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Breeding the Bi Boy Who Would Be Married

Breeding the Bi Boy Who Would Be Married

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I bumped my head as I entered the darkened apartments. Just off campus of a major private university in Atlanta, I’d been invited for an anonymous breeding by a “boy.” It amazed me the use of the word “boy,” even by this youthful thirtysomething, even if I felt his photos warranted the name. My eyes didn’t adjust from the bright spring day and this basement apartment with low ceilings didn’t help much.

So I wandered on, feeling my way through an obvious bachelor’s pad. He’d claimed to be bisexual and now I believed  un. Even I, with my moments of untidiness, would never let it get this bad — not that we yet warranted an episode of “Hoarders.”

I found the mattress on the floor and felt his leg, finally stripping off my jeans and pulling his head toward my slightly hard cock to suck it a bit. And he did, adequately enough to bring me to full mast. But he stopped quickly and laid down on his stomach. Very passive. Very ready. His ass already greased. So I slid in and began pumping.

The low ceilings and darkness played tricks on me, making me feel a little claustrophobic in the oppressive room. But yet his ass proved to be perfection. Although I could not see it, his tiny waist beneath me  betrayed the nice bounce I got off the mounds as I leaned into the fuck.

I sometimes want it over fast but other times, I want the bottom to know I can fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck. This one needed to invite me back. So I held off. I fucked him for a good 10 minutes.

Despite the state of the place, I was impressed that he smelled relatively clean. The sheets were a bit stale and, well, you could get a hint of old mattress beneath them. His smooth skin seemed unusual and perfect. When he spoke, it seemed to have a little country lilt, like he might be a Georgia native. And he certainly enjoyed my cock.

I finally asked if he wanted my load, which he answered yes and then, getting the hint, began to beg for it. That inspired a huff of poppers and a pummeling of his ass. When I’m in top mode, it’s a little more difficult for me to pop but I got there and laid him a nice load in his ass. He could feel my cock twitching inside his tight little hole.

Staying for a moment and chatting, he would tell me about both his wife and his girlfriend — unusually aware of his bareback escapades. Of course, wondering about the veracity did leave me wanting a little more, so we’ll see if I get a little better read if I’m able to fuck his sweet hole again.

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Does this enhance your mood?

Does Sperm Enhance Your Mood? Straight Surgeon Finds Cum Contains ‘Mood Enhancers’

A top surgeon was forced to resign from the American College of Surgeons after a controversial Valentine’s Day editorial in which he quoted a study that found women who had unprotected sex were less depressed than those who forced their male partners to rubber up, according to news reports.

Help make Mark’s Big Bareback Birthday Blast Bash a little better! Mark is looking for ideas and feedback. If you can’t come, help make the bash little better while he’s out of work with a donation. Learn more about the gift-giving effort.

“There’s a deeper bond between men and women than St. Valentine would have suspected,” the straight surgeon concluded in his study. “And now we know there’s a better gift for that day than chocolates.”

In the study, sperm was found to contain “mood enhancers like estrone, cortisol, prolactin, oxytocin, and serotonin; a sleep enhancer, melatonin.”

I don’t know if this surgeon has talked to any gay bottoms, but I’ve found many of them so satisfied after I cum inside them, they don’t even need to cum. Now there’s scientific proof for the satisfaction the bottom feels. It’s not all about the connections between men, but there are mood enhancers in cum. I wonder if some bottom men are more sensitive to those chemicals being injected anally.

I hope I will not need to resign my post, so I thought it important to do a study as well. Please answer the following as honest as possible.

As a bottom, how do you find that your mood changes when you get sperm in your ass? As a top, how does your mood change when you inject your sperm into an ass?

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Now that there's possible scientific proof that women experience a mood enhancement when injected with sperm, do you think there's a similar mood enhancement for the bareback bottom when he is bred?

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Stealth Fighter

Stealthing and Answering the Critics… And Advice for the Condom-Using Bottoms at Sex Clubs

I’ve received a few comments on my stealthing entry. Normally I don’t respond and in many cases, I don’t even bother to publish the fuckers who say shit. But stealthing is different.

I know stealthing is controversial, even among barebackers. And, when I wrote the piece, I expressed my own moment where I thought about my actions.

So allow me to explain.

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I believe in accountability of your own actions. You are solely accountable for yourself. As you sit there and begin to formulate your opinions away from the actual situation, step back from your assumptions. My favorite is that the top has balls full of puss-filled, disease-ridden cum and the innocent bottom is clean as Snow White waking after Prince Charming kissed her from slumber.

If you want to be accountable, you must choose your own course and avoid those circumstances that might not be what some idiots consider “safe.”

(And as a note, the only “safe” sex is no sex.)

This isn’t to criticize the feedback at all. This is to say people need to think through their decisions. Too many just see the immediate moments and not the larger picture.

going to a sex club is not an invitation for stealthing just like walking in a shaddy neighborhood is not an invitation to get robbed.

Well, let’s just say going to a sex club makes it more likely you will have sex. While in a sex club, you need to be aware of your surroundings and take the precautions you need to assure you are not stealthed.

If I go to a shady neighborhood (which I probably wouldn’t), I would be more likely to get robbed. Now if I walk around flashing money and not paying attention to the cash, then I will be robbed. I will ask for it. The bottom did that.

so if a trick you bring home does what he wants and takes your wallet, ipod/iphone/laptop, etc on his way out, that’s to be expected because you are bringing someone you don’t know into your apartment? or if you get roofied at a bar, that’s to be expected because you didn’t watch your drink closely enough? conceptually, there is little difference between lying to someone about using a condom so they don’t say no to getting fucked and giving someone a roofie so they physically can’t say no to getting fucked.

Exactly. You’re getting accountability.

When I invite a trick over, all my valuables that can be carried are carefully hidden and his movements are monitored. Plus, I always make sure I’ve got his photo and a cell. When his car pulls up outside my house, I usually snap a photo of his vehicle for the police if something unfortunate does occur. I’m most concerned about my ID because it’s more of a bitch to get replaced.

When I go to someone’s house, I only take in my car keys and cell phone (same at a sex club). Oh, and I do bring poppers. Anyway, I never bring an ID (unless you need it to get into the club, then that’s all I bring and I’ll lock it up).

As for drinks, I never trust someone to make my drinks. If someone gets me one, I watch it being made. It’s never out of my sight. If it’s ever out of my sight, the drink is accidentally spilled.

So I’m all for barebacking and people being responsible for their own actions and decisions. I’m a doctor and I’m always telling people about the risks of their behaviors. If they want help changing their behavior, sexual, smoking, etc, I help them, but I never force change on them. But when you stealth someone don’t you take away their ability to be responsible for their own behavior?

No. If you’re a bottom and you want a top to use a condom, here’s how you handle it.

  1. Buy your own condoms. You need to make sure they’re strong and not easy to break. So you have to buy a few different kinds until you find the right ones.
  2. Bring your own condoms with you. Do not rely on the top for condoms and lube. I fucking hate bottoms who ask if the top has condoms and lube. I don’t need condoms and lube. I’ve got spit. I don’t use condoms. We’re good.
  3. You put the condom onto the hardened cock of the top. This means you open up the condom during sexual activity and you do all the fucking work. Do not ever hand it to the top. Don’t rely on the top for it. YOU do it.
  4. You then guide the cock to the hole and slip it in. Once you put the condom on, don’t take your hand off the cock until it’s inside your ass.
  5. Monitor the fucking. If the top ever comes completely out or you switch positions, your hand goes to the cock to guide it in and you check the tip. Use the excuse to add more lube. Doesn’t matter.
  6. Don’t get pissed if the top walks off or goes soft. I will. I’d walk off. Fucking with a condom also makes me go soft unless the bottom is super tight and that’s very, very rare (and I know all you bottoms love to say you’re tight; sorry; you’re not).
  7. Condoms still fail up to 15 percent of the time so suck him off if you got the skills. Most of you don’t.

So look, I end up helping those of you who want to use the damn condoms. Not so happy about that one.

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Sometimes, a Top (Like Me) Gets Used

Sometimes, a Top (Like Me) Gets Used

Imagine my sense of luck as I wandered into the darkened space and we locked eyes. I noticed him. He noticed me.

His rounded face, the Latin boy — no more than 26 — and with a nice build. That slight layer of baby fat still on his body but slimming down. Probably around 5-foot, 10 inches and no more than 170 pounds, he had a little whispy beard around his chin and jawline. But his eyes were a captivating blue.

Men of all shapes and sizes filled the bookstore labyrinth and I’d just arrived. Within moments, I knew the Latin lover ranked in the top third of the men. Within moments, he enters a booth, with a knowing look as I walked to the booth on the opposite side.

Through the gloryhole, I could see his indistinct leather woven sandals — it had turned unusually warm for a February day but I’d never wear anything open-toed at this bookstore for fear of fungus creeping up between my toes. I locked the door behind me.

As I unbuckled my belt, I noticed him doing the same and began to worry we might have crossed signals.

Within a moment, it looked as if we had. He shoved his cock into the gloryhole.

Good news for me, even in its flaccid state, it didn’t seem all that impressive. He’d pulled back the foreskin over the shinny head. I reached down and held it for a moment, considering my options and then, shrugging for a moment, decided to go ahead.

I sucked. Within moments, the little guy reached full mast of  4½ inches. His naturally uncut cock proved impressively rigid. Luckily, for someone like me with a gag-reflex from hell, I didn’t need to worry.

He stepped back from the hole and I stood, sticking my half-hard cock through. He worked my cock with deftness of a bottom. Lightly cupping my balls, his tongue danced across my head then down my shaft before slowly working it into his mouth. Of course, my prick reached full potential of 7 inches and he enjoyed every inch, occasionally massaging my balls.

I closed my eyes and leaned back a bit to enjoy the sensation, only to have it stop and his hand push at my cock. His did now wrestling for my spot.

I obliged and sucked him a little. It couldn’t have been more than a minute before I stood and put my cock back where it belonged.

And like me, he sucked just a moment.

He grasped my cock firmly by the base and I could feel the cool air around it as spit-soaked, it stood in the open air.

Then something unfamiliar and suddenly familiar occurred as a pucker of his ass plunged down on it in a swift motion.

Fucking hell. Jackpot!

This guy has obviously been working up to this moment as he needed no adjustment. I looked down to see his hairy Latin cheeks bulge through the gloryhole.

I went to pound town. Beginning to fuck his hole. Working it. Finding the corners of pleasure. Discovering the sensations of his beautiful ass chute.

As I debated in my mind whether to breed this little fucker, deciding quickly that, yes, he would get my load.

I buried my cock, in a moment to reach into my jeans pocket around my knees to grab my poppers. At that moment, in a split second pause, he began bouncing on my cock.

Oh the pleasure!

I was beginning to like this little fucker!

His ass muscles clenched around my cock as I found the poppers and began to bring them up.

Then, in that moment, my cock was abandoned. Lonely. Wet and left.

Confused, I pulled back and looked.

And there, I saw his little uncut cock spewing forth cum onto the floor between the feet of those sandals. As I looked a bit bewildered, he gave me a thumbs-up sign, zipped up and left the booth.

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gloryhole fuck

More Tips and Tricks to Get Some at Bathhouses and Adult Book Stores

Sometimes when you visit an adult book store or bathhouse or gay sex club, you strike out. It’s slow, a place full of attitude and lackluster people. Here’s a few more tips, as a companion to my previous pieces on Bathhouses and Gloryhole Etiquette to help out on dry days. More than anything, it takes patience but here’s more to help you out.

Notify the world before you’re going

I usually put a post on Craigslist and a bareback site or two that I’m headed to get some action. ALWAYS include a photo. I make it easier by putting out my phone number to text me.

You may be worried about this so consider a disposable phone or get a Google Voice number (http://google.com/voice) attached to your number. Problem with the Google Voice number: Can’t send or receive images. But it will allow you to hide your identity.

The other great reason to do this is you’ll get a lot of responses from people close by who will make offers but won’t meet you there. They’re your back-up plans if you don’t get what you want.

Make eye contact

You can always say “no thanks” later if you’re not into the guy, but eye contact is the key to getting action. People don’t always go alone, so you might be able to work up the chain from one mediocre looking guy to his better-looking friend or lover.

Hide for a while

lounging around at a gay bathhouseThere’s nothing worse than the same tired people wandering around and looking desperate. Go to a room or booth or somewhere and stay for 30 minutes to an hour. Don’t leave Don’t move. If you’re in a public area, just hang, relax and watch the world go by. Even if you see something of interest, DO NOT PURSUE (he’ll come back for you if he’s interested).

After a while, you get back up and wander around. You’ll have a fresh crowd. It’s even better if the place offers in-out privileges (most places don’t) and you can take a break.

Remember the best times to wander. Around lunch (11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.), after work (4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.) and after the bars close (your cities vary).

Pay attention to local events

I’m in Atlanta. I know when the Braves, Falcons, Georgia Tech, Hawks or Thrashers have a home game. I am more likely to get butch, horny guys after those events end.

The places will also be crowded after major gay-attracting events like a Lady Gaga concert or Kathy Griffin stand-up (bottoms! yay!).

Bring your own companion

Look, I am not a hot enchilada on my own. I’ve got a respectable size cock and on a scale of 1 to 10, I know I’m in the average area. So I have a couple of bottom and versatile friends, equally the same (slightly better looking in a couple of cases) and we buddy up. If we’re both striking out, we will start fooling around with each other in a room or booth.

THIS ATTRACTS ATTENTION. It has a multiplying effect. We’re not really there for each other. He’s had my loads numerous times. He wants others. So when I start fucking around with him, it’s a ruse to get others involved. If I’m a six (being generous) and he’s a seven, we don’t look like the average of 6½. We look more like an 8 to the people there, being there’s an exponential gain, especially since we’ll be playing bareback.

My job is not to occupy his hole but to offer it up to others. His job is to identify bottoms for me to fuck as well. It takes trust in one another and no egos.

Learn the Rhythms

Every city and every place has its own rhythms. I can tell you that Wednesdays in Atlanta will always suck, no matter what I do to try and minimize that. You have to invest the time and effort to figure out what works best for your city and your places. Ask people. Ask online. Try it out on your own.

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