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A New Member of the Bareback Brotherhood Welcomes Loads of Cum Into His Ass

A New Member of the Bareback Brotherhood Welcomes Loads of Cum Into His Ass

The following is some correspondence I received from a fine specimen on BarebackRT.com in the last few days. Enjoy.

It would be an HONOR to have your jaded seed in my ass ‘marking your territory’ tagging it with your DNA as another bred slut on your belt.

Hot-BodBut no rush, I have never fawned over celebrities while I had contact with them in my Hollywood days. After all, you are the most outgoing TOP-BREEDER of the Bareback Brotherhood that I can think of.

Your ‘i-blast-inside’ slogan now triggers the most insane static charge in my mind when I find similar in other shameless barebacker’s profiles. And you helped me find a way to the bad boy dungeon door to explore my most electrifying fantasies!!!

Catching my boyfriend flirting hardcore on Grindr was the best thing to kick my out of the delusional trap of gay monotony/monogamy. Instead of big drama I suggested we BOTH embrace our inner sluts and go ‘HUNTING’ for ass and cock, naked in the forest if you wish, no protection, just naked spear in hand, scouting for fellow hunters.

A month ago, I didn’t have Grindr or an account on BarebackRT.com. Soon, one dude came over and seeded my bf and I LOVED every moment of it.

iBLASTinside's Bareback Loading ZoneAlthough he was a jerk who ‘fell in love’ (the bullshit trap) and so we promptly banished him.

Next, a sexy bottom from Grindr came over with five loads up his ass from the previous night’s sex-party. He wanted to play badly, but we mined him for info on the ‘seedy local underworld’ instead and let him pose buck-naked. He was ‘sensory overload!’

The dude suggested I join BarebackRT.com. He had a great body and cock, was begging in a studly way for us to play… but we were still on the fence. And a bit skittish! (The dude’s face
wasn’t so hot is why my bf pulled the breaks.)

I summoned two dudes (for MYSELF) from this BarebackRT.com in one week (slim pickings where I live… only 12 guys maybe, where Atlanta has 300 at any given time).

Both of these guys were ‘sneaking extra dick’ — unapologetic barebackers, poz, undetectable.

The first one got so exited he JIZZED just from me rubbing my cock-craving smooth novice-whore-body on him like a demon hussy as I was getting ready to ride him… FUCK! The dude blew his load so fast he shot all over me without ever getting inside my ass… I jerked of rubbing his cum in my ass for a ‘half-assed tagging.’

SeedingThe second dude bred me according to protocol — ass up, could have been any one…. a stranger, a relative, someone I work with. I was like the greediest slut-bottom that I never thought I
was. He announced as he was cumming inside me.


I received the ‘hole-y ointment’ from his pumping raw-cock as my cooperative slut-ass was milking his shaft for every last drop.

I consider myself barely ‘broken in.’

Yes, there were teenage twinks who seduced me over the years when they idolized me as ‘one of the older, shirtless muscle-boys’ at the local dance-clubs. Fat cocks and big loads! my god, they were so young and innocent, horny bucks, wanting to mount the ‘beefy bull.’ That was fun too.

But now I want the jaded, hardcore bucks, the strutting bulls with their charged ball-sacks full of cum… fucking me until my total confidence and prowling cockiness from the club-days returns. It motivates me in many ways: gym, work, attitude, humor, being even more outgoing.

Seed in the ass does the body good.

I kept the first load to complete absorption like a grand-prize of sleaze!


I took a big load yesterday from a wild one …only my second since jumping into the Bareback Brotherhood. This dude with a big dick who casually admits he has taken so many dicks (hundreds, maybe thousands) on so many occasions that I can comfortably say mycum-malative ‘exposure’ to marauding barebacking mankindand their bare fucktools has been driven to a huge SPIKE…

He fucked me all kinds of angles and left a huge load… I felt dizzy and electrified, kept the seed to the full point of absorption all day, although it dripped a bit at first.

Dude, lives 1.5 miles from me and BarebackRT.com linked me to him. He told me he had a friend years ago ‘WHORED ME OUT TO HIS FRIENDS.’ They all came over and seeded him — so many he lost count.

I staggered back to the hotel, dripping like a slut and it felt so good…

I’m feeling the beastly yearn myself now.

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The Bareback Side of Chicago: The Beefy Ass Welcome

The Bareback Side of Chicago: The Beefy Ass Welcome

If you’re reading this day of publishing, I’m still in Chicago and looking for ass. Hit me up on BBRT (iBLASTinside) or via e-mail (iblastinside@gmail.com) and don’t make me beg for your pics. 

Red Star   Red Star   Red Star   Red Star   Red Star

It’s strange I’ve never made it here — at least that I recall. I’m sitting looking out my hotel window, trying to drown out the din of the streets below.

Chicago-AssThis is one fucking loud city. I’m 15 stories up and the noise is still deafening. I could have been on a higher floor, but I got this one because I wanted a king bed.

Fucking is always easier on a king bed rather than two doubles. I always prefer king beds.

Prior to my arrival, I set up my posting as being in Chicago and BarebackRT.com lit up. In fact, I made the front page of BBRT as a most-viewed profile.

It grew impossible for me to keep up with everyone pinging me with OINKs along with other questions. Please fuck me. Breed me.

Shit like that.

It still amazes me the number of people begging to be bred. Too many of these backwash assholes offer crappy profiles with blurry photos from 15 years ago, yet they’re still unflattering.

Me, breed your ass?

Naw, I’m good man.

I even saw one guy send me a pic of cum and shit leaking out of his ass. Not a good combination. Now I’m someone who believes if you’re going to fuck an ass raw, there’s bound to be some shit every once in a while.

But never on purpose.

Somehow, in the midst of all the fucking noise, I did manage the connection with the ass shown in this entry. I texted him when I landed and shortly after checking into my hotel, he arrived. With a kiss, he stripped and went to sucking my cock.


Just the kind of bottom I like.

Before long, I was fucking him. I flipped him over and rode him until I shot a huge load into his ass. If he told it accurately, his fourth of the evening.

When I rolled off, he stuck a finger up his ass, pulled it out and tasted it.

“MMMM,” he  said.

He then sucked my cock clean. We had a nice deep kiss and off he went into the night.

Now I’m looking for ass number two. I’m thinking something a little tighter, smaller… not so beefy.


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Travel Diary: Double It Up

Travel Diary: Double It Up

Gay Raw Double Penetration

Washington, D.C., will always be my kind of town. Having lived there for more than a decade of my life, I still miss it terribly. So when I get a chance to return — even for an overnight trip — I leap at the chance. Back in the summer was such a chance and I wasn’t quite in the funk, having not yet met the bi Birmingham boy.

At the time, this youthful, smooth 22-year-old blond guy from the University of Maryland had been begging me to breed him, asking for me to set up a session with other “top friends.” Generally, I’m not quite trustworthy of such unless I’ve fucked them first and find them worthy of such an effort. He caught me in a giving mood, I guess, and he’d pursued me for a couple of months, so having set a time about an hour away, I went to seeing if I could get a few other tops and versatiles to join in the fun.

Since I’m familiar with D.C., I chose a good location, on the edge of Dupont, Adams Morgan and not too far from Logan Circle. With less than an hour from the blond’s arrival, I’d given out my lodging location to five or six men, not expecting them all to show.

The first candidate turned out to be a less-than-enthusiastic tweaker, grinding his teeth and nervously pacing the room. When the second guy showed — a non-traditionally hot-as-shit top — tweaker bailed. Good for us. The top, in his mid-30s, gave the classic look of a slightly beefy legislative assistant on Capitol Hill. Probably once in a fraternity in his day at college, his brown wavy hair still pressed down from the motorcycle helmet he’d worn over riding some high-powered bike over. He didn’t look like a biker. Yet, even my pussy got a little wet and I figured he could fuck me if blondie didn’t show.

He was easy to chat with anyway and didn’t put on any pressure. Soon there was a knock at the door.

In walks a six-foot, 40-something baldy with a fucking-rocking body. We’d find out later he was a bike messenger, which would explain how he had the perfection of no fat. Two minutes in the door, after I explained the U of M boy was a few minutes overdue, baldy had us all stripping down anyway.

Dynamics of a three-way can always be questionable, but baldy had it down pat. He’d just look at one of us and say something like, “Are you going to make me suck your big cock?”

So you made him suck your cock. Not that it was difficult. He turned out to be rather willing. Bouncing back and forth between the two of us, we soon began tag teaming him. My buddy started off, as he had a respectable six-inches, tapered at the top to open him up with a nice curve. Mine proved thicker and harder to manage.My Cock The poppers, of course, helped open him up and we all were enjoying ourselves. Soon we forget about blondie (who never bothered to show up).

Soon the bald guy started one of his submissive taunts: “You both aren’t going to fuck me at the same time, are you?”

Former frat guy and I looked at each other. We cracked a smile.

Within moments, I’d maneuvered myself to flat on my back and the bald bicyclist sat on my cock and leaned forward, beginning to kiss me. Within a moment, I felt the poking and prodding of the cock, finding the right place to enter the tight hole.

Kissing stopped. And the grunting began. Then it turned into just pain as he really put on the pressure. But I have to give it to the bottom. He never pulled away as he left himself there and waited for his sphincter to give way.

Finally, it did as the tapered head of my bud’s cock came in and pressed against my shaft. After a moment, the other top began pushing in and inching his way inside deeper. And the bottom grunted more. Soon the painful noises dissipated and the fucking began in earnest. The kissing started again and I was in heaven.

In a tight ass, raw, another hard cock, rubbing against mine. The sensation just seemed too much. Of course, the bottom was tight and I kept slipping out. We’d adjust, shoving me back in going back to it. But the intensity, I slipped out at the right moment at my top buddy unloaded into baldy’s ass. I hated missing it, but there’s nothing better than sloppy seconds.

So I repositioned, this time behind him. Egged on by Mr. Motorcycle, I began to breed his ass, feeling the cum inside and fucking in earnest, I left a huge load inside him, pushing my new bud’s load deeper.

Since I remained hard, baldy then rode me until he pumped a nice load across my chest.

And who the fuck needed a 22-year-old blond boy, who despite all be begging for months, never showed the fuck up? Instead, I had something much hotter.

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Stealthing, Stealth, Stealth Fucking

A Breeding of a Different Kind

Lately with some time off at home, my boredom ended up to get the best of me and overwhelmed all that was meant to keep my mind off sex. Against better judgment, I posted an ad on Craigslist. I got several responses including the usual collection of flakes. But one man promised arrival within five minutes. Considering my location in the far suburbs, I found the timing mostly improbable. After a couple of e-mails, he assured that indeed his arrival would be rather quick.

I gave him my address. He arrived quickly, as promised.

As he entered, he carried with him two things — a tube of lube and a condom.


But to be honest, I just leaned back and let him do the work. His dick sucking failed to be inspiring. Sure, I got hard. But it failed to do more than cause a little rigidness. With his sucking skills, I’d never cum.

Pretty soon, though, he abandoned his oral efforts and went to tear the condom wrapper open. He added the ample supply of lube from the tube (I guess he’d made a quick stop at a grocery store earlier or something). He eased his tight ass onto my cock.

I just relaxed and let him ride my cock. The condom muted the sensations, making the fuck as uninteresting as the blowjob — with the exception of the cheap lube, which kept the friction high enough that I figured I might muster a load. A hit or two of poppers helped.

I popped. Yes. Into a condom. But I just didn’t feel like making the effort to do anything.

He climbed off and I reached down to strip off the condom, tucking my fingers inside the base and stripping it off. My huge load coated my fingers as he laid back, his legs spread. He started jerking.

“Finger me,” he insisted.

By now, the jizz had coated my fingers. So he asked for it. And I did. I reached inside his hole, now lubed with my cum. And I finger fucked him, working my cum into his hole deeper. I only followed his directions.

He popped off. He put his clothes on and left. He got most of my load.

Deceptively Fun #11: Spit Pig

Deceptively Fun #11: Spit Pig

“You’re neg, right?”

“Yea bud.”

What a time to ask. My hard cock is buried up his ass and he’s asking if I’m neg. Hell, seems to me you ought to be asking that a little earlier than now. But who the fuck cares? I am about to shoot a load deep into this guy’s ass.

“You sure?”


He groans. Someday, I’m going to have to answer that question honestly and see what happens. Truth is, I have no idea. Haven’t been tested in years.

So I slide out and push back in. This guy’s not used to being a bottom, so I have to be gentle. But I’m gonna get my nut.

The evening started out pretty normal. It was a boring night in the middle of the week. But I was a little restless. While I am beginning to sort through the online mess of fakes, flakes and assholes, I’ve been unfortunate enough that I’ve not found anyone close by who likes to get fucked or even someone to suck my cock off on occasion. Well, there was the 57-year-old after his wife went to sleep, but that’s hardly worth mentioning.

So I went downtown to a country & western bar. Not the best place to find an ass to fuck (although there’s a propensity for many men to wear ass-hugging Levi’s or Wranglers), I find the laidback, friendly attitude of a country bar makes it an easier place for a newcomer like me to break in.

So I’m relaxing with a beer, chatting with a Lesbian when he walks in. Sure as hell, he’s not the hottest guy in here. But sometimes, you just know a potential pig. His clean cut appearance doesn’t fool me. He’s also alone, grabbing a water from the bartender and staking out a place just in the shadows.

The Lesbian heads off to dance and I finish the beer. I wander over to the bartender and get a water and then head to the potential pig.

“Time for me to switch to water,” I say.

“Yeah, I’m just swinging by,” he says. “It’s a school night, so I can’t stay out.”

“But you were restless and couldn’t stand to hang at home,” I respond.

“You know it,” he says, extending his hand. “I’m Erik.”

“Mark,” I shake his hand.

There’s some small talk while we both swallow our respective waters. Pretty soon, I see his eyes venture south, checking out my package. I’m not sure if it’s on purpose, but he’s licking his lips. He’s in his early 30s, nice frat face, a small Southern drawl and some junk in his trunk. It was obvious he was a hairy white boy who didn’t get a lot of attention, but I wasn’t up for the effort of getting one of the A&F model wannabes to wrap his tight smooth ass around my cock. My average guy was cute enough for a Wednesday night.

After a little while of more small talk, I make my move, chunking the empty water bottle.

“Well, I better head home,” I say, reaching around with my left arm, half hugging Erik and grabbing his ass. While we’re up close, face to face, I give him a little smile. “You take care stud.”

He takes the bait, and kisses me on the lips. I respond, pushing my tongue into his slightly parted lips.

It was like I’d applied electric shock to his balls. Erik seemed to come to life with a jolt. He was slurping on my tongue some. So I pulled my tongue back and applied a juicy bit of spit to the end and thrust it back in.

A moan seemed to come up from Erik’s bowels. I know this boy’s weakness.

I withdrew. “Take care hot stuff.”

He looked a little stunned, then got his bearings again. “I’ll walk you out.”

Again, a little small talk, when he asks where I’m headed. I tell him.

“That goes almost by my place,” he says. “Want to stop in?”

I pause, check my watch, then say, “Sure, I’ve got a little time.”

I follow him a few miles up the road to his place. As we walk up to his place, I build up a fuckload of spit in my mouth. As we enter his apartment, I pull him and kiss deeply, dumping my saliva into his eager tongue. He swallows it all and returns, wanting more. I help him out again.

He’s a little shorter than me, so I pull apart for a second, purse my lips and let some spit drip out. He slurps it up immediately.


He pulls me toward the darkened hall and into a room, where he flips on a lamp and turns to face me, his lips parted slightly. I am ready with more spit, but this time, I step back a little and force it out with some aggression.

Most lands in his mouth, which had opened completely when Erik realized what was coming. We begin to strip naked, kissing deeply as we continue. I keep him infused with my spit. His cock is standing straight out from his body and nicely leaking.

It doesn’t take long until he’s sucking my cock with a lot of gusto. I begin to drop spit onto his face and my cock. He gets more enthusiastic with my cock. I’ve worked his boy into the frenzy I seek. I pull him up, spit on his face again and he seems to shudder with ecstasy. I spin him around so he’s facing the bed and push him down. He falls onto the bed and I go straight for that hairy crack, spitting on it at first and then licking it with lots of spit. He’s moaning again.

I don’t wait long. Pretty soon, I crawl up onto his back and my hard cock lays in his crack, poised at his hole. I plant my face next to his and stick my tongue out with a huge loogie. He sucks it off at the moment I find his hole and push the head against it.

He relaxes a little but winces. I pull back. Kiss him a little more, then come up, standing up and spreading his cheeks. I spit again on his hole and then add a goodly amount of spit to my cock. I lay back down on him and go to kiss him, then pull back just enough and spit into his open mouth. His hole relaxes just enough at that moment, so I push in again.

“FUCK!” he says.

I stay still, kissing him, producing plenty of spit for him to slurp. And I feel him give up, knowing that he’s happy enough with the spit to let me fuck him. So I push in further.

Within a few minutes, I am humping him in smooth, slow motions and kissing him. He’s very happy since I just keep the spit coming.

He moans a little.

“You’re neg, right?”

“Yea bud.”

“You sure?”


He groans. And now I am pumping a little faster.

I spit. “You want it, don’t you?”

He doesn’t answer.

I spit again, this one landing on the right side of his nose. “Do you want it?”

“Yes,” he whispers.

I begin to throb. He can feel it. “Yes, yes, yes…”

“Tell me you want it!” the spittle is flying all over his face as I speak.


I growl and bury my cock deep. Now it’s throbbing deep inside that raw ass, releasing every bit of cum into him. As I come out the other side of my orgasm, I spit a huge amount into his mouth.

I collapse onto the top of him and relax.

A little later on, I remove my cum-covered cock, flip him over and spit into his mouth continuously until he shoots a huge load all over his chest. It doesn’t take long.

Soon, I am on my way home.