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#CloseGhosts and My Recent Travels

You can’t see them. You can’t touch them. You just knew that one moment they were there and the next, they were gone. Is it a mystery? Some phenomenon worthy of Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle and what pills Paula Abdul takes before going on air?

Probably not.

I call them #CloseGhosts. And I’ve recently had close encounters of the plentiful kind them on recent travels.

With the conviction of a serial killer who proclaims his innocence, these lovely bottoms in far away cities and town lurk upon websites (like BarebackRT.com or this blog), Twitter or other online hook-up destinations, assuring traveling a top when he arrives in their town, city or other geographic region that an ass will be ready to fuck at his demand.

Alas, a phenomenon occurs when that top arrives and is in close proximity to the bottom. The cum dump vanishes into thin air, often with some wispy excuse similar to “the dog ate my homework” or “the check is in the mail.”

Case #1: London Twitter Twink & the Quickening

london-postcardWe all know that London is notoriously known for all the ghosts that wander its streets and waterways, its old buildings and strange little alleys. However, having had men upon men beg me for my load for years, I figured one might be legit among them.

My BBRT exploded. I had more than 300 messages at one time and maintaining control of it via my iPhone came close to impossible. One gentleman who seemed legit got pissy because I’d not responded to him immediately upon arrival in town, so he crossed himself off the list. The rest where the normal lot. I waded through them all, trying to invite someone over for a breeding to my centrally located hotel near the West End, not far from Trafalgar Square.

Too far. Apparently, Londoners go to bed early on Bank Holidays and weren’t interested as I attempted to find someone to fuck about 21:00 to 22:00 (that’s 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. for us bloody Americans).

Then a tweet came in from a twink. How’s London, he asked. I replied. It became a conversation of sorts that moved to direct messages and a bit more privacy when I mentioned my trip would be so much better if I had an ass to breed.

“I can help you out there,” he said. “I’d love for you to load my ass. Big fan of your blog.”

He asked when I was leaving. Told him this was my last night. I asked where he was. He said, “Covent Gardens.”

Boom. That’s the neighborhood I’m in. I’m over at the… I listed the hotel.

Pause. Double pause.

“Oh, it’s too bad I’m not at home tonight. I’m staying with a friend in the country.”


Case #2: The Early Alabama Bird Misses the Juicy Worm


I’d started on BBRT with this hottie and turned to text messaging. We were getting ready for some good fun, all planned out in Alabama. I’d let him know that it would be a late arrival for me and he’d told me we’d have “several hours” of play.

I’d even arranged a nice corner room, away from everyone in the hotel, because I had a feeling this fuck might get a bit out of control.

I don’t usually trust bottoms. Bottoms in general are not trustworthy. But I’d grown to trust this one.

I arrived just after 9 p.m. and texted. No response. Another text. No response. Around 9:30, I get a response saying he’d fallen asleep. Then, “he didn’t know I was going to be so late.”

Late? It’s 9:30!

We’d been setting this up for a month.

The shitty little cocktease went on to berate me for almost an hour about being “late.” Of course the little fucker didn’t get off so easily in this from me.

Obviously, he loved the chase, but actually fucking… well, I’m guessing his balls hadn’t quite dropped yet. My timing was never the issue.


Cases 3 & 4: The Revolutionary Missing Men

Bareback top visiting New HampshireIn this history-rich part of America just north of Boston, finding fuckable asses aren’t easy. I knew this. I planned for it with a backup ass. I found them both and, as it turned out, both claimed to want it.

One said he’d be online on BBRT. Te other asked me to text. My #1 choice, the textable ass, got a text.

We pinged a bit before I asked him to come over.

Pause. He then, for some reason, told me his actual location. In Maine. And invited me over.

Baffled, I asked what was up.

“I don’t have a car,” was his response.

Now it wasn’t as if both of us were in downtown Boston. This little hottie claimed in the middle of bumfuck Maine, he had no transportation, after knowing I was visiting from out of town.


Back-up plan into action. Logged onto BBRT. Sure enough, he was there. Message. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait longer. And more. I’m tired. Just go to fucking bed.


This ghost responded when I was no longer close, in Boston, about to fly home.

Just the Four?

No. I have so many more stories. But these are the four most recent. I did debate divulging Twitter names, BBRT handles showing a photo or two, but I’m going to leave it alone. After all, these #CloseGhosts could be #Catfish for all I know.

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Deceptively Fun #12: Bi Pigs

Deceptively Fun #12: Bi Pigs

Bisexuals are funny. There’s two extremes with them. They’re paranoid or they’re pigs. Once had a guy over who didn’t want to even jerk me off cause he had a papercut on his LEFT hand. And he was right handed. He gave me all this shit about “transfer” while I was kicking him out. Probably just lost his nerve or didn’t like me. I don’t really care.

I think maybe because women have the pill, they’ve always fucked raw. So when they play with men, they want the same sensation… even IF they’re a bottom. Hell, especially if they’re a bottom. They want to feel that boycunt stretched wide by flesh, not latex.

So I’m online, horny as shit, checking out the Southern scene. And there’s this bottom online wanting to be fucked, but only if the top is a “long-lasting” 20 to 35 year old.

“Damn,” I type in a message to him. “I just miss the cutoff by a year.”

I’m 36, which is both a blessing and a curse. Like this little hottie, too many guys use 35 as some magical cut off. After that point, you’re an old troll, aparently.

“I’d make an exception for you,” he types with a virtual wink.

So begins the dance. The usual “what are you into?” questions and all begin. He finally brings it up, “bb or safe?”

It’s always a dice roll when they ask.

“Been known to do both,” I reply. “You?”

I never get an answer. Fucking Internet connection goes down. So when I’m back on, he asks to come over. I give him directions. The dice are still rolling.

He arrives and he’s a hottie. Beefy guy, around 33, 5’8″ and around 170, bald with a nice blond goatee and really blue eyes.

I grab him for a kiss and he’s immediately groaning. He pulls away and starts getting naked. It’s funny. Some guys enjoy the slow process of disrobing each other while some just cut to the chase and take it all off at once.

He’s cutting to the chase. In the process, he pulls out a small container of lube and some condoms.

“In case we need these,” he says, sitting them all on my night table.

Fuck, I don’t plan on needing any of those.

We’re both naked and back in the kissing embrace, his thick tongue practically down my throat. I pull off at first and start heading south. If I’m going to get in this guy’s ass raw, I’m going to have to earn it. After nibbling on his nipples, I make it down to his little thick cock, which I get all juicy. Then I work his balls. As I keep going further, his moaning is louder and louder.

I’m tonguing just beneath his very smooth balls. This guy barely has any hair… just the goatee, his pubes and his pits. Okay, so eyebrows and eyelashes too, but you get the picture.

I don’t even have to lift his legs. He does it himself, giving me access to his very smooth pucker. So I just tongue it, grinding my face into his crack. I know my goatee is tickling him too. And he’s loving it. I move up and kiss him some more and my cockhead touches his wet hole. I have to resist the temptation to thrust in. Maybe he’s inviting me, but with some it’s best to stave off for a bit. Beside, I want my cock to be wet with his spit before I thrust inside. So I roll off, pulling him on top of me.

We kiss some more and he gets the hint fast, pulling off to go down and suck on my cock. He even works my balls a little. He’s a good cocksucker, pulling my hard prick into his mouth and leaving it there for a second while his tongue dances around.

After a bit, we’re kissing again and, interestingly enough, he’s moved so he’s almost in position to sit on my cock. Not yet, though. Not yet.

I begin scooting down, moving my body between his legs until he’s almost sitting on my upper chest. I begin sucking his cock in and really working it. A little harder to do from this angle, but he’s not huge and super hard. My chin fuzz is tickling his smooth balls. I look up and can just see his face beyond his pecs. He’s enjoying this, his eyes closed and mouth agape in a moan.

I scoot down a little further until I can finally tongue his hole good. I really work it, pushing spit up inside him. That’s when I set my final plan into action. I know just where I left the GOOD poppers. And these are really good. I have some okay ones for the slutty bottoms who I know will give it up. But this guy might need a little extra incentive.

As I come up for air a little, I grab them and hand them up to him. As I hear him take the first huff, I begin eating his ass like a torrent. I mean, it’s time to really get it juicy. A second snort. I am pushing as much spit as I can into this hole and pushing my chin fuzz up by the hole to make sure it goes in. My face is slick with spit. And he does his final snort, then groans.

It’s starting. That high that comes from poppers. Nothing like it. And I know these poppers well. I have about 30 seconds to set my plan into motion.

While I am coming up for air, I spit a big wad on my hand and scoot up some, working it into my cock. I scoot up more, as he hands me the poppers. His eyes are closed. He’s beginning to feel it. I take the poppers and begin to open then to take my own snort as I get to the right place. My cock head is at his juicy hole. I arch my back JUST A BIT to let him know I am there.

He moans. He takes the bait and sits down slowly on my cock, groaning and growling. My raw cock is entering this bi boy’s hole. His little cock has a pearl of white spunk glowing on its tip. The bubble grows as he gets all the way down on my cock, deep inside his hole.

He doesn’t hesitate, beginning to ride my cock. His hands on my chest, he begins to bounce as the best part of the popper high hits me.

So I don’t know if this guy is going to let me shoot in his ass or not. I have a choice to make at this moment. I love the intensity of the first popper hit following the first entry into a raw ass. I make my choice. I release my first load into his ass. I’m not premature ejaculating. I am making a conscious choice cause this guy is going to get at least some of my seed in his ass.

I don’t go soft and he doesn’t even notice.

I am riding an orgasm and popper high together. FUCK this is nice. And my cock is deep inside him.

His ride continues as I come down and look at him. He really starts bouncing on it with a vengence. It doesn’t take long for me to begin thrusting up into him. And he’s loving it. He wants more. More force and more cock.

He pops off my cock. There’s a little sound as his ass comes off my cock. I am looking right at it as I see his hole spit out some of my cum around the base of my cock. I’m not sure if he notices or not, but I move out from under him and he lies down flat on his tummy.

I know what that means. The mixture of my cum, our spit and his ass juices are in this nice puddle that, without hesitation, I scoop up and rub all over my cock before climbing up behind him. He’s taking another hit of poppers. I wait a second for the high to begin before pushing into him all the way. I am buried to the hilt and pushing my DNA into him deep again.

He just grabs the head of my bed and I begin to fuck him. The harder I fuck, the louder he gets. So I get the point. I pull out until the cockhead is almost out of his ass and then I shove it in back hard with full force. I am pounding so hard, it’s practically a hate fuck except I don’t hate him. I love this ass and the feeling of it sliding in and out of him using my cum as lube.

After several minutes, I collapse down on top of him, wrapping my arms around him and keep up the pressure, thrusting in and out using my hips. I just grind deep inside him.

“FUCK,” he moans. “FUCK.”

After a while of my bare cock plunging into him, I pull out and turn him over. On his back, I poise the cockhead at his hole and push with no hesitation.

His eyes, which were closed, open wide suddenly. His mouth snaps open but no noise comes out. Then there’s this small noise, almost insignificant. Kind of a squeek. And I really start slamming into his ass again. The noise builds. It’s kind of weird. A “uuuuuuughh-GH-uuuuuuuughh-GH-uuuuuuuuuughh-GH” in time with every time my cock buries to the hilt.

“You like this -UGH- raw cock -UGH- up your ass -UGH- don’t you?” I say to him between my thrusts.

“Yesssss-ugh-ssss” he releases.

“You want -UGH- my load -UGH- don’t you?”

His eyes, which had been looking at the ceiling, snaps to my face. His face contorts to pain and pleasure all at once. He closes his eyes.


That’s all it takes. I let loose, picking up the tempo and really getting ready for load number two. It doesn’t take all that long before I push my cock deep inside him. And I stop the assault.

My cock is deep inside him, my brown pubs up against his bare balls. And my cock swells up, beginning to throb. He can feel the sensation cause he’s moaning just slightly. The cum is pushing up from my balls, through my cock, and out with significant force. He can feel my cum entering his ass, filling him up.

“Oh fuck,” he whispers.

We kiss again.

“Oh fuck,” he repeats.

I pull out, my cock is mostly clean, but as I look down, his ass spits out just a little of my cum. Using my thumb, I push it back into his ass.

After a couple of moments, he’s still panting, but he opens his eyes and sees my slicked up cock as I lay down next to him.

“You’re still hard,” he says.


“Mind if I ride it?”


He jumps up and rides my cock, plunging it in and out of his cum-filled ass until he’s shooting on my chest in thick strands. He sits down, stopping his riding but my cock is still inside him. I scoop up his load — as much as I can — and take a little taste. Not too bad. Very milky but not that sour or salty. He looks down at me and I offer him the rest in my hand.

He licks my hand clean.

As I said, bi boys are pigs. He leaves, off to his wife and two kids after having his ass well used.