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Bareback bottom superstar Christian awaits Trevor Snow's huge cock blindfolded

Friday Fuck Fun: Bareback Bottom Superstar Christian Gets Bred by Trevor Snow from TIMFuck.com

iBLASTinside's Friday Fuck Fun

This is the second in iBLASTinside’s Friday Fuck Fun Opens new window of a page on this blog series.

When Trevor Snow made his debut on TIMFuck.com Open-New-Window-External last fall, everyone wanted more of him — and that included fuckhole extraordinaire Christian.

The desire was mutual, so we rented the guys a room for the afternoon. The air is thick with anticipation as Christian, blindfolded and gagged, waits on his knees.

As soon as the gag comes off, Christian dives in and gorges himself on Trevor’s meat, driven by instinct and need. Once the blindfold is gone, Trevor pulls Christian to his knees, only to bend him over and eat out his sweet ass.

Replacing his tongue with his turgid cock, the topman thoroughly pounds Christian into submission in multiple positions, ultimately dumping a white hot load of gooey spooge.


















Interesting little note: Christian was recently in Atlanta. He actually hit me up on BarebackRT.com Open-New-Window-External. He’d never seen my blog and had no idea who I was. Oh well.

He was escorting and looking for clients. He cost $250 an hour. He’s probably worth it, but alas, with no job (at the time of his visit), I couldn’t afford to purchase him.

See you next Friday.

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My Top Ten Raw Fucks of 2011 (I Bred Each & Every One of These Asses)

My Top Ten Raw Fucks of 2011 (I Bred Each & Every One of These Asses)

Far from all the asses I loaded, these are among the most memorable of 2011. Sorry if you didn’t make the list, but it gives you something to shoot for in 2012. Right?


10. This Straight Virgin

When: November

Stats: Late 30s, beefy, 6-foot-2, brown hair, hazel eyes, hairy

What I wrote: “I pounded him some, but kept it to a minimum, knowing just how sore he’d be the next few days. I put him back on his stomach for the breeding and got the man to beg for my load in his ass before unleashing a torrent of DNA into his tight, no-longer-cherry hole…

“‘Damn, that felt better than I thought it would be,’ he said.”

 * * *

 9. Redneck Behind This House

When: March

Stats: 24, beefy, reddish hair, unshaven

What I wrote: “A huge ass with a deep crevice, his hole was an angry red, as he’d obviously scrubbed it before our meeting. I spit, adding to his and shoved my cock toward his hole.

“He didn’t like it but took it like a champ. In a moment, with that country slur, he was begging for me to cum in his ass. I didn’t feel like prolonging the inevitable and I released my spunk into his big white ass. Several days worth. Our position didn’t allow me to push it deep, but the boy wanted it and he kept it.”

 * * *

8. This Musical Ass

When: April

Stats: Early 30s, high school music teacher, average build, crew cut

What I wrote: “Never changing my pace, I let myself ride the wave of music in my head, as the cymbals crashed and the drums rumbled, I shot my cream into his ass, thick and gooey.

“He seemed to feel it, but still turned around and spoke for the first time ever, ‘Just don’t cum in my ass.’

“I wanted to say, “Too late.’

“But I didn’t. I maintained the charade and about three minutes later, pretended to cum, pulling out and flinging Santorum onto the floor.”

 * * *

 7. This Incredible Ass Through a Gloryhole

incredible ass

When: January

Stats: 30s, Latino.

What I wrote: “Faster and harder, you can hear me, the buckle of my belt, slam against the hole. I’m fucking through the gloryhole and pushing my bare cock into this perfect ass. I’m close.

“I unload into him. And finally, I feel him clench down… and I’ve got my eyes closed as finally, it’s a little tighter. I push my cum as deep as I can into this perfect ass. I want my DNA deposited forever inside him. I want this territory marked.”

 * * *

6. This Raw Load Taker (@RawLoadTaker)

When: November

Stats: Early 40s, 5-foot-10, brown hair and eyes, average build but too damn handsome

What about him: While I’ve never written about @RawLoadTaker (he’s also on BBRT as FitExecutive) on my blog, it’s not because he’s not blog worthy. In fact, he’s more than blog-worthy. I just never got around to it and, frankly, our sessions are just perfect enough without me trying to reduce them into words.

His ass is incredible and tight but so warm and accommodating. Got to fucking love that. And like a good bottom, he loves it when you shoot.

 * * *

 5. Stealthing This Asian

Popping a condom for a fuck

When: March 2011

Stats: Early 20s. 5-foot-7 on the thin side with a layer of body fat

What I wrote: “In those moments, I debated. He didn’t turn around. I stretched the condom and poked my middle finger into where my head would go. As I slipped it onto my cock, I pressed harder with my finger until the latex popped and my head poked exposed. I unrolled the rest and pressed against his hole….

“I growled and let my load loose, but I keep fucking so I knew my spot was marked, that my DNA coated his guts and that, despite his attempt, his ass was owned.

“Slowing down, he stayed bent over, his hands and head down, like some Geisha in training. As my deflating cock came out of his ass, I could see my cum around his loose hole. The condom was practically ripped.

“Another top was stepping up to take my place. I pulled my condom off, completely ripping it now.

“‘Here, use this condom,’ I said. ‘It’s still good.'”

 * * *

 4. This Tennessee Boy

When: January

Stats: Mid-20s, 5-foot-10, beefy, true, footballer build, incredible ass, hairy pecs

What I wrote: “As a good top, wanting this to last a little while, I suggest a change in position where he can sit on it. I love this position, gives me full view of the bottom and both hands to, in this case, stimulate him and slow him up a little.

“He pulls off, ‘Sure.’ And begins moving but ends up flat on his stomach. ‘But let’s try this one first.’

“The fucker chooses my favorite position.

“However, for most bottoms, they just lie there and let me piston the hell out of them so that’s why I like this position. It’s a way to get me off. I mount him. This fucker’s already two steps ahead of me and begins rocking his J-Lo booty for all it’s worth. Within moments, I’m on the brink of dumping my load.”

* * *

3. This Beautiful 19-Year-Old

Beautiful front side of a 19-year-old local

When: January

Stats: 19, 5-foot-6 130 pounds, dark hair, green eyes

What I wrote: “This ass has not been penetrated. It felt virginal. I mean, I’d swear I was popping a cherry, except for the fact this boy never pulled off my cock. He sat on it and went into another world. This chute was bound tight, like someone had wrapped up the muscles.”

* * *

 2. This Shaggy Lad

When: March

Stats: “Six-foot frame. He was barely 18 or maybe 19. His shaggy, dirty blond hair obscured his eyes and a pugish nose protruded out. His pouty lips thin lips curled a bit into a smirk as he entered. I shook his hand. Rough. Very. This boy had done hard physical labor and his body showed some of the muscles, but the beauty and softness denied the need. His voice, too masculine.”

What I wrote: “For the next 10 minutes, I fucked him there as he sat on me. I fucked him on his stomach. I fucked him on his back. I pounded him. I entered him softly. I slowly withdrew and entered. His ass accepted me every way. Not a moment of problems. Not a complaint. His only words: ‘Do whatever you need to do to cum.'”


And finally the number one fuck of 2011

 1. This Ultimate Asian Ass

When: August

Stats: 20s, 5-foot-5, smooth, cocoa skin

What I wrote: “His eyes closed. His mouth opened. I think we both gasped for air.

“Inside him, the intense warmth, my cock surrounded by everything that perfect ass had to offer.

“The look on his face, that few seconds lasted an eternity. And even now, as I write this, my cock throbs and leaks. My breath quickens. And my brain senses nothing but the intensity of the pleasure.

“His choice. Strange on my journey that I’d come to a place I could resist fucking a man I desired for so long and he chose to break his bareback oath. But as I throbbed inside that golden ass, we became one.”

* * *

Honorable mentions: Dave the muscular massage therapist, Michael the handyman, the cute car Toyota car detailer with nipples who loves having them bitten, Joe the band guy and college student, the piggish married man always begging for it on Sunday mornings,  Dan the New Yorker, my reliable fuck but pothead and the secret crush Matt.

Want to Make the 2012 List?

Contact me. There’s icons in the top right corner you can use to contact me:

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A Perfect Ass, A Loose Fuck, A Nice Load

A Perfect Ass, A Loose Fuck, A Nice Load

The rules of engagement inside an adult bookstore may seem a little strange. I’ve even visited with a buddy and, even then, most of our communication tended to be via text messaging. When we did speak to one another, we did so in hushed tones.

When I hear people speaking at regular volume, I’m almost offended.

There’s this one incredibly hot black guy — beefy, hairy chest. I’ve never seen his cock as he never takes it out. He’s usually there with a couple of Latinos. They stand around and chat, almost as if they’re in a club then split up and cruise. They collect back together and compare notes. Loudly. Irritates the shit out of me. These attitude queens, acting like they own the place.

Anyway, I’m getting off track.

So occasionally I meet bottoms there to guarantee an unload. At a place with gloryholes, the fear can sometime be (1.) I get oral service only and (2.) I get tops only. On this day, I was texting back and forth with a few, promising to meet up along with a collection of a few asking me to stop by their place instead.

That’s when this ass showed up on radar.incredible ass

Usually, ass photos just don’t do it for me. But this one. Well, fuck. Look at it! Just exuded perfection.

The little fucker toyed with me via text for a while. He was in black. He wore a hat. He stood in this place then that. I’d narrowed him down to two potentials. But finally figured out who he was.

He’d be hot for me then the text messages would go silent. Probably off getting fucked. Meanwhile, I’d get a little oral work done here and there.

The crowd turned out to be less than ideal today. Too many tops in the mix and way too many trolls. Luckily, tweakers weren’t represented today. But we had two distinct cliques. My hot black buddy with his Latino fairy boys and another group who wouldn’t shut the fuck up.

The code of silence guys. I’m trying to fuck here.

Interestingly enough, among the mix this trip was a guy who stayed in an open booth, pants down, ass in the air. Never sampled him. He was either Latin or a light-skinned black. Maybe next time.

Eventually, perfect ass made it clear through the sporadic text messaging. He wanted fucked through a gloryhole. That was the only way I would get him.

The vibe varies at this bookstore. Okay, I call it a bookstore, but at this Insurrection location, the books and other materials are upstairs. Down here in the bowels, there’s only booths, gloryholes and a darkroom. On this day, I’m having trouble even getting good oral. It’s a rainy day and the bottoms are being picky, which doesn’t bother me much except these are the kind of bottoms who shouldn’t be picky. So they’re all occupying one side of the double booths, awaiting someone. These fat fucks sit, taking up good space.

I let a couple of them blow me, but when I realize it’s nothing more than a mediocre blowjob, I’m gone.

At some point I get the message to visit a particular booth, as he is on the other side waiting. Unfortunately, that booth I need into is occupied. I text back.

It’s a face off between bottoms.

Well, it’s more like a wait off. See who will wait longer. Perfect ass begs me to wait on the other side. No worries. I have nothing better to do. Five minutes. Ten. Fifteen. Finally, I hear the rustle and the door open and out walks the occupier.

I’m inside in a flash and dropping trou as perfect ass strokes his long slender fingers along the gloryhole in the usual motion to indicate he wants me to shove it through.

I do and he gives me a little oral to get me to full mast before backing his slender ass up onto my cock.

This boy has to have some huge fucking dildos in his collection at home. And I’m sure he’s been playing with them prior to my arrival. Plus, someone’s already loaded this ass.

He’s loose. And my respectable seven inches feels more like throwing a hot dog down a bowling alley. Occasionally I hit a side, but not often. But when I bury it, I do hit those perfect mounds, that he’s push up against the hole.

Wet, warm but loose. Not the ideal fuck. Yet there’s a gooey cum there. So I begin to pick up pace. And I did promise this hot little fucker my first load. So I pull out further, hoping my swelled head hits a little something.

Then I notice the light.

Perfect ass is filming the fuck. He’s making a movie out of my barebacking his ass. My raw cock is sliding in and out of his cummy ass and this little fucker is filming it for later.

That’s what I needed. Another pervert like me. I groan a little, take a hit of poppers and hope that’s enough for my cock to take me to the edge.

Faster and harder, you can hear me, the buckle of my belt, slam against the hole. I’m fucking through the gloryhole and pushing my bare cock into this perfect ass. I’m close.

I unload into him. And finally, I feel him clench down, the light pops off and I’ve got my eyes closed as finally, it’s a little tighter. I push my cum as deep as I can into this perfect ass. I want my DNA deposited forever inside him. I want this territory marked.

When I finally pull out, he shows me a glimpse of the movie.

We both hang out for a while. He directs me to a few more bottoms worth my time, none of whom have the perfection he does. He never ever sends me the movie like he promised. Yet, I still have his number. I can hope for a repeat.

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