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Fucking Draven Torres

Fantasy Fulfilled… Fucking Porn Performer Draven Torres

He messaged me.

Shocking, I know. After several years of hoping, wanting, even begging a porn performer or two to let me fuck and breed them, Draven Torres messages me out of the blue.

Now I’m not so presumptuous to think everyone knows me and he didn’t. He had no idea of this online persona. And, mind you, while this incredibly beautiful specimen of manliness does escort, he did not hit me up for cash.

He saw my cock and wanted fucked.

Hey, everyone gets horny.

I went over.

pornFirst, he is better looking in person. Now that’s odd to saw considering just how fucking hot he is in his photographs, but photos fail to relay how a smile can literally light up this guy’s face… or the room. He’s got a hint of deviousness with an underpinning of pure, smoldering masculinity.

Considering that I’m 6-foot-3 and he’s 5-foot-5, there’s a height difference but surely still he filled the room.

When we kissed — yes, I kissed him first — he proved to be incredibly talented there. His full lips knew how and where to move. He moved immediately to a blowjob, although I was already fully erect, with no hesitation to take my cockhead into his throat. Gag reflex? What the fuck was that? Silky and smooth, enough pressure, indeed this man was a pro.

He popped off my cock and asked a magic question: “Do you eat ass?”

“Are you fucking kidding?” I responded. And he presented me with his absolutely perfect mounds with the darker pucker.

I dove in, tasting the sweet perfection of his hole.

He began to groan.

I pushed my tongue deeper as his asshole began to grip at my hole, begging for it to move deeper. I sloppily dove in and made room, slobbering it up with my spit and making him open and ready.

Until I couldn’t wait any more. And I mounted up, positioning my cock at his hole, covering his deeply inked body with mine and beginning to insert my cock.

Draven knew how to work it. Tightening his sphincter and then relaxing, letting a little in. This proceeded until I was buried. He had twisted his head around and kissed me deeply, licking the taste of his ass off my tongue.

Over the course of the next hour, I would fuck his ass in a variety of positions, coming so close. Until we ended up in this position again… me mounting his back and thrusting inside him. This porn god begging for my cum and finally, in this tight hole, me unleashing a torrent of cum.

Draven Torres is one of my top 10 fucks in my life. Not because he was a porn star. That has absolutely nothing to do with it. His skills are well beyond porn performances.

He is a good human being. A great fuck. If you ever happen to catch him in your town, hire him.

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One of the Hottest Fucks Ever

One of the Hottest Fucks Ever

I kept his picture. That’s how hot he was.

I never keep pictures of the men I fuck. And I have fucked some beautiful men. Muscular men. Model men. Incredible 10s that just seem unattainable by a geek like me. Yet I have fucked them, bred them and left a little bit of myself inside every one.

Above you can see my X-Files folder from my computer. I’ve blurred his photo out just enough so he’ll recognize it. I’m not obsessed. It just was one of the hottest fucks I’ve ever had.

I’d posted on Craigslist back in 2006. He’d responded and we’d done the usual dance determining whether each of us was a flake or not. The basic set up was for him to arrive, the front door unlocked, him to come upstairs, undress, I’d fuck him and he’d go.

Then I got his pic. I never thought he’d actually show up. I’m pretty ordinary and as many sluts as I’ve fucked, this was not the ordinary ilk of bottoms. He was a 10. Moreover, his deep baritone voice didn’t have a hint of lilt. He continued to profess his like of girls. And even as he removed his clothing and his smooth but firm body surrounded me, I had no doubt this was new to him.

He was awkward in how two men could move together. Yet, he knew how to aim his asshole toward my hard, dripping rod. He was nervous, I could tell. But proficient. Like he’d had a cock in his ass before.

I will never forget the conflict in his voice over whether or not I would breed him. I heard it again today, but that’s another story.

I’ve never fucked a Fleshlight. Still, that’s where I need to start to begin describing his ass and how it felt. Not artificial at all. Very, very fleshy and soft. For such a firm body, the inside of his ass felt… I’ll say it… fat. His ass molded around my seven inches. I think every square millimeter of my cock touched his ass.

Electric. I cannot describe it any better than that. His incredible body. My bony yet flabby pale skin. His tanned warm skin. I remember his breath, how hot. His smell of straight boy manliness with a husky overtone of day-old sweat. I loved it.

It didn’t take long. I knew that it would be risky whether he would let me load him. Despite the pure ecstasy I could see in his face, I knew it might not happen. I’d assured him more than once of my disease-free status, although let’s be honest — no one can ever be sure.

I made my choice and through his groans, I silently released my load. I never stopped my motions. My years of practice makes it easy for me to release it without a hitch. I am quiet. In fact, I don’t fuck some guys because they want a verbal top. I’m not one. But I am effective.

After the pleasure subsided, I moved him to fuck him on his back. It’s always good to change position because the addition of the cum may make the bottom suspicious of the feel of the extra lube added. Because I stay hard, I continued to fuck. I pushed my seed deeper into him. I fucked for another five minutes before alerting him I was close.

It just takes a little irregular breathing and some grunts to fool the best. Yes, I faked an orgasm. But when I leaned over to tell him he was getting my load, it was a little white lie. He’d already gotten it.

He left. We chatted. We texted. I fucked and bred him again. Then he disappeared for a while. But I kept his photo. Not as some psychopathic memento of breeding straight or bi ass. Believe me, I’ve bred plenty. I didn’t keep it because he was a 10. I’ve bred 10s. I really don’t know why I kept it. A soft spot? If I was soft, would I have bred him? Spread my DNA deep into those fatty bowels of his?

I don’t know. But he’s back. And now I can be sure when I breed him, I will tell him at that moment. I will let him know about the little bits of myself I’m leaving inside him.