Media web video, described at Max Sohl’s blog entry, “The Schitzophrenia of Porn.”

Then on the Gay Porn Times website, Marc Dylan (could someone help this boy with his porn names) explains why he’s now switching to condom porn.

It’s no secret I’m a barebacker and I’ve got no personal beef with Chris/Marc/Whatever-the-fuck his name is. What I do have problems with is not this particular actor’s hypocritical actions but that of the industry. Brett Everett before him. Pierre Fitch. Chris Porter. You can name a dozen of the hottest names in porn right now and probably half can find their roots in barebacking or some excuse for raw fucking at some point.

If you’re cute enough and/or muscular enough and negative enough, gosh darn it, we will forget your barebacking and let you into the elite world. However, if you fuck up and get the dreaded HIV, we’ll kick your ass out faster than you can swallow a load of cum.

Mason Wyler might be the most highly publicized case of such, but I imagine there’s more — many more. And while Chris/Marc claims he wasn’t coached into the delicate touch of the interview he gave (I’m in marketing, so I know how this works and how to make it work) whether it’s true or not, he’s now got a terrific future.

Gentlemen, you’ve all bought into the controversy he created. Controversy creates buzz. Buzz is marketing. TIM and SX will profit as will whichever studio signs him (along with his agents, rumored to be FabScout).

Truth is, Chris/Marc likely will continue to bareback in his private life along with many, many others. Hell, I shouldn’t even mention this, but a porn actor (on the verge of being a “star”) contacted me begging for loads. He does condom porn but as he travels city to city, he raw fucks as much as possible — giving and taking loads. If you “book” him as an escort, he’ll pretend to be all safe. Wait a little later and hit the local adult book store to find him bent over taking anonymous loads.

Alas, I’ve still not synchronized things to fuck him (I’m still without a porn actor notch in my belt) but as I’ve met and talked with porn actors, I’m told it’s very easy to get them and breed them.

Once you bareback, you don’t rubber back up permanently.

Chris/Marc made a professional choice, not a personal one. I wish him luck to make lots of money and use the condom porn side for as long as he can. But when time runs out, come back for what you truly enjoy.

Chris Gabriel begs for cum up his ass bareback in this Treasure Island Media web video before he became Marc Dylan

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