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Fucking Draven Torres

Fantasy Fulfilled… Fucking Porn Performer Draven Torres

He messaged me.

Shocking, I know. After several years of hoping, wanting, even begging a porn performer or two to let me fuck and breed them, Draven Torres messages me out of the blue.

Now I’m not so presumptuous to think everyone knows me and he didn’t. He had no idea of this online persona. And, mind you, while this incredibly beautiful specimen of manliness does escort, he did not hit me up for cash.

He saw my cock and wanted fucked.

Hey, everyone gets horny.

I went over.

pornFirst, he is better looking in person. Now that’s odd to saw considering just how fucking hot he is in his photographs, but photos fail to relay how a smile can literally light up this guy’s face… or the room. He’s got a hint of deviousness with an underpinning of pure, smoldering masculinity.

Considering that I’m 6-foot-3 and he’s 5-foot-5, there’s a height difference but surely still he filled the room.

When we kissed — yes, I kissed him first — he proved to be incredibly talented there. His full lips knew how and where to move. He moved immediately to a blowjob, although I was already fully erect, with no hesitation to take my cockhead into his throat. Gag reflex? What the fuck was that? Silky and smooth, enough pressure, indeed this man was a pro.

He popped off my cock and asked a magic question: “Do you eat ass?”

“Are you fucking kidding?” I responded. And he presented me with his absolutely perfect mounds with the darker pucker.

I dove in, tasting the sweet perfection of his hole.

He began to groan.

I pushed my tongue deeper as his asshole began to grip at my hole, begging for it to move deeper. I sloppily dove in and made room, slobbering it up with my spit and making him open and ready.

Until I couldn’t wait any more. And I mounted up, positioning my cock at his hole, covering his deeply inked body with mine and beginning to insert my cock.

Draven knew how to work it. Tightening his sphincter and then relaxing, letting a little in. This proceeded until I was buried. He had twisted his head around and kissed me deeply, licking the taste of his ass off my tongue.

Over the course of the next hour, I would fuck his ass in a variety of positions, coming so close. Until we ended up in this position again… me mounting his back and thrusting inside him. This porn god begging for my cum and finally, in this tight hole, me unleashing a torrent of cum.

Draven Torres is one of my top 10 fucks in my life. Not because he was a porn star. That has absolutely nothing to do with it. His skills are well beyond porn performances.

He is a good human being. A great fuck. If you ever happen to catch him in your town, hire him.

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The Guy I Didn’t Fuck

I’m traveling right now and I’d warned the bottoms around here I’d be in town and up to breed.

My top contender for my load was fucking adorable. We had been texting back and forth for close to a week (on and off) when it came to the time when the boy needed to put his ass in the air.

With some, when it comes to being with me, they need some assurances. I need assurances too. I’ve had too many catfish — so many, I could open a seafood restaurant. I need convinced a person is real.

He needed convincing I’d not leave him with HIV or an STD.

Supposedly, he was in my hotel when he sent this line:

“I’m sorry I keep asking but it would be bad for a nurse to pop up with HIV.”

I went back to reread that.

Surely, someone going into healthcare — someone who would care for people with all sorts of diseases, disorders and maladies — did not just imply that male nurses were not supposed to become poz.

Having known plenty of poz men (and women) in many, many professions including nursing (and doctoring, for that matter), my hard cock took a turn south as the blood rushed to my finger tips and I furiously began typing to this little fucker.

I was pissed.

Would it be bad for a nurse to pop up diabetic? With high cholesterol? Obese?

This young man needed to get some sense fucked into him but I wasn’t going to do it, especially since I’d assured him I wasn’t giving him anything he’d judged as “bad.” In the end, I thought it better to deny him cock and cum. I just couldn’t support him knowing that his sexy ass somehow justified him getting bred. Sure, I could have bred him, telling him I was filling him up with toxic, puss-filled, virus-laden cum. But it would just play into the damned critics who make my life enough of a challenge I’m in semi-retirement now.

Instead, I sent him on his way without his ass fulfilled with what he really needed. And I told him that he indeed turned into the bottom inspiration that brought me out of retirement to write.

I hope no one gets sick and gets cared for by this little son-of-a-bitch. If you do and he perceives you somehow, Male Nurse McJudgie is not going to give you 100% of the loving care you deserve.

May his ass rot cumless (and condomless) until his dying day.

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Lithe, Lycra and a Fantasy Fulfilled

Lithe, Lycra and a Fantasy Fulfilled

Youth. Ah, to have youth.

To have youth beneath me.

I’d been texting what was a youth. At 20, he seemed so very young. He still lived with his parents and had limited transportation. Yet he lived close by. As we chatted it up, I discovered the young man liked it raw. And I confirmed I wanted to breed his ass.

Finally one afternoon, I left work a little early and it seemed like I’d be able to meet him. Well, meet him was not quite right. I’d go to his house with his parents gone. That shit always frightened me a little. Parents gone? When would they be home? And what would they say to a 41-year-old fucking their 20-year-old son.

That is if he was 20 at all.

Okay, so it turned me on a little.

In the texting back and forth, we discuss what he’ll be wearing and he offered up a lycra singlet. Seemed interesting. I prefer my bottoms naked but he wouldn’t go for it.

I kept him abreast of my progress through the neighborhood and eventually made it to the house. He greeted me at the door.

Shorter than me, around five-foot-eight and very lithe and sexy in the tight-fitting lycra outfit, his nipples poked out, dark and hard, nickel-sized and firm. He was tan with a sharp angular face. His voice sounded almost like a radio broadcaster, a little more mature than I expected. Yet his tight and smooth body moved almost snake-like under the tight, red singlet.

He guided me to his bedroom. An upper-middle-class teenage boy’s room, blue and a single bed with storage underneath. He laid down and slipped off the lycra, revealing a tight body that proved to be just gorgeous. Practically perfect. Not tight but a nice layer of baby fat over all the muscles to make it nice.

His 7-inch cock already stuck out hard. I began to suck it since it seemed like the likely thing to do as I began undoing my work pants. I licked around the edge of his cock and down to his tight balls. And then, along the slight fuzz of his taint to his ass.

The boy jerked feverishly. My cock was out and hard. I wanted his ass wet. And his jerking seemed a little too feverish for my taste. The last thing I wanted was for him to cum.

Turned out I was very wrong.

As I tongued his hole and it opened up more and more, he moaned and breathed more heavily, he soon said with a gasp, “I’m about to cum.”

I came up for air, my cock at his wet hole.

“Don’t cum yet,” I said. “I haven’t fucked you yet.”

He sat up, still jerking his cock, breathing heavily. And he shot his heavy cum load on my cock. Every spurt, thick and white on my 7-inch cock.

As he recovered, he massaged the cum into my cock and lined it back up to his hole and pulled it toward him.

Using his cum as lube, I entered him.

I fucked him with his own cum.

Without hesitation, this 20-year-old kept taking my cock and seemed to love it. I fucked him and finished off, deep inside his ass. We didn’t talk. I just gave him my load. We stayed mostly quiet through the whole thing, his music playing in the background.

I zipped up and left, but I’ll admit, he fulfilled a fantasy I’d never asked. I’d always wanted to fuck a bottom with his own cum. He’d allowed me to do that.