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Making My Mark on the Fringe

Making My Mark on the Fringe

Back in 2011, I was featured as the “Gloryhole Expert” Opens a new window from this blog on a podcast known as Distorted View Link Opens in a New Window and the pay version, the Super Freak Sideshow Link Opens in a New Window. I’ve long enjoyed the podcast, as it contains some twisted shit and the host, Timothy James Henson, is fucking funny.

Well, he’s compiled some of the best interviews in the seven years he’s done the podcast and my interview — which includes discussions of barebacking, the Bareback Brotherhood, Str8Cam Lube Link Opens in a New Window, stealthing, adult bookstores and more — ends the compilation Link Opens in a New Window. While I encourage you to listen to the whole thing, you can find me beginning at the 48:32 mark Link Opens in a New Window.

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I Explain How Gloryholes Work on Free Distorted View Daily

I Explain How Gloryholes Work on Free Distorted View Daily

I’m being touted as a “glory hole expert” on the Distorted View podcast (as explained in an earlier entry). A free, edited version of the show is available for anyone to download. You can listen without joining. Just visit http://distortedview.com. I also mention the Bareback Brotherhood (#BBBH). Want to know what I sound like? Here’s your chance.

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Distorted View Posts Full Interview with Me on Sideshow Subscriber Feed

Distorted View Posts Full Interview with Me on Sideshow Subscriber Feed

I’m a Freak. (Notice I spell that with a capital “F.”)

For more than four years, I’ve been listening to a podcast from Timothy James Henson (better known as “Tim” or “Timmy-Boo” by his fans) known as the Distorted View. It’s among the top comedy podcasts on iTunes if you’re “in the know.” If you love shows like “Chelsea Lately” or “Tosh.0” or the like, some of the best stories and disgusting news of the weird probably came from Tim.

Tim is a fucking genius.

When I had an hour-plus commute daily, Tim’s Distorted View and his companion show, Super Freak Sideshow (for paying subscribers), would wake me up every morning.

I’m still a paying subscriber but without the daily commute, I don’t listen as much. Imagine my surprise the other day when he’s reviewing a clip about gloryhole action and wonders what the etiquette is at such a place.

Well, Tim, have I got the thing for you. I e-mail’d him a link to my Gloryhole Etiquette page. Within moments we started a correspondence and soon, Tim had be on Skype and we were talking. And I “appeared” on his show (it’s audio only).

Our 35-minute conversation covered a wide variety of topics:

  • Gloryhole etiquette (of course) along with cock gagging, size queens and the best shapes of holes.
  • Fucking through gloryholes including the use of condoms, barebacking and what to do with shit-dick (if it happens).
  • What is stealthing and why it’s more common at an adult book store.
  • The Bareback Brotherhood #BBBH and what the group’s all about.
  • Bareback porn including shout-outs to Treasure Island Media, Dark Alley Media and Raw Fuck Club.
  • The best lube including Str8CamLube (and Jeff) and Dragon Lube.
  • And much more…

This morning, Tim posted the entire interview to the Sideshow feed. It’s $5 a month to sign up (and well worth it) or $50 a year. You can visit the Super Freak Sideshow website to sign up and get information on how to get the feed through an audio RSS feed. Yes, even if you have another MP3 player than an iPod/iPad/iPhone, you can subscribe and receive it and listen.

I imagine that he’ll edit it down and it will appear on the free Distorted View Daily feed eventually. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

Tim calls the fans of his show “Freaks” and you’ll understand why if you listen. He’s got a unique perspective on things. So I hope you’ll catch it.

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