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Tina, That Evil Bitch

Tina, That Evil Bitch

I don’t like meth bottoms.

Sure, they’re insatiable bottoms. Sure, they want my cum. Sure, they beg for it. Sure, they can take a fucking.

They chew. They move too much. They’re just plain a fucking mess.

No matter how much I tell the fuckers I’m not into the Tina queens, they’ll show up.

I’m traveling again and I had a beefy fiftysomething man with some nice nips on BarebackRT. My profile on BBRT clearly states “hell no” on drug use. And for some reason, I think on a Tuesday night with a mature man, I’m safe.

The smacking begins as soon as he’s naked (and he’s stopped sucking).

Maybe he took his teeth out.

I can’t stand the shit.

I pretend to cum quickly and send him home.

Yes, I fake orgasms.

I go to bed unsatisfied.

If I wanted drugs to fuck me over, I’d use them.

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My Hajj to the Castro: Like Everyone, I Gotta Check the Gay Ghetto

My Hajj to the Castro: Like Everyone, I Gotta Check the Gay Ghetto

I’m in San Francisco. There’s a certain draw I cannot deny. It pulls me toward it. I must go.

It’s like a religious mecca. A pilgrimage I must partake in. A place I must go. A destination I must visit. And no matter how straight-acting or butch or bi or Republican or whatever you claim to be, when you hit this area, you feel the draw to go there as well.

The Castro.

This weekend, I shall go there. I’ve been there once, so long ago. I recall standing upon a manhole cover and taking a photo of my booted feet upon it with the word “CASTRO” in the heavy iron. Lo, about 17 years later, I go back, a much more mature man, now much more confident in myself, much more “out” about myself and much more myself.

Mecca lecca hi, lecca hidie ho.

* * *

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