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TIMFuck: Sam Bridle and James Eden

We wanted to give SAM BRIDLE the kind of hole we knew he’d love squirting in. Enter JAMES EDEN, a cock-loving poppers hound whose jockstrap always smells like a fresh load. Sam slides his formidable dick in and out with ease, pounding away at just the right spots before unleashing his signature geyser of cum.

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Happy Ending Erotic Therapeutic Massage Atlanta

Atlanta Massage Therapists Highlighted in New Section on iBLASTinside.com

Already I’ve head from a few people they love the new section where I highlight the massage therapists from Atlanta. I wanted to highlight the people who provide good therapeutic service but also add that little extra — that is, add on a happy ending to the process. I believe this is a must to any good massage.

I know some of you will protest. I don’t give a shit. I think most straight and gay men alike will agree this is what men really need to achieve a good experience.


I believe women would prefer it too.

So here’s the page you can find it at, my Massage M4M page Opens new window of a page on this blog.

Below are the reviews currently available.


Evaluation Criteria

I am using the following to evaluate and grade each massage therapist:

  • The therapist’s ability to provide a good therapeutic massage;
  • Connect on an emotional and/or spiritual level with the client (me);
  • And provide a basic happy ending (preferably without requiring me to jerk myself off or even snort poppers Opens a new window from this blog).

Therapists earn more for their techniques, abilities, value and sensuality. And if a therapist happens to bareback, that’s a huge bonus, of course. But that won’t save you from a bad review (just check out Daved below, who’s so tweaked out isn’t worth it).

Atlanta’s Male Massage Therapists, Masseurs & bodywork specialists

Listed in Alphabetical order based on their known names (many are not their “real” names).

one-and-a-half stars out of five rating


PRO: Hot Latino, great body, available nude
CON: Rush, can’t massage, extra cost to get you off

two-and-a-half-stars out of five stars ratingEcstasy-Spa-Bryan-Massage

Bryan Kelly

aka Ecstasy Spa or Mixed Massage Arts

PRO: Nice body, friendly
CON: Costly, older than advertised, intense smoker

two-out-of-five-stars rating

Muscle-bound Daved? David isn't like this any moreDaved

aka David

PRO: Barebacks, bottoms, once had a great body
CON: Tweaked out, rough skin

three-out-of-five-star rating


aka Lucky Good Hands

PRO: Actually massages well, sexually teases, inexpensive
CON: No happy ending, no privacy, no nudity

four-out-of-five-stars ratingChest of Ramses or TheBestHandsGA Massage Therapist


aka TheBestHands or TheBestHandsGA

PRO: Great massages, beautiful body
CON: Doesn’t like mutual touch, afraid of cum

two-and-a-half-stars out of five stars ratingAveda-Robert-Massage


aka Aveda Robert

PRO: Inconsistent massage quality, very chatty
CON: Relies on Aveda products, afraid of cum

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Joshua Chandler

Bareback Porn Star Profile of Joshua Chandler


Bareback Porn’s Joshua Chandler Takes Thick Raw Cock Great (and Sometimes Gives It When the Bottom Isn’t Looking)

Ah, there’s something about cornfed Midwest men.

iBLASTinside's Bareback Porn Star Profile

You want a good example of that? Look at Joshua Chandler. Beefy but not too beefy. Hairy but not too hairy. Everything seems just about right on this porn bareback bottom from slap, dab in the middle of the United States.

And he must have an ass that’s fucking awesome because Owen Hawk himself from Raw Fuck Club signed up to slam his beefy cock and DNA home inside Joshua.

Someday, I hope to sit down and conduct one of these interviews personally, but of course it’s over e-mail. But outside the normal messaging, Joshua is personable and warm. And honestly fucking hot. Every message — even the most mundane discussing an amusement park visit — seems laced with a sexual tension that makes me just wants to crawl through the pipeline, eat out his hot hole and breed him a few times.

Not that he’d protest.


 You’re a bottom in your films?

 I mostly bottom in videos, but I do top as well. I like to think of myself as totally versatile. But I just love to bottom for a hot guy with a big cock. Give me a hot smooth twink and I’m gonna wanna cum in his hole.


 When did you start doing porn?

 I started filming in 2000, but only did one film. I didn’t work for a while and really didn’t want to.

In 2009 a friend of mine, Seth, introduced me to Dark Alley. He said they would be interested in filming me. I thought why not, it’ll be fun to do some porn again and make some money. I really liked working with Dark Alley and told them to call me whenever they wanted.

[alert style=”green”]

Joshua Chandler’s Profile

Joshua Chandler suck Lito Cruz's cock

Age: 31 years old

Sign: Gemini “on the cusp of Cancer, according to the Hebrew calendar. I say this because I study Kabbalah. You can see I have a red string on in all my videos.”

Position: Versatile, Versatile Bottom

Endowment: 7.5 inches cut (19 cm)

Orientation: Gay. “I am gay, I lean a little towards bi. When I say that, I mean I’ve had sex with two different women, but both times it was a bi three-way. I’m really into watching bi porn and having bi three-ways. I don’t know if I would ever have one on one with a woman.”

Height: 6 feet (183 cm)

Weight: 170 pounds (77 kilos, 12 stone)

Eyes: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Body hair: Moderate. “I do trim my chest and pubes, but I do that daily, I don’t like being overly hairy, but I don’t like being totally smooth either. Sometimes I shave my ass, sometimes I don’t. Depends on how I’m feeling. Personally even with hairy legs and pubes I think a smooth hole looks better with a cock in it. That’s just a personal preference.”

Ink: Four. “The first tattoo I got was the Chinese symbol on my stomach. It means friendship. I got it 18 with my best friend at the time; he was 15. We decided to get matching tattoos cuz we thought we’d be friends forever. I haven’t talked to him in 10 years. The next one is a tribal symbol on my back. It has no meaning, I got it on a whim one night, but I really like it. It think it’s my favorite because I never see it. The third is the pin up girl. She is a waitress. She has on the same waitress uniform that the girls wore at the first restaurant I worked at, the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood. And my last tattoo are the Kabbalistic symbols for Gemini.”


Joshua Chandler’s Filmography

  • LA Lust as Sky Preston (Pacific Sun, 2000)
  • Kansas City Cum (2009)
  • Slut Bangers (Dark Alley, 2009)
  • Bareback Frathouse Dungeon (Dark Alley, 2009)
  • Bareback Whores (Raw Riders, 2010)
  • Supercharged (Dark Alley, 2010)
  • RawFuckClub.com (2010 & 2012)

Joshua Chandler in his latest with Owen Hawk from Raw Fuck Club. Hot, uncut top Owen Hawk decided to take one of our favorite bottoms Joshua Chandler for a ride. As soon as they got in the studio, Owen was ready to force feed Joshua his cock, then fucking him silly in every position imaginable before loading his ass up with a nice warm load.[/alert]

My last filming was in 2012 with Dark Alley for Raw Fuck Club with Owen Hawk.


 I’ve got to admit that I’ve had a crush on Owen Hawk Link Opens in a New Window forever. What’s it like filming with him?

 My most memorable fuck on screen was with Owen Hawk! He’s so fucking HOT and he’s a great fuck too. I enjoyed every second of it.

We had hung out a few times off set too before the scene so it wasn’t like fucking a stranger, so there was a little bit of a connection. It was more of a friends who fuck connection, after all his boyfriend was filming. But still, there was chemistry.

And that’s what porn is all about. You can always tell when the guys are doing it just for the money and not because they’re attracted to the guy they are partnered with.

If I watch a video and I can tell the guys aren’t into each other it no longer gets me off, no matter how hot the guys are.


 You worked once and then not for a while. Why didn’t you continue working?

 I did my first video thinking I really wanted to get into the industry. I think every young gay man in Southern California thinks he wants to do it. My first scene wasn’t as glamorous as I thought it would be. I think that put me off a little.

I also felt like the director wanted to sleep with me before he cast me in anything again, and at the time I felt like I was too good for that.

Not long after filming my first scene my friend Jason Seachrest set up a meeting with [an agent] to see if he would want to represent me. I was a bit too skinny for him and he wanted me to put on some muscle. At the time, I wasn’t interested in working out. I wasn’t too serious about being a star in the industry, so I didn’t pursue anymore work.

Not until I was offered the scene with Dark Alley did I think, ‘Hey I could do this.’


 And what about barebacking? When did you start that?

 I can’t say for sure when I started barebacking, if I had to guess it was right around the time I moved to San Francisco, from Los Angeles in 2001 or 2002. I discovered a whole new group of guys up there that introduced me to barebacking, and I’ve never looked back. I don’t like putting a condom on my cock, or having one in me. I like it RAW!


 One of the things about barebacking when you bottom is experiencing jizzjoy Link Opens in a New Window. That is, you really experience a high from the cum being inside you. Do you notice that as a bottom?

 Oh I definitely get jizzjoy. I freaking love when a guy comes in me. It gives me this happy and whole feeling. I get kinda disappointed when a guy pulls out. I think to myself, why did you bother fucking me bare if you’re not going to breed me?

Fucking on the set [in porn] is a little different. I’m more concerned with what looks good, rather than what feels good. I still want it to feel good, obviously, so that way I don’t have to fake my expressions. When you’re fucking someone for that length of time it’s hard to enjoy all of it.


 What else about barebacking turns you on?

 I hate to say it, but the idea of stealthing Link Opens in a New Window kinda turns me on. I know it’s bad, but I just can’t help it. I’m a dirty fucker.


 Stealthing? You know how controversial I am for it? You’re going to get it for this!

 I will use condoms if I have to, but I’ve been known to try and get the condom to slip off.

I was topping this guy once and I rolled it down to about halfway down my shaft. As I was fucking him it slowly rolled off into his ass. After I came, I stuck my fingers in him and pretended like I was fingering him, really I was just trying to find the condom and make it look like I was pulling it off.

That was a question huh? I hope you’re not shocked or judging me. I mean I have done it, but I don’t make a habit of it. It’s kind of a hassle, so I like to make it pretty clear I like it bare from the beginning.


 Moving on: Do you escort?

 I do like escorting. I like making a lot of money in a short amount of time. I can make more money in an hour of fucking than a whole day of work at my job. If there was a bigger market for it here in Kansas City, I think I would do it. And the few people who are interested in it, don’t wanna spend the amount of money a normal escort would charge, so it’s really hard.


 Are you in a relationship?

 I have a partner. We’ve been together two years. He thinks the fact that I do porn is hot.

Bottom gay porn performer Joshua Chandler shoots his cum on his hairy chest and belly

 Your relationship is open?

 Yes, we are in an open relationship. He is vers, but mostly the top when we have sex.


 What’s your preference on men who fuck you?

 I am a size queen when it comes to bottoming — the bigger the better. But I was proven wrong the other day. This guy who wasn’t up to my normal size standards convinced me to let him fuck me and it felt amazing. I guess sometimes it really is about the “motion of the ocean.”

I think girth really has a lot to do with it too. I like ’em thick.


 Have you been recognized?

 Recognized like out on the street? Sort of. I’ve had guys around town say they’ve seen me in porn, but most of them had seen me places or knew me before.


After this, I can imagine Joshua Chandler might get recognized a little more. Maybe a lot more. I already recognize him as a porn star he should be and will become.

Getting in contact with Joshua Chandler is probably easiest through his Twitter account @JChandlerXXX Follow on Twitter or via e-mail at JoshuaChandlerXXX@yahoo.com .  If you’re a porn performer or an escort and would like to be featured in one of iBLASTinside’s pieces, please

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