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My European Vacation Adventure Begins Soon

My European Vacation Adventure Begins Soon

Contrary to popular belief, I do not go places to fuck.

It’s more about my normal release schedule and fitting the fucks into what’s going on in my life. I’m doing a little European vacation and, to be honest, it’s a bit of a whirlwind. I’m hitting a couple of countries, each in a day (and you could say “daze” as well) to determine whether I want to return and invest more time.

My schedule posted to BBRT is generally accurate, as you all can check out under my same name (public link here).

If you’re in Europe, always use my contact page or Twitter or BBRT to get in touch. Might be nice to get a pint with another BBBH brother.

Cheers, tally-ho and Goede reis!

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Friday Fuck Fun: Cheap Thrills Gets Your Rocks Off with UK’s Cum Pigs

Friday Fuck Fun: Cheap Thrills Gets Your Rocks Off with UK’s Cum Pigs


Coming to you direct from the UK, Paul Morris & Treasure Island Media present the fourth fuckvid in the CHEAP THRILLS series, featuring a solid mix of London’s best fuck-pigs, in four cum-drenched scenes, this video is a guaranteed cheap ass way to get your rocks off again and again.

In CHEAP THRILLS 4, watch as notorious European ass destroyer, PETO COAST, exploits LEOMANN’s begging hole, FLORIAN MANN fancies an anonymous deep breeding from a furry, uncut fucker, ANTON DICKSON discretely breeds a sleeping flatmate’s insatiable ass, and TITCH JONES plows JAKE ASCOTT until they lay spent, filled with and covered in molten man juice.












iBLASTinside's Friday Fuck Fun











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Revised and Updated Guide to Poppers

Feel the Burn with Nitro Extra Strong Aroma Poppers from the UK

Welcome to a new review of poppers from World-Aromas.com Open-New-Window-External. Over the next several weeks (as I fuck), I’ll be trying out different poppers from Europe and available for shipping worldwide from World-Aromas.com Open-New-Window-External.


Nitro Extra


Sometimes words like”extra” and “strong” can lure one in. It did me.

When I saw the Nitro Extra Strong Aroma, maybe I grew a little nostalgic for the old Looney Toons cartoons with the Road Runner and Coyote. Americans of a certain age has to admit they see it too in the bottle design. I wanted a little pep in my step.

With the first fuck, I didn’t get a pep in my step. I got some burn in my nose.

A recent trend emerged among aroma makers and that’s upping the intensity of the burn. It’s not in the scent, per se. Think of it like salsa. It’s not adding flavor but just adding heat.

Nitro does that. It adds heat to the fire, but there’s no extra burst of euphoria. In fact, the high remains below Amsterdam XXX Opens new window of a page on this blog. That lower intensity gives Nitro an edge for intermediate users but the burn keeps it away from the beginners.

Nitro still packs a punch and lacks the strong chemical scent one might expect. I remain impressed in that regard that the UK flavors keep some odors down to a minimum. But I just can’t be a fan of the burn. I’m sorry. For that reason, it loses and drops down to get a 3½.

three-and-a-half-stars out of five rating

How do you like Nitro Extra poppers? Rate this popper by clicking the stars rating on this page! You can also comment below and post your own review. 


Milder than many but still a good high without the chemical scent


Can provide a burning sensation in the nostrils

Where to get

iBLASTinside.com recommends you purchase Nitro Extra exclusively from World-Aromas.com Open-New-Window-External





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Revised and Updated Guide to Poppers

Sneaky Euphoria, Light Scent Earns Amsterdam XXX Poppers Four-and-a-Half Stars

Welcome to a new review of poppers from World-Aromas.com Open-New-Window-External. Over the next several weeks (as I fuck), I’ll be trying out different poppers from Europe and available for shipping worldwide from World-Aromas.com Open-New-Window-External.

Amsterdam XXX


I wanted to try Amsterdam XXX poppers from World-Aromas.com Open-New-Window-External due to the similarity in name to Amsterdam (Pink Label) Opens new window of a page on this blog, one of my favorite poppers of all time.

Apparently, the pink-labeled Amsterdam’s reputation precedes it since there’s so many other poppers use the name: There’s the silver-label Amsterdam Special (it’s not very good) and Original Amsterdam Gold Opens new window of a page on this blog (which I’ll try later). Or maybe it’s the reputation of the city as a free-flowing, sexually liberal oasis that causes all these popper companies buy into the moniker.

Nonetheless, Amsterdam XXX lives up to its pinko American counterpart.

The euphoria created by the pink-labeled version comes from a harsher, chemical scent. When I first cracked open Amsterdam XXX and put it up to my nose, I barely smelled anything.

Here I am, pausing in the midst of fucking, to snort some poppers. My engorged cock is inside an ass. This wasn’t a popper piggy session. I normally snort poppers for the climatic moment in this fuck session and, I’m having a bit of a panic that Amsterdam XXX lacks the punch to make it a truly enjoyable ride.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Amsterdam XXX comes with a delayed effect. As I slid my cock in and out of the bottom’s ass several more times, my head began what I can only describe as the roller-coaster ride of euphoria brought on by these European poppers. Not quite as strong as their American, pink-labeled cousins but still with a nice punch, I found myself enjoying the experience as I cascaded over the orgasmic plateau and began pumping cum deep into the bottom’s guts.

Truth is, I tried Amsterdam XXX with five different fucks. One was an orgy where I deposited loads number 17 and 18 of 26 total into one slinged bottom. Amsterdam XXX proved strong enough to give me enough OOMPH for that second load — a quality reserved for few poppers.

The lack of that overwhelming scent and the deceptive rise into euphoria makes Amsterdam XXX appropriate, even for new users (although I still prefer Taiwan Blue Opens new window of a page on this blog). And the come-down from the high isn’t a cliff-dive or all that disorienting. I didn’t experience any headache.

As of February 2013, the 10ml bottle runs £6.50. That’s $10.27 or €7.68 at current exchange rates. When you consider free worldwide shipping Open-New-Window-External, that’s a bargain. Three bottles are £18 or $28.45 or €21.28. If you go to many stores here in the U.S. to buy Jungle Juice Platinum Opens new window of a page on this blog, you will likely pay $25 to $35, so you’re getting three fresh bottles at a much reduced price.


Four-and-a-half Stars

How do you like Amsterdam XXX? Rate this popper by clicking the stars rating on this page! You can also comment below and post your own review. 


Non-chemical scent; sneaky euphoria; appropriate for all popper users


Not much, but the high could be a touch higher


Where to get Amsterdam XXX

iBLASTinside.com recommends you purchase Amsterdam XXX Poppers exclusively from World-Aromas.com Open-New-Window-External




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Comments from My Curiosity

If you haven’t had an opportunity to complete the brief survey about my readers, please do it now. It will only take a moment.

I’m flattered that a few of you took the time to go ahead and give me a little more feedback in paragraph form. As more of them come in, I’ll be updating this.

Adding My Two Cents

Rob wrote on 28 June 2012: 

Hey Mr. Bentson, just throwing in my 2 cents worth.

I have a lot of bookmarked sites that I check daily (either before or after work) but most of them just post and re-post the same pictures over and over. With iBi there’s some real writing and thought involved, and honestly you’re far more articulate than most of the people online.

I really don’t agree with your stealthing position (popular as those posts seem to be), why not just be up front? Trust me, where I live all you’d have to do is walk into a bar and announce your name and there’d be at least five pre-lubed bottoms lined up in a row waiting for you (yeah, I’d probably be one of them).

As for improving your site the only thing I can think of is, it would be great to have an archive feature to randomly check out previous articles (sometimes I want to read about deep thoughts, sometimes I just want to read about raw stuff).

My only complaint/issue is: Where are all the comments? I KNOW a lot of people read iBi (that’s just logic since I can type a few particular keywords and “i blast inside” pops up) so why don’t more people say something? Are they afraid of being outed or something? I don’t get it (what’s the point of being online unless you have something to offer or add?)

Anyway, thanks for all the fascinating writing, hope all is good with you.

A note from Mark: I agree, Rob. Where are all the comments?  I do receive several but they tend to be via Twitter Follow on Twitter or through my BarebackRT profile Link Opens in a New Window. For example, my entry on attending the first CumUnion in Atlanta solicited four or five responses on June 27, the day it went up. No one commented here. I ask for them to consider posting them live. Why don’t you get things rolling, Rob? Comment! As for archives, if you follow me on Twitter Follow on Twitter, a few times during the day, one of the almost 400 archived piece are randomly selected and tweeted out. And if you don’t want to join Twitter, just check out those recent tweets as one of the items in the left column. Thanks for the comment!

Fan and Friend for Life

Darren wrote on 24 June 2012:

I absolutely love your blog. It’s the first thing I go to on the ‘net and the last before I go to bed — or even in bed.

Your encounters with all those people are the best part of the site, especially the stealthing ones. It’s hot. Each time I read them, I wished they always had pictures of them. Before, during and after your DNA gut wash

Keep up the great work and you’ll have at least one fan for life, not to mention a member of BBBH for life and facebook friend for life too.

Thanks But No Thanks

Pedro wrote on 24 June 2012:

I read your blog mainly because you’re an interesting guy. Your mind interests me probably more than your sexual exploits (and why I chose your dark history as my favourite subject, though it’s pretty horrifying topic).

It’s a sexy group of stories nonetheless, even if I don’t agree with the stealthing thing. Barebacking is something people do out of choice in my view.

Still, we exchanged some words before on how people exercise their choice by not caring or thinking or trusting too much, and I understand your point of view, so no judgement.

But I did choose “thanks, but no thanks” on the possibility of sleeping with you. ;)

Three Points

Dec wrote on 24 June 2012:

Thanks for the survey, Mark… interesting results thus far.

Just three points came to mind for me:

  • Movies: I certainly can’t afford a subscription to the theatre, so I had a quandary saying what I felt about movies for the survey… I fucking love porn, and the more forced the BB fuck is the better, but need it free, ok if you keep the theatre for full length films though.
  • Membership of BBBH: I don’t know if I’m a member or not?! I think you treat me as a member on twitter; but I decline from putting #BBBH in my blurb as it’s a bit too public for me (work, family etc. may search and discover TMI for me) however I def want a wristband and am open in by gay circles and such to broadcast it… so I said NO, but a wannabe YES.
  • Age: You should facilitate members from at least 16 to join/participate fully, as in Europe this is the consensus on legal age for gay sex (though it varies from 12 to 17.) Put something like “…in your jurisdiction” rather than stating an age? but provide the fully legal guys here to have an option that doesn’t make them feel like they’re declaring themselves as illegals ‘sssh… I’m underage’ kind of category.

Thanks for all your horny content, and look forward to keeping your tab open in my browser for years to cum!! hehe.

God bless,

Thanks for Having a Site That’s Not Just About Sex

gd wrote on 23 June 2012:

Love watching bareback porn and reading bareback stories. Cruising sites online is fun too and I get off several times a day. However, sometimes after getting off so much or in between, I like to learn more about how people feel towards sex or hear personal stories, especially sex-related.

I don’t bareback much. I’ve only done it a few times and nervous to do it anymore even. But that doesn’t stop me jacking off to anything bareback-related.

But blogs and sites — like this one — where the webmaster is so open about his bareback lifestyle and not ashamed or afraid about what he is does is inspiring and makes me feel good. Thank you for having a site that’s not just about sex and bareback but guidance, stories, reviews on places, and other things as well.


Nice Talking Back

Jesse wrote on 23 June 2012: 

Nice to talk back for a change!

Again, if you haven’t, be sure to complete the survey. When you do, you’re able to see the results immediately.