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Taking Suggestions for My Next Bay Area Trip

Taking Suggestions for My Next Bay Area Trip

If you read my Travel Diary from my last journey to the San Francisco Bay area (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4), you’ll notice that it sucked and lacked fucking. A formula I hope not to repeat.

I received this note toward the end of my journey:

you seem like a somewhat reasonable and smart guy from your
blog.  so i am appealing to your sense of reason.
i've offered you my beautiful, hot ass to unload in and you
have ignored me.  i've even offered to drive to san jose.
I'm sure if I have, there are probably others.  it seems
apparent to me now that if you aren't getting ass, it's
most likely your own fault but you are making it seem as
though it's the men in the area. you are unjustly giving
the very accommodating men of the bay area a bad rap based
upon half the story.   your loyal readers and fans deserve
more.  Just my humble opinion.

from a big fan who has enjoyed your blog for years
and hopes to enjoy it in the future.  the offer to take your
load is still on the table.

Some people have a high opinion of themselves.  His two photos did seem attractive at a distance but the offer lacked enthusiasm (and he never mentioned in the original offer he was a reader of my blog). Nonetheless, I did ignore his offer because it seemed like one of those 30-mile-away, half-joking offers that never go anywhere after you answer a dozen questions and he tries to convince you to come to him (which was the original question).

At the same time, I got several e-mails like this:

And it doesn't sound like you are having much luck 
here. San Jose can be like that... lots of closet 
cases. Have you tried the local bathhouse?

And this:

Bay area is unique, there are two major areas San 
Francisco and everywhere else. The decision to 
for you to host may be problematic in a place 
where the man in the suburbs often travels to 
the city for sex.

And this:

i fucking love your blog thank you for writing 
it. Your most recent post [regarding difficulty 
about getting laid in the South Bay area] speaks 
the truth. Please keep writing.

So what’s a top like me to do? Drive into the city every night? I can’t go and do that. And I know there are plenty of bareback bottoms in the South Bay who want cum in their ass!

I might check out the bathhouse in San Jose, but I’d also enjoy a chance to get some regular ass while there. Believe me, I’ll be back again and again! I’m looking for suggestions that will make it work for me. Please send them along.

Nonetheless, this trip will be different, as I will be staying over the weekend and will visit San Francisco itself a few times. So this time, I would like to meet a few people. Anyone up for that?

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