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Hanging Chad

Hanging Chad

Chad-Massage-TherapistI’ve pissed off the massage therapist blond Chad Opens new window of a page on this blog.

First, I enjoyed myself. I wanted to hit him up again for another session.

Second, I’d gotten a few e-mails from folks asking if the hottie ever would entertain barebacking.

Chad had written me a nice note thanking me for the review shortly after it appeared. I’d e-mailed it to him.

Apparently he forgot it.

For all the nice things I wrote, he focused on one section:

I’d like to say he’s a little down on his luck, but his attitude seems so cheerful as he’s figuring out where he wants to go. Or maybe he’s just a wandering gypsy nowadays. … since his hotel room is so damn small, he can’t really accommodate a massage table.

After a little exchange where he seemed confused after thanking me for my review, he sent me this:

I am by no means down on my luck, or a nomad. I know exactly what I want out of life. I still have no idea where the bareback thing came from.

I’m not really worried about what people say about me online. I put myself out there so I expect a certain amount of bitterness. You can’t please everyone.

I got another response.

I’m actually a very happy person. I make tons of money and work at my own pace. No I do not bb.

Let me explain my reasoning. Perhaps Chad is just frugal. I don’t mean to assign anyone’s particular motivations to their choice of accommodations. But when it comes to cheap chain hotels, Chad at least stepped it up from one that didn’t leave the light on for him. However, the $39.99 a night on the nearby interstate didn’t help making it seem a little low-end.

I usually respect people and a certain degree of their privacy. When I wrote that his room was small, it was tiny. Moreover, Chad’s belongings were crammed and stacked — neatly — into absolutely every single space. The path from the door (by the bathroom door) went to the end of the bed. Both sides of the bed were crammed full.

I don’t doubt he’s about as “happy” as he could be — or at least he’s got a great attitude. And I know some people are nomadic, enjoying traveling the planet. Hell, if I were young and hot, I think I’d do it.

No bitterness was intended. I always explain the space where the therapist works. Is it a tidy, tranquil, dedicated massage space, the messy dorm-like room or are you afraid a teetering mountain of belongings stacked to the ceiling might tip over and fall upon you? I believe that this is important information for a client to consider.

I like Chad. I still do. But he’s extra sensitive, snaps back fast and can’t take the reviews he’s going to be subject to in his profession.

I’m not going to drop his rating. I still want you all to support him when he visits. But keep in mind, he’s got ‘tude.

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He was drunk.

Barely 6 o’clock in the afternoon, and his body reeked of the alcohol he’d likely been pouring into it since noon or even earlier. Surprising he could stand upright. Cute enough, in the dim lights of the upstairs area of the adult bookstore, he looked rather young. Now up close, my suspicions were confirmed. At 24 or 25, he stood a little over 5-foot-8. His skin was dark, but he wasn’t African American.

I’d only been here a few minutes and hadn’t had enough time for my eyes to adjust to the interior when we were already in a room. My nice 7 inches standing up and his curved 5 inches uncut cock.

“What do you get into?” he asked. His breath was heavy with vodka.

“I’m a top,” I said. “What about you?”

“I like to get fucked.”


That’s all it took. He never sucked me. He just dropped his pants lower and bent over.

His ass was smooth and dark as well. Tan? No. I felt his perfect little ass. A nice amount of meat on it. When I found the pucker, the lube and possibly previous loads there. I lined my cock up and pushed in.

He didn’t make a sound. I just fucked. I fucked hard. I fucked soft. I moved passionately. I motioned with purpose. And then I started getting toward the point where I was finally getting close. But this bending over shit wouldn’t work.

Despite the awkward nature of our pants around our ankles, I told him to move up on the room’s platform mattress and lay down. He wasn’t playing with himself. He just let me do the work. So I mounted him and began to really fuck with purpose.

After a snort of poppers, I went into a zone where my cock just slid in and out of his ass. He had a good amount of friction and it led me to that point of no return. Soon I was grunting. And I began to shoot into his ass. I let it all go. All my cum. I didn’t ask whether he wanted it. I just simply unloaded.

I took a moment to recover. He remained quiet and still.

I unmounted, the cock coming out of his ass. I stood. He scrambled up behind me.

“Thank you very much,” he smiled, his white teeth glistening.

“Where are you from,” I asked.

“India,” he responded.

“Nice,” I said. “My first Indian.”

“Huh?” he said.

“Never mind,” I responded.

I left him. He probably looked for more cock, but I headed home.

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