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Catfish Uncovered, Fake Profiles Online

Calling Out a Catfish


He claims to be porn star A.J. Manzano on BarebackRT.com with profile SuperMuscleBoi. Stupid people like this fucker also automatically type “safe” in their profile and say they just want to JO.

The photo comes up to a Fratman.tv video. And while the profile refers to a profile on Facebook, there’s actually two there. Both are sketchy at best. One posts photos of different people with a similar look as the character AJ.

The hometown of Dalton is closer to Chattanooga, TN, than Atlanta and boasts a dying trade in carpeting as the economy went south in recent years. Dalton’s claim to fame was as the carpet capital of the world.

I just don’t see a porn star living in Dalton when Atlanta is 95 miles south of there.

Today he’s on the front of BBRT. Just a friendly catfish alert.


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Key West Postcard

A Tropical Paradise Vacation…

Looks like I’m going to take a little vacation later this month. I’ve needed one. I’m packing up and heading South.

While it’s been hot as hell in Atlanta (hitting 106° Fahrenheit or 41° Celsius last week and staying quite warm), it seems the tropics have been a bit more reasonable. It’s off season, so I think I’m going to head there. Looks like Key West is topping my list.

Interestingly enough, I lived in Florida right after undergrad and visited Key West five times in 1990 and 1991. There I met my first boyfriend after a five-way on a rooftop at a gay bed-and-breakfast there (it’s not quite an interesting story as it sounds since, in my early 20s, I didn’t fuck that much). I’ve hear Key West lost a little of its luster in the last two decades.

Still, I think the Caribbean pace would do me better than Fort Lauderdale or Miami. I’d also looked at Puerto Rico but a good gay B&B isn’t standing out in my web searches. I even checked into some Mexican locations but maybe staying in the U.S. might help the economy a little.

South Florida bottoms or other travelers, let me know if you’re going to be around! Let’s lean back and sip on something with an umbrella in it as the sun sets low. And I gladly fuck tanned and non-tanned asses.