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The Confessional Is Open

The Confessional Is Open

What have you done?

What have you done that you’re secretly proud? Or that haunts you?

What have you done?

What have you done that gives you a hard-on? Or makes you want to cut off your cock?

What have you done?

What have you done that puts fear in your soul? Or gives you wings?

We all have these secrets. These things that lurk in the corners of our lives.

I’ve actually told many of these on this website. My molestation and how I struggles with dichotomy of the desires of sex and the hatred of the man who did it. Then there’s stealthing and breeding the men who give opportunity in sex clubs.

Here’s your opportunity to tell your story.

The confessional is open. There is no need for your e-mail or anything else. Just post your secret, from the mundane to the mischievous to the malevolent.

Tell the world your sins. You will feel better.



Long-time readers of my blog might recall this is not the first confessional. Here’s links to previous confessionals:

ass ass

Q&A: The Ideal Bottom

Q: Describe your ideal bottom.
— The Real Jay Fox

A. For all the questions I get, Jay, I must say you might have posed the right query on a good day for me. My response is in stream-of-consciousness:

1. He is a non-smoker, healthy and 20 to 30 years old.

2. He is good looking/handsome and either boyishly cute or incredibly muscular (I have a broad like of men that varies wildly and can change; I know it when I see it).

3. Likely, he is much more of an extrovert than I, being the life of the party compared to my introverted nature. He seems such a good-natured human and all the guys like him.

4. Beneath that beauty and goodness lies a darkness. He’s like a reverse peanut butter cup. All that creamy goodness on the outside and all the darkness on the inside. And he is charming, talented at reeling in the less intelligent into our web.

5. Our connection will be Bluetooth like and paired between the two of us. No matter the distance, we can do whatever. Believe me, his sexual liberties will be plenty. But his sexual responsibility will be heavy as well.

6. I just posted “Cum Receptacle” at http://iblastinside.blogspot.com/2010/04/cum-receptacle.html. He would understand that and abide by that. His loyalty and respect would be to me.

7. All that is his would be mine. He would give it freely and without reserve. Hesitation is not an option.

8. He would work to improve himself in body, mind, spirit, intellect, career and more. He would seek my counsel regularly to determine the best course for that, valuing my words above all others.

9. He would learn my habits, my likes and dislikes, my preferences and proclivities. He will work to anticipate my needs and desires, meeting them before I even realize they exist. You’ve heard the phrase, “If I say, ‘Jump,’ you ask, ‘How high?'” In this world, “Just before I say, ‘Jump,’ I notice you’re mid-air.”

10. Words like “Master” or “slave” are insufficient and will not define the relationship we would build and maintain. This is not something so mundane or structured. It would be private and ours. While eventually we may become polyamorous, we would always be the primes and he would understand that exclusive bonding.

Does this sufficiently answer it Mr. Fox?

P.S. Did I mention he needs a nice ass?

Don't be a dick

Q&A: Emotional Connection

Q. Have you never ever felt any emotional connection (or the desire to make one) with your hook ups? You say repeatedly you don’t care what the bottom wants – I can’t believe that of you given your sensitivity in other aspects that come out in your writing.

A. Do I have emotion? Indeed, I do. Can I “bond” with a bottom? I’ve had three long-term relationships as well as several boyfriends since I began dating more than two decades ago.

The emotional entanglements with sex are indeed possible, but for the most part, I have found the no-strings more fulfilling, less complex and completely amicable to my life.

I find it interesting when bottoms attempt to turn my head and garner attention from my heart. Over time, I find there is no sincerity. They, like me, hunt for the accomplishment of turning someone like myself into their bitch.

Okay, so that sounds a little harsh.

I take a lot of “heat” — virtual and otherwise — with my postings and disposition. One that has matured over several years as I explored my life and the edges of my desires.

I’m about to divulge something that, for a few of you, might be a “viola” moment. Others of you will simply ignore the truth of the statement.

When I fuck, I am not the dominant one. I am not the one with the control. The bottom is. The bottom, at any moment, can choose to stop. They can close off their ass and deny me access.

This knowledge guides me.

The bottom holds the cards. The bottom controls the game. So even if the bottom doesn’t want to be in control of the relationship, they often do.

As long as the bottom stays in the dark about their power, I’m good. So a second or third connection might be possible. But something emotional, enduring … well, that’s unlikely without the bottom discovering ways to control me.

I will not be pussywhipped.

Q&A: What’s Your Type?

Q&A: What’s Your Type?

Do you have a type? (race, body type, etc)

Yes and no. How about a series of preferences? I can outline some basics that get me going. But you’re going to find a lot of conflicting desires. So there’s not a single kind of type or even two types.

1. Beefy pecs. Hairy or smooth, doesn’t matter. I like pecs with some heft. Guys with good pecs get fucked on their back. And I really planting my palms over them and grab. It’s a major turn on.

2. Taller, bigger and stronger than me. There’s something about someone who’s so much more physically powerful than me but whimpering and begging for my cock. That’s a huge turn-on.

3. “Straights” who like cock in their ass. They don’t kiss. They are disgusted by what they’re doing with me. But they love it and can’t help themselves.

4. Tiny, slim men. Shorter men with a tiny waist can be hot as hell, especially as I’m the beefy, dominant man using their ass. I’m fascinated in watching my huge cock disappear into their tiny ass.

5. Asians. I probably prefer Filipino among all the flavors.

6. Naturally smooth (and sometimes not so natural). I love it when naturally smooth guys trim down what little body hair they have.

7. “Frat” good-looking guys. Now who doesn’t like these twinks? But there’s something about these incredible men who stoop to my level.

8. Silky, smooth hairy men. I prefer men whose body hair isn’t wiry but very smooth.

9. Ethnic men. While I mentioned Asians, I also find African Americans, Latinos and other flavors of the planet tasty to fuck. My mighty white cock entering their colored asses just intrigues me, especially the big-dicked ones.