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Hate (3 of 3)

Hate (3 of 3)

A blind leading the blind mentality seems to permeate the world. We don’t want our children to be taught about sex or they might have it. Yet we all have cocks and vaginas and asshole and clits.

Then there’s this thing called the Internet and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which goes where. Before you know it, little honors student and Christian Jessica Jane Lister is pregnant with football quarterback Cody Wall’s baby and they’ve both got genital warts.

We want our schools to teach creationism but not evolution but we don’t want our churches to support science. Hell, the Georgia Legislature is trying to pass a law that citizens have a right to carry guns into their churches, so we can kill the preacher if he says something blasphemous (like Jesus turned water into wine; wrong! Jesus turned water into grape juice).

It stands to reason that a lot of the hate I’ve garnered causing people to protest against Str8Cam Jeff Opens new window of a page on this blog and others steams from a misunderstanding of my most controversial posts about stealthing.

I know a lot of my readers think stealthing is hot, hot, hot. You jerk off to it. It’s the forbidden fruit. All of us have fantasies we all enjoy, just beyond the borders of what we’d really do.

Then again, it might be something we do.

In the barebacking world, there’s bug-chasing and gift-giving along with a Russian roulette of who-the-fuck-cares breeds us.

But I am known for stealthing, for giving the world the top 10 tips for stealthing Opens new window of a page on this blog, for explaining barebacking in meaningful ways that there’s no denying what’s really happening.

I have been deceptive. And that’s not explaining all my motivations.

The Entire Truth

Whenever I watch a magician — even someone like Lance Burton or David Copperfield — it’s become second nature for me to figure out how the trick is done. It’s not really hard to do. I can’t stand to watch “America’s Got Talent” and to see Howie Mandel be amazed at a relatively simple trick and to say, “I don’t know how you did that!”

I can tell you.

When I began the entries on busting condoms, taking condoms off and other forms of sabotage, the outrage was palpable. Most hated it. Many thought I’d broken some sacred contract.

How, I have no idea. Anonymous sex is just that. Why they have this higher-than-mighty sense one must adhere to a code when fucking someone who you don’t even know their first name, I don’t comprehend. Why? And especially why when one knows the other person isn’t put into any harm.

The mighty think that the stealther has some puss-filled cock shooting out disease upon infection and reigning some destruction upon the other.

Nonetheless, until I started writing about it, no one was.

I don’t count myself as some savior. I don’t. But I do see some of what I wrote as an education.

I do explain if you’re stupid enough to want to fuck in places where you’re not going to know your top or bottom, how one might protect oneself. How to bring your own condoms, monitor the use of the condoms and maintain your own safety.

You are accountable for your own safety. No one else.

Welcome to Real Life

It’s so very odd how some consider this bond of sex sacred even though you’re fucking with a stranger. For example, if a journalist is speaking to a source and the source wants to go “off the record” — meaning the content to follow is not to be published or broadcast — the journalist must agree to do so verbally as well. It must be stated so and both parties have to make an agreement.

Pulling out a condom just with the assumption someone will wear it doesn’t work that way.

I’m not saying this stuff just to piss people off. I’m trying to get reality to sink in. This is how the world works. Assuming an asshole top who wants to get off raw or a bottom who wants a load is going to fuck according to some honor code is just plain stupid.


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Here's some ideas

A Message to the Safer Sex Community: Face the Fucking Reality of Bareback Sex

I’m on Scruff and 25-year-old cutie hits me up, basically begging me to fuck him.

It’s rare for that to happen. I’m two decades his senior. Of course, some young ones do chase older men. Usually this much enthusiasm can be attributed to men who recognize me as the writer of this blog. But several minutes into the conversation and nothing about my blog has come up.

After he’s hinting how much he wants his legs lifted into the air and he’s forwarded two photos of men fucking him — both using condoms. I finally cross into the territory of truth.

no bb ever. well, maybe

Even with the little “iBLASTinside” hint, the boy doesn’t connect the dots and, well, it’s a while before I point him to my blog.

He’s one of hundreds. The “safer” hoards who suddenly give up their convictions once they’re away from peer pressure.

Half of Gay Men Admit to Barebacking; The Other Half Lie

Recently, the gay press reported something like half of all gay men reported they barebacked.

The half that said they didn’t? Most of them lied.

I’ll even bet you that if the scientists conducted the study lined up the men with who fucked whom, they’d discover portions of men who had a sexual encounter and a portion would say they barebacked while the other half would say they were “safe.”

This wall of deniability exists. I’ve even seen it (and written about it). It’s not something so bold as stealthing Opens new window of a page on this blog.

I’ve had bottoms ask if I have condoms. I say yes. He comes over and ignores the condom. He just rides my cock. I don’t ask if I can cum inside. I just do.

Just Like the Right Wing & Abstinence

The AIDS and HIV education community have become just like religious conservatives are with sex education and their insistence that only one path exists: Abstinence. The right wing fails to face facts that teenagers will have sex and won’t promote birth control including the pill or condom use. Moreover, if a pregnancy happens to occur, one must carry that baby to term.

But the more progressive want to teach the straight youth of America how to minimize the risk of disease transmission and possible pregnancy.

Condom Nazis haven’t gone progressive at all. They see just one option. Use a condom. They can’t even fathom people refusing to wear the horrible plastic thing that deflates a hardon.

Look, let me make this perfectly clear.

No matter how many public service messages put out that say, “Safe sex is hot sex,” may work on the brain, but it’s not working on the cock.

People just don’t want to face the fact that barebacking is better than sex with a condom. As I compared it once, it’s like standard-definition versus high-definition television Opens new window of a page on this blog.

Reality Check

Men will fuck without condoms. Face it. Stop being judgmental. You can block the #BBBH hashtag Open-New-Window-External on Twitter or defriend them on Facebook, thinking that it’s alienating them. But it’s not. Barebacking is a movement that’s growing.

Again, half of all gay men admit to doing it and that means there’s more who do it. Bareback porn is growing faster than anything else out there.

We have to face these facts. Now let’s find a way to stem the tide of disease transmission while still letting men bareback if they so choose.

This is like handing out clean needles to drug users. It’s controversial. I get that.

But I am not stopping my barebacking. And I am watching hundreds of thousands of men who won’t either.

I’ve got some suggestions for over-the-counter products that should be developed and provided as an option to those who choose to bareback.

lightbulb_on Virus-Killing Lube

Like a spermicidal lubricant, this would be a lube meant to be deadly to HIV and Herpes. If used as lube, it’s a means to help kill any free-floating viruses that come into contact with it. Of course, it’s got to be mild enough for the intestinal lining to handle it but strong enough to kill those little microscopic bugs.

lightbulb_on Accordion Squeeze Bottle Virucidal Douche

Before and after the fuck, the bottom should douche with this mild concoction. Especially in combination with the lube, the more killing of any HIV or Herpes hanging around in the cum. I have a bottom friend who normally carries around an accordion squeeze bottle (like seen here to the right) that he uses after he’s bred to flush out the cum.

I know. There’s something romantic about the DNA staying inside the bottom. And I’ll admit that I like marking my territory.

But I’m coming up with a solution here and this is reasonable.

lightbulb_on Clear or Latex Paint Assliner

Transmission of HIV normally occurs through fissures in the lining of the intestinal walls.

This idea may reduce the sensation of the bottom so it could be bad idea, but like the latex paint people spread on the body or the invisible bandages, the bottom would put this into their ass to create a protective layer to help prevent any issues with the anal cavity.

lightbulb_on Plan B for HIV Available OTC

Plan B refers to the “day after” pill for women who might have gotten pregnant the night before. Because of the controversy around abortion, many jurisdictions and politicians believe life begins at conception. Plan B provides for pregnancy prevention by inhibition of ovulation Open-New-Window-External. In order to get Plan B, a doctor must prescribe it and, in certain jurisdictions, certain women require parental permission.

Likewise, it’s been found that taking antivirals following possible exposure to HIV will inhibit the transmission. Of course, one can go to one’s doctor and request a certain supply, which goes onto one’s insurance, which shows that the patient is participating in what insurance companies consider “high-risk behavior” and will potentially flag that patient from receiving insurance renewals and life insurance, among other benefits.

Creating an over-the-counter option, easily obtained from the pharmacist at a reasonable cost helps long-term and concerns.

A Final Note for Bug-Chasers and Gift-Givers

I am not denying the POZ community at all and those find eroticism in HIV, just as those who find pregnant women sexy. Please.

I’m not advocating or condemning bug-chasing Open-New-Window-External and/or gift-giving Open-New-Window-External.

But what has been obvious to me for far too long just keeps slipping through the mental grasp of those on the other side of this issue. I fear a backlash is coming of gay right-wing hatred, like a Tea Party within our own progressive ranks that would make for radicalization and fractures well beyond what we want to see.

This “no compromise” attitude that’s gridlocked the U.S. government concerns me. I’ve seen it in my own life as I approached GLBT legal groups with my firing for being gay only to be told that they were much too busy focusing on the marriage rights fight to worry about a man fired to being gay. It’s as if the gay rights movement worries more about eating wedding cake than putting food on the table.

I don’t want this to happen to sexual politics.

For those who wish to bareback but don’t wish to chase, here’s some options to protect themselves. It’s as simple as that.

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Friday Fuck: My Birthday Weekend Begins Smelly and Half-Hard

Friday Fuck: My Birthday Weekend Begins Smelly and Half-Hard

Help make Mark’s birthday a little better while he’s out of work with a donation. Learn more about the gift-giving effort.

I should have known.

For months, this “muscle bottom” and I have gone round and round about meeting up and fucking. I’d actually driven to his address only to find the place was a condo surrounded by a locked gate that required a code. That prompted me to skip him since I couldn’t exactly e-mail him via one of the bareback sites and wait for his response while engine running in the fucking driveway.

Later, another invitation was interrupted because, as I was getting the details, another top arrived and, well, first things first. So by the time he returned to our conversation, I’d moved on.

This time, I started early. I got the address. I got the gate code and I got the condo number. He told me the back door would be unlocked so I thought we had it covered. Did I mention I had to ask for each one? It was a challenge.

Fucking hell, no.

I got there fine but the building in question only had one condo with an exterior door accessible to the outside of the building. The other eight entrances were not labeled and I looked suspicious enough going to doors and attempting to open after walking around the entire building once. So I went back and sent him a message.

He repeated the first instructions.


Yes, I knew all that. I couldn’t get in the goddamned building.

He finally wrote a paragraph explaining the door I should try. Indeed, it worked (when I got to it) and I made it to his place.

As I stepped inside the condo into the unused kitchen, new smells bombarded me. The distinct scent of pot and something much crisper, sharper had been smoked here and then an attempt of patchouli to cover it up. I could see the smooth white ass in the bedroom beyond the tastefully decorated living room.

I stepped into the bedroom to discover mirrors, floor to ceiling and 8 feet wide in front of the bottom and to my right. Bareback porno played on a 52-inch flat screen.

The brass bed had multiple restraints attached to it of many sorts — leather, metal, chains. The bedside table included a selection of poppers and lube worthy of any adult store.

For all this, I was struck by another scent. Now I know a lot of folks get into manscents — the unwashed and undeoderized. I’m not someone that likes perfumes or even all that much cologne. But I doubt this man had showered in three days. I knew the lens trick often referred to by old Hollywood starlets as smearing petroleum jelly all over to give it a glow and slight lack of focus. Lord knows he had plenty of it anyway.

I was prepared that he was at least 10 years senior his claim — probably more. Didn’t bother me there. But that smell.

My cock didn’t want to get hard but I wanted to get my weekend off with a bang and I was determined. So I watched the TV porn, which was some sort of gang bang with a bunch of performers I didn’t recognize. That got me halfway there to slide into his hole. A hole like his was easy to enter.

So I started to fuck. He had a big chest and, for what I could feel, nice nips. I wanted to feel him up but, fuck, every time I bent over, I’d get a whiff of those pits and the jock he had on (now I figured out it was loaded with piss). I dared not do that any more for trying to avoid gagging. His ass felt good but my cock’s hardness did not improve all that much.


Watching the porn managed to build me into enough of a frenzy that it was popper time and I snorted some, went into top mode and eventually blew a small load into his ass. Pulling out with a tiny pop, you could see just a touch leaking out. He didn’t move. I left.

This ended a week where my temporary engagement downtown also ended, so I’m without work again. Let’s hope that over the next couple of days, some things pop up!

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Theoretical Bug-Chasing and Making Babies

Theoretical Bug-Chasing and Making Babies

Bug-chasers want to become infected — and reinfected — with HIV. As the Bareback Brotherhood grows, some people — severely mistaken, I assure you — think that the bareback community is made up of folks intent on infecting the world.

Rather than go off on some sort of tangent though, something has occurred to me about the eroticism of HIV infection and reinfection. In no way am I condoning or condemning sero-sorting, “gifting” (that is, the deliberate infection of a poz top to a neg bottom), bug-chasing or HIV reinfection. This is nothing more than me thinking out loud — well, technically, I’m typing it through a keyboard.

You must be educated about how HIV travels from one individual to another. I’m not talking necessarily about the transmission — although of course we know it happens when the bodily fluids of one individual contacts another. Once the invading HIV arrives in the body, the infection then replication process begins involving DNA and RNA. You can read a great deal of clinical details all over the Internet about it, although I much prefer sources like Wikipedia.

Keep that in mind.

Now think of that process. A cell from one human meets the cell from another human. Those cells exchange genetic information. That exchange spawns a replication of cells as the two genetic codes merge together.

Am I describing HIV infection or a sperm fertilizing an ovarian egg?

Gay men, obviously, cannot have children with each other. And I personally have no desire to fuck a woman. Yet if I look deep down and admit the truth, the parental instinct does exist.

If someone is HIV-positive and fucks another HIV-positive person, chances of new DNA/RNA strains becomes real as the genetic codes mutate. Bug-chasers and gift-givers are intertwining the basis of life together even if some people think it’s a sentence for death.

Now the eroticism that might have eluded me makes a bit more sense.

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