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TIMFuck: Sam Porter, Jacob James and Alex Kage

When real life couple Sam Porter and Jacob James heard their fuck toy for the day was going to be Alex Kage, they got pretty excited. So excited, in fact, Sam can’t wait for the kid to arrive and dives right in, eating out his boyfriend’s ass. Once Alex gets to the alley, the guys are quick to welcome him — and Alex is just as quick to surrender, eagerly inviting the hot ‘n’ hung Euro studs to use and abuse both of his holes to their heart’s content.

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TIMFuck: Sam Bridle and James Eden

We wanted to give SAM BRIDLE the kind of hole we knew he’d love squirting in. Enter JAMES EDEN, a cock-loving poppers hound whose jockstrap always smells like a fresh load. Sam slides his formidable dick in and out with ease, pounding away at just the right spots before unleashing his signature geyser of cum.

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Friday Fuck Fun: Fucktards Get Stupid and Breed, Breed, Breed in this Treasure Island Media Flick

Friday Fuck Fun: Fucktards Get Stupid and Breed, Breed, Breed in this Treasure Island Media Flick


Fucktard''s boxcover copyAnother Friday Fuck Fun looks at another Treasure Island Media movie, but this one goes hardcore.

The Romans called sex Insania Nobilis, the Noble Insanity.

Approach real sex, real risk and danger and you’ll feel your brain start to fog up. Get closer to the fire and your IQ plummets lower, lower, lower until you’re a raving buck-in-rut thinking from your lust-gorged crotch.

Treasure Island Media Director and Producer Paul Morris brings exclusives Ethan Wolfe, Jack Allen, Jackson Taylor and John Dahl along with Blue Bailey, B.J. Slater, Chad Brock, Christian Rock, Chris Kohl, Devlin Michaels, The Fucktard, James Roscoe, Jerry Stearns, Lito Cruz, Luca Bondi, Luke Bennett, Nick Moretti, Patrick O’Conner, Sunny, Trasher, Trevor and Ty Roberts to that animalistic place.

Instinct takes over and the men just fuck and breed in this barebacking, bucking and breeding blowout.

Oh, and keep in mind, Lito Cruz bred Joshua Chandler, who was recently interviewed by iBLASTinside Opens new window of a page on this blog. So there’s a nice DNA connection to this movie.









iBLASTinside's Friday Fuck Fun















iBLASTinside's Friday Fuck Fun








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Making My Mark on the Fringe

Making My Mark on the Fringe

Back in 2011, I was featured as the “Gloryhole Expert” Opens a new window from this blog on a podcast known as Distorted View Link Opens in a New Window and the pay version, the Super Freak Sideshow Link Opens in a New Window. I’ve long enjoyed the podcast, as it contains some twisted shit and the host, Timothy James Henson, is fucking funny.

Well, he’s compiled some of the best interviews in the seven years he’s done the podcast and my interview — which includes discussions of barebacking, the Bareback Brotherhood, Str8Cam Lube Link Opens in a New Window, stealthing, adult bookstores and more — ends the compilation Link Opens in a New Window. While I encourage you to listen to the whole thing, you can find me beginning at the 48:32 mark Link Opens in a New Window.

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Cleaning Up After the Death of Erik Rhodes

Cleaning Up After the Death of Erik Rhodes

“Whatever sells tickets to the circus.”

—Erik Rhodes, June 11, 2012
from his Tumblr blog


I love porn. I do. Porn is the bomb. Any one out there who says porn is bad needs to get his (or her) head examined. In a way, I’m in the porn business, although I don’t really make money since I write some really nasty stuff and people jerk off to the words (and borrowed photos) here on this blog.

A huge chunk of the porn industry has a problem and it’s been exposed by the death of Erik Rhodes. Rhodes, a 30-year-old Falcon Studios exclusive, died early June 14 of an apparent heart attack. Rhodes wrote often of his extensive drug use including crystal meth, GHB, human growth hormone, prescriptions, steroids and recently outlawed “bath salts,” among others. Rhodes, who’s real name was James Elliott Naughtin, was cremated on Monday.

Right now, a concerted effort to clean the scene as a huge chunk of porn consumers, producers, actors, companies and media outlets attempt to ignore what killed this gorgeous man. Each knew it, enabled it, ignored it or implicitly encouraged it.

Try to say anything else and you’re just lying to yourselves.

If you check Twitter (as of today), people are still just discovering the Friday death of Erik Rhodes. GayPornGossip.com Link Opens in a New Window, a website with the word “gossip” in the name, is completely ignoring his drug use. Some tweets demonize any coverage that dares mention the drug use or suggests that the drugs contributed to his death, despite his last blog entry speaking of starting a cycle of steroids and recent tweets discussing taking several barbiturates in order to sleep including Ambien, Klonopin and nine over-the-counter pills.

Erik’s Tumblr blog and Twitter accounts were deleted Monday (although cached versions remain available if you know how to reach them; remember folks, nothing is ever really deleted off the web).

This reminds me of the heroine chic that dominated the fashion world for a while. The impossible muscularity and party mentality that the gay world expected from this man proved impossible for him.

And I continue to think it’s just hypocritical to embrace drug use and reject barebacking. When I wrote my original post,  I expected more than two of thousands of people who read my blog every day to respond. Agree. Disagree. Argue. But I guess not. I guess the clean-up job will again sweep away the truth.

Update 4: Postscript on My Posts About the Death of Erik Rhodes (June 20, 2012) 

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