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Fuck Fuck Fuck

The Brotherhood of the Traveling Fucks

I’ve been traveling a lot. And it doesn’t look like it will let up anytime soon. And I’ve been fucking lucky.


The ass in each city ends up being hot, hot, hot.

If I tried to write about every ass and each encounter, you’d all love it — I know. But I don’t have time. I’m just that busy.

Allow me to summarize some of the highlights.

Mid-Atlantic Tropical Hot Ass

I usually advertise my arrival in advance of my arrival. My ads usually announce that a top blogger is coming to town, looking for some bottom inspiration. I require some basic information from those who want to learn about the blog, since a vast majority of people just want the jerk off material.

I don’t mind. But I want to get a glimpse of who’s going to see it.

Occasionally, some people know who it is. Or they figure it out quickly. These are my fan fuck plans. Some people can be dedicated fans, who read up on me in great details. Others are just the guys who read me when it’s time to jerk off.

This young, very tan man hits me up and begins begging.

Now you have to understand. The younger the bottom, the less reliable. Young men in their twenties are notorious unreliable. I’ve made plans with hem in cities only to end up with a dry dick in hand.

This one really seemed genuine.

And not to bore you with details, he worked out well considering that this time, I ended up running late. He arrived after I finally got into my hotel room. Without hesitation, he worked into an embrace and kiss.

A good kiss.

His sucking worked at getting me hard. But when I finally got into his hairy ass, the fucking tight ass proved to be phenomenal.

Too phenomenal.

It’s been a while since I’ve bred someone three times in a row. But this little fucker kept me hard through all three. I never really slowed down. Of course, I’d been saving up a little. His exotic mixture of Latin and native tropics. A little hair on his chest and these juicy nipples.

His ass never truly loosened up.

If I ever slipped out, this bottom would let out an exasperated plea to put it back in.

I never went soft. His talent seemed unending to keep me hard. He’d read about where to touch me, how to keep me interested and what to do to arouse me.

He is someone who will be fucked again.

University City Slut

It’s summertime, so most of the college kids are at home, screwing around there and not at school. Just my luck I get to go to the midwest and a town that’s pretty much nothing but a university-supported town.

There’s a small contingency of college kids around — too many of them catfish (fakes who claim to want fucking). I’d just about given up.

I’d messaged a guy on BarebackRT.com before my arrival and, well, he pops back online. I invite him over and, 30 minutes later, this thirtysomething is sucking my cock on my hotel room bed.

We went into fuck mode and his neg hole is just begging me to squirt my load inside him a coat his insides fulls of my DNA.

I do.

All you have to do is beg. And this bottom does.

It’s after all the fucking, with us winded on such an intense session, that he admits to having known who I was, loving my blog and basically wanting to find out if he could really feel it “blast inside.”

(Yes, he could feel it.)

He’d gone to dinner with friends and ditched them between the restaurant and the club to swing by and get fucked by me. But we’d promised for a more extensive session next time.

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Know I’m a Slutty Bottom

Occasionally, one of those 20-year-old guys with an impossibly smooth body e-mails me. I figure the photo has been Photoshopped until there’s not a freckle, not a blemish and no stray hairs.

I’m in Texas and on BarebackRT.com when this little fucker e-mails me, volunteering to come take my load. I tell him the hotel. He asks the room. I give it. He says 15 minutes.

And in 17 minutes, there’s a knock at my door. A gorgeous boy walks in, lithe, tall, Latin and beautiful. His shirt is coming off as he steps into the room. He isn’t hesitating.

His chest is perfect. Just barely definition but no imperfections. Anywhere.

The lights are down low because I fucking hate the harsh lighting of hotels. He flips an end-table light on, its florescent yellow blinking into cold existence. But this boy’s skin is still perfect, reflecting the seamless skin with just a peach fuzz of hair that tingles as I run my fingers over it.

He’s naked now and grabbing for my pants.

He sucks me. I was already hard. He slobbers all over my cock. He thumbs his huge uncut cock a little as he comes up and kisses me with the perfect thick lips and then turns around and lines up my cock with his perfect little pucker.

And he pushes.

I’m inside him.

This insatiable boy just begins to ride. But I can’t be a passive top. I move him into a few positions and I pummel him.

He begs for my cum. He says he wants it bad. Please give it to him. I do. I load him up deep.

I lay in the glow afterward, letting my fingertips run over this perfect boy’s skin.

As we talk, it turns out I’m the fourth load in him tonight, although he’d cleaned out for me — I jokingly scold him for doing that. He assures me I’m the first of many loads as he leaves me for a few more.

His boyfriend is working tonight. He’s out for as many loads as possible. And he takes all loads. Doesn’t matter. Oh, he’s a little picky. Hard cocks only.

Never heard of my blog. Couldn’t care less. He just wanted my cum. He just wanted me to blast inside.

Straight Boy and Gay Bottom

In a southern city, I’ve chosen a ginger to fuck. He finally arrives. When he walks in, I recognize him immediately.

He’s straight. He’s a straight bottom. (Yes, they exist.)

He walks in and basically gets to sucking me. Nothing nice about it. He’s not very good, but it’s enough to harden me up. I step behind him and slick my cock up when he mentioned he has a condom.

I don’t protest. I put it on. At least, that’s what he sees. He lines it up with his hole, feeling the condom on it but after it goes in his hole, I pull it out and pull off the condom in a single motion and slide back inside. As soon as I’m in him bare I feel it.

His asshole is throbbing.

Damn inexperienced bottoms.

He’s shooting his load all over my bed.

Pisses me off a little, but I’ve been inside him raw and he didn’t notice. Or maybe he did and that’s why he shot off so quick.

He liked it raw.

He’s out the door and I’m on the prowl again. I don’t find another taker until the next day… this a gay guy who just had this terrific body. I didn’t see a face. I get a little concerned when I don’t see a face at all.

He walks in an angel, with these stunning eyes.

We get to the act quickly, although I wanted to take my time. And we fuck for longer than I intended because I want to give him the best I can.

He enjoys it.

We finally kiss as he leaves a load lighter and a load heavier.

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Fucking a beefy bottom!


If you’ve ever been through corporate testing for your personality, the results will show the kind of person one might be. Back in 1998, I went through some extensive testing and it determined I happened to be an extreme introvert Link Opens in a New Window.

That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m shy as much as it indicates my focus tends toward internal factors — I’m more reflective, inward looking. Add to that my own hate of smoky bars (and smokers Opens a new window from this blog) and social anxieties toward large crowds and, well, you’re talking about someone who’d much rather stay home than go to the latest concert or wander around a gay bar trying to pick up bottom.

Through the past decade and a half, I’ve taken up a project on myself to open myself up. This blog among the therapies, but I’d do things as subtle as wear brightly colored shirts to work rather than the bland, fade-into-the-background hues that allowed me to skulk through the office unnoticed.

Am I an extrovert Link Opens in a New Window yet? Actually, I’ve tipped to the other side in testing, more ambivert (in the middle) than anything else.

Imagine my surprise of late as more and more people on Scruff recognize me both by my geek glasses or by my cock shots.

During my current job, I leave Scruff, Grindr and Kik Opens a new window from this blog open (and I often check BarebackRT.com Link Opens in a New Window) since I have a horrible boss (he had me come in on my day off just so he could yell at me for a couple of hours last week).

A local beefy bottom on BBRT and I can never seem to synchronize. We’ve attempted to hit the local adult bookstore Opens a new window from this blog or swing by his place for an anonymous fuck. I’d never seen his face, just his beefy body with a little hair and some miscellaneous, non-distinct tattoos.

He seemed a little like one of those tomcats near a dumpster at midnight underneath the streetlight. He looked cute from a distance and might be tame but a sudden move and he’d dart away. In fact, he would disappear from my radar for a period of time but reappear, asking when were we ever going to fuck.

Usually this tomcat-and-dog game wouldn’t seem alluring to me. I’m a no-nonsense kind of guy. I want to fuck your ass and breed it. If you’re good at it, I might fuck you again. Otherwise, I’m done. Yet toying around with him had his allure.

We’d finally exchanged cell numbers because I had a tendency to pop downtown and he didn’t hit BBRT with enough frequency to notice my visits. I’d mentioned one such visit Monday night and he’d given me at deadline to be at his place by 8 p.m.

I couldn’t make his deadline.

On my day off, Thursday, I’d been in the office for a while and let my boss yell at me for a couple of hours straight. I’ve learned not to argue back because the idiot wouldn’t let a fact get in the way of his being pissed off. After he calmed down, he dismissed me, not wanting to pay for any more extra time with me this week, so I left, heading downtown to check on a friend in a hospital.

Scruff had been open at work and stayed open.

Imagine my surprise as I received a message that simply said, “I’m sorry that Monday didn’t work out.”

I finally see his face — round and handsome with a Van Dyke Link Opens in a New Window. I’d seen him mostly naked — in a jock — and found his beefy wide pecs with the fur down the middle to tree-trunk legs quite attractive. His ass provided a wide target and muscular mounds but no one would accuse him of being a “bubble butt.”

Bubble butts seem so inflated that sharp objects might cause them to “pop.” His ass provided a more substantial challenge.

We toyed with one another, as we always did online. But in the end, he relented and agreed to let me come over. It would be an anonymous encounter. Him naked on his knees to blow me hard then I’d breed him.

I arrived, parked and walked in the designed backdoor (how coincidental) into a hall just off his bedroom. In the darkness, he’d lit one candle that provided enough light to allow me to see the figure in the room.

Perfection is not accurate, but to me, perfection is not desired. I like a man with beefy pecs without distinct definition of a six pack. He’s got hair in all the right places without removing it, shaving it or waxing it. He’s a real man. He likes beer, dogs, football and chicken wings. He doesn’t spend his life at the gym but has his priorities balanced.

This is the kind of man I recognize.

He’s blindfolded. I unbuckle my belt, unbutton and unzip my jeans and flop out my cock, anxious to get it into his mouth. I step up and my cockhead brushes against his moustache as I place my hand on the back of his head where he’s got a full scalp of short-cropped hair.

“Suck that cock,” I said. “Get it hard.”

His mouth flew open with exuberance of a hungry man who hasn’t eaten for weeks and caressed my cock as it  swelled to hardness. He bobbed his head up and down,  interspersed the work with occasional licks of my balls, which thanks to the cool weather were tight up against my body but swollen. I’d shaved them a while back, so the light layer of stubble on my contracted testicles tickled a little.

I didn’t plan on this being a long session. And while he’d followed my instructions to a T, I don’t imagine he’d really wanted it to be more than a quick dump and go either.

But we all recognize chemistry when it happens and it began to blossom in the room. His oral skills were above par and he kept reaching up under my shirt. My tit tweaks were getting responses so I decided maybe I’d make this a little more fun.

I stood him up to discover he stood quite a bit shorter than me — probably about five-foot-seven. But his beefy wide stance still struck me as I pushed him back onto the bed and climbed up, kicking off my shoes and pants.

Positioning myself so my cock went right underneath his balls, his own prick stood out at attention

I growled. He responded in kind and soon my mouth covered his and we were kissing deeply. He slurped at my mouth and tongue.

He was thirsty.

“Spit in my mouth, please Sir,” he requested.

I obliged.

It had been a while since I’d had a fuck who wanted my spit and, let’s be honest, I didn’t exactly tank up for this little adventure. I’d just expected a fuck and go. But here I am kissing. My pants are off. I’ve got this naked body beneath me and, God’s honest truth, I wanted to completely feel it.

Off came my shirt too.

Now I nibbled on his perky nips, for which he jerked every time. Then I dropped to his cock and balls.

To be honest, I found his cock impressive for a bottom. Not huge but perfect for a man his size. Thick with a purple angry color to it. Yet I ignored it and went to his balls, tickled them a little with my tongue and then put my hands under the bend of his knees. I pushed him up and exposed his pucker on this wide, fuzzy hole.

It winked.

I dove into it without hesitation, tasting a mixture of soap and something else there. But I worked my tongue and a bit of spit into it. Licked his balls, nibbled a nip then kissed him deeply so he could taste his own ass.

Then I lined my cock up to his hole.

“You’re going to need more spit than that,” he said.

I spit on my hand and rubbed it into the head of my cock before pushing against his sphincter.

Pushing harder.

I pierced him, entering into his ass.

Raw, I ripped inside his ass and entered him the way a man should get fucked. Not a lot of lube. Just a little spit. So he could feel me at every millimeter as my invader worked into him farther and farther.

He began to beg.

And I began to fuck.

His thick, tree-trunk legs up around my shoulders as I moved my waist in almost an awkward fashion, working my way into his ass and out.

I would almost pull out and he’d tell me, “Wrong way. I want it all inside me.”

I did finally pull out to put him on top and let him ride. But he was a good little cum slut and sucked my cock some first before climbing on board.

He bounced. We kissed. I bit his nipples. He recognized how perfect my cock would be for double penetration Opens a new window from this blog. We fucked more. I made sure he had plenty of my spit to swallow.

“I think it’s breeding time,” I said.

“Would you fuck me on my stomach?” he said.

“You know that’s how I like it,” I said.

He hopped off and I moved out the way so he could crawl face down and let me invade. Despite his substantial beefiness, my taller frame allowed me to cover him almost completely.

I began to fuck and he began to beg. “Give me your fucking cum man! Breed my fucking ass, man! Let me have your load! Put it in my ass!”

I did. I shoved it in deep and my cock throbbed, flexed and began to shoot my load deep inside him. In his case, it felt particularly deep. Rocking my hips a few more times, I left my cock inside him like a butt plug as we kissed and chatted a bit more.

I pulled out. He felt his asshole.

“It’s wet,” he said.

“I wonder why,” I responded.

He licked and sucked my cock clean.

“Full service,” I said, thanking him.

He left his blindfold on as I put my clothes on and left. He played with his cock a little, which I wouldn’t deny him Opens a new window from this blog.

I spit into his mouth one last time before slipping out the door into the chilly night.

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Deceptively Fun #12: Bi Pigs

Deceptively Fun #12: Bi Pigs

Bisexuals are funny. There’s two extremes with them. They’re paranoid or they’re pigs. Once had a guy over who didn’t want to even jerk me off cause he had a papercut on his LEFT hand. And he was right handed. He gave me all this shit about “transfer” while I was kicking him out. Probably just lost his nerve or didn’t like me. I don’t really care.

I think maybe because women have the pill, they’ve always fucked raw. So when they play with men, they want the same sensation… even IF they’re a bottom. Hell, especially if they’re a bottom. They want to feel that boycunt stretched wide by flesh, not latex.

So I’m online, horny as shit, checking out the Southern scene. And there’s this bottom online wanting to be fucked, but only if the top is a “long-lasting” 20 to 35 year old.

“Damn,” I type in a message to him. “I just miss the cutoff by a year.”

I’m 36, which is both a blessing and a curse. Like this little hottie, too many guys use 35 as some magical cut off. After that point, you’re an old troll, aparently.

“I’d make an exception for you,” he types with a virtual wink.

So begins the dance. The usual “what are you into?” questions and all begin. He finally brings it up, “bb or safe?”

It’s always a dice roll when they ask.

“Been known to do both,” I reply. “You?”

I never get an answer. Fucking Internet connection goes down. So when I’m back on, he asks to come over. I give him directions. The dice are still rolling.

He arrives and he’s a hottie. Beefy guy, around 33, 5’8″ and around 170, bald with a nice blond goatee and really blue eyes.

I grab him for a kiss and he’s immediately groaning. He pulls away and starts getting naked. It’s funny. Some guys enjoy the slow process of disrobing each other while some just cut to the chase and take it all off at once.

He’s cutting to the chase. In the process, he pulls out a small container of lube and some condoms.

“In case we need these,” he says, sitting them all on my night table.

Fuck, I don’t plan on needing any of those.

We’re both naked and back in the kissing embrace, his thick tongue practically down my throat. I pull off at first and start heading south. If I’m going to get in this guy’s ass raw, I’m going to have to earn it. After nibbling on his nipples, I make it down to his little thick cock, which I get all juicy. Then I work his balls. As I keep going further, his moaning is louder and louder.

I’m tonguing just beneath his very smooth balls. This guy barely has any hair… just the goatee, his pubes and his pits. Okay, so eyebrows and eyelashes too, but you get the picture.

I don’t even have to lift his legs. He does it himself, giving me access to his very smooth pucker. So I just tongue it, grinding my face into his crack. I know my goatee is tickling him too. And he’s loving it. I move up and kiss him some more and my cockhead touches his wet hole. I have to resist the temptation to thrust in. Maybe he’s inviting me, but with some it’s best to stave off for a bit. Beside, I want my cock to be wet with his spit before I thrust inside. So I roll off, pulling him on top of me.

We kiss some more and he gets the hint fast, pulling off to go down and suck on my cock. He even works my balls a little. He’s a good cocksucker, pulling my hard prick into his mouth and leaving it there for a second while his tongue dances around.

After a bit, we’re kissing again and, interestingly enough, he’s moved so he’s almost in position to sit on my cock. Not yet, though. Not yet.

I begin scooting down, moving my body between his legs until he’s almost sitting on my upper chest. I begin sucking his cock in and really working it. A little harder to do from this angle, but he’s not huge and super hard. My chin fuzz is tickling his smooth balls. I look up and can just see his face beyond his pecs. He’s enjoying this, his eyes closed and mouth agape in a moan.

I scoot down a little further until I can finally tongue his hole good. I really work it, pushing spit up inside him. That’s when I set my final plan into action. I know just where I left the GOOD poppers. And these are really good. I have some okay ones for the slutty bottoms who I know will give it up. But this guy might need a little extra incentive.

As I come up for air a little, I grab them and hand them up to him. As I hear him take the first huff, I begin eating his ass like a torrent. I mean, it’s time to really get it juicy. A second snort. I am pushing as much spit as I can into this hole and pushing my chin fuzz up by the hole to make sure it goes in. My face is slick with spit. And he does his final snort, then groans.

It’s starting. That high that comes from poppers. Nothing like it. And I know these poppers well. I have about 30 seconds to set my plan into motion.

While I am coming up for air, I spit a big wad on my hand and scoot up some, working it into my cock. I scoot up more, as he hands me the poppers. His eyes are closed. He’s beginning to feel it. I take the poppers and begin to open then to take my own snort as I get to the right place. My cock head is at his juicy hole. I arch my back JUST A BIT to let him know I am there.

He moans. He takes the bait and sits down slowly on my cock, groaning and growling. My raw cock is entering this bi boy’s hole. His little cock has a pearl of white spunk glowing on its tip. The bubble grows as he gets all the way down on my cock, deep inside his hole.

He doesn’t hesitate, beginning to ride my cock. His hands on my chest, he begins to bounce as the best part of the popper high hits me.

So I don’t know if this guy is going to let me shoot in his ass or not. I have a choice to make at this moment. I love the intensity of the first popper hit following the first entry into a raw ass. I make my choice. I release my first load into his ass. I’m not premature ejaculating. I am making a conscious choice cause this guy is going to get at least some of my seed in his ass.

I don’t go soft and he doesn’t even notice.

I am riding an orgasm and popper high together. FUCK this is nice. And my cock is deep inside him.

His ride continues as I come down and look at him. He really starts bouncing on it with a vengence. It doesn’t take long for me to begin thrusting up into him. And he’s loving it. He wants more. More force and more cock.

He pops off my cock. There’s a little sound as his ass comes off my cock. I am looking right at it as I see his hole spit out some of my cum around the base of my cock. I’m not sure if he notices or not, but I move out from under him and he lies down flat on his tummy.

I know what that means. The mixture of my cum, our spit and his ass juices are in this nice puddle that, without hesitation, I scoop up and rub all over my cock before climbing up behind him. He’s taking another hit of poppers. I wait a second for the high to begin before pushing into him all the way. I am buried to the hilt and pushing my DNA into him deep again.

He just grabs the head of my bed and I begin to fuck him. The harder I fuck, the louder he gets. So I get the point. I pull out until the cockhead is almost out of his ass and then I shove it in back hard with full force. I am pounding so hard, it’s practically a hate fuck except I don’t hate him. I love this ass and the feeling of it sliding in and out of him using my cum as lube.

After several minutes, I collapse down on top of him, wrapping my arms around him and keep up the pressure, thrusting in and out using my hips. I just grind deep inside him.

“FUCK,” he moans. “FUCK.”

After a while of my bare cock plunging into him, I pull out and turn him over. On his back, I poise the cockhead at his hole and push with no hesitation.

His eyes, which were closed, open wide suddenly. His mouth snaps open but no noise comes out. Then there’s this small noise, almost insignificant. Kind of a squeek. And I really start slamming into his ass again. The noise builds. It’s kind of weird. A “uuuuuuughh-GH-uuuuuuuughh-GH-uuuuuuuuuughh-GH” in time with every time my cock buries to the hilt.

“You like this -UGH- raw cock -UGH- up your ass -UGH- don’t you?” I say to him between my thrusts.

“Yesssss-ugh-ssss” he releases.

“You want -UGH- my load -UGH- don’t you?”

His eyes, which had been looking at the ceiling, snaps to my face. His face contorts to pain and pleasure all at once. He closes his eyes.


That’s all it takes. I let loose, picking up the tempo and really getting ready for load number two. It doesn’t take all that long before I push my cock deep inside him. And I stop the assault.

My cock is deep inside him, my brown pubs up against his bare balls. And my cock swells up, beginning to throb. He can feel the sensation cause he’s moaning just slightly. The cum is pushing up from my balls, through my cock, and out with significant force. He can feel my cum entering his ass, filling him up.

“Oh fuck,” he whispers.

We kiss again.

“Oh fuck,” he repeats.

I pull out, my cock is mostly clean, but as I look down, his ass spits out just a little of my cum. Using my thumb, I push it back into his ass.

After a couple of moments, he’s still panting, but he opens his eyes and sees my slicked up cock as I lay down next to him.

“You’re still hard,” he says.


“Mind if I ride it?”


He jumps up and rides my cock, plunging it in and out of his cum-filled ass until he’s shooting on my chest in thick strands. He sits down, stopping his riding but my cock is still inside him. I scoop up his load — as much as I can — and take a little taste. Not too bad. Very milky but not that sour or salty. He looks down at me and I offer him the rest in my hand.

He licks my hand clean.

As I said, bi boys are pigs. He leaves, off to his wife and two kids after having his ass well used.

Deceptively Fun #6: Double Penetration, The First Time

Deceptively Fun #6: Double Penetration, The First Time

I think it’s pretty well established that I like ass. In fact, I like it a lot. The only thing better than one cock fucking and ass is two cocks fucking an ass.

Yes, it’s possible. I know. I’ve done it three times. There’s nothing nicer than a piggy boy begging for it and two hot tops going at it.

The first time happened a long time ago. I was newly single again after a long-term asshole dumped me for a smaller cock AND a smaller fist (he could never take it past the second knuckle with me). I had been chatting online with a Texan who made it very clear he wanted it bareback.

Gotta love the pigs.

So as I am chatting him up and getting close to inviting him over, he asks if I like three ways.

“Fuck yea!” I respond.

“Cool,” he types. “I got a buddy who lives close to you. He’s online. Kind of an ugly face but a nice bod and a huge cock.”

I knew why he liked him.

After the usual trading of information and appropriate pics, they both show up at my place. The bottom is this cute little brown-haired boy. He’s 28, 5-foot-8, 150 pounds soaking wet. He’s got this cute little stache and a little chin fuzz. His brown eyes were bright with a smile that could melt chocolate and a thick Texas drawl.

He was right about his friend. What a train wreck of a face. But he was affable enough at 6-foot tall and almost 200 pounds with nice blond hair that was graying on the edges.

Bottom boy guided me back to my own bedroom and dropped trou almost immediately. He had one of those round, bubble butts normally reserved for porn. No hair, it was naturally smooth. He barely had any on his chest.

While he liked to kiss, sucking or doing anything else (beside getting fucked) was NOT in his repertoire. His friend knew it.

Train-wreck was naked soon too, with nice beefy pecs and bulging arms. He got naked, spit on his thick 8-incher and slid it in from behind immediately.

Bottom boy just let a sigh out. I was stripping off watching the nice scene as that thick monster pushed into his hole. I was hard, of course. Got a respectful nod from the other top who kept plugging the bottom. I reached up and played with his chest.

We were there to use the bottom. And that’s all he wanted. Cock inside him.

Pretty soon, the top was grunting. He was pushing his cock into him harder and harder. The bottom just laid there, so content with a cock in his ass, he just grinned quietly. The top man sped up and started grunting. I knew what was happening, as the top unloaded his ugly spunk into that boy’s ass.

He pulled his thick, glistening cock out of the boy’s ass, slapped his right cheek and then looked at me.

“There’s you some lube,” he said.

I didn’t bother with spit. I just pushed inside. His asshole clenched onto my cock immediately. Where the thick cock had some give to it, my rock-hard seven inches did not.

The bottom was one of the quietest I have ever fucked. He just lay there, happily taking my raw cock in his cum-filled chute.

I love the scent of cum. My cock was covered in it as I went to town on his ass. It had been a while since I’d fucked a nice ass.

My fellow top crawled onto the bed and grabbed his cock. He was still mostly hard — a good site to see. He spit on his hand and did some handwork on his cock, watching me plug the boy. Since I was pretty cranked up already, I was getting close quickly. As my breathing started to pick up, the top started egging me on.

“Yeah dude!” he grunted. “Shoot your load up inside him too.”

Wasn’t long until I did just that, putting my creamy filling inside this twink boy.

The bottom didn’t miss a beat. He climbed up, off my cock, and sat right down onto the other top’s cock. I got up and relaxed a bit. But my cock stayed hard, as is norm for me.

“Fuck bud,” the other top said. “Nice spunk! His ass is silky now.”

There was a white sheen to his cock as the bottom silently bounced on his cock.

After a few minutes, I had completely recovered and was waiting my turn when the top said, “Want to share?”

“Sure,” I answered.

He grabbed the boy and pulled him forward. “Go ahead,” the top said.

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I got up behind the bottom. I could see my buddy’s cock deep inside that hole. I hoped it would be easy enough to push my cock in right on top of his. As I said, he had a nice thick cock but with a lot of give to it. Not really spongy, but not like a rock either.

He had to spread his legs a little wider so I could kneel properly. I positioned the head of my cock at the rim of the hole. With my fingers, I push into my buddy’s cock and with my hips, I thrust up.

It took a couple of seconds. But then, there was this feeling of a POP and the head was inside.

Silent bottom boy groaned the kind of groan best reserved for the word, “ecstasy.”

I pushed up into him a little further.

Now, I have fucked a lot of asses. Dry asses. Wet asses. Loose asses. Tight asses. Hairy asses. Smooth asses. Old asses. Young asses.

This didn’t feel like any of them.

Tight is an understatement. It was as if a HOT, HARD rod was strapped to the length of my cock and this strange vice was clamped around the rest of it. When I finally was in to the hilt, my cock was harder than it had ever been.

I must have paused a little too long. My top bud spoke: “You’re going to have to do most of the moving. Don’t worry. I’ll hang onto the bottom here.”

“You got it,” I replied.

I pulled out and pushed back in. At first, it was slow. I didn’t have quite the freedom of movement as before, but it was still incredible. Fuck. It was TOO HOT.

I mean, each time I pushed in, that hard cock seemed to thicken up and the ass seemed to have a mind of its own. The bottom boy was clenching his ass so hard, I swore he was having a seizure. But he just moaned a little.

I created a pace. It was slow and my strokes weren’t deep. But it felt fucking good. Pretty soon, my top friend was grunting.

“Yeah buddy!” he said. “Fuck his ass with our cocks. FUCK!”

I sped up the pace a little, pushing in deeper still. I felt my balls slap against the other top’s balls.

“Fuck bud!” he said. “You’re going to make me shoot!”

He grunted. Then I felt it. His cock swelled even more. It got ROCK hard quite suddenly. And he let loose. I could FEEL it throb. I could FEEL his cum push up through his cock. I could FEEL his head release it into the ass. I could FEEL his cum surround my head and begin leaking down between our cocks.

I thrust a couple more times. I worked more of his cum into his ass and some of it came out, dripping onto my balls. And then I had to shoot too.

I fucking dumped my load the same way.

“FUCK YEA!” My buddy said, feeling the way I throb, his cock next to mine. We were cum buddies.

I spurted my load deep inside that hungry ass. And the boy moaned some more. When I finally pulled out, he got off. There was a huge load all over my top buddy’s stomach.

But the most interesting part was the bottom boy just laid down on his stomach. He reached behind, and spread his ass cheeks.

“I need more,” he said.

My top buddy fucked two more loads into him that night and I added one more for a total of seven. Later the next day, I got an e-mail from the bottom.

“Thanks!” he said. “You have NO IDEA how hot it was for me to drive home and feel some of you guys’ cum leak out into my jeans. Let’s do it again.”

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Deceptively Fun #4: The Truth Feels Good

It’s really amazing how stupid people are. I’ve got a screen name on one of the chat services that quite bluntly lets you know I want to put cum into either your mouth or ass. So many idiots online seem to somehow get confused that either I am a bottom or that I want “safe” sex.

Of course, that’s not the case. So I fuck with them. And this is where the real stupidity emerges.

So a guy starts chatting me up. He’s a little smarter than most, figuring I am a top. But the chat subject turns around to fucking wrapped or raw.

“I prefer it wrapped. You?” he types.

“Raw only.” I type back.

There’s a pause.

“You neg?”

“Yea.” I respond. Truth is, I have no idea.

“It does feel better,” he responds.

I don’t type anything back.

“Are you hot? Big dick?”

“Yea,” I type back. Truth is, I am just an average looking guy — not ugly, not muscular, not anything extraordinary. Pass me on the street, you’d ignore me, my bespectacled, 6-foot-3-inch frame walking by. I have no pecs, although I wish I did and — for a while — worked hard at getting them. But my muscle “mass” prefers to me toned rather than bulky. I haven’t been hitting the gym lately, so I could use to lose about 10 pounds — that’s HONEST pounds. I’m not fat by any stretch of an imagination. My brown eyes are growing out of a crew cut and the ever-present chin fuzz is getting nice and long. I look like I belong in front of a computer or in a book shop rather than shoving my cock into some 27-year-old’s ass.

But that’s what I am going to do.

“Where will you cum?” the guy asks.

“In your ass.”

“I’d prefer if you fucked me raw that you didn’t.” he finally types.

I again choose not to respond and close the window.

“I really want to get fucked,” a window finally pops up.

“Then come over, suck my cock and sit on it,” I respond.

“OK. where do I come?” appears almost immediately.

I give him directions…. with instructions. I insist he enters my house (door unlocked), strip and come to my bedroom and get started.

The fucker did. When he entered my room, the 5-foot-8-inch boy with short blond hair crawled onto my bed and started sucking my cock immediately. His little 6-incher was rock hard and thick. He was thin, almost completely hairless except for his legs and pubes. He’d even shaved his pits. He had nice large nipples and a deep tan, except for a thong tanline that showed with his ass arched up while he chowed down on my cock.

I was rock hard.. And he was leaking like crazy. I moved around and pushed him down on the bed. I started licking his ass — a relentless assault. He moaned. His ass was tangy with the scent of sweat. And it was obviously tight.

I moved up and kissed him, my cock at his hole.

“Can I sit on it?”

“Sure,” I replied and laid back down.

He grabbed the lube and started jabbing at his hole with fingers slicked with the lube. He manhandled my cock for a moment and then straddled me. He pointed my cock at his hole and started to inch down on it.

FUCK. The guy was TIGHT. That’s when it dawned on me. He was NOT a bottom. He was more likely a top, the way he had trouble inching onto my cock. He had to take three breaks off my cock before it finally went all the way in.

Finally, I could thrust into that tight wet hole. I went at it. His expressive blue eyes peered at me with an intensity of someone being pushed over the edge. He had not been fucked like this before. And he was not leaving here without a load deep in his ass.

As it slid in, he changed angle and pace. I knew immediately it was a good move for him. Now the angle roughly slid over his prostate. His cock pulsed and began to coat itself with more precum.

I began thrusting my hips up in earnest. I knew it wouldn’t be long.

“I’m going to cum!” he moaned.

“You’re fucking getting my load!” I let loose. And I began pumping cum deep into his raw ass.

“FUCK!” he said, feeling me throb.

He cum began shooting all over my chest in thin, ropy strands.

His breathing still hard, he eased off my cock. With such a tight ass, it came out glisteningly clean. No hint of cum. It was all in his ass. I turned over, curling up to take a nap as I heard him putting on his clothes.