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Don't be a dick

Breaking the Silence: Seeking Sufficient ROI from My Friends

So where have I been?

Some of you might have seen me on Twitter with occasional posts. Not much elsewhere. As I’ve struggled over the last few months, exerting myself upon multiple fronts to find an occupation for myself, the results failed to be fruitful. Each provided a life lesson for me. And I sit upon the precipice and ponder the path I’ve taken.

I use people, most specifically bottoms for my own pleasure. As I have ventured a little further in recent times, I’ve opened myself up to a little more sensation but still, my intention is to mark my territory. I won’t settle for a condom, insisting that my cock slide raw into an ass and spray my DNA markers in that most intimate of places to say I was here.

I’ve never been delusional about how the world works as well. While lacking the literal fucking and breeding, I’ve been proverbially bent over and marked through my life in many ways. And I let it happen. Perhaps my own need to breed back is my response to how society decided to use my intelligence, creativity and good will.

Now approaching eight months of unemployment, struggling with comprehending why my talents are overqualified and too advanced for today’s workforce, I find myself questioning much. And then comes the sexual side of it all. The other night, I lay beneath a young man just making out. And a sensation came across like someone flipped on a switch I’d not felt in eons. Of course, we all feel it on occasion.

A lunch arrangement and then when the time comes, it’s postponed and finally cancelled with a stinging “it was a mistake” to even suggest meeting. A sudden flash of anger and hurt then returned to calm as I’ve been here before, kicked to the curb for dropping my guard and giving humanity hope for a moment.

If only I’d bred him when I had the chance. My territory went unmarked.

A realization came over me about the number of people who use me as well. My so-called friends who only use me for their benefit and return so little back. Karma?

Funny because I’ve been cutting some people out of my life. If I don’t see enough Return On Investment from my friends, well, they’re getting kicked to the curb as well.

As a result, I think Karma has kicked my ass-supply. I’ve found it dwindles some, of late. I’m sure some cum-hungry sluts find the ass use a mutually beneficial relationship, but my one-off, use your ass as a masturbation device doesn’t often work that well.

Part of me still hopes for a buddy in Atlanta who can fuck, hang out, bareback, etc. I don’t see it happening. And that occasional need for affinity comes and goes. But perhaps I should stick to an equation, a simple mathematical value of what I get for what I give.

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A Modest Proposal… to Read Mason Wyler’s Blog

A Modest Proposal… to Read Mason Wyler’s Blog

Please, take a moment and read this post from Mason Wyler on his blog: http://www.wylernation.com/2011/05/simple-plan-for-stopping-spread-of-hiv.html

I’ve personally had a crush on Mason for a long while, well before testing positive. But since that, his interviews have shown poise, grace and intelligence. For me, Mason always bucked against the trend that porn stars are all body (or all cock or all booty) and no brains.

But this piece is beyond brilliant. A piece of social commentary, especially considering the recent hatred coming toward the bareback community and more especially the Bareback Brotherhood (#BBBH).

I could write more, but Mason’s piece needs to speak for itself because I cannot do it justice. My hat is off to today’s Jonathan Swift.

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About Me

About Me

Everything you wanted to know and may want to know but didn’t ask

Born out of wedlock, adopted into a Christian home, somehow I turned out okay, finding my way in the world after growing up a goody two-shoes. Some of that goodness remains. I don’t jaywalk and I’ve never, ever done an illegal substance. Yet, I’ve attempted to violate sodomy laws in every Bible Belt state and beyond.

If you’re easily offended or confused, I don’t recommend approaching me. I’m not safe for work (NSFW) and usually offensive to almost everyone who’s ever met me. My sense of humor is biting, sarcastic, dry and can be harmful if swallowed (unless you’re talking about my cum which can be swallowed but I prefer injecting elsewhere).

For all the basics of your interest, here we go.

Mark in rubberMy age (in the traditional year measurement) is 45.

My Zodiac sign (in case you care about that shit) is Taurus (and I promise I’m bullishly stubborn as hell).

It’s not much better if you’re into the Chinese Zodiac cause it makes me a Ram and God knows I like to ram Opens a new window from this blog.

Born in Georgia and all my formative childhood and very early adulthood years spent here but I’ve also lived in FloridaWashington, D.C.Virginia and Maryland. Currently, I live in the far northern suburbs outside Atlanta Opens a new window from this blog.

My educational experience includes Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Details of these forays into academia fail to properly convey the education and experience gained beyond the influence of most professors. That said, intelligence might be among the greatest aphrodisiacs for me.

For the puerile among the readers who probably skipped over that word to get to the so-called “good stuff” …

  • 45 years old
  • Light brown hair
  • Speckled green eyes behind nerd glasses
  • Light beard
  • 6 foot, 2½ inches tall
  • 230 pounds
  • Moderately hairy (more legs and ass than chest; no back hair)
  • 7 inches cut, rock hard and big juicy loads
  • Top (95 percent of the time)
  • Barebacker (99.95 percent of the time)
  • Geekish good looks
  • Size 12 shoes
  • Extra large gloves

Adorkable, nerdastic, geekalicious, we all must face our destinies. I am a geek. I am a nerd. I know that, upon seeing me, most assume I’m the smartest guy in the room who can likely operate the audio-visual equipment or fix your computer. Under most circumstances, that assumption holds true.

Popping out a load

However, just beneath the façade of the geek holds a creative genius, a devious plotter and a mischievous thinker who maneuvers through and will mindfuck and stealth-fuck Opens a new window from this blog.

Introvert Opens a new window from this blog might best describe me, as you will rarely find me in crowds. Shyness isn’t a problem. I speak with authority and I own my feelings. Someone once told me I had a “quiet dominance” that makes me a force. But since I don’t conform to the normal ideal of what people think of dominant, because I’m not a muscle daddy in leather, I don’t scream or order through gritted teeth.

So consider the alternative. Everyone else. Or me. Different. Unique. Unusual.

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