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Chris, Still in Detroit

Chris, Still in Detroit


This will be the first escort I get to admit the following: I fucked him.

I’d arrived at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport and logged into BarebackRT.com’s mobile site Open-New-Window-External and did a little geo-search to find him relatively close. I let him know I wanted to breed him.

iBLASTinside's Escort Bareback ConfessionsI skipped his BBRT profile’s Open-New-Window-External chunky parts — all about him being an escort and being professional. Oddly enough, it’s a cardinal sin in my book when others skip over my text and message me, begging for my cock but missing the part about who I will and will not fuck Opens new window of a page on this blog. Then again, if you saw his sweet ass, wouldn’t you skip over it and just go to wanting to fuck him?

Good thing Chris is a forgiving sort of guy.

As my day and evening advanced, Chris got another opportunity — this one for cash. He started to cancel. And that’s when I noticed the whole escort thing.

Good news: We met. We fucked.

And afterward, Chris agreed to an interview.

He didn’t agree to a review. I’m giving that anyway. I don’t think he’ll mind.

UPDATE from JULY 2013: Chris informed me he was moving to Orlando in July 2013. So the city with all the magic is getting some super magical hot man.

bullet_ball_yellow   bullet_ball_red   bullet_ball_green   bullet

Full-Time Bareback Escort Taking All Loads

QuestionHow long have you been escorting?
Chris-in-DetroitAnswerI have been doing it off and on since 2007.

QuestionWhen did you start?

AnswerI began escorting in November of 2007 shortly after I graduated college. I had been in a relationship with a prominent older guy who decided to leave me after I graduated. I was unable to find a career in my degree field and decided to give it a chance. I was living in Orlando, which was a very good town to escort in with a significant amount of business travelers visiting for conventions.

QuestionWhy escort? You’re a damn smart guy with two degrees.

AnswerI do have two degrees, both of which can yield a great income, but I really enjoy meeting the people that I do through escorting. I enjoy the time I share with them and the need I fulfill for them. The clients I meet are always more than pleased not only with my looks, but the fact that I am extremely intelligent.

QuestionHave you always barebacked?

AnswerI have always barebacked.  Call it my guilty pleasure.  I don’t try to hide it by saying, “Safe sex only.” I’m honest about it. Nothing more intimate than having a client inside me raw and giving me his load.

QuestionDo most clients ask for barebacking?

AnswerI would have to say that while not all clients ask for it, most clients do it. It seems to me the ones that insist on safe sex only, are the ones that go at it raw.

95% Bottom, 100% Hot

QuestionDo you top or bottom or both? What’s your preference?

AnswerDefinitely 95 percent bottom here. It is rare that I top. I know my role is cum dump for tops. I prefer it and I own it.  Nothing satisfies me more than being on all fours with a guy unloading in me from behind.

QuestionWhen someone cums in your ass, do you experience jizzjoy Open-New-Window-External ?

AnswerThat is a definite yes. Nothing makes sex more complete than having a guy shoot his load in me. I don’t even care if I get off after that, that is satisfaction enough for me.



BarebackRT Profile Link Opens in a New Window
Visit His RentBoy Page Link Opens in a New Window
E-mail Chris mailbox_full
(678) 561-3053

Age: 30
Sign: Leo
Height: 6 feet 1 inches (185 cm)
Weight: 193 pounds (88 kilos)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Body hair: Shaved smooth
Cock: 7½ cut thick


QuestionWhile you’re 95 percent bottom, you do top. Does breeding an ass turn you on?

AnswerI do enjoy breeding a hot ass. I am picky about who I top though. A younger or same aged, smaller in shape masculine bottom I can toss around is always a good time.

QuestionWith some bottoms, once they shoot a load, the fucking is over. Can you still take cock if you’ve shot?

AnswerYes I can.  Sex isn’t over until the top gets off inside me.  If I have gotten off, I can still take it.

Question What are your clients like?

AnswerThe majority of my clients are aged between 35 and 50 years old. Most are usually married (to women) and definitely professional types visiting the Detroit area.

QuestionDuring an average week, how many clients do you see?

AnswerSome weeks I do five or six appointments; some weeks just a couple.

QuestionAre there types of clients you don’t like?

AnswerI can honestly say I can find something attractive about any client that hires me.  Every situation and every client is different.

QuestionHave you ever turned down a client? Why?

AnswerI have never turned down a client, only turned down potential clients who were into things that I couldn’t help them with (i.e. scat).

QuestionYou’re a fucking good kisser. A lot of escorts don’t kiss. Are there clients you won’t kiss?

AnswerWell, thank you!  I am told I am a great kisser by all of my clients. I have no idea where I learned it; just natural I guess. I will not kiss someone who has bad oral hygiene.

Sports Gear and Gang Fucks

QuestionHas a client ever really turned you on? How?

AnswerI can’t say a specific client that turned me on, but I can say that clients that are into sports gear and leather really turn me on.  Those are my fetishes.  I have a ton of sports gear and clients seems to enjoy being with a real athlete in gear.

QuestionDo you have any fantasies?

AnswerYes I have many fantasies. I’ll tell you a few:

bullet_triangle_blue I would love to be blindfolded in a sling and have several attractive guys use me to completion.  Something about giving up control and not knowing is an exciting thing for me.

bullet_triangle_blue I have an intense fetish for businessmen in suits.  Would like to meet a high powered businessman or CEO and bottom for him in his office while he is still in his suit.

bullet_triangle_blue And probably one of my biggest would be to be used by a college basketball team.  Love guys in basketball shorts for some reason.

QuestionWhat’s the most unusual place you’ve fucked?

AnswerI had a client once who had a baseball player fetish.  He fucked me in a high school baseball field dugout while both of us where in baseball uniforms.  Was pretty hot.

QuestionCare to tell us the most famous person with whom you’ve ever fucked around?

AnswerI can’t tell names.  If I did, I’d lose credibility as a discrete and professional escort. I will say that the professions of people I’ve met range from politicians to priests.

iBLASTinside Delivers the Biggest Load? Really?

QuestionWhat’s the biggest cock you’ve taken? The biggest load?

AnswerThe biggest cock I have ever taken was probably a true 10.5 inches nicely thick.  He was a very good looking white guy and didn’t even use lube.  I have no idea how it got in.

The biggest load I can remember has got to be yours.  I was amazed at the amount of cum you shot.  Either that is the norm or I really turned you on.

QuestionAre you sincere my load was the biggest or are you just saying that because of this interview? Explain because some of my readers might think you’re lying.

AnswerWithout going completely into detail, what goes in must come out. I must say, I have never seen that much come back out.

QuestionHow would you describe it being fucked by me? I imagine a few people wonder.

AnswerI really enjoyed it. You like the sort of anonymous scene where I came into a dark hotel room without really seeing what you looked like, other than the pics I had seen. You relied on eating my hole to supply the lube to fuck me. Once you were in, you were very verbal and that is a huge turn on for me.

You knew what you were doing. Definitely a great top.

QuestionAnd for my own personal satisfaction… would you want to be fucked by me again?

AnswerOf course.

QuestionWhat’s your normal rate?

AnswerA normal hour is $250 with me, rates for extended periods run from $400 for 2 hours, $750 for a night, to $2,500 for a weekend.

QuestionWhat’s the most you’ve ever received? 

AnswerI traveled to Hawaii with a prominent businessman for a week and received payment of $5,000

QuestionDo you have a boyfriend?

AnswerNo, while I do enjoy being in a relationship, while being an escort, I enjoy the ability to come and go as I please and not have to answer to anyone.  Plus, I was recently in a relationship that really broke my heart so I’m taking a break.

QuestionDoes your family know you escort?

AnswerNo, funny story though.  I moved to Seattle in 2009 for a guy I met while visiting there.  He knew what I did and I stopped when I moved there, when we broke up in 2010, he decided to tell me my mom that he saved me from a life of prostitution.  I had some explaining to do about that.

Chris-in-Detroit-Jock-AssQuestionHow’d you talk your way out of that one?

Answer(He laughs)  Just kept denying it.

QuestionI met you through BBRT. When I looked around later, Detroit doesn’t seem like a town with a lot of escorts. Is that why you’re there? Because you’re the best piece of ass in town by a long-shot?

AnswerI’m here because my family is in the area and it is where I chose to live for now.  Detroit has a bad reputation, yes it is bad in areas, but it is a great city with a lot of history and the most affluent suburbs in the country.

I know i’m different than the others in the Detroit area that escort.  Plus, there are not many white guys that do this around here, so I definitely have an advantage.

QuestionDo you have a big workout regime?

AnswerDefinitely!  I am at the gym 2 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It is my time to focus on me. I put my ear-buds in and don’t let anything distract me.  Gym time is workout time, not social time.

In addition to the work out regime, I have to eat about 5 or 6 times a day in order to keep my solid build.  I have always had trouble keeping weight on, but I think I have found the right combination.

Looking for a Porn Opportunity

QuestionHave you ever thought about doing porn?

AnswerYes, I would love to do bareback porn.  A gang-bang scene would be ideal, or something with my fetishes. Anyone have connections?  Must be a good market for masculine, muscular jock bottoms with tattoos.

QuestionWhat do you think about stealthing?

AnswerUntil recently, I had no idea what stealthing was.  To be politically correct on this, i’ll say my position is evolving.  The idea is very hot.

QuestionWhat’s with the bald head?

AnswerFirst let me say, I am able to grow hair and have a full head of it.  I just shave it once a week.  The bald head is something that fits my muscular build and my overall look.  It is something I have done since high school.

 bullet_ball_yellow   bullet_ball_red   bullet_ball_green   bullet

I don’t think anyone minds the bald head. I didn’t.

Are you a bareback porn star, massage therapist Opens new window of a page on this blog or escort Opens new window of a page on this blog ? I’m always looking to interview the hottest men who go raw with clients! Hit me up at iblastinside@gmail.com mailbox_full or on my contact page Opens new window of a page on this blog.


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Friday’s Post-Christmas Full Moon Might Make for Good Fucking Opportunity

Friday’s Post-Christmas Full Moon Might Make for Good Fucking Opportunity

Tomorrow, Dec. 28, is a full moon. The horny beast rises on a full moon Opens a new window from this blog and this is the first weekend after the Christmas holiday. All men have been on their best behavior with the family, so it’s time to go out and relieve the tensions caused by being around that uncle who molested you but now can’t get it up for shit or that bothersome aunt who can’t get it through her fucking skull that you’ll never meet the right woman because women don’t have cocks.

If you’re in Atlanta, be sure to check out my Sleazy Guide Opens a new window from this blog. I’m betting Inserection Opens a new window from this blog will be busy early and Eros Opens a new window from this blog busy later.

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What About the Youth of Today and Their Opinions on Bareback? FUCK EM!

What About the Children?

Every time some political football enters the arena — the national debt, gun control, Medicare, climate change, healthcare or whatever the issue happens to be — and one side runs out of arguments, there’s this moment when the pundit tilts his head to one side, gets this misty-eyed reflection and might even choke up a little. And then he or she says something about how this issue will ruin the lives of our children, the next generation, our children’s children or some crap like that.

It’s bullshit. But it’s a reflexive moment where everyone, whether you’ve got children or not, that our instinctual survival-of-the-species part of the monkey-brain kicks in and we collectively think something needs to be done.

Why do you think we all find babies and even the youngest of other species so adorably cute and cuddly? Puppies and kittens? Baby seals?

This is instinct telling us to take care and protect our young.

Now that I’ve explained it, let’s talk a little about the recent attacks on the Bareback Brotherhood Link Opens in a New Window, my fellow bareback bloggers, bareback hookup sites like BarebackRT.com Link Opens in a New Window, our family of pornographers and, more particularly, me.

The Sudden Focus of World AIDS Day

Over the past few years, I’ve come to expect it around December 1, World AIDS Day. Funny how one day prompts some assholes who ignore a class of people living with HIV and AIDS for a whole year but become indignant when they discover bareback sex and groups like the BBBH. One particular person who bugchased Link Opens in a New Window successfully and documented it received some particularly violent threats this year, including details on how they’d like to kill him.

It’s not technically irony (Alanis  Morissette ruined that for all of us), but the condom Nazis Link Opens in a New Window who want to wrap the world in plastic so no one dies of AIDS wants to kill someone for getting AIDS. Just weird.

Once I’d engage these hypocrites who ignore all the other ways our people are dying Opens a new window from this blog, who don’t give a shit that the Gay culture of steroid-muscled youth is built around smoke-filled bars serving alcohol with gun-toting drug dealers selling crystal meth (or “Tina”), ecstasy (or “Molly”), and cocaine.

Where’s your righteous indignation there?

But I don’t. I ignore the attacks nowadays. I delete the anonymous posts to my site wishing I would die or suggesting ways they would kill me. This very website fends off multiple cyber-attacks every second Opens a new window from this blog.

I refused to acknowledge or even link to the clever posts who have all of 200 followers on Twitter Link Opens in a New Window but figure out how to search for my brothers in cum and suggest others block them.

Twitter People to Block If You’re One of Those Self-Righteous, Plastic-Loving Pricks

I’ve been kind enough to compile the list myself. On Twitter alone, I’ve got six barebacker lists with confirmed men all over the world who love to fuck raw:
Blue Bullet One Link Opens in a New Window
Blue Bullet Two Link Opens in a New Window
Blue Bullet Three Link Opens in a New Window
Blue Bullet Four Link Opens in a New Window
Blue Bullet Five Link Opens in a New Window
Blue Bullet Six Link Opens in a New Window

I’ve listed all the Bareback Brotherhood members in four lists:
Blue Bullet One Link Opens in a New Window
Blue Bullet Two Link Opens in a New Window
Blue Bullet Three Link Opens in a New Window
Blue Bullet 
Four Link Opens in a New Window

You’ll also want to check out my fellow co-founders of the BBBH to see their lists.
Blue Bullet @ch4suk Link Opens in a New Window
Blue Bullet @gapozathens Link Opens in a New Window

That should cover all the so-called evil (but very enlightened and sexy) people online you need to block.

There’s even barebackers who somehow misinterpret the basics of the Bareback Brotherhood with strange, concocted vendettas out for me.

Hiding Behind ‘the Children’

Like some final bastion of refuge, the truth is arguing that safer sex is the only sex doesn’t work. The fear that came with AIDS/HIV of the 1980s and 1990s simply doesn’t work. HIV/AIDS is now defined by the medical community as a chronic condition Link Opens in a New Window, like “arthritis, asthma, cancer, COPD [and] diabetes.” It’s like living under the constant “orange” threat after 9/11.

The argument goes that we older folks are influencing younger people in their late teens and early twenties to accept bareback sex as normal and natural. Our “influence” is causing these youths to engage in so-called “unsafe” activity.

No, it’s causing them to act natural.

The most unnatural thing is to stick a piece of plastic on your cock in order to have an intimate act.

It’s not influenced by barebackers.

These assholes have the same kind of sense that we’re converting young men into barebackers the same way the homophobic think the Gays are converting youth into homosexuals.

It’s just ludicrous.

Talk to one. He will tell you about the love for the cum in his ass or dumping a load in a bare ass. It’s nothing to do with influence. It’s a natural appeal to do what comes naturally.

I’m Not Changing Anyone’s Mind

I know I’m not. I know I could never have a reasonable conversation with one of these jackoffs. I also know people who’ve been reading my site about stealthing Opens a new window from this blog and bugchasers Opens a new window from this blog and barebacking are misinterpreting the basics.

I can’t change a mind.

But what I do know is I appreciate the attention.

My readers are higher than ever, especially since some female porn slut thinks she’s got the upper hand on me and she can bareback all the guys she wants but men fucking raw is naughty, naughty.

Well, put me on Santa’s naughty list, take the saddle off the reindeer and let’s ride raw.

Fuck the children! I mean the LEGAL children of age, of course. No stocking for me.


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Beware the Haunting of Gay Ghosts

Beware the Haunting of Gay Ghosts

These Gay Ghosts… The Continuing Bullshit over Photos, Honesty and Me

Of late, I’ve been so lucky to engage with some interesting conversations. The introduction of Kik Opens a new window from this blog as an option to get in touch with me produced many more inquiries along with the normal production of e-mails and other messaging. Generally, I’m grateful.

But yet again, I get a message that just sends me over the edge. It seems to be a frequent of late.

“How old are you?”

Visiting my blog (where you are right this very moment unless you’re reading a feed), just click the About Me Opens a new window from this blog page in the navigation. All my basics appear there. My age and stats. None inflated or improved to make me seem younger, weigh less or more athletic or hung than I actually am. The cock pics are mine. The avatar pic on Twitter is me.

It’s so fucking easy.

However, because I put myself out there, so many people expect that I shall continue to give and give and give with no expectation of anything in return. As people get in touch, many begin with a barrage of questions (again, some available answers online) but mostly with an expectation that I shall give them a personal rendition of everything about me.

No fucking way.

Even as I get to know people, we’ll exchange a little and I’ll mention things like my next post about my last hook-up has gone online. I’ll get a response inquiring about what happened. I’ll let them know it’s ONLINE.

“I know, but I’d rather hear it from you.” Or, my favorite. “I just don’t want to open my browser.”

What? You’re too fucking lazy to open your browser and type, “iblastinside.com”?

I even get asked for people to send them a link.


I actually enjoy meeting the people who read my stuff and getting to know them. But if it just doesn’t chap my ass (and currently, my ass is chapped Opens a new window from this blog thanks to one hook-up) that people won’t share a single iota of themselves back. Or they share just enough.

I’m not exactly your everyday porn producer and I don’t have the backing of any major studio. I do this myself. I’ve had death-threats from what I’ve posted — some may be legitimate and some possibly not serious. Over time, I’ve used my gut to weed out the liars.

But in the last couple of years, the sophistication of those who develop online personas has indeed risen to a level worthy of any fictional novel.

I wrote of my Catfish in Las Vegas Opens a new window from this blog (you need to see the documentary “Catfish”  Link Opens in a New Window to truly get the reference, spoiler alert if you click the link), but he hasn’t been the only one to fool me. A retired woman in late 2009 and early 2010 provided quite an elaborate scheme, duping me and several others, using photographs and the voice of an underaged employee to assist in the con. I had several entries a while back but took them down since they exposed the young man and the woman’s family including her grandchildren.

Many others have come along and I’ve rejected outright.

As I’ve written about hot or not photography Opens a new window from this blog and the lies men tell Opens a new window from this blog, I’ve got a strong bullshit meter now.

Fuck if it’s not going off all the fucking time now.

The excuses are a lot of the same and some new ones. The new one that just gets me — coming from youthful (but legal) 19-year-olds to 25-year-olds: I have anxiety about taking my own photo.

Take a Xanax.

I’ve been chatting with this one hottie via Kik in Chicago. Or he says he’s in Chi-town. He sends me photos of people he fucks. Photos of his roommate. Of his roommate’s half brother. But when it came to sending a photo of himself, fuck if suddenly he had an anxiety attack and couldn’t send.

For another guy, this one in D.C., I get a limited number of photos. Three maximum. Then he become indignant about providing more, being insulted if I ask for additional images as if I am somehow asking for them to send me $1,000.
These guys haven’t hesitated to send me photos of with whom they fuck around. In some cases, the images will have come from amateur websites, blogs or Twitter accounts. Of course, my own photos are being used by others. We cannot stop that. There’s a guy in Pennsylvania who uses my cock pic in his Manhunt profile and, quite frankly, short of driving to Manhunt and whipping it out, there’s no way of proving it’s mine.

They lie and speak of others stealing their identity.

How to prove it?

It’s like a family whose loved one has keep kidnapped. I need “proof of life,” so I generally ask for an unusual photo that they might not have handy. For example, get me a photo of yourself in your underwear, showing both nipples, shooting a bird with your left hand in your bathroom mirror.

The only problem is if they’ve got another source for photos — meaning another guy on the hook like you — they can get you one quick from him. Your best bet is to establish where they or are some interesting fact prior to the photo — like the kind or color of underwear they’re wearing.

For one of mine, the underwear changed color

Still, those aren’t the only excuses one gets. Today, I received one of the most unusual: I can’t send or receive photos or visit your website until after 5 p.m.

Seriously, what the fuck?

He claimed to know nothing about me so it was “fair” for us to discuss everything because we both knew nothing about the other.

Even if his little story were true, as soon as the clock struck 5, he’d be able to find a whole shit lot about me.

Another bottom told me yesterday that his Grindr wouldn’t allow him to upload photos. I mentioned e-mail probably worked. He didn’t think about that. But no volunteer to send since he was “discreet.” I could drive 20 miles to his place and see his offer and, if I didn’t like, I could leave.

I met a local the other day for coffee who had a similar situation. The gentleman invited him over and he drove (get this) 42 miles one way. When he arrived, the man opened the door: Unshaven, unbathed and in a bathrobe.

That wasn’t the worst part.

The man unfortunately had some medical condition that forced him to use a colostomy bag Link Opens in a New Window. All of these were issues neglected to be mentioned. And the fucking asshole hoped that the bad medical condition would call out for a pity fuck. He didn’t get one.

I call bullshit on people without pictures.

Bullshit about viruses eating all your images is just that — bullshit. Your computer crashing and taking everything, same thing.

You’re talking to someone who knows enough to know a lie.

You don’t know how to attach and send an image? GET THE FUCK OFF THE INTERNET.

As for using a work phone or someone monitoring your phone, um, don’t be a damn idiot about that too. You’re e-mailing or messaging me on it. And just keep in mind, I now have the number. I could call or message at inopportune times and tell whoever answers what’s going on with you.

If you’re going to give excuses, then expect to be getting fucked some other way by me.

Moreover, the clear text messages or e-mails from that same damn phone will get you into a whole lot more trouble than sending G-rated images of yourself.

For all the gay ghosts, the fakes who love to trick me, there are those who are real and don’t mind being on the up and up. Like this Midwestern guy who’s just plain slutty and doesn’t mind letting me know it. We shoot the shit, Skype, text, whatever. And someday I’ll fuck him. Breed him. Put him into my camp of those carrying around my DNA.

Do you have to be 19 years old and a twink? No. He’s not. And every time I talk with him, he gets hotter. He doesn’t have to make shit up. He can tell me about his fucked up hook up or he can show me the video of his really hot breeding.

I’m not summoning a spirit with him. He’s real.


There will be a follow-up piece Opens a new window from this blog for my little Chicago friend and just for him. 

The Mourning of a Porn Superstar and the Question of Hypocrisy for Falcon Studios, Derek Hartley and the Rest of You Anti-Barebackers

The Mourning of a Porn Superstar and the Question of Hypocrisy for Falcon Studios, Derek Hartley and the Rest of You Anti-Barebackers

[box icon=”exclamation”]I didn’t know Erik Rhodes, I wasn’t familiar with his porn work and I can’t speak much to his life or death. I have no special knowledge. For those of you who do know him, he passed away this morning at too early an age — just 30. The report is he died of a heart attack even though you can see his rather fit condition. His death is tragic. I personally extend my own sympathy to true family, friends and lovers.[/alert]

This is a message for Falcon Studios Follow on Twitter. This is a message for Sirius XM radio personality Derek Hartley Follow on Twitter. This is a message for all the condom-using porn performers and studios out there outraged at me and my ilk and who ostracize those of us who make our own choices.

I don’t follow porn that uses condoms. Therefore, I didn’t know Erik Rhodes, who’s real name was James. I knew nothing about him. But I sure wish I had because this would have been something I would have written long ago after putting up with the hate-speech.

Erik Rhodes is porn star who used condoms on screen. Off screen, he used a lot of other things: Steroids, GHB, crystal meth, prescription drugs and the recently outlawed “bath salts.” He wrote about abusing these substances bluntly on his blog and Twitter feed (and they’re currently up until someone tries to “clean up” this man’s past).

Even amateur and way-too-bitchy Sirius XM Radio personality Derek Hartley of Sirius XM OutQ show “Derek and Romainewrites a blog post about his friendship with Erik who lived life too fast. Erik posed with Derek for the cover of his book.

Falcon Studios/Raging Stallions said Erik had been “a Falcon exclusive” for all of his career except for one of 40 scenes over the last eight years.

Yet I look back and I don’t see the outrage at his drug use and his “out of the closet” approach to life. He lived life the way he wanted. But because his porn career included condoms, cool with Derek Hartley and everyone else. Cool with Falcon Studios. Cool with all the rest of condom-using porn. They let him perform. They kept him working. His blatant drug use wasn’t a problem — probably because he was neg. Probably because he was muscular.

I bet Erik Rhodes could go to IML. He was up for industry awards. Barebacking itself isn’t illegal but all the illegal stuff he admitted to doing is fine with all these organizations.

Coincidentally enough, one of his last scenes was with former barebacker Marc Dylan.

Again, I am sad for his loss. But what makes me outraged is how people think this hot guy made a series of choices in his life were all right with them. He kept working. Friends didn’t leave him. But if he were a barebacker and honest about that, I wonder how quickly Falcon would have dropped him. How outraged Derek Hartley would have been.

Loss of life at any time is tragic. But if you choose to smoke, use drugs or bareback, it’s your body and it’s your choice. If a porn studio or friends are going to play nanny, it needs to do so across the board.

For me, it’s the bio line on Erik Rhodes’ Twitter that sort of just makes me sad: “I just want to fit in.”

Update: Derek Hartley Responds (June 16, 2012)
Update 2: My Post About Derek Hartley & the Gay Mafia (June 18, 2012)
Update 3: Cleaning Up After the Death of a Porn Star (June 19, 2012)
Update 4: Postscript on My Posts About the Death of Erik Rhodes (June 20, 2012) 


On a personal note:

I want to tell you all: Erik got a lot of shit on his blog from readers, just like I do. I don’t post the hate stuff anymore and that’s helped stop the proliferation of hate speech. He actually engaged them on his Tumblr blog. Like me, they called him a sociopath. Bless his soul, I hope he’s found rest now because it’s obvious if you read it, he struggled to find that rest. Again, Erik never deserved any of this. My blog post is for all the anti-barebackers and the judgmental assholes out there.

Tumblr Blog Posts:

  • How do you maintain your body when you go on all these drug binges? (looks like Erik’s blog and Twitter has been removed, but here’s the Google Cached version)
  • Running out of the gallon of GHB (Google Cached version)